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Pet Thread


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Hey SARPers! Do you have any pets? What kind? Got pics to show off? Any stories?

My current pet: Zoey (Dog: Japanese Chin). She's 6 years old and 8 lbs. Super cute and cuddly, if a bit standoffish, shy around strangers. Likes to stand on furniture, squeaky toys, people food, walks in the middle of the night. Dislikes UPS trucks, pizza man, bathtime, the animal hospital, and fearless toddlers. I'll post a pic when I'm on my own computer! Zoey is the daughter of two of my mom's pets and we got her for free. Zoey once had an intestinal blockage that needed $1200 surgery to fix. Once ate a bag of chocolate covered almonds I got for my wife, causing her to trip balls and poop shaved almonds for 2 days.

Pets I used to have:
  • Turtle: Leonardo (passed away around the time of hurricane Hugo)
  • Turtle: Michelangelo (Had a gimpy leg! Gave to friend when we moved to Italy in 1995; passed away now)
  • 2 bunnies (giant white one and small brown lop-eared)
  • About a dozen hermit crabs when I was in elementary school
  • Dog: Tai, Arabian Greyhound (put down after he attacked a trespasser in our yard)
  • Dog: Rufus: I think parents sent him back to the shelter because he was too rough?
  • Dog: Bob: Wonderful mutt brought back from Italy. Died of major cancer at an old age.
I miss you guys!


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Otto. Born 19th February 1997. Approx 16.75 years old now, and still going.

He's gotten a strange habit now. When it rains he goes outside and plays in it. He's never done this before. The last two photos are of him immediately after. He seems ashamed about playing in the rain.

20131111_114808.jpg 20131111_114809.jpg 20131111_114848.jpg 20131211_142152.jpg 20131211_142204.jpg


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Goldfish: aptly named "goldfish". My first pet, started in a humble fishbowl, got sick in the middle of its life, developping whitish scales, sent him to my father's place where it was treated in an hospital aquarium and then transfered to a bigger fish tank. It always answered to tapping against the glass. It died when it turned 12, developping in infection in its flank which withered its scales and made it bleed, causing another fish to harry it and eat him over that spot.
A pair of unnamed turtles (eventually died, I was too young to care for them so barely remember them)
Tickle: large half-german shepherd/half-Colley. She was my companion and playmate from the middle of elementary school to the end of my high school. She survived being run into by a truck once... but then got run into by another truck a couple of years later and died when I was in 10th grade.
Maggie: little black dog, excitable despite being middle-aged. Nicknamed her "Splinter" because she looked a bit like a rat. She was nice, but never filled the hole Tickle left. "Fled the house and never came back" - I assume she wandered off and died (the parents seem to be adamantly sticking to a cover story).


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I've had several pets in my time, sadly though I can't remember how most of em passed away, only the most recent :(

Oliver: Cat, age 16, passed away in 2010 due to cancer. Actually, we had a choice of either letting him live for several more weeks in a lot of pain or to have him put to sleep. I made the choice that I didn't want him to suffer any further so I had him put to sleep.

I'd had him since I was in elementary school, it was hard.. and still is hard.. not to notice him ;_;

My other pets are:

Kalish and Mura, both are 3 year old Cats. We adopted them from the animal shelter just a few days after Oliver had passed away. Kalish is a mischevious feline in that he enjoys getting into high places and also will munch on any kind of paper (He has the nickname of 'nom noms' ) but he is also a very talkative kitty to, espically at night when everyone is asleep and I'm still awake. We THINK Kalish has a 'preference' when it comes to paper, because there is some paper he won't tear up and others he will.

Mura is almost like Kalish in that she can be very talkative, but she's also rather affectionate as well. She has a thing about socks and will go after them if she see's them, but also has a thing about tearing up paper to.


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  • Tiger - A calico cat that we had when I was 7. She had her second litter of kittens in a scavenger hunt method. One was born on my bed by my feet, the first one was found asleep in one of my father's shoes. The others were born in the closet in the dining room.
  • Lucky - A black border collie that we got when I was about 9. Lucky was an incredible dog, folks say dogs have no sense of time. Lucky would meet myself and my brothers as we walked home to the house. We went to different schools so we took different paths, and times. He passed away when I was away at basic training.
  • Samantha, a black short haired cat. My brothers smuggled her into the house. My mother had decreed no more cats. Well, Samantha being a cat chose who she liked which was me. So she became my financial responsibility, care and feeding as well. When I went on vacation with a friend, she was despondent. So the following year I had to take her with me to the cabin. She had a great time chasing mice. Not sure what happened to her. She was in the house when I left to join the AF, but my mother never said what happened to her.
  • Suzie - she was a beloved mutt, got her in 1983 when she was about 1 year old. She out lasted the ex-wife. She lived to a ripe old age when we had to put her to sleep.
  • Mystery - a black short haired cat I found on Fort Bragg in 1989, he was almost called Airborne because my friend and I found him by the Airborne museum and he loved to climb up to our shoulder and jump off. Mystery lived until 2006, when we had to put him down for cancer.
  • Shadow, a medium hair cat, my wife's first pet of her own. Got him in 1990 because Mystery who was technically now our roommates cat would get depressed when Jim deployed. Shadow was a great cat, he loved to fetch little plastic weapons from toys like the Gargoyles. He and Mystery were great buddies, Shadow had to be put to sleep in Nov of 2006
  • Tobi - 1995 an Alaskan Husky Malamute mix, he was a gift from a friend of ours to Andrew when he was 5. He was 95 lbs of muscle and while he could drag me in a computer chair by a rope, he would let our son Andrew drag him when he was 6-7 years old. He was 11 when we had to put him to sleep because of cancer.
  • Intek - 2004 a black short haired, some folks say a Bombay, she was so small when we brought her home from adoption that she was able to escape under the door to Andrew's bedroom. She loved to play with Tobi by running on the top of the dining room table and swatting at his killer tail.
  • Osi - We got Osi in 2006 after the loss of three of our furry family members. She is a red merle Australian Shepherd. She is 50 lbs of energy and sass and just a tad ADHD. Osi go for walks every morning rain, shine or snow. She is my constant companion. Whatever room I am in, Osi will be there. Intek was sorely disappointed because Osi's tail was bobbed. So the first time she tried go for the tail. She gave us this look like, what's up with this dog?
  • Smokey - is a Balinese, or a long haired Siamese. We brought her into the house last year. She is our cat dog, the breed likes dogs, so she runs up to Osi for affection. Osi is never sure how well that is going to go. She also comes running when we get home so greet us.


