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RP [Pisces Station] Breathing time

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Doshii Jun

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(OOC: Continued from this point.)

"That the Nepleslians can even look at us is a stroke of Chiharu's great blessings," Roxanne said as she pushed her hands in the pockets of her jacket. "Sharing a drink could strain even her great influence. But anything around YE 15 is good enough for me. As long as it washes the taste out of my mouth."
Ayana smiled as they quickly came into view of the little cafe, like many things on Pisces Station, it had an aquatic theme to its name, "Poseidon's Treasure". It was still early so the cafe was fairly deserted and there were plenty of gaudy pink seashell shaped tables available with . There was a little sign behind blue velveteen rope marked, "Please Seat Yourself".

"They love that sea theme, don't they. I guess it's a result of being so close to Albini and the name 'Pisces'?"
Maysaki pursed her lips a little to herself as followed the two short people, kicking her leg out occasionally to pop her kneecap. "Now now, Roxxy. Don't get to drunk this time... I'd like to remain undragged off like some sort of ragdoll. Its embarrassing from you, short-stuff." At this Maysaki grinned playfully to Roxxy before looking to the cafe, tweaking a brow.

"Tourist trap, I suppose, Ayana... So a little of column A and B... I guess." Maysaki shrugged.
"You know, there is a hangover cure pill that seems to work fairly well from what I've heard, the Contraveisalgia Tablet," Ayana suggested as she walked past the sign and towards a table more off to the left side of the room. "It looks like we took our recess and... our... break for the day early enough to beat the lunch rush." She seemed a little bitter about the permanent break for the rest of the day as she settled into a white chair that appeared to be fashioned out of coral with a soft, comfortable pink fabric with a little white sea horse pattern all over it.

Four menus sat in the center of the table, wedged in a little treasure chest shaped condiment holder that held the salt, pepper and sugar packets. The liliac haired neko picked up a menu and settled back into her chair, opening the thin piece of laminated paper. "There should be a drink menu on the back, they have regular food but this chocolate and coffee liqueur cheesecake is supposed to be incredible."
"All they have is wine here, I'm afraid. Trust me, I've looked," a deep, sighing voice answered Ayane from the table behind them.

Upon turning, the three Yamataian senators would be met by Edward Vanderhuge, sitting along at one of the smaller tables ("sitting" being a generous term, as most of the furniture in the cafe wasn't made to accommodate his unique physique), looking fairly lax and somewhat disappointed. The ID-SOL senator had removed his jacket and loosened his collar, a small plate of barely touched pastry squatting lonely and forgotten in front of him as he idly prodded it with a desert fork.

His mood had been...questionable. While he was glad that Davis was taking the floor in his stead, he still wished he could be there to voice his own opinions. Edward was still worried, however...about a great deal of things. The lack of good strong alcohol in this cafe was pretty high on the list, though.

"...the cake isn't that bad, though."
"That's.. disappointing. You didn't bring any spirits from home, Mr. Vanderhuge?" Ayana said turning to look at the large man curiously. "How are you liking Pisces so far?"

She gave Roxanne an apologetic smile."I guess, if you'd like..after the snack, we can get some scotch from the Heion, Roxxy. I brought a large decanter with me from home and I'm pretty certain I didn't drink all of it since I've arrived here."
Motoyoshi Tio to Roxanne/Other Senators said:
If you select to leave the conference site (Pisces), please be prepared to attend session virtually in the need to ratify any agreements reached. Ayana...I would prefer if you stayed, I was hoping we could travel home together when this is all over.
Maysaki gave the ID-SOL a quick bow, slightly annoyed inside by someone showing her up size wise. But he was cheating, anyway, so it didn't matter. She looked to Ayana and smirked a little. "Careful, Ayana. Roxxy might kiss you and stuff."

Maysaki then stretched her arms upwards with a light sigh.
Ayana looked at the message and promptly blushed a bright shade of pink. She quickly sent back a quick message.

Tange-Katsura Ayana to Motoyoshi Tio said:
I will stay with you on the Heion until we return home to Jiyuu. It's an honor to have such an invitation from my nation's Crown Prince.

