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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Ex Machina

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The Gunman
Nepleslia Prime
Prime City:

William sat quietly amongst the crowd as they all filed off the shuttle. As they passed, he unlocked his chair and slowly rolled behind everyone. The wound on his chest had partially healed, but he was not without his scars. His chest now had a large star like scar that covered his upper abdomen and lower chest.

As he made it off the shuttle, he placed his bag in his lap, containing his two swords. It was safer for him if they were out of sight. After getting down to the baggage claim, he saw a young women holding up a sign with his name. She was tall and well-built, with short jet black hair in a neat ponytail and hazel eyes. She wore a simple black dress with a labcoat over top of it. As she noticed the wheel chair bound boy she hurried over. “You are William?” She asked.

“That’s right.” William said simply.

“Oh good, we have been expecting you. My name is Jamie. Is anyone else accompanying you?” She asked sweetly, stepping up behind him and pushing him in the direction of the transit hub.

“No.” He replied. William did not have anyone with him. Rei had to stay with the princess, and there was no way to get her into Nepleslia without someone taking notice. So William had to do this on his own.

“That’s okay. We have received everything we need from your mother. All we have to do is finalize the order. We can do that at the office.” She said as he brought him to a waiting hover car. “This is us!” She said cheerfully as she carefully helped him inside.

The ride to the cybernetic center was a quiet affair. William looked out over the city. Prime City was one of the cleaner Nepleslian cities. This had to do with most industrial expansions and existing industrial infrastructures being moved into the massive mined caverns underneath the city… William had done his homework on the ride out to the Nepleslia Prime system…

Several minutes later they landed outside a 5 story tall structure. Two security guards stood watch outside the building. Once Jamie had helped William back into his chair she wheeled him up to the door and flashed her credentials. “Good morning Doctor.” One of the guards said as the door opened.

William looked back at her. “You’re the doctor?” He asked.

Jaime smiled. “Why, yes.” She said, looking back down at him. “I wanted to meet you at the spaceport personally to make sure you got here safe. Your mother asked if I would pick you up.

William nodded, and sighed. Even several systems away, Rei was looking out for him. Dr. Jamie wheeled him into the elevator and brought him up to a private exam room. “I heard the gist of what happened, but I need to see the extent of the damage for myself.” She said.

Two nurses came in and lifted William onto the exam table, before Dr. Jaime began running tests. Several minutes later she grimaced at the results. “You did a number on your spinal cord…” She said somberly. “you damaged your spine at T6. You’re lucky you can still control your abdominal muscles at all.” She said, moving over to him and propping the table up so he could sit. “But you are in the right place. We will have you patched up and walking in no time at all.” She said, smiling once more.

“What will you need to do?” He asked.

“I am going to replace your legs with cybernetic replacements. I am also going to reinforce your spine and replace the spinal cord as well. You’ll also be placing some mindware in your skull as well. After that, it’s up to you what else you want.” She said with a shrug and handed him her data jockey.

William looked it over and scanned the long list of things she offered. “I see…” He said, looking down at his useless legs. He looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded and selected two more enhancements and handed the Datajockey back.

The Doctor looked them over and nodded. “Easy enough to do, are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes…” William said with conviction.

“Good. The nurses will prep you for surgery and have you sign the paperwork.” She said taking her datajockey and making a few quick notes. “I’ll see you in the OR.” She said with a small smile and a wave.

William relaxed on the exam table, as the nurses prepped him for surgery. And soon he was under…
Several hours later.

William awoke to the familiar sound of monitors and IV drips. His head pounded as he opened his eyes. He noticed that his left eye was covered… He groaned and a nurse walked over to his bed side. “Take it easy now, don’t try to move.” The nurse said calmly.

He nodded softly. “Okay.” He croaked. “How long have I been out of surgery?” He asked.

“It’s been about 6 hours. The surgery lasted 5 hours.” She informed him.

