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Approved Submission Pacifica System and Nebula

Alex Hart

Site Supporter
Submission Type: Planetary system and accompanying fluff article
Template Used: Star System
Submission WIP URL: and
Submission Destination URL: and

Faction: N/A
FM Approved Yet? (Yes/No; Who, When)
Faction requires art? (Yes/No)

For Reviewers: This is a dual submission, since each is comparatively small.
Contains Unapproved Sub-Articles? (Yes/No) Yes, technically
Contains New art? (Yes/No) Yes
Previously Submitted? (Yes/No; explain reason if rejected)


These are going to be GM tools for an upcoming plot I'm running.


Staff Member
Submissions Reviewer
Game Master
Character Forum Mod
Neither is approvable. You need information in an article, not question marks. If you want to make a GM tool and not put any information on the wiki for it, just allusions to details, well... You can't. Don't have it on the wiki as it sets a bad precedent for what people think they can do. Add planetary data to the system article and the fluff article needs another few paragraphs and less mystery.

You need to fill out the submission form on the OP of this thread.

Alex Hart

Site Supporter
I've followed the template on the wiki when making this article. This template is, as far as I know, the definitive standard for star system articles.

If there's something you don't like about it, you're welcome to say it, but I've got just as much detail as I need to have.


Staff Member
Submissions Reviewer
Game Master
Character Forum Mod
This review is for: Pacifica System with URL: and

The submitted article is/has…
[-] A very high level of overall quality
[✓] A general topic sentence under the title header
[n/a] Artwork (Required for new species; Strongly recommended for vehicles and hand weapons)
[✓] Needed and/or useful to the setting
[-] In the proper format/template
[✓] Proofread for spelling and grammar
[✓] Easy to read and understand (not a lengthy mass of technobabble)
[✓] Wikified (terms that could be a link should be a link)
[✓] No red and/or broken links
[✓] Reasonably scientifically plausible
[✓] Reasonably neutral point of view

The submitted article is/does not…
[✓] Overpowered (or cutting tech for a faction with little or no roleplay)
[✓] Obtusely redundant
[✓] Contain copy pasta descriptions of systems or interior compartments
[✓] Unauthorized by faction managers or player-controlled corporation
[✓] Contain references to IC events that have not occurred (SM must authorize retcons)
[✓] Use second-person language (“you” or “your”) unless it is an instructional guide aimed at players.
[✓] Use bombastic language (“virtually immune,” “nearly indestructible,” “insanely powerful,” “horrible effects”)
[✓] Use an unbalanced header/text ratio (many headers but sections are one-liners)
[✓] Use major unapproved sub-articles that should be submitted separately
[✓] Lacking Detail
[✓] Images hosted on sites other than (Photobucket, Imageshack, etc are not allowed)
The article has…
[✓] Speeds in compliance with the Starship Speed Standard, if applicable
[✓] Damage Capacity and Damage Ratings in compliance with the DR Guidelines
[n/a] The in-character year of creation/manufacture. (Should be current year. Future years not allowed).
[✓] The Standard Product Nomenclature System, if applicable.



Staff Member
Submissions Reviewer
Game Master
Character Forum Mod
Okay, it's okay. I apologize for coming off very harsh. I sometimes say thanks and please but I just didn't. I am sorry, too.

What about the other seven planets? I see two out of nine with info.


Founder & Admin
Staff Member
FM of Yamatai
Game Master
@Ametheliana Please ensure that submissions are going to the correct namespaces as part of the approval process. In this case they would be system: and nebula: -- I've moved the articles.