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RP: YSS Eucharis [Post-Mission 24] Edges (YE 38)

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YSS Eucharis - In Orbit of planet UX-1 I.
YE 38

In the end, the Star Army had decided to send SAINT to investigate and gather intelligence on the Kuvexian base, rather than an attack fleet. There was a feeling that Yamataian command didn't want the Kuvexians to know that we knew where they were and what they were up to, and more importantly, this was the opportunity SAINT needed to start monitoring the enemy's communications. This left the Eucharis free to disband its small Task Force and return to its typical smaller-scale missions. With many crew members either new or returning, Shosho Hanako had kept the ship in the uninhabited UX-1 star system, where they were working on refreshing and expanding their training so that they would be ready if a new war did break out. It also gave the crew a very important opportunity to get to know one another better.

It was condition four--the most relaxed the ship got when out of port--and second shift was on duty so Blackberry was in the bridge, and Cherry was in engineering, and the rest of the crew was free to go about their business training, cleaning things, or socializing. This was the downtime that kept the Star Army from wearing itself out.

Captain's Cabin (Deck two, forward of the bridge)

Hanako's room was relatively quiet and dominated by thick red carpet and sturdy wooden hardwood furniture lit artistically by track lighting and table lamps. A bookcase full of real paper books, some over a hundred years old, rested along one wall. Many of the titles were covered by the blast straps securing them against falling out during ship combat. At the back of the room was a tiny bathroom compartment and a walk-in closet that were partly obscured by a heavy red silk curtain that looked like it could have been from a stage. The blue-haired captain sat on her fur-covered bed in wearing the tights and skirt of the duty uniform but with just the royal blue T-shirt instead of the full jacket, which was hanging over a coat rack above her gloss black shoes.

In walked Natsumi, her first officer.

"Hello," Hanako greeted her with a nod, gesturing to the large lounge chair by the bookshelf. Just then an electric kettle on a side table began to whistle. "Would you care for some tea or cookies and chocolates?" the Shosho offered. "I think we should speak about promotions. I would very like your recommendations based on individual performance since the last promotions and on this mission. Also I want you to be the first to know I am finally getting a new samurai to assist in protecting me. She is supposed to arrive soon."
Aboard a Raccoon T7 Transport
Approaching the YSS Eucharis

If Mao focused on anything else, it was easy to forget just what was going on around her. To tune out the hum of the shuttle's engines, the chatter from the two-person crew, and the orders that sat folded up and secure tucked inside her yukata. She could calm her nerves and find her center like she'd always been trained.

Ketsurui Hanako. The Ketsurui Hanako. That was the name stamped onto the orders sheet Mao had been given once told that she'd met the requirements that one of the clan's members had said they sought out in their personal guard. Mao barely believed any of it in that moment when she stared at the name of a national hero.

She was supposed to protect Hanako?

The very concept seemed ridiculous. That something out there that might kill somebody like Hanako wouldn't make it through Mao's own guard. Her grip on the black lacquered odachi scabbard tightened and she frowned almost unconsciously. She'd left planet Yamatai just a single Samurai with a new assignment and a mental haze over her senses . . . and now she was minutes away from that haze being burned away with how real things were. Some part of her was still convinced this was all some sort of trick. That she'd walk aboard and be told it was some joke.

But no. It was the 'Eucharis' their shuttle pilot was talking to over the communications line. The ship commanded by one of the women of the Empire that Mao admired the most - and now feared the idea of almost more than the most irate Sensei. But Mao's raven-black and white ears twitched at the sounds of the docking process just outside the airlock. A securing seal and her cue to get ready to enter what would become Mao's new home.

The shuttle's co-pilot hadn't even had a chance to call out back through the open doorway that they were docked before Mao was on her feet. She went over what few personal belongings she had and made sure that they were all ready. Then her swords and a double-check of the pistol that she had grown comfortable over the last years with feeling pressing up into the inside of her arm. She'd just finished her check when the airlock hissed open.

Mao stepped just inside the airlock but not quite over the line where the two vessels met. She could swear she'd heard something about formalities for moments such as these. Something about requesting permission for something or other. Mao's face was a rather unreadable mask and her eyes took in everything immediately in front of her as she waited patiently to be addressed - not entirely sure of her footing but not willing to show it.
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Hanako's cabin

"Tea please" Natsumi replied to the offer of refreshments and settled herself into the offered chair. "Thank you" she smiled. This was actually the first time she had set foot in the Shosho's cabin in all of the years she had served aboard the Eucharis, not that she had ever had a reason to be in here before, it was another strange new fact about her ever changing life. This was the private office where CO and XO could talk freely and not have to schedule for a time when the crew wasnt around. Yet, for the recently minted XO, it still felt surreal, being here, this new quasi equality with the woman who had been her mentor and teacher and the supreme example of what a young neko like herself should strive to be.

"I'm glad you are gettg a samurai protector" she said, not that the snowy haired neko had a single doubt about Hanako's ability to take care of herself! It was just good to have somone watching one's back. "Especially with the possibility of hostiities with the Rixxicore or those that are behind them" she said with a smile. The safer her Shosho was, the happier Natsumi was.

