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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post Mission 20: The Quiet


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Within the outer rings of space that delineated Kuvexian territory with the void of what they had not yet taken for their own was a planet, uninhabited and ripe for a forward military outpost.

Construction of the Type 333 modular outpost and the cloning facility therein had commenced expediently with the Third Fleet's arrival and helped by the YSS Kaiyō's crew who had gathered nearby resources and materials. Taxing as it was to work in the discomfort, pushing their feet into the soils and working around the forested landscape surrounding the destination of the modules had been a welcome relief from the year plus of almost only space born encounters. The work gathering materials was over and the Kaiyō crew had been promised three days of rest and relaxation within the new outpost. Leave had been given to enjoy the area around the facility, a whole continent a that! As the Kaiyō crew had done the scouting of the planet, they were pretty knowledgeable of the spots of interest and the relative safety of the planet.

Below are some areas and the possible personnel within them. Your choices are not limited to these alone, though:

Infirmary / Lab- Boss is in her body and outside of the ship here, working on finding the problem with the sprite she created.
Control center / Meteorological- Eden is working in the meteorological section alongside Deio Asuka.
Communal Bathhouse- Reina Madoka is enjoying her time with a soak.
YSS Kaiyō II's Dojo- After the returning to the ship after searching for her lost apprentice and ward, Rei the samurai is exercising nonstop in here.
Ramp of the Kaiyō II- Hoshi is waiting for a group to form up as she has alerted everyone she is going to be going to the pools and waterfalls that they had noted before during scouting.

((OOC: This is a very open ended thread. Feel free to choose where you go (Options beyond those listed are fine, these are to just give you an idea of what to expect or where to go. I'll write for the NPCs there.))
OOC - "I love the void, I love the travels between the stars though I have to say I miss the feeling of dirt beneath my feet. To feel the warmth of a real star on your skin, the gentle breeze of a cool air. Its that feeling of just being grounded and the pull of the world. Makes you feel alive again after staring into the abyss" - Sakura Sjet

IC -
Location YSS Kaiyo II Deck II
Sakura Sjet and Wulf Soban

Sakura was walking with Wulf down the halls of the Kaiyo. As she looked at her quiet friend she could tell the fatigue was getting to him but yet there still stirred a almost energy within him. She admired that almost relentless he had for a human. As the Neko walked wagging her tail behind her "So Mr Wulf I heard this is the first time in a while your awake at a normal hour?". She could see him shake his head as he gently replied "Normal is what you make of it and honestly what is normal in this universe?". She couldn't help but chuckle and nod along in agreement "I suppose your right but!" she said as she stepped in-front to stop the ranger. He looked confused as she stared at him "What is not normal is you doing so much extra work and not see Kiyo!". She tapped her foot in frustration as her tail darted almost seemingly ready to attack.

Wulf could only put up hands in defeat "Your right but that was cause I trying to pick up a few favors for something". Sakura's face twisted from annoyance to intrigue before she asked inquisitively "Oohhh and what type of favors Mr Wulf?". A silenced passed as the ranger seemed tight lip in his response. You could her the frustration in Sakura building as she tapped her foot a few times on the ground while her tail seemed to rap on the floor in unison. It almost seemed like she was about to boil over like a tea kettle when she let out a defeated "Fine ! but it better be good for her you Mr Secret butt!".

As Wulf walked passed her smiling "Always you should know that". As he paused to let Sakura catch up and continue walk along with him before speaking further "Though change of topic what are you going to do with your leave Sakura?". As the neko tapped the side of her cheek with her hand in thought. Then it seemed like a idea clicked in her head "Well the Captain said to meet up at the ramp to his the pools and water falls so I think I'll do that". Then with her almost famous pervy smile "Then maybe i'll catch a glimpse of truly beautiful peeks!"

The naivee wulf could only wonder what she mean't but paused at the doors to his quarters "Welp I'll leave you your sight seeing then Sakura I'm going to wait for Kiyo abit here". Sakura gave him a quick pat on the shoulder "Alright lover boy make sure to make up for all that over time otherwise I might steal her!". Before Wulf could even utter a word like a flash of lighting Sakura was already darting down the halls, a skip in her step as she made her way to the ramp to see the captain.

