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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Fourteen: Sandwiches and Romance Novels


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RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II
YSS Kaiyo
Mid YE 40

Sacre sat on her bed, in her hands was a piece of wood and a wood carving knife. She had a whole set wrapped in a scroll sitting on the table beside her. She was carefully making a design for a knife handle that would go with some of her Damascus experiments. Her tail was draped alongside her girlfriend, Gravity. She was trying to get more used to Gravity touching her for a long time. She was content. Gravity lay with her head resting on Sacre's tail, sort of dozing, as cats were known to do, and occasionally readjusting to snuggle closer.

"Do you think Chlorate would look cute with twintails?" she asked very suddenly, breaking the silence. It was a random question with almost zero context behind it. Just another day in the life with Gravity.

Sacre paused to consider it, she did sometimes think of Chlorate as a child because of her constant questions. "Probably, but not in the sexy cute more in the kid cute way. You know?" She responded.

"Well, I mean, yeah. That's what I was talking about. She is our daughter, after all." the neko joked. Chlorate didn't know it yet, but the moment Mark wasn't looking, the adorable little robot was going to get stolen away.

"I remember when she was first brought onboard on Komorebi. It was my first mission with the Kaiyo. It was like finding a bird with a broken wing, and trying to nurse it back to health. I figure I'm the crazy aunt in all of this." Sacre commented as she resumed carving.

"Mmm." Gravity agreed silently. Then, she fell silent again, simply enjoying the contact and reading a datapad. However, it wasn't long before the neko was up again.

"I'm hungry." She yawned and stretched deeply. She crawled off the bed and padded to the door. "BRB. Want anything?"

Sacre considered for a moment, "A soda, I guess." She suggested. When Gravity was gone, she shifted on the bed and saw what Gravity was reading. She smirked to herself as she started to read what Gravity had been looking at.

[...on that quiet, moonlit night in the Uesureyan Fields, the two lovers held each other close as if they feared that letting go would separate them forever.

"Oh, Captain Danger! You mustn't leave!" Dr. Kasumi pleaded with tears in her eyes as she peered up at the handsome, chiseled pilot. She feared for his safety constantly whenever he took off into the skies to fight the evils of the universe. She was a healer. Such was her nature. Captain Danger looked away solemnly.

"I must, my love. It is my duty," he whispered into her ear. "But know that no matter how far the void may separate us, I will always be yours. I will always return."

"I love you with all my heart." Kasumi sobbed. She was met with a slow kiss from her lover.

"Goodbye, Doctor." Danger whispered softly as he turned and began walking towards his ship, head held high and eyes full of adventure...]

It wouldn't take long to figure out that this was a romance novel. A cheesy, poorly-written, nauseating romance novel. Sacre rolled her eyes and exited out of the novel and selected something else, called "Twilight Prince" she opened it and found a similar passage.

[... in the snows of Aertanth, the prince and Tali lay together for warmth. But not only for warmth, but for their deep emotions that they felt in the muffled white silence. The fire that kept them warm was not the fire that was only a few feet away but the fiery passion with which they viewed each other.

"Prince, the stars burn forever in their intensity, and so shall my love for you burn." Tali said to the Prince.

"It is surely so my dearest buttercup. For we are both gennini, two souls that have at long last been...]

Sacre scoffed and selected another book. It was titled: The Farmhand.

[...I was only seventeen when I first saw her. I was staying on my grandpa's farm, helping my grandma with the household chores and learning to be "ladylike". She had her sleeves rolled up to her elbows, her taught muscles bulging as she stacked hay in the barn. That summer, while I was learning to be ladylike, I discovered that I liked ladies...]

Sacre closed that one, amused, and tried another one titled Eventide.

[... long night approached, the fading light of the sun reflected off of my lover. Her blonde hair reflected the sunlight to become truely golden, her piercing blue eyes looked at me lovingly, like a doe. I took a breath, me heart pounding in my chest. "It looks like you might have to stay the night."

Her voice was like that of a softly babbling brook as she took my hand. Her radiant smile was the last thing that the light touched before fading away for the last time for the rest of the winter. It was bright enough to light up the darkness. "Of course I am, why else would I be here?" She asked salaciously, placing her hands on...]

Sacre quickly paged through Gravity's library trying to find something that didn't look like some kind of torrid romance novel. She wasn't having much luck. The silence was shattered by a sandwich plate clattering to the floor. At the entrance to the room stood Gravity, her eyes bulging in shock and her mouth agape with utter fear. She stood like that for several, long moments.

"..." the blue neko tried to speak, but all that came out was a high-pitched squeal.