"I would like to suggest special attention be paid to Nitô Hei Tsuguka and Jôtô Hei Suites" she stated. "Both of them conducted themselves very well on the mission to the Rixxicore colony vessel. Their quick thinking and inginuity may have gained us valuable information on the rixxicore we might have never had the chancd to get and this stage of our contact with them" she explained and relaxed into her chair.
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This morning had probably been one of the better ones since joining the Star Army. After finishing repairs on Aikiko's power armor in the wee hours of the morning, he had showered, and passed out in his bunk. After sleeping like a log- if logs could purr- he awoke perfectly refreshed, and got an early start. He watched re-runs of Don and Terry, quite possibly his favorite cartoon, and ate a bowl of his favorite cereal, which had perfect cereal-to-milk ratio. Once he'd finished, he'd started a new writing project based on a story that had come to him, oddly enough, in a dream.

It was set in a fantasy world. Dragons, elves, magic, et-cetera. It was his favorite type of world to write about. It was a tale of a brave queen and her order of equally-daring knights as they defended the land from endless hordes of barbarians, who had been unleashed upon the world by a group of benevolent, mystical beings from worlds far away. The story was told from the point of view of the humble, young, naive stableman who followed these knights in their travels, feeding and caring for their horses. For the sake of drama, he planned to throw in a small romance on the side between the stableman and one of the queen's most trusted, loyal knights.

The words flowed out onto the pages naturally. He'd gotten through much of the first chapter without stopping. He still had no idea where the idea for this story came from.

Over on the side sat Candon's power armor, with a brand-new, brushed Yamataium grille covering the exhuasts. Hopefully it would work. He still needed to test it later with Candon operating the suit. Nearby sat a baseball and a tub of industrial adhesive.

Hey, don't judge! Rule number one of engineering: if it looks stupid, but works, it's not stupid!

Jax, currently, was finishing up some improvements to his own armor. Namely, those concerning his unusual... appendages. Guitars and drums emanated from his communicator on the workbench.

To start, Jax had cut two, triangular openings on the top of the helmet, into which he'd fitted two sleeves in which his ears would poke through. The sleeves were made of a similar polymer to that of the AMES. After the sleeves were fitted, and he was sure his ears were comfortable within, he manufactured several, small, yamadura-alloy plates with which to cover the sleeves. Last, on the rear end of the suit, he affixed another, much longer, tubular sleeve in which he could fit his tail. Sadly, he couldn't armor-up the tail sleeve, as his tail was way too flexible to properly cover. On the other hand, however, he figured the chances of being shot directly in his tail were extremely low, and he could always tuck it around his waist if things got hairy.

Jax donned his helmet, and smiled when he found that his ears fit perfectly into the sleeves.

"Test!" muttered the mechanic. He listened, and heard his voice in his ear, from a small earpiece within one of the sleeves. a sign that the reconfigured comms unit was working. Then, he opened his armor and climbed inside. He stiffened his tail and allowed it to slide into the sleeve. Once he was sure it was in, he activated the armor. He started by walking through the open space, swiveling his ears to and fro, and swishing his tail this way and that. For grins, he decided to pretend to be in combat. He performed a forward roll on the floor, stopped on one knee, and held his wrist up as if to fire his forearm weapons.

"Pew! Pew! Pew!" he imitated, successfully defeating the imaginary Rixxikor.

He was glad he was alone. If anyone were to see the weird shit he did when unsupervised, he would surely die of embarrassment.


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Medical Lab

Taharial was still looking at all the fluids and other things from her insectoid guests that she had stored in the jars while cutting open the second rixxikor so she could always go back and check if they could use the fluids for injections, keeping the parts separate to make sure they had no uninvited guests that were her fault. She needed some time away from this, her eyes were strained from the work and she had pages of information, she hadn't slept all night and it was slowly dawning on her that she needed to recharge her body with sleep, fluids and foods. She packed up the parts she was gathering data on and smiled as she had some information to share with Wazu and anyone else who wanted to know what some of the fluids could be used for, she stood up waved bye to the medical equipment and walked out of her domain and towards the Wardroom.


Taharial stumbled into the room, she had massive black bags under her eyes with her normally perfectly kept exterior had shifted so she looked more like zombie from a terrible horror movie her notebook still under her arm. She sighed and grabbed the biggest mug of coffee and the greasiest food the cook would make for her after her begging to the point of tears, she felt bad but she really needed this and after she had some rest she would work it off.

She sat down in the corner of the room and turned to a page of her notebook with a smile on her face she worked on formulas as she drank and ate. Her body slowly felt better as she ate and drank, she needed this more than she fault, all the stress of why she left for a while and what happened when she returned most of been it, she sighed and turned to a page with a photo strapped to it, she smiled at the two Elysians on the photo and sighed "I am glad you finally accepted my decision to join the Army....." she turned it over and started to read message again and started to tear up as she got to the end.

She checked the information on the crew that she needed to know and saw that there was a new person on the crew but it wouldn't tell her anything about them "Hmm that is interesting, I will have to find them and see why I can't know that much about them, she checked the information and sighed, I really want to know but I don't want to distract them, they will find me if they need me."
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The limited area of the Eucharis was totaly different that being on a planet where you had space to roam widely. Or in the void of space there was the sence of privacy or a chance to just get away from it all. But within the confines of the ship, it seamed to her, eyes were always watching every move she made. Or running into another crew member. Even in her quarters she didn't have much privacy as it was shared with another. And of the opposite gender. Even with her past experience being aboard a spaceship, knowing what it was like, she still had the confinement feeling and restriction of movement.