“I’ve been out awhile…” He replied, the anesthetics starting to wear off.

“Yes you have. Hold on, I’ll go get the doctor.” She replied before striding from the room.

William looked down at his body, but it was covered by a thick blanket. He tried to move his arm to move it, but it would not respond to him.

“Well good morning sleepy head.” Dr. Jamie said as she entered. “How are you feeling?” She asked taking a seat on his bed.

“I feel… okay?” He replied. “I can’t move my arms. Why is my eye covered?” He added.

“That’s normal. We had to disable your cybernetics. We’re are going to calibrate them now.” She said. The Doctor looked at him sympathetically. “Now… this might come as a shock.” She said as she pulled away the blanket.

William inhaled sharply at what he saw. His torso and abdomen were still there, and his crystal necklace once again hung from his neck. However, where his legs used to be, there was now jet black metallic cybernetics replacements. The same went for his arms.

“It’s okay, take a few deep breaths.” Dr. Jamie ordered.

He did as he was told and complied. He took several deep shuddering breaths. She then moved around to his head and began unwrapping the bandages. “You’re operation was a complete success. I only had to tweak a few things.” She said.

“What did you add?” He asked.

“You needed an interface to operate your mindware. We opted to replace your left eye with a cybernetic enhancement. It looks almost exactly the same as your old one. Someone would have to look very close to notice.” She said holding up a mirror. “It will provide you with a heads up display to access you’re cybernetics.” He added as he looked at the eye.

It really was strikingly close to his right eye, though he could see the slight differences that made it stand out as artificial. “Alright. I’ll power up your eye now.” She said. “Now this may feel weird…” she said as she plugged a cord into the base of his skull. With a flash, his left eye booted up. A loading bar flashed and soon he was able to see again. “There how does that feel?”

“Odd…” He replied.

“That’s normal.” She repeated. “Now I am going to turn on your mindware and HUD.” A few more taps, and he would see several icons appear and move themselves to the bottom corner of his display. “You’re mindware is in safe mode for now, just until you get familiar with everything.” She said as she made a few more taps. “Now I am unlocking you’re arms. Be very careful and follow my instructions. Lift your index finger…” He did as he was told, finding the sensation odd. He repeated this with all his fingers and toes, then moved on to bigger moves like bending his new knees and elbows. An hour later, it was time to try and stand. Several nurses stood around him as Dr. Jamie nodded her head. He slid his legs off the bed and placed each foot on the ground carefully. Two nurses grabbed under his arms to assist if he needed it. He took a breath and stood, feeling the pressure of his frame against the floor. He stood up, but fell forward slightly. The nurses and Dr. Jamie caught him. “Easy does it. Get your feet under you. It’s going to take a bit to get used to.” She said. He was careful as he adjusted his posture till he was standing upright, without any aid. “You’re a natural kid.” She replied as he sat back down. “Now about that other modification…”

She tapped her pad and a new icon appeared. “Open that one and be careful. Don’t move just yet.”

He mentally tabbed over to it and activated it. “That is the strength modification. I have it here so that you have to unlock it before doing something crazy. That way you don’t start crushing things with your new power by accident.” She handed him a Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer. “Now squeeze that as hard as you can.”

William did and he watched the PSI shoot up before the gauge topped out and the Dynamometer was crushed.

Dr. Jamie giggled. “I told you. Now tab it off.” He did so and tried that again with a new meter and found that it wasn’t as easily crushed. “That about does it. A few more days of calibrations and you will be good to go!” She said cheerfully. “Now get some rest. We will start again in a few hours.”

She helped William back into bed and the nurses plugged all his monitors back in before leaving him alone in the room. He looked over his new limbs and nodded. He could walk again, and now he was stronger than ever before…
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Nepleslia Prime
Prime City:

Several days had passed, and William was getting accustomed to his new cybernetic implants. When he practiced with his strength enhancements he was able to run much faster and hit much harder than he ever could before. However, that was hard to do at the hospital so he spent his time in physical therapy with Dr. Jamie learning to care for his new augmentations.