Location YSS Kaiyo II Deck II outside of Wulf and Kiyo's Quarters.
Wulf Soban.

Kiyo and Wulf :)

Having changed and taken his shower he waited by the cabin door. Thinking abit of what Sakura said he hoped that he could make up some lost time he had with Kiyo. With the dangers of the last few months being so far behind enemy lines many of the crew had to pull double the work load and this mean't they couldn't spend as much time together. As he pondered what they might do he was thinking he would leave it up to Kiyo. Since he was the one that was distant cause of shift workload he wanted to make this time about his beloved blue angel. As he waited with a smile even with the fatigue still drawn around his eyes he was excited at the freedom they had just gotten.

Location YSS Kaiyo II Ramp
Sakura Sjet

Running towards the ramp Sakura was full of excitement. Almost in a bounce like a rabbit on a full sprint she happily shouted " Captain! Captain! I'm ready for the adventure!". Clearly not one for protocol or maybe robbed of some sense by the prospect of some enjoyment Sakura was ready for what was in store.
YSS Kaiyo II
Crew Cabins


What was a nekovalkyrja?


If you dug through ancient and obscure history, it was actually a combination of two words from two different languages. Neko, meaning "cat", and Valkyrja, which was a term used to describe a mythological warrior woman from a long-dead belief system.


They descended from the clouds into the fires of battle on wings of fury, deciding who lived...


...and who died. When combat was not computerized, and victory went to the strongest and most bloodthirsty.

Gravity examined the spearhead with a cold expression. She tested it by lightly dragging a finger along the edge. It sliced through her skin with zero pressure. The wound healed almost instantly. Gravity set aside her sharpening stone and held out the weapon before her. The shaft was a beautiful pink with white inlays. It wasn't nearly long enough for a fully grown adult.

She'd been planning on gifting it to Saya's youngling.


The neko's instincts told her to find the nearest thing designated as hostile and rip out its entrails. To stand on top of its broken corpse and raise her weapon to the sky in victory. When they found their crew, she would offer no mercy. For each hour they held the youngling, Gravity would burn ten of them. If they dared to raise their hands in surrender, she would aim for their reproductive organs.

And to think, just a while ago, she was standing happy on a beach in Yamatai. This was not the reunion she'd been envisioning. She needed an excruciating workout. Something to soothe her nerves before she put on a horned helmet and went flying off to battle with Wagner playing in the background. Gravity reached for both her wooden practice spear, and the real deal, just in case. She then donned some sparring armor, which covered her torso and legs, but left her arms bare. With her long braid and ancient weaponry, if anyone saw her walking through the halls, they might have thought they had traveled far back in time. She looked ever the Norse raider. During her time as an instructor, she'd spent her free time training in the ways of spear use, and researching the other side of Yamataian culture that never seemed to get touched on.

After all, everyone and their dog tried to emulate the Samurai. But when was the last time anyone had seen an honest-to-Odin Valkyrie?

YSS Kaiyo II

Gravity strode into the dojo, though quietly out of respect for the only other inhabitant. She had never spoken to Rei... ever, if at all. Gravity had never really had a chance to get to know the princess, so therefore had never had reason to interact with the bodyguard. Otherwise, the neko just didn't seem... approachable.

She raised her spear in greeting and tried her best to smile before going about setting up her own section in which to train. Training always helped her focus her mind. There was a soothing routine in beating up a dummy (whether filled with sand or meat) with practiced precision.

Stab. Sweep. Stick end into ground. Use it to vault forwards for double heel kick into torso.

Like a pole vaulter she pushed down on the spear shaft, hurling herself forward with the aid of inertia control and planting her feet on the dummy's chest. Then, she explosively kicked and sent it into a wall with a thunderous explosion of noise. That was a bit of Neju Koyu she'd integrated into her routine. Landing gracefully, she turned and hurled the spear like a javelin. If she'd thrown an actual spear, it would have slid into the target's stomach like a toothpick into a stick of butter.

The stomach. Fuck. She'd hit low, probably because she was so distracted. Growling a little, with her tail lashing back and forth in frustration, Gravity moved to pick up the spear again and reset. It should be noted that Gravity's training style was quite the opposite of the silent grace that the Samurai prided themselves on. The valkyrie didn't want to just defeat her opponents, she wanted to put them in the fucking dirt. Stand upon their broken corpses, etcetera, etcetera.