As grand and well equiped the Eucharis was with shipboard equipment in various forms of entertainment, things to do. After awhile lost it appeal and a longing to feel the breeze caressing her exposed skin to the elements that a planet provided. Along with soft caressing warmth from its sun or the biting chill of a winter storm. She couldn't just exit the ship and go outside into the elements for a long solitary walk in solitude alone with her thoughts and demons to think about.

When shipboard duties allowed her, she spent endless hours on the treadmill, walking or pushing herself in a fast paced run to outrun the 'eyes' and the sence of loss of privacy. Even though she worked well with a team, she prefered to be alone when the job was done. Or spent the time searching for that one spot aboard the Eucharis, where she could have that solitude from the rest of the ship's crew.

When she did find that spot, it helped to relieve that crowded feeling and provide the satisfaction of being in solitude. Away from the responcibilities and care the job. It was a place she could study the matrix of the known designs of bombs and explosives. Read what ever she enjoyed reading. Just take trips within her mind's theater to exotic places that were either real or imagined.

She missed her previous job of handling exposives to provide mobility and counter mobility. Defusing explosives that a wrong move could end her existance. Pitting her skill against another or object that was designated to be destroyed.

She moved through the ship with a snack and the latest downloads off the information network to her cubby-hole in the bowels of the ship. It was time for her personal time to just get it away from rest of the crew.

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At some point during Taharial's introverted moments, a shady figure had crept up and taken refuge upon the pull-out chair on the opposite side of the booth. Tsuguka's reflective green eyes never seemed to blink half as much they should. Damn cat girl seemed to get more silent and stealthy the more comfortable she was with people. Sitting crossed legged, face unreadable as ever, a steaming coffee cup was pressed to her lips between two hands as she simply loomed over the red-winged medic.

Seems like they never really talked, and didn't even have that much in common, but there was always some kind of weird magnetism between them. Maybe it was just that they joined up at the same time. Or, perhaps, that Tsuguka still felt like she owed the woman for something.

"...I didn't know they got rid of the Type 30 that used to be in the vehicle bay..." It was said flatly, as she looked down into the glossy ceramic mug. "...Suppose it was a useless hunk of metal for our kind of missions... Not like I can see Joto Hei Suites forming a plan that actually included it. He's got his head on straight..."

Conversation immediately stilted by such an obscure reference, Toyoe just took in the angel's ivory rounded face for a moment whilst thinking over something more guarded and particular. The small forlorn glance would have been unnoticeable to those that didn't know her.

"...I don't drink coffee." It was true. Always had health drinks, even when they were celebrating. "Do you want this?"

It was placed in front of Taharial's notebook without saying any more. Didn't wait for an answer.


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Taharial mind was elsewhere as the red Neko talked and didn't really pay attention, that was until a mug was placed right in her face and she turned to the person who gave it to her as she saw the Neko her face changed to be happier more than in wonder "Oh hey there Tsug, I still need to give you a medical." Her face softened a bit "I know you hate people invading your space..... So you have two options I can just do it with a medical scanner so you get the medical but no touching, or I can lie and say you have done it" she looked down so her hair covered her face, she felt like she had failed her post to say that "I hate the idea of the second option as it goes against my training and why I am here, but I know your personality."

She didn't want to see the Neko go as she grinned "Why don't we chat for a bit or something while we are together, I haven't seen you for so long that I really wished that I could see your very red skin." She hoped that it didn't sound weird "I umm I mean that..." she fumbled her words as she didn't know how to make it any better "I am going to stop before my foot goes further into my mouth."


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YSS Eucharis, under starboard wing

The damage to Aikiko's Mindy weighed heavy on Candon's mind. The damage was familiar but for some reason he just couldn't remember where he'd seen it before. He needed to get his mind off of it for a while to clear his head. So there he sat cross-legged beneath the ship's wing in space, the most private place he could possibly think of.

He'd done the same thing years ago when he was working for Origin. Stepping out into space had a tendency to make things easier for him to cope with. Like when lost his partner during a drug bust. A bunch of thugs with cheap plasma guns should have been an easy takedown. They got off one shot but when a plasma pistol is spitting mercury in a plasma state body armor becomes useless... so does metal, for that matter...

Clever bugs, he thought as he figured it out.

YSS Eucharis, PA Bay

Now dressed in his duty uniform he was ready to receive the newest addition to the crew so should have been arriving any moment n-
"Joto Hei Suites, the Samurai will be arriving shortly," the PA system called. "Thanks," he called back to the ceiling as he began his walk to the airlock.

I guess it's official, we're gearing up for war. Why else send a Samurai? I hope this lady is as good as they said she is.


YSS Eucharis, Airlock

Yellow lights flashed as the airlock pressurized but decompression was the least of his concerns. He prepared his mind as he waited. His first impression would mean a lot since they'd probably be working closely when it came to the protection of the ship. He'd been trying to fill too many shoes. Espionage, infantry, screening additions to the roster. It would be nice to have a second hand with these tasks.

The lights turned green, he straightened the scoped HHG on his right thigh and made sure his perfectly pressed duty uniform was still smooth, as always. The door opened.

Aboard a Raccoon T7 Transport

The shuttle's co-pilot hadn't even had a chance to call out back through the open doorway that they were docked before Mao was on her feet. She went over what few personal belongings she had and made sure that they were all ready. Then her swords and a double-check of the pistol that she had grown comfortable over the last years with feeling pressing up into the inside of her arm. She'd just finished her check when the airlock hissed open.

