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RP [Pisces] Logistics of a Crush

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Ember spent her time at Pisces station watching the conference remotely in one of the other conference rooms. She felt discouraged and disappointed after the first day’s events and held little hope for the second day’s. But the notion of the armistice intrigued her and as she waited to hear the resolution she had gone back to trying to figure out what sort of trade agreements she could possibly manage between Hotaru and Pisces.

The… open civilian market provided a chance for her to obtain some “unique” items for Hotaru but her main concern was possibly obtaining some new strains of food crops to increase the variety and general food stores for the growing civilian population. She tapped her data pad’s stylus idly on the table in front of her. She had an idea of what she wanted and how she might be able to accomplish it but she was distracted.

She kept thinking about what Ami had said to her before she left the station to come to Pisces…

“Aunt Emmy, can you give Mr. Davis a kiss for me?” Ami said very brightly, looking up at Ember with large imploring clear, ocean blue eyes as she held the older woman’s hands.

“A…what?!” Ember’s own blue eyes were wide in shock as her cheeks flushed a bright red.

“A kiss! He’s a nice man! I don’t know if he’s gonna like the teddy bear but maybe he’ll like a kiss better?” Ami speculated, ignoring Ember’s embarrassment.

“Who are you getting these ideas from, Ami?” Ember asked, trying to figure out who she’d have to scold for teaching the little girl these ideas.

“I remember something Daddy said about the amount of love something was given,” Ami replied thoughtfully.

Ember didn’t know what to say to that. Ami’s father had been killed in the line of duty… how could she ignore such as request…

But when Ember had given Robert Davis his present from Ami she hadn’t mentioned the kiss. The Sky Marshall was trying to work and so was she… it was unprofessional to do that sort of thing in front of the representatives of both nations… she also doubted that the IPG officers would allow her to get that close at all after what Taisho Ketsurui had said. She frowned as she scoffed at her inability to do anything about her… crush.

It’s just a crush, pure and simple. I was reminded a little too much about home when I met Robert. I didn’t think about how much I missed Nepleslia until... The Chujo’s thoughts drifted back over what she might or might not have been feeling. Now that I think about it… I just haven’t tried to get involved with anyone. Maybe I’ve been too absorbed in work? She sighed as she started back down at her proposals and notes on her data pad. She frowned when she observed that she had drawn little hearts in the margins and “R.D” in the middle of them. “Oh damn it all…”

Ember spent another morning doing paperwork in one of the spare conference rooms as she watched the conference remotely. She seemed more satisfied with today's results and was impressed by how it was going with Davis and Tio's bargaining. She watched the feed enraptured by the dealings regarding the SMX territory that was surrendered to the Nepleslians but she was thrilled that Tio managed to reclaim the Bard Cluster.

She grinned brightly as she tapped her stylus idly against the conference table, still watching the projection of the conference room. "With any luck, we'll be able to burn the old bridges and rebuild better ones..."
After consulting Pices' for the location of Mitsuya Ember-chujo, Sayuri approached the conference room's doorway, letter in hand. As a new Motoyoshi clan member, and a lesser known one, she hoped that she wouldn't be immediately recognized by the fleet Logistics Officer, but still considered it an unwelcome possibility. Those thoughts quickly disappeared when she noted that there were no guards at the doorway. The pink-haired Neko allowed herself a slightly amused smile, before slipping the meal ticket. Her ticket delivered, Sayuri walked away nonchalantly, as to not seem suspicious, and made her way back to the restaurant where the operation would take place.

Attached, was a letter she had written, which detailed a free promotion while she remained on the station. The coordinates of the restaurant and the name "Velvet Room" were listed at the bottom of the page.

"Misato-sama, Chujo Mitsuya Ember has received her ticket. I was not spotted."
It took Ember some time to come to discover that there was a slip of paper on the floor by the door... in fact, if she hadn't accidentally dropped her stylus as she was walking out of the room to get herself some coffee- she would've walked right over it.

She knelt down and picked up the slip curiously with her stylus. She remained on the floor looking at the slip. "...Velvet Room? I wonder what time this is for... I guess... I can go over there now and find out when it's good for..."

The Chujo rose from the floor and re-secured her stylus on her data pad; clipping it onto her uniform's belt before walking out of the room and heading towards the coordinates written on the paper.

OOC: Continued in viewtopic.php?f=66&t=1461&p=19244#p19244
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