At least, that was her philosophy. In short, it was loud and chaotic, just like a battle should be!
Location YSS Kaiyo II Deck II to the Dojo.

Kiyo left her quarters armed with her Katana Silverlight. “Oh, hello Wulf, I was going to go to the Dojo, and train a little, then I might go to the pool area, I heard there were waterfalls there! Want to join me?’ she asked him a sweet smile on her face, as she felt pleased to see the man she loved. And as she approached him, she gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek. “I missed you, though I enjoyed our late cuddles.

She soon led the way to the dojo where she spotted Rei training, as well as…”SIS!” she squealed happily, though she got to see her on Ocean day, she was pleased to see her anyways. She saw her sister move and it was fantastic. Though she recognized that maybe Gravity made some mistakes, but still she thought it was cool how she vaulted.

Back in the cabin Valkyr rested in her castle.
YSS Kaiyo II

He was obviously not the only one affected by current events, and he knew that, but it should be clear that he was very affected and obvious that the ordeal was taking a toll on the tall half elf. Wyatt Fujiwara's uniform was nicely pressed and correctly worn though the man beneath was in much worse shape as he stalked around the base. His amber eyes were usually so bright and vibrant yet the precious gemstones in Wyatt's skull were framed by puffy red skin, his thick stubble had seemingly sprouted out of nowhere but regardless he still marched forwards even if on autopilot.

His fists were clenched tight enough for his knuckles to turn white, veins pressing through the back of his hands denoting the sheer fucking rage in his body despite the man's otherwise blank face.

But there was nothing he could do yet and that was the worst part, that it'd take some time, but Wyatt's head was clear enough to know he'd be no good to anybody like this.

Wordlessly he pushed into the Dojo and past the three Nekos, the air around him almost seemed to vibrate like a tree that was full of angry bees as he chose a training dummy off to the side of the room so as to not make too much of a disruption. Wyatt shrugged off his uniform's jacket to reveal the undershirt stretched over his broad chest and the two burly arms attached to it that currently looked like tightly wound springs.

In a fraction of a second his Hemo-fuelled right fist shot forward slam into the dummy's chest, causing it to recoil back and almost fall over if not for the heavy base plate keeping it in check, this was followed up with a left hook and then the process repeated itself. Thunderous and repeated cracks rebounded through the area each time Wyatt landed a blow, his expression still the definition of serene despite landing a repeated series of perfect punches even Pyros Westwood would be proud of.

To anyone who knew him though, this much would be apparent...

Wyatt was fucking pissed.
Ramp of the Kaiyō II

The mission on that Kuvexian cesspool was interesting. Now she knew she was going to need to become a businesswoman or something to actually beat them at their own game in the future. She will need to wait for her friend Ryu to resurface from where ever he was right now to get some tips in that arena. But for now, she kept her main focus on two things: the advice from a departing SAINT operative and seeing the natural terrain of his location. Both relating to Shosa Taiyou.

"Ma'am, I have a question... do we always infiltrate like that?" Narumi let out in the most professional manner she could.
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YSS Kaiyō II

Hoshi could hear a familiar clanking approaching from the other side of a door. It took some time before it actually arrived at the door and Chloey walked through with her loud metal feet. "Greetings Chusa Hoshi, may I join this mission?" the metallic girl innocently asked.

The engineer Elysian just needed to do something, anything, to take her mind off things. She decided to go to the Dojo to fly around for... well, she'd decide later. She didn't often choose it as a place to fly, but she'd try it this time. She briefly bowed and walked into the Dojo without saying anything. With a flap of her wings she started flying around the open area, avoiding the others there. A few feathers of white and bright yellow fell from her wings and got on the floor.
YSS Kaiyō II
Communal Bathhouse

Alastair slipped into the bathhouse like he was on a secret mission. Normally he would not spend time relaxing but felt after the last mission it might do him some good to take a load off. He was mostly undressed when his eyes caught Reina was also in the bath. He froze like a deer in headlights, though only for just a moment. It would seem the mission before had wore down his normal formal self. Right now, all he looked forward too was a soak.