Mao stepped just inside the airlock but not quite over the line where the two vessels met. She could swear she'd heard something about formalities for moments such as these. Something about requesting permission for something or other. Mao's face was a rather unreadable mask and her eyes took in everything immediately in front of her as she waited patiently to be addressed - not entirely sure of her footing but not willing to show it.
"Welcome aboard, Mao," Candon bowed, "I am Joto Hei Candon Suites. I work intelligence. The Shôshô is expecting us. I'll show you to her now."
As he turned to lead the Samurai he remembered something. Telepathically he asked MEGAMI to inform Jax to prepare an armor station to receive a Sarah armor.


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YSS Eucharis - Captain's Cabin

"Absolutely," Hanako agreed. You handled the mission quite well, too," she noted. Hanako moved the serving tray (including the tea pot, the jar of brown sugar cubes, tongs, a stirring spoon, and more) next to her first officer, delicately sipping at her own cup. "I have decided to promote you to Taii," she revealed. She placed her cup and saucer on the table and then went to her closet and returned holding a royal blue flag with a Yamataian insignia on it and a single white star. "You will get your pin at the promotion ceremony; however, I feel like giving this to you now." She draped the flag across Natsumi's legs.

"I will promote Suites to Nitô Heisho. He will make a fine non-commissioned officer. I was thinking of promoting Tsuguka to that rank as well, skipping Jôtô Hei. What do you think, Natsumi? As for the others, Aikiko seemed to have some trouble this mission and Akane was basically non-existent for mission purposes. Jackson Howard has been contributing to the crew well. I think we should promote him to Joto Hei."


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ON YSS Eucharis>

Wazu saw one of the crew members run past him before disappearing into one of the crawl-ways of the ship. He had to check his datapad, trying to remember her name...

Aikiko dove into the crawl-way to squirm a few feet to a panel and carefully removed the fasteners. once the panel was free, she removed it and placed the fasteners back on the bolts.

She slipped into the little comfortable space she had carefully developed over time aboard the Eucharis. It was free from the scanners of the Eucharis, Megami, and sensors.

She smiled as she rehung the panel back on the bolts to block the light she turned on from spilling out into the corridor. Light still spilled out around the edges of the hastily hung panel.

He would end up following her to the crawlspace, looking inside, "Aikiko?" He asked, ending up with only a view down the crawlspace and a slight bit of movement towards the edges of his vision where the fasteners and bolts were being slipped back on, hiding her from sight, "You... wow she is fast...." He thought out loud, the neko seemingly having vanished.

Aikiko froze hearing the familiar voice that emanated from antiquated pressure suit back in the P.A. Bay. She had a choice of killing the light and hoping the person would go away. But it wouldn't do as the person might let slip out about her place of solitude. She reach up, slipping her fingers around the edges of the panel and took it off the bolts to see who it was. "Yes?" Looking at the human male she had seen earlier board the ship back in port. She was wearing a light purple formfitting tank top and black track shorts with UOCPF in gold running down the seam on the left side.

"I... I mean, I hi there..." He said, trying to hold back a laugh as he looked at the adorable neko peaking out from behind the panel, "I do not meant o bother you, I just wanted to say hi... and maybe talk about the Rixxikor encounter earlier..."

Aikiko gave a soft sigh, and turned the panel to allow him passage, "Come on in..." She leaned the panel against the crawl ways side and moved back into the cubbyhole with the soft light flooding into the crawl way to make the passage asy for him. "Hurry it up. I don't want the others discovering this place."

He would looked around... and once he was satisfied no one else was paying attention he'd enter into the crawlspace and join Aikiko in her little cubby hole. "Hiding from the rest of the crew?" He asked, tucking his legs in as he sat down off to one side of the limited space that was available. "Or from someone in particular?"

The space was big enough for two people and it had a few crude shelves built into the corners which rested a the light source. Once he was settled, Aikiko replaced the panel, giving him a good view of her butt in the tight track shorts. "Everyone." As she settled in the cubby space, leaning against the opposite wall to face him and straighten her legs out. "So what you want to know about them Roaches?" her tone went cold.

Yamatain uniforms were usually quite revealing, but Aikiko's track shorts were going above and beyond the call of duty...

"Nothing that can not wait if you need private time," He said, "...You ended up taking a shot from one of them right? I already had a look a the logs but I also wanted to get your perspective on it... Unfortunately I will not know what information is helpful until it becomes helpful."

Aikiko closed her eyes, resting her head back against the wall. "the rixxikor had an assortment of weapons. More designed for humanoid physique. I got curious and asked them about in a kinda insulting way to get them speaking. But it ended up in a firefight where i was out numbered. I took noticed of how well it .. the ship ...was maintained beyond the slime they deposited everywhere."

"You might have been able to get a better look at the weapons than I did. I thought they just had simple guns, rockets, that kind of thing... the plasma beam seemed out of their league.... then again they are bugs flying a star-ship.... " He replied, "... Maybe you are tired of talking about Rixxikor?" Wazu was sitting opposite of Aikiko, her feet laying close enough to him that he was able to reach down and take hold of one, pressing his thumb against the arch of her foot and applying a firm pressure as he stroked upward,

"So what is going on besides bugs?"

