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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Crested Caelisolan


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Useryan Fields
A six foot tall Elysian with yellow hair and what appeared to be a cockatoo crest on her head made her way over to where she heard some kind of large ship nearby. She looked up at the Kaiyo II in awe. "Wow... Is that... a Fuji-class?" she asked, though, she did not know if anyone was around to hear her. Nevertheless she continued to stare at the Kaiyo II that was near the fields, very rarely if at all getting the chance to see such a ship this close. Could she be one of the crew of that ship?
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Useryan Fields
The Elysian approached the Kaiyo II, in uniform, walking through the fields. She eventually made her way over to the hangar containing the Kaiyo II. She took a moment to look at the ship, then reached out with her pale hand and touched the gunship. So this was indeed the ship she would be working on? She glanced around at the other engineers. Admittedly she wasn't sure she could say she'd ever worked on a gunship before- Well, unless you count that Grunt model drone that disappeared for whatever reason. But oh well, what were the odds she'd ever find out what happened to that anyway? She looked back at the Kaiyo II in interest, and then swiveled her crested head to look around and see who was the person assigning engineers jobs here.
Mikodimus Belmont walked up behind the person he had never seen before. "Real beauty isn't she." He said in a cheerful voice as he continues to walk around her. "Names Mikodimus, resident cook on the ship. I do not believe I have seen you before. Are you newly assigned to the ship." He asked in soft tone. Since Miko was moving around boxes and crates was wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt and black form fitting pants.
The white-winged bird turned around, looking at Miko. She nearly got nervous and gulped when she saw his rather tight fitting outfit. "Hello Mikodimus, I'm Kikios, I'm new here," she said. "I'm an engineer. I haven't been told what to do yet, though."
Miko stood there for a moment and looked her over. "Well we are sorting gear, come on you can follow me." He said waving at her to follow while we started to walk away.
"Oh, alright then!" the bird responded cheerfully. She took another glance at the Kaiyo II before she began walking and following the chef. She was a little bit surprised to find that the first person she met was taller than her, as she was usually the taller one- not even counting the crest.
"Nice hair style you have, its fun and flashy." He said looking back at her over his shoulder. "You ever do any cooking?" He asked trying to make small talk.
Kiki looked at Miko, saying "Oh, thanks! I haven't done any real cooking aside from making canned soup and things like that. I usually just order food."
"Oh no no no, will be none of that while I am around. I will make sure you are eating some of the finest food this side of the universe. I invite you to my kitchen sometime so I can show you the magic I can cook up." He said with a big grin on his face as they reach a set of crates.

All around this area was crates of food stores. Some was from the ship and others were being put back on. Since the ship would be docked for a few weeks all food that could spoil was being removed to be used up prior to new being loaded back onto the ship. Items with a long self life were being stocked now to save time once it was closer to loading final items,
"Oh, you could?" she asked, looking at the crates, smiling. "Where is it? What can you make?" asked the tall bird, getting excited. In fact, now her stomach rumbled, she was getting hungry. She couldn't remember the last time she had any good food.
The ends of Miko's lips curled into an evil grin. "You sound hungry, as lead chef on this ship is it my duty to feed everyone. I shall cook you something good to eat." Miko snapped his fingers and a crew member walked over. He gave her orders and she run off towards the ship. About 5 minutes later she returned with a box.

"Perfect, now to start the magic show." Miko reached down and opened up the crate. He pulled out a small stove and grill. "Now what should I fix..." He thought to himself.
"Is that a miniature grill?" Kiki asked, peeking over his shoulder. "What's on the menu?" The crested bird curiously looked around the small stove from behind Miko, trying to see what ingredients he had.