"I hope you do not mind if I join you. I always hear about taking a nice dip so figured why not." He tossed the towel off to the side and continued into the water. The warmth spreading up his body as he walked in further. He slowly lowered himself into the water so only his head was sticking up. The warm water started to sooth his sore body. The weight of the last mission was a heavy burden.

"This isn't half bad. Been so long since I relaxed in a bath that I had completely forgot how nice it was." He let his body float up to the surface of the water, just flowing with the gentle waves in the pool."
Kaiyō II

Hoshi looked towards the cargo bay and then towards the outside world impatiently. She absently looked back to the clerk to speak.

"What do you mean, Narumi-chan? Our last mission? Eeto... It was a successful infiltration as far as mission objectives go, but we lost a lot of good people. So..." Hoshi looked back to the world's cloud-studded sky. "No, we will not always do infiltration in such a way. It was an unnecessary amount of unforeseen danger. That should be avoided," with a sigh that made her bikini-clad clavicle sink concavely, she added, "at all costs."

The moody vibe Hoshi had suddenly set was interrupted by Sakura joining the pair on the ramp. Her exuberance shook Hoshi out of her reverie and the little captain smiled brightly.

"Someone seems to have imbibed in her own stellar coffee brew today, Sakura-chan," she said with a light giggle. "Is this everybody? Ah, Chloey!" Hoshi pushed off the ground to land on Chlorate's metallic body with a warm embrace. "Yes, you may!"


There had been a quiet stillness in the repetition of movement, as contrary as it sounds, within the dojo. The sharp slap of Rei's foot as she turned from the mirror with an extended knife hand was one of many sounds that all combined together, whether it be from herself or Gravity, whose greeting and presence had gone noticed by Rei with a slight nod and naught more. The excited yell from Kiyo went as if unnoticed, as did the joining of Wulf, then Wyatt, then the flapping Elysian.

Rei took the opportunity within her kata to shout a kia. It came out louder than she was used to hearing, like an jarring, spiteful howl where she was used to a forceful exhale and nothing more. With all the added commotion and people, the feeling of peaceful camaraderie that Gravity's aggressive training alone brought contrasted greatly with the electricity of the room, now.

Finishing her kata, Rei crossed her palms in front of her groin and let them slide to the sides of her hips as she her torso angled slowly into a bow. Raising her head once more to the mirror, she caught her hollow, iris-less eyes in the mirror, then looked to Wyatt's own form as it tore into the dummy. Rei couldn't imagine it could hold from his force much longer and in the second of imagination, saw the purple blood of a Kuvexian billowing forth from it. But, alas, it held, and she watched the mirrored version of someone who had lost like she had... More than she had. Her eyes fell as she felt the movements of those there through the shaking of the spring-loaded floor.

"Yame," Rei said, biting at the trembling room. "Fujiwara-san, yame. You two, on the dummy and bag." Rei had pointed to Kiyo and Wulf at the door before looking to Wyatt and Gravity through the mirror during her respective statements to both. "Can you fight a Nekovalkyrja? Can you fight a Nepleslian man?" She turned around and took a few steps back until she sat on her folded legs, back to the mirror and out of the way for the sparring she expected between the two.

Her cloudy grey eyes lifted to the high ceiling as her hand lifted from her lap to pluck a feather from her face. The side of her mouth upturned softly, momentarily, as she looked at the unintentional and possibly conducive distraction Kikios was.


"Uh," Reina Madoka began as her sap green eyes squinted at the second officer, "I do mind, you have a track record among purple panels. I've done well to not be alone with you so far!" She ducked her smiling mouth beneath the water and her similarly green hair splayed in the pool's steaming waters.
YSS Kaiyo II

Gravity stopped abruptly in her routine as Rei proceeded to speak the longest sentence she'd ever heard from the Samurai. She was definitely going to save that in her digital memory for posterity. The blue neko sighed and for once in her life cut her internal sense of humor short in order to face the issue she'd been avoiding.

She'd wanted to talk to Wyatt for a long time now, but with all that had been going on on top of her recent record-breaking flight to the edge of the sector from Yamatai Prime, Gravity had never gotten the chance. But what could she say? William and Saya were her friends, sure, and Aiko was... well, an important figure in Yamataian society, at least. And Will's girlfriend. But Wyatt had lost his wife and unborn child.

