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May 1, 2015
the East Coast, USA
@Wes - When you have a moment, would you mind re-compiling the wiki's search engine or removing the hidden articles (the exfoliated Asterian/Ersetu /Gartagen/Pact/Vekimen/etc. ones, I think...?) that are causing backlinks to appear on the wiki's Wanted Pages article, please? The Ketsurui Zaibatsu article, for instance - one of the many I moved from the faction:yamatai: namespace to the corp: namespace yesterday - is said to have a whopping 364 redlinks...

...yet when I click "Show backlinks," there aren't any to be found:

It's not something that's particularly important or critical, and it's not something that stops me from continuing my self-assigned "redlink removal" project - eliminating these phantom menace links would just save me a lot of time and (admittedly to a lesser degree) effort.

Edit: Also, sorry if I borked the wiki's search engine or anything - it wasn't my intention to do so... >v<;;
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