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SACN Possible Terror Threat, OHI


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RP Date
gogatsu 34 (July 21)
RP Location
To: Yamatai Department of Commerce and Trade
From: Candon Suites Ittô Heisho, SAINT
Subject: Osman Heavy Industries, Business License

Greetings DoCT,

This message is in regards to the recent approval of a business registration to Osman Heavy Industries and their ties to an incedent that occurred on planet 188-604 involving terrorism during an economic collapse. This terror cell is responsible for the murders of 17 industry leaders and 47 innocent inhabitants of the planet.

It was immediately after the instigator of this cell was eliminated that Leo Gerrick and his corporation fled the planet leaving behind no information except for a memo denouncing the operating principles of the banking service that was used to prevent inflation that would have lead to starvation and more civil unrest. The intelligence gathering operation on 188-604 had many setbacks as a result of the terrorism that occurred and being able to produce evidence beyond their uncanny evacuation has turned up only circumstantial evidence.

Given the dangerous nature of the terror cell and the circumstantial evidence in hand I would like to meet with Mr. Garrick personally to determine whether he is a threat. Supposing he is a terrorist it is very likely that he will run and disappear if I or SAINT contact him. I am requesting that your department arrange the meeting with him without indicating the involvement of SAINT so we may issue a proper threat assessment.

- Candon Suites Ittô Heisho, SAINT



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FM of Yamatai
Game Master
To: Star Army of Yamatai
From: Yamatai Department of Commerce and Trade

FW: Osman Heavy Industries, Business License, via Candon
Attachment: message62747.msg

Not sure why this random Heisho is messaging us. Possibly a chain of command violation. Seems like a matter best sorted out with his superiors thus YDCT is referring the matter to the Star Army and will stay out of it. Obviously we're not going to arrange the requested meetings.

- - -

To: Yamatai Department of Commerce and Trade
From: Star Army of Yamatai

Thank you for your communication. The matter will be resolved internally.

- - -

To: Taisho Nakaide Shida.
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Figure this out and get your Heisho under positive control. If the victims are not Yamataian, they basically don't matter to the Star Army and company is starting with a clean slate as far as the YSE is concerned.

OOC: @raz

Alex Hart

Site Supporter
Hold on wasn't Candon the one who went around killing citizens and industry leaders? I'm thinking his gross misrepresentation of the facts is eventually going to get found out and it's probably not going to be fun for him.

He basically ran around killing anyone who didn't go along with his mafia, and now is trying to put the blame on OHI?


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That's not actually true at all. It's a serious over estimation of a minimally documented event.


SAINT Director
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Game Master
To: Ittô Heisho Candon Suites, Osman Station Chief
From: Office of the Director of Covert Actions
Subject: Re: Osman Heavy Industries, Business License

1. Report all information encountered or intercepted in the course of your duties EXCLUSIVELY to your mission superiors. Any intelligence you provide will be made available to civilian agencies when appropriate, such as in the course of a background check, or during a direct threat to their personnel or materiel.

2. Do not attempt to leverage your position as a member of the Star Army of Yamatai when filing complaints with the Department of Commerce and Trade.

3. Operatives should arrange cover identities and clandestine encounters via the resources made available to them, or through their colleagues at Star Army Intelligence. Please refrain from contacting civilian agencies with such requests in the future.

4. Open attached file.
Upon opening, Candon's digital memory is flashed with a custom-made pack of refresher courses on information security and handling sensitive intelligence, along with a handful of false temporary memories to encourage the quick application of the lessons.

The attachment deletes itself after opening.
Authorized by: TAISA CHIKIKO UEDA; Commander, Field Division
29日7月YE40, 1423 Yamatai Time
Strategic Initiatives Network, SAINT
When Candon has information to provide on this matter, he should send it over. I think the main issue here was that Candon just up and shared probably secret information with some bureaucrats. Candon's gotta remember that he's already been told not to run around advertising that he's a SAINTguy when on clandestine assignments, lol.

Alex Hart

Site Supporter
The other issue is that he's misreporting what actually happened, and when his superiors review his actual memories, which probably should happen, it will be clear that he's using his position as SAINT to put out a bounty on someone and place them on a terrorist watchlist out of vindictiveness. This might lead to him being drummed out.


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Candon just shook his head in disbelief.
"I am surrounded by idiots," he muttered as he watched his empire fail epically. In the back of his mind he could hear his mother's go to phrase, 'when do we give up?'
"Never," he answered as he began a new message, "when all else fails, I don't."