"I thought it strange too. the weapons." Aikiko sighed softly at the pressure on the soles of her foot. Reaching up, to one of the shelves, she pulled an electric notepad off the shelf. Turning it on and pulling out the stylist that went with it. From her recollection drew the weapons she had seen. Letting him watch her draw them. "From previous encounters and the current one." She wiggled her toes to encourage him to continue the massage on her feet.

Wazu too her right foot in his hands, holding it up a bit and more towards the center of his body, pressing both thumbs against the arch now, alternating one after the other, sliding up from her heel towards her toes, letting her talk for the moment about Rixxikor weapons. "Not all of those look like something the Rixx would put together... Maybe they have more than one source for small arms?" He thought out-loud.

"my thoughts exactly when I was aboard that slime ship..." her voice took a soft purrr-like quality at his ministrations. "But then I m not much of a diplomat in finding things out. But then I

m more used to dealing with Neplelians, Abwer and Yammies. Even Free Spacers are more respectful with a warship sitting off their bow. "

He would spread her toes next, applying a gentle pressure between them with his fingers as they applied a bit of pressure, pulling them away from her foot slightly, "It certainly is not easy... "

Specially from previous encounters with them." She finished up and saved the drawings to a file. "You know my name, yet I still dont know yours?"

"Heram James Wazu," He replied, using his hands to curl her toes, popping them before moving back towards rubbing the underside of her foot, "I think my official title here is science adviser..."

"Infantry with EOD skills," She gave him a soft smile as she pointed to some of the tech databases that were labeled "explosives," bombs manufacturing. Deployment of mines and other sundry related subject. "Which do you prefer to be called?"

"James... it sounds the most normal." He replied, "I may have to look you up later. The rixx do not wear space suits... it would make sense to have some explosively dispersed chemical thing ready to incapacitate them."

"They do have pressure suits. Our first encounter with them they had pressure suit due to there was no atmosphere or it was toxic back on Splifgen." Aikiko spoke as she made eye contact with him. He was kinda handsome as she smiled lightly, bringing a bit of warmth to her expression.

"Well... so much for that idea." He chuckled, "... I would have suggested putting suppression gear on the power armor but that will probably result in the rixx blowing themselves up.... how do you balance an aversion to killing with a species that is so pre-disposed to death?....." Wazu said, adding, "hand me your other foot."

She gave a soft laugh at that as she shifted her left foot over her right to within his reach. "They breed differently that normal. they lay their eggs all over the place and the males spray them." She blushed lightly. She recovered, leaning back against the wall.

"Yeah, but so do a lot of other species like fish...." Wazu would laugh a bit, pressing his thumbs into her other foot, "Show the Rixxikor a few pornos and they would think we reproduce by spraying our females too!"

This time she did blush a deeper red and squirmed a bit, as she gave a soft laugh. "yeah.. Ive seen a few of them." Wiggling her toes. a bit. "You permanently assigned to the Eucharis?"

"I.... uh.... I am not sure...." He said replied, just holding her foot for a moment, "I guess... ... I guess I am just playing it by ear right now..." He went back to rubbing her other foot, again curling her toes, popping the joints, "... Maybe I should just stop lingering here and move on."

"Naw stay," She blurted out, before she thought about it. She was enjoying the foot massage too much to think clearly. "Unless you have pressing business elsewhere?" Looking at him with her stormy blueish-purple eyes, studying his features. She stretched as she arched her back, enhancing her feminine physique. making them more pronounced. "Oh the shelf above you is some snacks."

"Pressing business... " He repeated, his eyes lingering over her. Wazu's eyes were a dull grey, his clothing colored but de-saturated... it certainly didn't pop like Aikiko's colors, "... maybe. Honestly, I am not certain. Things are a bit of a mess right now..."

"A girl someplace that is special to you that you miss?" She pulled both of her feet up next to her with them still crossed, giving a brief glimpse that she wasn't wearing panties as she rested her chin on her knees, looking at him. "Please keep this place a secret?" Looking up at him with her eyes a bit wider than normal.

"Oh do not worry... hiding on board star-ships is a sacred tradition." He chuckled, "Your secret is safe." He sat a bit more upright as he watched Aikiko, "I ... My personal relationships are not exactly healthy. ... I think the last woman who took an interest in me only did so because I was the only other warm body on the planet...."

Aikiko laughs spontaneously at the admission. "The classic... I wont screw you if you was the only male around syndrome? But this is to stop the hormones from distracting me?"

"Body heat... We were on Ether at the time and temperatures never get high enough to really be warm." He replied.

"Aaahhh... survival." She recovered from her laughter fading through giggle

Yeah, she made that clear when I left for the Eucharis," Wazu said.

"And shes still stuck on that iceball?" Aikiko spoke softly as she watched him.

Wazu nodded. "I am not the greatest at relationships. I think most of the people I consider friends have tried to kill me at one point or another."

"Neither am I. Usually ends up a one night stand." Aikiko straightened her legs out again with them slightly apart. "Well then we won't be friends then. Just crew to each other." Giving him a smile. "There is to many thing that could kill us to worry about each other plotting our demise." She reached out and gave his foot a gentle squeeze.

"I would like that," He said, sharing a friendly smile with Aikiko, "... I... I am really interrupting your alone time..."

"I make it up later. I'm enjoying your company, James." She spoke softly, liking the rugged looks of him in the subdued light that played off his features. Highlighting some in light and shadows, giving him a mysterious aurora about him. "It isn't often just to have a chat without business interfering."