"Undulating with desire Adrian moved her crimson cape against Reginald's..." Sacre read dramatically from the random book she had open on her screen. Gravity's world started spinning, and she felt like she was melting into the floor from sheer embarrassment. But the soldier in her forced her to respond. It was too late to stop Sacre from discovering the neko's biggest guilty pleasure, but there was still time to initiate damage control. Stop the medic from reading any more.

So, on instinct, Gravity launched herself through the air head-first, like a catgirl missile, arms outstretched in an attempt to grab the datapad. Her eyes were set in deep focus now. There was no room for failure.

Sacre lifted her tail to bat the flying catgirl away lightly. Sacre didn't want to hurt Gravity. As she did so, she moved onto the floor to be farther away from the Neko's rage. She looked back down and found anouther passage where someone was speaking. She wasn't completely sure if it was the same book. Regardless she pressed gleefully on. "'Oh where has my bold captain gone? Surely he is lost at the sea, and my heart along with him. As boundless and deep as the sea, so deep my sorrow. I shall never...'"

"SACRE!" the medic's girlfriend shrieked wildly, scrambling on all fours over the bed towards her. A few loose strands of hair fell out of her braid, giving her an almost manic look.

Sacre slid away again, this time, using her tail to wrap around Gravity to hold her down. Part instinct, part long practice told Sacre to instantly tense and curl around whatever she managed to catch, in this case, a Neko. She looked at the reader and was fairly certain that she had swiped some pages somewhere if she was even in the same book. It all blurred together for her. "My love I have returned. The vast desert and heat could not keep us apart. All seven seas and all the monsters in them are but a passing annoyance compared to the..." Sacre read, really putting an overly-dramatic passion into this one.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Gravity screamed just as dramatically as she struggled and squirmed in vain. "I BEG YOU! PLEASE!"

Sacre smiled wickedly, "Please keep reading? Certainly," Sacre shifted slightly to prepare to read more. "'boundless pleasure of the love that we share. There can be no doubt of the purity of my love because even when the seventy daughters of a sultan came to me, each more beautiful then the last, I refused them all, preferring to be alone with only the memory of...'"

Gravity's face began to turn a darker shade of blue with each word spoken.

"Kill. Me. Now." she sobbed.

"'Your body pressed beside mine in the loving embrace that we shared on this dock seven years ago when we parted. Their beauty was like swine compared to the radiant beauty of your face when you smile like the time that you smiled when we were in the meadow together...'" Sacre continued on, with a slight smirk. Gravity shot her an adorable little glare and huffed.

"Okay, fine! I, Kara Sifsdottir, love corny romance novels!" she declared in defeat to the heavens themselves. "Sue me!"

Sacre smiled broadly, but sighed, "Fine, I'll stop reading... after this." Sacre shifted again, glancing at the tablet and then at Gravity. "Through all the nights and all the days, my lover stands beside me, and me beside her. For my love for her is that of a first love. Untainted and pure for there has never been anyone else before my eyes." Sacre said, apparently ending abruptly. Gravity shot her a suspicious glance.

"...That's not how that book ends." she murmured.

Sacre loosened and handed Gravity's tablet back to her, "It's not, because it's how I feel about you."

With shaky hands, Gravity took back her tablet and shut it off, staring at the separa'shan for a long moment. Then, she leaned in and nuzzled Sacre's shoulder.

"I love you too." she sighed. "Even if sometimes I want to throw you out of an airlock."

Sacre hugged Gravity back, holding her there. "Well you're better then most of the crew. I think they want to throw me out an airlock everyday and twice on Sunday." She remarked. The neko giggled, simply taking a few minutes to simply enjoy the sensation of being held by someone who until recently hated any form of unnecessary contact.

Sacre was still not completely cured of her dislike of contact, even from Gravity. She could feel her anxiety rising again and so she finally let go and moved back to the bed. "So how did you get started on those novels anyway?" Sacre asked casually as she started carving again. Gravity retrieved her sandwich from the floor, handed Sacre her soda, and climbed right back into the same spot she'd been in before she'd left, as if that entire fiasco had never occurred. She took a bite.

"...Soon after I first realized I had a crush on you. I didn't know anything about romance- they'd skipped that in bootcamp in favor of close combat- and so I tried to use them to... learn... how to be romantic." she explained after swallowing.

Sacre nodded, popping her soda open with a knife. "Better than I did. I just tried to read a few online articles. But they were too much about how normal people do things and I'm not a normal person so I just decided to go it alone." Sacre admitted, taking a drink of her coke.

The two fell into silence once more, having steadily become attuned to each other's rhythms. Most days weren't as eventful as today, but for all intents and purposes, it was just another day between the two lovers. No war, no fighting, no inter-dimensional shenanigans, just hours spent alone in silent companionship.