Gravity twirled her training spear absent mindedly a few times and moved towards the center of the mat. She bit her lip. God, she wasn't good at emotions. Usually whenever those pesky things popped up, she quickly banished them with a joke.

"I'm... sorry, Wyatt. We'll get them back." Gravity finally said over the flapping noises Kiki was making in her low voice, thick with an accent earthlings would identify as Scandinavian. "I don't know if it's the right time to say this but... I got little Tsubaki a gift. For her birthday."

She swallowed a lump in her throat at the thought of the youngling, whose first memories of the world would be a dark hell. She sniffled a little, but then abruptly emptied her mind and concentrated on the task at hand.

The tiger-striped valkyrie took a combat stance with her weapon, feet firmly planted and point extended towards her opponent. Her tail flicked in anticipation, giving the woman an overall feral vibe.
Kaiyō II

Alastair looked out across the water towards his young neko friend. His eyes slowly squinted as he set his gaze on her. "Ah yes, the band of purple panels. I do not blame them to avoid me. I'd do my part to teach them to learn their colors. Isn't that right Cornflower Blue panel Reina." He raised just enough such that she could see his smile. He also never really got why they picked such a long name for the color but that was the exact color so was to be talked about is that exact fashion.

"Please, give me far too much credit. The infantry carry us through the day." He once more let his body float to the top of the water. "Though if you are making reference to my morning challenges. I am sure if they took the time to learn the colors of the panels they wear, they could read my name tag on the door. Though who am I to worry over the little things." He let out a soft laugh. This would seem completely out of place for Alastair. A person who was all about order and by the book. To joke and even laugh about a subject like this is completely new.

"So do tell, what stories are there of the second officer. Oh and you have permission to be candid." He said as he tipped his head back to look at her, that smile still on his face.
Kaiyō II

The robot beeped, slightly surprised, but hugged back almost automatically, like Hoshi had activated a command that caused her to hug. "Chusa Hoshi, will I be operating a tankette again in this mission?" Chlorate did not think she would, but she felt the need to ask anyway.
YSS Kaiyo II

Wyatt's fist slammed into the poor training dummy one last time before planting itself in place, the thick veins in the Minkan's forearms working hard to cycle hemosynth through his body as it was needed. Deeply creased brow casting a shadow over his eyes, Wyatt turned to Rei who had called for a halt of his quiet little outburst, then to the familiar blue short-stack who'd given him advice and counselling so many times.

He felt the various eyes burning into his flesh and eating away at his soul with a mix of concern and apologies, it was a similar feeling to what Wyatt had felt during his short jaunt to the Dojo. Had the whole concept of religion and merciful beings on a higher plane not been ruined by his subjectively godless upbringing the knife-eared Operative might have prayed that things could go back to simpler times, where the only things whispered about him behind closed doors was why he seemed so serious all the time.

Though... fuck... with his wife and yet to be birthed child in captivity, subjected to things that made his blood bubble and boil, it did seem like the end times were upon him but what else could he currently do but attempt to remain hopeful. He'd be of no help to anyone if he admitted defeat, besides, he was too stubborn and stern for such things... right?

"Hai," was all Wyatt offered in a bassy little huff back to Rei as he pushed off of the dummy's torso and made quick work of detaching his uniform's pistol-belt, placing it over near his jacket before taking the short jaunt to meet Gravity with slouched shoulders that the mustached man quickly straightened out.

"I... appreciate the sentiment, if nothing more~" He admitted rather vaguely, a certain previously unseen haziness clouding Wyatt's eyes as he steadily lowered himself into a fighting stance, legs bent at the knees and planted at shoulders-length. Densely muscled arms raised up in front of his chest ready to respond with a variety of possible moves baked into his digital mind. The knife-eared man sniffed and quickly blinked his eyelids a few times, offering Kara a few final particularly blunt words before nodding to indicate he was ready.

"Saya won't approve of it in the slightest but... well, you will see Tsubaki's reaction for yourself, once you have told her who you are, yeh?"

His mask was beginning to slip.
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YSS Kaiyo II
Deck II and the Dojo.
Wulf Soban

Wulf smiled as he was embraced by Kiyo and returned the gesture "I missed you as well my dear". Nodding along as they moved towards the Dojo he was happy to spend any time with his beloved. He was finding more and more that any time he could get was a blessing and was happy for the incursion. As they made there way to the Dojo he also enjoyed the thought of how diligent even on her off time Kiyo took to practice her trade of warcraft. He admired her sense of duty, sense of self improvement and though he would love to enjoy a relaxing soak or more quiet time he loved this side of her.