"It is nice... " Wazu replied, placing one hand on her foot, the other on her knee, pushing her leg up and helping stretch it out, "Though I feel like my personal life is one big sore spot. How about you? Why are you out here?"

She looked thoughtful as he stretched her leg as she thought about the question. "Its expected of me and to pay back a contract for the upgraded body I have now." Spoke softly. "Sometimes I wished I stayed an independent. There are job that an Explosive Expert can get. And to get this assignment was pure luck.

"Do you not like it here?" He asked, switching over to her other leg.

"It has it moments. Not like my previous ship I've served on before." Aikiko spoke wistfully. She gave another soft smile, enjoying his ministration to her. You're quite skilled at this." Referring to his skill in massaging.

"Well, what are you looking for on this ship?" He sat her leg back down and then scooted back, "How about you turn around and scoot over here?

"I don't know," Aikiko spoke,as she maneuvered herself as directed, being careful not put any undue pressure on him as she settled between his legs if allowed to.

He put one hand on her left wrist, holding it up, and placed this other hand under her armpit, pulling her arm and gently rotating it,

"One of many talents, I like to think," He replied, his hand gently pressing against the palm of her hand and wrist in the process.

"You don't need to think that. You're the best I've encountered as a massues." Relaxing in his hands to let him really go to work as she let out a sight moan of pleasure.

He would move over to her other arm, repeating the process,

"Well, what do you do for fun?" He asked,

"I read a lot, exercise or work on my Mindy to make sure it ready when needed." Aikiko spoke thinking of other things that were much more funner, like right now. "Off ship, exploring new places."

"Just looking to meet new people? See the universe? I suppose a Yamatai ship is just as good as an independent there." Wazu said, placing his hands on her shoulders now, firmly pressing his thumbs against either side of her spine and running his thumbs up towards the base of her skull. "... maybe just enjoying having somewhere to be where you are needed?"

She titled her head forward, letting her hair slide over her shoulder to drape down her front. "Wait a sec..." reaching up, removing the tank top in one fluid motion, yet her arms held the tank top in place to keep her front side covered, yet exposing her backside and the SPINE interface and another double port horizontal instead of the vertical SPINE interface,by keeping them through the armholes as the tank top turned inside out. "With more purpose than being just infantry."

"More Purpose? Like what?" He asked, placing his hands on her lower back, his palms pushing outward, slowly working their way up towards her shoulders, "Do you imagine yourself as a star ship captain? Some elite soldier? Maybe have some kids and settle down?"

"Children? Oh no. I don't want having some snot nosed brat running around causing me all sorts of grief." She sighed as she felt her muscles loosening up. "Maybe, but never a captain I've enough troubles in keeping myself out of trouble."

"That sounds familiar," Wazu said with a chuckle, "Do you, have a family? Or were you produced?"

"I don't know my origins. But I was different from the rest of the indentured people working for a mining consortium as a hard rock explosive expert till I worked off my debt with the Mining Consortium." She looked at him over her shoulder at him. "All I know is that Awoke fully grown and with the knowledge and skill of an explosive expert. Not being a soldier." She looked thoughtful, "As for family... I dunno if I even have one."

"Sometimes it feels hard to relate to people who were created with a purpose in mind," Wazu said, one hand now on each of her shoulders, his thumbs tracing a line just under her shoulder blades, looking her in the eye for a moment, then looking away, "... So perhaps you are looking to start up your own mining company? Or am I wrong to view things through such an objective-focused lens?

She shrugged, "Its your prerogative." Giving him a smile. "I don't seeing it happening. I hated the job. Having a better time here on the Eucharis and the other ships I've served on. At least we are not always confined to the ship."

He would move his hands to the back of her neck, gently holding her head in one hand and tilting it to the side, then rotating it backward to loosen up her neck.

Aikiko let her head be moved by him, sighing softly as she let the tank top fall free to her lap. "You are really good at this, James." speaking softly.

"It feels nice to be appreciated," He replied, pressing one of his thumbs against the base of her skull, gently rubbing circles as the other held onto her shoulder to apply a stead pressure, "... You know... I am not exaggerating when I say my personal relationships tend to not go well..."

"Mmmmm.... I don't expect a relationship. If it happens it happens. If not. Oh well.. there will be other chances." Aikiko spoke softly as if she was reliving a fond memory. She leaned back against him. " I hope that the other person had a good time."

He ended up placing one arm across her stomach, holding her loosely in a warm hug.
Mao looked to the man who stood just inside the doorway as he greeted her. Jôtô Hei Candon Howard Suites. While she hadn't had a chance to look over the service jackets of every member of the ship's crew, she'd had it indicated to her that she should at least read up on her principal, the ship's newly minted First Officer, and the ship's organic SAINT agent. When gold and hazel had first set on him, she hadn't recognized him, but she did recognize his name almost instantly.

The son of a lab technician and a soldier, who'd served a few years as private security, and eventually enlisted into the SAoY. SERE qualified, an excellent marksman, capable with a computer, and going by what she read of his file he was good at making people talk. Plus while he wasn't exactly her type, she could see how his nearly Nepleslian features could come in handy for undercover work and be attractive to some.

Mao had returned his bow with one of her own, with the longer of her two swords held with both hands at her waist. But when she rose back up to follow him she resumed holding it at her side. The taps between her geta and the metal end of her scabbard against the floor were measured and rhythmic as she followed the SAINT agent through the halls.