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As promised, here's some pics of Zoey!

2012-05-26 10.55.51.jpg 2012-01-01 14.32.03.jpg

It's neat hearing about everyone's pets. They have a wide variety of personalities and their own stories.


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Only pet I have now is Salt, the Bearded Dragon.

In my house though we have a tank of fresh-water fish, and a cat named J (Pure-Bred Siamese Cat)

Two Unique Members...

Ralph - Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor - He's like four feet, weighs a few pounds. Very Docile.
George - Rainbow Boa - He's like three feet long, but very thin, doesn't weigh much. He's cage defensive, sometimes gets moody.

=== Previous ===

Well, I don't know every pet we've owned but...

An Iguana - Don't know it's name
2 Bunnies - Don't know if they had names, Fox got em
Some Turtles - Can't Remember the Names
Lots of Mice - Like Fish, I don't think we named em.
We've had like, eight cats, and three dogs.

Do I remember all those names? No.

Our latest pet that has passed was Pepper, a bearded dragon, and a twin of Salt. :c (I was sad)


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Do you guys have your pets implanted with microchips?

I got it done when Zoey was spayed, in case she ever gets lost.

Doshii Jun

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Simon Le Cat, a Savannah-style grey tabby, about 3 years old. He's 13-14 pounds of pure lean muscle. He's a long, stocky cat.

Nigel S. Cat, a Mackerel-style grey tabby, about 2 years old. He's about 11 pounds of springyness and length. Cuddlebug.

Both are chipped. Both are very sweet. Indoor-only.


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I have a dog and two cats.

Eva is a middle-aged welsh springer spaniel who still thinks she's a puppy. She loves sleeping, belly scratches, eating and chasing birds. The local Noisy Miners have learned to avoid her, as when they try and swoop she rises up to try and get them, she's never caught one though. She's been around a lot longer than the cats and is still slightly jealous of our attention but it gets better by the day. She loves to pretend she needs to go outside for a pee after she's done eating, only to immediately zoom in on the cat bowls outside and eat anything the cats might have left. Her kill count is finding a bunch of baby rats and bringing them to us gently one at a time with her mouth, these were put down humanely at the vets, and a rather startled rainbow lorekeet one evening who was released to its family the next morning after spending the night chilling out in one of our old birdcages.

Darcy and Leila are two strays who found their way under my car one morning as kittens. There was a third kitten, but it disappeared before I took them in. I heard some people outside talking about the kittens one day, and I tell my sisters that it was probably picked up by them, but I can't help thinking it might have been a hawk or something. They're both about a year old and are very much outdoor cats by choice. They both drool slightly.

Darcy, aka The Tom, is white with grey and black stripes on the back of his head and tail. He hangs around the back yard staring at the fence when I'm home. He hates it when people move their feet under the covers, and he only enjoys being picked up if he's tucked under an armpit and allowed to survey his domain. He also has no idea what a car is, and loves to sit in the middle of the driveway as I'm coming home. Darcy's kill count so far is two rats, and one live bird dragged in and released unharmed.

Leila, aka The Tiddler, is a charcoal mixed with grey and caramel spots all over. She's a bit less confident than her brother, and as we were introducing them inside used to run out and start "crying" occasionally. She's much better now though, and makes her presence known whenever she wanders inside. She holds the unenviable distinction as being the latest pet to pee in my room, she knows she did bad. She enjoys getting her belly scratched immensely, and likes sleeping in awkward positions on the stairs. Leila has no known kills at this point beyond young skink lizards.

They're all fat and happy, and most evenings when it's cool and the streets are quiet I will take them all on a quiet walk around the block. Eva always sniffing in front, Dracy leading his sister on the way from the house, and Leila leading her brother on the way back towards the house. They're all on a bit of a diet right now, and they do not like it!

The scariest thing that's happened to me during a walk was walking calmly, turning my head to follow Darcy walk to investigate something and seeing a tawny frogmouth sitting on the fence above him not three feet away. It probably handled the situation better than I did, sitting there calmly and I quietly urged the pets to stay close. When I turned further down the street it had disappeared.


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This is my family's dog! I moved out a few years south of a decade ago, but I still love him like he's my own. I'm not excited to let him enter old age and am trepidatious for it to happen, but that's life.