As they entered the Dojo he took a respectable bow to the spirits of the Dojo. Legends have it that spirits still remain and for those of the warrior life this was there chapal and respect to learning part of the craft. As he heard Kiyo squeal in delight to seeing her sister though he could tell instead of the blessing and calming of the temple of war tension was high. The issue though very apparent. He saw Gravity, Wyatt and Rei each one bonded in a similiar pain but scale for each so much different and apparent. The way they dealt with it also different, Gravity with her almost animistic feral fury, Wyatt with the cracks of his pain and frustration of lack of action, Rei seemed almost somber to him.

As he saw Rei looking over to him and her command plan but with a tone that air respect he nodded to the Samurai "Hai!". Knowing Kiyo wanted to practice with her blade and the training dummy would be better "I hope you don't mind me taking the punching bag to warm up do you ?". He said with a faint smile trying to keep it light as he donned some training gloves. Putting them on and the feel of in his fists he saw gravity and Wyatt about to square off.

Kaiyō II

Sakura Sjet

Sakura smiled at the assembled crew on the ramp. Replying to Hoshi with almost the vigor of a kitten "Oh yes I traded the last of Wulf's private coffee stash so I am ready for everything today!". As she stood with the grew she seemed to fidget and move on the balls of her feet before swaying back flat. Her excitement was easily still seen and she as also happy to see the away team was joined by the crew's favorite metallic robot.

Hearing her question she couldn't help but chuckle and cutting slightly into Chlorate's and Hoshi's moment "Oh no Chlorate I don't believe there will be a need for a battle tankette today". Her smile easily told the story as he tail waggled back and forth "We are going to the pools and waterfalls, which will be great for our souls!". She loved every notion of the more natural water instead of recycled parts they got. To swim and feel the ease or maybe the chance to sneak a hot spring the Neko's thoughts purred in enjoyment.
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YSS Kaiyo II
Deck II and the Dojo.

Kiyo smiled at Wulf, as he replied that he missed her as well. She loved this man now beside her, though perhaps her mind was linked to his own, she wanted to go out and have some fun maybe in the pool and water fall, but she knew that her desire to train will nag at her mind not easing up at her. The need was because of her friends, Saya, and her unborn baby, William her big brother who was missing along with the princess. She hoped they find where they were soon and she knew for certain that while she debating giving their enemies a head start, she decided in the end if anything bad happen to her friends that deal will be off.

As she and Wulf entered the Dojo she saw people there, Rei her Sensei, Gravity, her sister who she was pleased to see, Wyatt the father of the little one, she was told would be called Tsubaki, and Saya’s husband, he had to be bothered most of all. Rei Sensei spoke, and she nodded her head taking her sword out, and prepared for her own battle, taking a calming breath, as her expression changed to something considered expressionless.

Her sword up, and in her ready stance.

Narumi resist the urge to breathe out a sigh of relief. That was the greatest bit of news for her, the last mission was enough of an adrenaline rush for her for a while now. She does give a big smile and nods her head. She looks over at Sakura and Chlorate and nods to them.
Kaiyō II

Hoshi looked wistfully out towards the verdant horizon wistfully, "I wish, Chloey. But this isn't a mission and it would be considerably negligent to have us use such a weapon- even if it is fun." She smiled cheekily back at Chlorate, "This is just us relaxing. As Sakura-chan said, it'll be nice for our souls to have some time away. We'll fly there, if everyone's got everything!" Hoshi herself pivoted towards a nearby low cabinet, which had a fanny pack and towel on it. She put the towel around the back of her neck and tucked it into the front of her swimsuit top so that it stuck out of the bottom. "Secure all personal belongings," the little pink Neko said with a wink before leaning over to Chlorate to give the pale gynoid's cheek a small kiss. "Ready if you are?"

She bounced into the air and set off towards the destination at a flight pace she considered leisurely. Rarely did Nekovalkyrja get the chance to fly for fun. The terrain moved below her like streaks of paint on an impressionist's canvas. Flipping around, she could see the waterfall adventurers flying behind her too and she slowed her own flight only marginally to be side by side with Narumi.