Mao was careful to observe her surrounding. She took stock of signs indicating what rooms were where, the number of doors she passed, and how much room she would have to work with in a fight. Somebody might have said she was ridiculous for thinking such a thing would happen. But it was her job to plan for such a thing.

She spoke as they walked, "So how long have you served with Ketsurui-hime, Suites Hei? What do you think of her?"

Mao's speech was measured and quiet but rather warm compared to what some expected of a Samurai. Her questions were two-fold. The first was to get a feel for the man. She'd seen security advisers who felt as if their toes were being stepped on when their details were accompanied by a dignitary's Samurai. The second was to get a feel for how the man felt about Hanako: to start learning about the people she surrounded herself with.
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"I would never ask you to do something like that..." Tsuguka looked down along the surface of the table, ponderously. "Skip the medical, I mean. Your job is really important."

The red nekovalkyrja shrugged and crossed her arms, an agitated look on her face, making it look as if she was about to bottle up again. She didn't leave, however, and even if she was pretty much constantly wearing her pilot suit since she had rejoined the crew, her curled up position spoke of more priorities left unspoken these days.

"...Don't get me wrong, I love serving Shosho Hanako. Being in the din of battle, cutting open enemies, it's the one thing I feel like I'm good at..." Her knees were bundled up to her face now, cheek resting on them as she continued to overt her eyes. "But whenever we get these new, super trained personnel, it makes me think of everybody that we've lost, like Mio or Tankyusha... They were stronger and smarter than I ever was. They were precision-engineered molds of model soldiers. Something like, I guess, I was supposed to be... But now they are gone, and nobody even talks about them. It's like they never existed."

Taharial's ruby eyes felt like daggers. Tsuguka was clearly pushing herself to an emotional breaking point, and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the process.

"I'm... sorry if this is stupid, just..."

"Give me the word, and I'll leave you alone again."
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Taharial could see how sad Tsuguka was as the Neko's eyes betrayed the normal logical girl as they were shiny with tears, Taharial smiled slightly "I still remember them, I remember they were brave souls and deserve to be remember... I have something in the Medical Lab a little page of notebook which I call The Names and it has their names on it." She let her wing drape over the curled up Neko hoping it was more comforting than anything to the girl, she moved slightly closer the her friend "Listen here, you are amazing, you are just as good as them, even if you think you aren't then you are delusional Tsug."

She looked at her friend with only kindness in her eyes and hoped it was okay for Tsuguka, when she heard her friend saying to give the word and she would leave, Taharial just hugged her not sure if it would help the cause one arm around Tsuguka's back with her wing the other slid between her stomach and legs as Taharial smiled "I am here for you my friend."


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She spoke as they walked, "So how long have you served with Ketsurui-hime, Suites Hei? What do you think of her?"
"Let's see," he thought aloud, then answered, "I was assigned to Eucharis just before the Higaflan incident. I've been here for two sorties and about two months but most of that has been shore leave. The Kuvexians nearly sank us over Higaflan." Suites slowed down a pace to walk next to Mao pointing at the turns as they travelled to the bridge. "As far as her judgement goes I think she's pretty solid, but I haven't been here long enough to see her failures. That's when you really get to know a person. This ship seems to cycle out crew pretty fast. One of our infantry disappeared. MEGAMI says she's on the ship but I haven't seen her since the day before our last sortie, and she's my roommate. The first XO I got to meet got moved on to Fort Minori, no idea why. Then some horny dumbass made made the infantry team. Had a combat score of 100 percent due to a typographical error, I'd rate him closer to one percent if he'd have actually tried defending the ship. And now here you are. I'm going to implore you to stick around a while so I can focus on organizing the armor team."

As they approached the door to the bridge Candon again pointed left to a passageway that lead around the bridge where the escape pods were. At last they were at the captain's suite. He pressed the button on the panel next to the door to activate the intercom. "Shôshô, it's Suites-Hei. Mao has arrived."
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Natsumi could feel her jaw drop and cheeks go warm and pink as Hanako spoke and draped the Taii's flag across her lap. "Th-thank you, Shosho!" she said and bowed as best she could without causing the flag to spill off of her lap. She was truely suprised and had not expected any sort of promotion. She felt and knew she still had a lot to proove to Hanako that she could be a good XO. Afterall, she had big shoes to fill, the example of what made a good executive officer having been set a long time ago. Then again, maybe it was more prooving to herself that she had what it took?

"I will do my best and continue put all my effort into being your executive officer" she bowed again, then settled back down, her big red eyes lingering on the flag a long moment as she collected herself.

"I think Tsuguka has prooven hersekf ready for the promotion. She can handle the responsibility and will do well as a Nitô Heisho" she agreed with Hanako. Tsuguka was a good soldier and and shown she could keep a level head and get the job done under stress, and the added initiative spoke of someone who could take command.

"I also agree with promoting Jackson Howard to
Joto Hei. He has tackled his job as technician and worked hard to keep the ship and power armor serviced" she nodded and sipped at her tea.

It was then that the door chimed and Suites voice announced he had arrived with the newcomer who could only be the new Samurai.
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Tsuguka still tried to resist making direct eye contact and turned her head away, alrough this now resulted in brushing her cheek against a rosy wall of soft and downy feathers. A hand originally intended to remove them ended up just gently grasping the outside, and running her fingers through them instead.

"You're a weird bird, you know that, Taharial?..." The carmine neko sighed lightly, eyes closing slowly as she finally gave in just a little, and let herself sink into the warm body at her side. "I've never been anything but cold to you, and yet... Nobody else talks to me like a real person the same way that you do. It's absurd. It's... groundless."

