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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Diffusion of Wisdom

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Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
🎖️ Game Master

After spending yet another long day working out and ice skating at the athletic complex, Kasumi had arrived back at the hotel, ready to shower and to eat dinner. As she entered her room, the white-haired Nekovalkyrja placed a protective cover over the blades of her ice skates and set them in her bag. She then began to methodically strip out of her clothes, while collecting her shower gear.

The shower was refreshing and quite relaxing, her muscles throbbing rhythmically as she returned to her room and began to change into a black skater skirt, white tennis shoes, and a sleeveless blue tank top.

Kasumi walked to the dining hall alone, carrying nothing on her person or in her hands. After quickly grabbing her food from the counter, she walked through the tables, looking for anyone from the crew.

Her eyes found a petite, black-haired Nekovalkyrja who had sat down to eat alone, her distinctive cat tail hanging off of her seat.

With wide eyes, Kasumi quickly approached the woman, which PANTHEON had identified as Yoshida Kokoro. When she was in her line of sight, Kasumi merely stared back at the her before speaking, her voice tense and slightly nervous.

"May I sit with you, Jôtô Hei Kokoro?"

Yoshida, blinked and stared at her food. Was that voice behind her asking to sit with HER? Surely not... But just to be safe, she turned around to take a quick peek- it wouldn't do to completely blow somone off by accident. Afterall it could be just, some other Joto with the same proper name as her...

"Ah-uh... yes!" Came the reply after the petite neko made absolutely sure that, yes Kasumi was looking right at her. So shortly after realizing so many of her friends wouldn't be coming along with her, and the uncertainty of her own future aboard the kaiyo, and here was yet another friend just waiting to happen. "Ah... nice to meet you. In person, I mean... well I sure hope it is going to be nice, eh heh..." She then took the edge off of her nervousness by making doubley sure her hair wasn't sticking up everywhere with a good pat down.

"Thank you for the kindness, Kokoro-Hei.", Kasumi said coldly, as she lowered her plate to the table and floated herself into the seat. In a slow and methodical manner, the green-eyed Nekovalkyrja spread out her utensils and began the process of consuming her food in a slow, methodical manner.

If anything, Kasumi seemed awkward and overly-nice.

Yoshida watched for a few moments, that careful methodical eating. She thought to herself 'Wow I must look like a slob compared to that, how emberassing'. All the while her tail swished out the back of the chair. "Nooo problem at all there." She replied finally, before quickly trying to drown what few stupid quips that had the gall to make the trip between her brain and her mouth. A very short trip.

Kasumi ate her food for a few long and awkward moments, the atmosphere between the two short Nekovalkyrja quiet and strained. Before speaking, Kasumi swallowed her food and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"How long have you served with the Star Army, Kokoro-Hei?", she asked, her voice quiet and unemotional.

"Ah um, that's..." She thought a moment, finally actually making an effort to set her train of thought back on a set of rails. "Right, about a year by now... Its uh, been werid sometimes! how about you? Do anything interesting in... how long have you served?"

"I was created on UX-19 II in the New Vicky System exactly 115 days ago. I have served in the Star Army of Yamatai ever since creation. Do you have any advice for a young Nekovalkyrja such as myself?", she answered.

Her tone was measured and monotonous. It was clear that she needed work on her social skills, which would be obvious to the energetic and socially adept Nekovalkyrja that she was talking to.

"Really? That short a time? I'd have thought..." Yoshida shook her head. "Yeah yeah that makes more sense, um firslty... well your tone is way too... nuetral! It felt weird, i mean usually you only get that from officers or something who are trying to do that... Other than that hmm... Steam buns! They are great... If you need advice for fighting uh, you'd probably just want to do a lot of training simulations... a lot." Yoshida nodded. a few times. She's never really even thought about giving this kind of advice before, muchless when she'd barely passed a year herself.

"If you uh, have anything in particular you're having trouble with, I'm your girl! Maybe! You'd just, you know. Have to ask."

"My tone is neutral?",, said Kasumi, her voice rising to form a question. For once, there was notable inflection in her voice. Perhaps it was an unconscious response, to Yoshida telling her to speak with more emphasis. Or perhaps she was a fast learner.

"What other advice do you offer for improving my inflection and my fighting skills?", she said, reverting back into a monotonous tone. "Do you happen to have a particular fighting style or a style of piloting power armor?"

"I would say I have a particular style! It's a little hard for me to describe myself though hmm... Maybe I'll show you sometime but- I'm usually all over the place, kind of like.. mmm... A fly! Its a little hard to teach things like how to speak and fight better for me, I mostly learned through figuring it out myself, sometimes the hard way. It is kind of like just copying some fighting style, downloading it into your head, you won't be any good untill you get a lot of practice with it yeah?"

Yoshida quickly reveiwed her own words, and grinned. That almost sounded something like a mentor would say. Maybe the occasional dip in her training regime to watch anime was paying off afterall.

"I will review your combat recordings, Kokoro-Hei.", Kasumi said. "You are a Jôtô Hei, who has served in the Star Army of Yamatai for over a year. I believe that I have much to learn from you.", she continued in her characteristic monotonous tone.

"Do you need me to perform any favors for you, Kokoro-Hei?", she said as she methodically picked up her fork and placed a bite of food in her mouth.

"Ah you're really going to- allright..." Yoshida's face turned a shade of red as she realized, the one before her may very well actually look up to her. That certainly wasn't something she was used to. "Ah uh, can't think of any favors... you're still doing the voice thing but, that's okay I guess. Some people like people who speak like that, makes em seem all dependable and such. Still sounds a bit weird to me though!" Yoshida realized that, she hadn't touched her food in the slightest since Kasumi had arrived, and quickly moved on to utterly destroy her meal, with all the effeciency of a surgeon using a chainsaw.

The pair ate quietly for a few moments, Kasumi eating with characteristic precision and Yoshida with characteristic enthusiasm.

Kasumi spoke up once again after she had completely cleaned her plate.

"Thank you for your advice, Kokoro-Hei. Do you want to do a training simulation tonight? Perhaps you can show me your fighting style?", she said, placing extreme emphasis on the word 'show'.

It seemed that she was getting the hang of putting inflection into her words, if slowly.

"Simulation tonight? Waahh... I could I guess! I usually do that a little bit earlier though, I was just being uh, lazy today..." The betailed neko's face once again grew a deeper shade of red as she refused to admit she was engrossed in an anime more than she was in making sure she didn't blow up on the battlefield.

"Affirmative.", answered Kasumi. "I will meet you in the simulation room at 2000 hours."

With that, Kasumi gave Yoshida a shy smile, the only one that she spared her the entire meeting, took her plate up, and left for her room.
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