"I've always thought clerks," Hoshi said telepathically and yelled aloud, "might be writers, too. You know, not all of them, but- it tracks. I've never had a chance to ask one what they do for fun, though, seeing as it's a newer occupation." Hoshi left the question embedded in her statements, basically asking Narumi what she does for fun.


The sitting samurai's mind fleetingly recalled Zenjinkaze High School, where she had taught students. She had adopted William from the orphanage there and had led classes much like this. These were not green children, though, they were hardened soldiers- shaken by war and loss. Loss she knew all too well. Memory and present reality contrasted before her. Where there was ineptitude before, there was the burden of experience. Her mind couldn't help but think of the pair ((Kiyo and Wulf)) further from her and the Elysian above her. Though they were not taxed currently with the pain those about to spar held, had they? Would they? Would they be ready? Would she be at fault if they weren't? Her brown brows knit together and her troubles were painted in the creases between them.

The dojo's low din of movement from all those but the sparring pair was cut by the piercing word from Rei:

"Hajime!" The Yamataian word to start their sparring.


"Trust me, they are not the type of stories I want to be able to tell myself," the green haired and eyed Neko woman said as she stood from the pool. A plush volumetric towel had appeared as she got up, wrapped at the top of her chest and cascading down to her knees. "Chusa Teien Eden wants to see you in the command module on base." She said exiting towards the showers, "I don't know if you should hurry, but... See ya."


Reina had dried and was looking into the module, "Hey Boss."

The MEGAMI looked up, then back at a pair of spinning vials that were slowing on the centrifuge. "Greetings, Madoka-heisho."

"Greetings," Reina laughed. "Just Reina is fine. I'm surprised someone is working while we're on leave."

"Chusa Teien and Deio-heisho find themselves as engrossed in work as I," Boss said while measuring out an amount of liquid from a pipette.

"So what are you doing with your sprite?" Madoka asked, placing her hand on the infirmary bed in which Kaiyō Kiana lay.

Boss said curtly, "I made a mistake. I want to know where."

"Doesn't the- Uh,..." Madoka stopped, realizing she was about to differentiate the ship from the MEGAMI when stating the ship made her. "How?"

"If I knew that, I would not be as engrossed in my work."

Madoka moved away from the body and towards Boss and asked, "How can I help?"

Pausing with her pipette, Boss's olive skinned face smiled momentarily. "Put on a lab coat and start up that electrophoresis machine. The gel is in the second cabinet down from it." Madoka nodded with a quick smile of her own, her curly sap locks shaking in the fluorescent light from above.
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Kaiyō II
Wulf Soban

Gloves on and ready to go Wulf was ready to start. Catching Rei taking a look he could only wonder what she thought as she looked at the assembled cast of crew. Taking a breath he started to get into the routine. Though he was no expert in hand to hand, he still had spent a life time training, fighting and with it came the familiar sounds as his fists hit the bag. The hiss hiss as he exhaled with each strike, the old reminder from past instructors to exhale so as not to wear out. Every once and a while a quick left or right kick to break up the routine pace.

As he went on in the routine the familiar mental drift as his mind went from focus on routine went into his head space. The ranger couldn't help but think of imparted wisdom he was given in his life and wish he could tell or even assist his crewmates in cursed frustration and lingering sadness they held. In the Dojo where normally you could either have the serious and passion of battle to the friendly competition and boasts between fighters. Instead the heaven air spoke of pain, anger, hatred, and a sorrow that seemed to almost corrupt the sacred place.

As his routine went on the sounds of strikes and the heavier breathing brought more thoughts to focus. The strike from the gloves hitting the bag or contact from his legs each felt fresh yet distant and gave bliss while he pondered.

He never thought of his life as a tragedy or despair of being robbed of options in his early life. At a young age his family was killed from there he was trained to be a solider in the empire he was now in. Growing up the eldar orphans he looked up to each went to war with most not returning, dead in the void of space. Training accidents or even injuries didn't set him back even when he almost lost his eye when he was sparing and the other student gave to rage. Even as the war raged on and he found out his only surviving family who he didn't even know about died on some forgotten battle field. Yet despite that he found him self blessed.