It was a weird feeling. The tone of her voice was frank and honest, but despite the fact the words were negative, the emotion was clement and warm. After a few moments, she rotated upon the chair, and slowly put her arms around Taharial's waist as well as a head against her shoulder.

The all-encompassing wings made it feel like they were both underneath a fur rug. From a practical standpoint, Tsuguka wondered how the porcelain-skinned woman avoided burning up on a daily basis.

"Who were the two people in the photo? Someone you left behind?"


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Taharial smiled at the feeling of Tsuguka touching her wing then burst out laughing "M-My w-wings a-are t-ticklish, S-S-Stop p-please" she relaxed again after a few seconds while she got used to the feeling to the feeling on her wings.

At the comment made by her friend Taharial started to coo like a pigeon and then giggled lightly as Tsuguka leaned against her and she started to snuggle up to the girl both her wings enveloped them both making it seem like they were in their own little world away from the stress of the Eucharis. She smiled after the second comment of the red minx in her wings "That is because you are a real person, no matter what anyone things, you are living, you have free will and you are have feelings and understanding so you are a person in my eyes."

She smiled as the girl turned and hugged her in return she felt happy that the Neko had opened up to her but when the neko asked the question about her photo she gulped and looked into the girl's eyes "They are my parents.... it is why I was on leave from here for so long, something happened I don't really want to go into right now, they disowned me when I joined the star army, but my father accepted me back into the family when I went to meet them in that leave."


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Hanako rose from the fur-covered bed, set down her tea cup, and too a moment to brush off her skirt and briefly checked her hair in the dressing-table mirror before donning her uniform jacket, zipping it up the middle of the chest and snapping the flap into position. Only then did she open the door. She first waited for the samurai's traditional bow, and then returned it before speaking to the newcomer. "I am Hanako-Shôshô. Welcome aboard my gunship, Eucharis. I am pleased to meet you, Mao." she greeted. "Please do come in," she offered, followed by giving Candon a nod of thanks that also let him know he was free to return to his business.

"Eucharis is the smallest ship commanded by any Shôshô in the Star Army, and yet you will find this ship to be quite capable of being involved in making a lot of history for the Yamatai Star Empire," Hanako told Mao. "I like to stay at the edges of the Empire and to be the one to unfold the universe's mysteries and to unravel the plans of the Empire's enemies. You may be pleased to hear that I believe the best way for you to defend me is to kill those who would harm me, and I believe in being proactive about that. In other words you will not stay on the ship waiting for the fight to come to me, you will go out there and fight alongside the others. And with this being a small ship, the best way to fight effectively is to be familiar with each other in order to work as an effective team. I hope this gives you some insight as to the nature of your new role. May I offer you some tea?"
Mao's bow was deep . . . perhaps a degree or two deeper than was normal. She could hear her own pulse pounding in her ears and temple but if there was any indication that her heart was thundering so hard as if to break through her ribs then it wasn't on her face. She was beckoned inside and took the invitation: graciously side-stepping around Suites and into the quarters. Her eyes swept the room. Organized and well kept. Books at hand on a nearby shelf, a well made bed, and a fully arranged tea-set with what looked like chocolate.

And of course the room's two occupants. Yamashiro Natsumi sat at the table with what looked like a flag close at hand. By the nature of her red eyes and hair as white as driven snow, she didn't share in Suites perhaps purposefully near forgettable "everyday" features. The uniform already betrayed that unlike Mao and her sisters, Yamashiro's lethality was in her curves instead of muscle. By all accounts she was a lover of history and an excellent shot at the weapons station of a SAoY vessel. And judging by the star on the flag she had: promoted.

And then hazel and goldenrod settles on Hanako. The Hanako. That was a service jacket that Mao had read over so many times she could still see it on the back of her eyelids if she blinked for too long. Hanako was a lover of military memorabilia and history as her museum would suggest, she had an ear for music, and as the tea set and rather fine looking chocolates suggested she had a taste for the finer things in life. That and she had more medals on her chest than Mao had birthdays. Even if her face had a sort of neutral smile on it, Mao hung on her every word as she spoke.

She was equally conflicted and happy to hear of Hanako's approach to the threats to her life. Of course she could see the boon in going out to meet enemy in advance. But for every enemy out in the field that Mao was fighting, how many more would try to slip past her to get at her principal? It wasn't as if that was a novel concept.

Mao offered a smile at the offer of tea, "Thank you, Ketsurui-hime, but I am well." She bowed politely.

The idea of eating instilled in a Samurai had been an experience that Mao took to . . . well. The idea of eating or drinking in front of strangers was off-putting by itself. Eating or drinking in front of the principal she'd just met? That was enough to make Mao's face go a touch paler.

"I can see your logic. I will do my best to support your team." She then looked to Hanako and when she spoke next, it was in unidirectional telepathy, "I also think it best we establish an encryption between us. For the sake of security, Hime-sama." Her smile widened a little, "And it is an honor to have been selected to serve you, Hime-sama."

She turned to the ship's executive officer and gave a bow nearly as deep as the one she'd given Hanako, "And though we haven't met, I've read your file and its much more of a pleasure to meet you in person, Natsumi-Taii." When she rose she motioned to the flag with her free hand, "Assuming congratulations are in order for promotion."
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