William was back in his room now though. It was dusk now, and night was rapidly approaching. He was looking up a few things with his new mindware and eye about getting a ticket back to Yamatai, when someone he had never seen before entered his room. He was a large man, built like a brick house. He was dressed in scrubs... but something wasn't right.

"Yes?" William asked, signaling Dr. Jamie about the newcomer with his implant.

"I'm here to transfer you to another part of the hospital." The man said.

William looked him and sent what he saw to the Doctor. "He wants to move me..."

Jamie's response was almost immediate. "He is not part of the staff, and I can't get ahold of security. Get out of there!"

William hid his shock, and swung his feet out of the bed. "Okay... let me just grab my bag." He said walking over to his duffel bag on one of the visitor chairs.

"Oh that won't be necessary." The man replied, lifting a Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber handgun up and pointing at William. "You got away once, we aren't letting that happen again."

William froze, his heart hammering in his chest. "What do you mean?" He said slowly raising his hands.

He smiled wickedly. "That mother of yours sent you away before we were able to get ahold of you both, but no matter. Here you are, and now we can get back on track."

William face was marred with confusion and fear. "You... you knew my mom?" He asked incredulously.

"Oh yes... I knew her. I was the one who put a bullet in her head." He laughed.

William's eyes swelled with tears... His mom, his actual mom. His face then flashed red with anger. He mentally switched his strength augment on and he looked up at the man with tears streaming down his face. "Why?!" He yelled.

He moved closer, gun still raised. "I lost my temper. She wouldn't cooperate. But the boss will be happy if I bring in her kid." He replied.

William barred his teeth. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" He yelled, lunging for the man.

The man seemed to be expecting it and fired at William, but William brought his newly enhanced arm up and was able to deflect the shot.

That he wasn't expecting...

William cocked his arm back and threw a right cross into the man's jaw, and was rewarded with a bone shattering CRACK!

The man was sent flying into the wall and hit with a sickening thud, but before William could follow up with another blow two more men ran into the room.

William turned and grabbed his bag, before turning towards the window and diving out of it...

Luckily he was only on the third story of the building. It would have hurt a normal person, but William's new legs could handle the stress. As he hit the ground he rolled and began running for his life.
Nepleslia Prime:
Streets of Prime City:

William ran for all that he was worth, before he ducked into an alley and held his breath to listen for footsteps. When he heard the footfalls running away from him, he let out a shuddering breath and slumped against the wall. There were so many conflicting emotions that tore through his mind, but at that moment he knew he had no time to deal with them. He had to get moving or they were going to find him again.

He unzipped his bag to find that his clothes weren't in them. All that was inside was his two swords and some cash. He cursed. "Great, I get to run around in a patient gown..." He said cinching the back tighter and grabbing his swords. First thing first was to get to the starport.

He stood and slung his bag over his back, and began running again in the direction of the port. William ran for what seemed like half an hour as he navigated the streets. He received several odd looks from people he passed, but he didn't care. All he was concerned with was getting out.

However as he rounded the next corner, he found more of those thugs from the hospital. He ducked back behind the corner, but not before one of them spotted their target. "There he is!"

William swore again and ducked into the first open door he came across.

As he looked around his new surroundings, he noticed that there was a lot of women dressed in very suggestive outfits. Several of them turned to stare at the young man who just barreled in, looking him up and down. If William weren't being chased, he would have probably stared for much longer than he did. One of the women walked forward..

"Welcome to Akemi's, sugar. Can I do anything for you?" The hostess asked him.

"People are chasing me, please let me hide!" He said in a rushed whisper.

She glanced around, and took his arm. "This way." She said moving him in front of her so that her body shielded him from his pursuer's view. She quickly brought him back what appeared to be the manager's office. "Stay in here okay, sugar?"