~ Ayana
"I did bring my own, on my vessel docked out on the landings," Edward said nonchalantly, not looking directly at the Yamataian senators as she spoke, instead choosing to remain consistent with his exceptionally boring pastry plate. "Never leave the home clusters without some real Nepleslia liquor. I just figured I'd see if I could save myself the walk..." Ed let his voice trail off as he readjusted himself in his seat. "I suppose I figured wrong; I'm not that big a fan of Yamataian drink."
"It's the lack of aging that's usually the main complaint. Having a fairly young nation and having planets with stills destroyed does that. Or is it you're not a fan of wine?" Ayana asked the large man again. She was trying to get a better impression of the Nepleslian. "Do you feel that wine is too... girly for you, Mr. Vanderhuge?"
"Not at all," Flint said with a chuckle and a bit of a smirk. "I just prefer things with a little more "oomph". More bite. Wine is too smooth for me. Besides...I'm under the impression that wine is something to be consumed when celebrating," Eddy returned back to his stolid glance as his smile left him. "Right now, I don't see much to celebrate about. Do you, Senators?"
"As a brewer, I find wine as something for all occasions. It's a really good wine that you save for something special. Today, I'd drink to our health, the armistice and possible new friends but not for anything I've actually accomplished in this conference so far," Ayana said with a soft smile and hint of bitterness. "But if you are looking for things with a higher proof, someone might have some engine room hooch or the cleaning alcohol. I tend to like my alcohol to not taste me back."
Roxanne merely listened to the banter, responding with a "hmmph" or nodding when expected. She ordered the wine, which thankfully wasn't a dessert-type, and some shrimp appetizers.

The message from the Crown Prince made her down a glass of the wine in relief, and she smacked it on the table. "Thank the skies," she declared. "I can get the hell out of here after I eat something. Maysaki, you coming with me, or will I have to do that which you do not wish me to?" She had Nep spirits in her office back on Yamatai; she could wait that long. "No offense to you, dear Senator of Nepleslia, but I don't plan on staying here when I could be actually serving my constituency."
Maysaki didn't seem to mind the message. Although it certainly did explain why Ayana never seemed to get any of Tio's negative reactions. Mm~.

She nodded over to Roxxy-poo when she asked her question, having stayed for the most part silent otherwise. And, of course, she stole one of Roxanne's shrimp and enjoyed it before it could be taken back.
Ayana poked at her chocolately cheesecake with her fork and ate a piece with a satisfied smile. "So tasty. So completely bad for me. Oh Roxanne, I had a concern addressing something that happened in Kyoto to one of the officers of the 5XF on leave... his father attacked him. I'd have the man sent to Jiyuu for trial but it's not in my jurisdiction and there's a tricky part of the wording of our laws... we actually have no protection for people that are a product of an illegal ST. I can send you the case info that I have, but Yaichiro doesn't want the man executed."

She spoke rather politely as she sipped her cup of coffee, she had decided to wait until later for her boozing. "Do you think you might be able to look into the matter? It's in your jurisdiction and I don't know any of your judges there."
"Consider it done," Roxanne said, keeping her fork at the ready just in case Maysaki tried to steal her shrimp again. "Yaichiro, you say? I'll have my staff dig into it."

Her shrimp were finished in short order, and with that, Roxanne downed her last glass of wine and shuffled out of the booth. "Senator," she said to Edward, bowing. "Ayana." She bowed to her as well. "Maysaki, let's get out of here."
"Yes, thank you Roxxy. I appreciate the help. Have a safe journey home," Ayana rose and returned Roxanne's bow, smiling brightly at both women before sitting down again. She pushed her hands together around her coffee mug for a moment and then looked at the ID-SOL again.

"Would you care to join me, Mr, Vanderhuge? I am pretty certain I have a good idea of what your opinion on this conference so far is, but it never hurts to hear it directly. Provided, you aren't one that holds to stereotypes about nekovalkyrja," the lilac haired senator said with a grin, lightly tapping her fuzzy neko ears for emphasis.
Retyur gazed at the image of Yamatai with curiosity. It was so different then his own homeworld. Truthfully, the holy warrior had never seen land before except for the ocean floor, but that was hardly the same. He also sampled a bit of everything on the platter once it arrived. It all tasted good, and he nodded his approval. "Very interesting delicacies. Pretty familiar to some in my own culture, but just a little different."
Maysaki gave the two that would remain a quick bow as well, being customary and all. 'If she bothers you to much," She began, looking to the ID-Sol with a smirk, "Then I suggest you tap her on those ears of her. Word is she drops like a purring kitten." She then fled before Ayana could strangle her or such nonsense.

"And once again you get all the spot light, Roxxy-poo." Maysaki said with a grin as the two would leave, leaning inward toward the shorter woman ever so slowly just to tease her. At least Yamatai and home aren't a big leap...
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