He remember the words of the old wolf of the orphanage. A Nekovalkyrja who took on the almost persona of the mother wolf of his group. In her was the joys of life and even that one time when she broke her arm in training she laughed like the demi-goddess of battle she was. In that old wolf she had a wisdom though that even in the darkness you should look at what you have and take joy. Though she also spoke that a life of anger held is not good but use it for those times when only fury will carry the day. Though never lash out or just smash your way with that anger. She always said those angered with grief always hurt them selves before they can repay the enemy in kind. Though he missed her he was still joyed to have been trained at raised by that serious but joyous Wolf mother.

As he thought of it he stole a glance at Kiyo. To him a beautiful blue maiden with a passion and joy unmatched. A dutiful warriors soul given flesh and spirit. He was blessed to have met her and blessed every day they had. So though some of his crewmates and dear friends didn't return with them he was still joyful to have returned with Kiyo. To live and breath, to be with her was a life times blessing. He would never forget the moments they had together and looked forward to more ahead.

As he continued with his routine he could feel the heat of his warm up grow. The tsh tsh of his exhale sharper as he striked the bag with abit more power. Catching a look at Wyatt and Gravity about to square up he worried for them both. In them he knew a well of anger was there and though they where close he feared they might get swallowed up in the moment. He heard the strikes Wyatt did before and worried that he might hurt him self. If he did he might be pulled from the mission to save his wife. If that happened or he hid a injury he might risk and lose the things that mattered most to him.

He wish he could just say have faith my friends. Faith not only in those left behind but also in there captain. Though they had to leave them behind he knew the future might hold a chance to recuse them. To pay the enemy in kind for their arrogance for holding the Kaiyo's crew captive. The folly of thinking they could be free from retribution and wraith. The ranger couldn't help but smile briefly at the thought of reuniting lost companions and heap of the enemy as payment to make it happen.

Then he heard "Hajime!" and broken from his thoughts he looked on to see how Gravity and Wyatt might spar.

Kaiyō II

Sakura Sjet

When she heard that should could fly Sakura was excited. As she switched her volumetrics to show the black bikini underneath she leapt after the others. Letting out a happy squeal as she jumped from the ramp her tail being motionless almost like to stabilize the neko while her towel almost seemed like a cape. The pure bliss of free falling then floating would make any neko smile. As she floated with the other crews she heard the telepathic call from Hoshi. She wondered now how they might reply.
Forward base 1B - YSS Kaiyo II

-Cargo ramp-

A familliar leathery rustling sound was heard echoing though the cargo area, as a long noodle-like entity appeared. Nerai had taken note of Hoshi's little trip to the waterfalls, and thought it would be a great opportunity to really stretch her tail out for a good soak and some swimming, as even the Kaiyo's formidable onsen felt just a little restrictive at times. Still, as she arrived, there was no sign of life anywhere. "Hm? I thought Chusa meant to meet up in he-..."

From the corner of her eye the olive haired snake spotted the faint silhouettes of some small people floating off into the sky, already being quite far out. "AH! They left already! Wait for meeeee~!!!" With how far they were out already, it would be unlikely for them to hear her, especially with the loud little robot in their midst.

Scooting off after them at a surprising speed, the wild slithering shook her casual attire, consisting of a big strawhat, bluish-green aviators, floral hawaiian shirt and snake-friendly hotpants. Her bag stuffed with varous bottled goodies rattled as it flung about as it hung from her shoudler.

With not much else to do right now, Abart headed off to the dojo, hoping to get some excercise in. Upon opening the doors and slipping inside, he noticed a big crowd was already hard at work inside, ether pommeling dummies, doing their routines, or a sparring match supervised by the scary samurai lady. The snake thought for a moment, and then decided against it, slithering back out again. "Hm, quite busy, i'll leave them to it."

Breathing calmed, her ears picked up the Hajime, the call to begin causing her to move with precision. Her Silverlight moving up to strike at the dummy, with the mechanism in the pressure plates causing the dummy to react with its sword as she struck it, and began moving around, more pressure plates in the floor made the dummy react as she struck it, doing a sort of sword fight with the dummy, not unlike the sparring the others would be doing. But unlike the others, her opponent wasn’t alive, or sentient, it wouldn’t be able to do any strategy.