William nodded. "Thank you, Miss."

She looked him over again, then said. "No problem, sweetheart. See if the clothes in here are your size. We can see your cute butt in that get up~" She teased, before shutting the door.

The Nepleslian's face turned redder than it had ever been. He shook his head and scanned the room. It did appear to be an office space with a desk and computer but there was also a couch and several other amenities. As well as a closet towards the back of the room. He padded back to the closet and pulled it open to reveal a mix of men and women's clothing. He pushed through the clothes finding several seductive items of clothing... He blushed again before pushing it to side.

Then he found something. He pulled out a black vest, shirt and black slacks. All seemed to be a tad heavier than they appeared. "Ballistic fabric?" He asked aloud. He wasn't sure what else was in it, but it was very interesting to say the least. There seemed to be some sort of tough rectangualr object in both sides of the black vest but there was no time to check what it was.

He took off the patient gown and pulled on the new clothes. Surprisingly, they fit rather well. He then looked back in the closet and found something else. He found a black jacket, with large collar and hood to it. The arms and torso had what seemed to be metal bracers, and it was heavier than the other clothes he had put on already.

He donned the jacket and snapped the collar closed before pulling up the hood. "Nice." He said as he looked at himself in the mirror.

A high pitched scream from the lobby brought him back to reality.

William rushed to the door and yanked it open, to find one of the thugs from earlier hodling a gun to the hostess's head.

"Where's the kid!?" He bellowed.

William didn't think, before he realized it he was out of the room and striding forward. "Leave her alone!" He yelled.

The thug looked back and smirked, throwing the hostess to the ground. "Well don't you got some brass ones. You have caused us a lot of trouble, kid. Come now and I won't put a bullet in you for payback."

William shook his head. "I am not going anywhere with you!" He replied.

The man shrugged then aimed his pistol. "The boss won't mind if you have a few holes in you, as long as you are alive..."

He pulled the trigger just as William brought his arms up to defend himself. The Nepleslian boy felt something like a buzzing from the metal bracers and looked to see an energy shield being projected from his arms. 'This things has a shield generator too?' He thought to himself.

The thugs looked just as stunned as William was, but William recovered first. He drew both his swords and triggered the heat blades. He didn't think, he buried his emotions deep down and he looked blankly at the enemy. "My turn now..."

William activated his strength modifications and lunged forward, faster than he ever had before. The goon who had shot at him tried again, but just as before it was deflected by the shield.

The young samurai drove his sword through his pursuer's chest, before planting his foot on the man's stomach and kicking him with such force that he flew through the window and out onto the street beyond. He turned to the other man who had followed his buddy in, and slashed his blades across the second man's body.

The other thug reeled back from the pain and William capitalized on his shock, by cutting him down where he stood.

Just as more of the thugs were about to attack, several gunshots rang out and the new enemies all fell to the ground in a heap. A woman stood behind the bodies on the street and motioned to him.

"William we have to go!" She yelled.

William was confused, but she did just save him. He looked back to the hostess and nodded his thanks to her, before running out towards the woman. "Who are you?" He asked.

"A friend, now come on!" She ordered.
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Nepleslia Prime:
Streets of Prime City:

William ran with the woman who had saved him from his pursuers down several alleyways and to a waiting car, where 3 half ID-SOLs stood guard. "Ms. Elouise, are you okay?" One of the men asked, looking down at William.

It was the first time William had met one of the massive half ID-SOLs and he could help but shrink away. Elouise put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I'm fine Rick." She then looked back to William. "It's alright. We are your friends. Now come on, someone wants to meet you." She said gesturing to the waiting skycar. William looked between the three guards and Elouise. Even if he did want to run, he wouldn't get very far...

He tentatively stepped forward and slid into the back seat, followed by Elouise. She smiled at him softly and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You are okay. We are taking you somewhere safe."

William looked over to her. "How do you know my name?" He asked.

Elouise looked thoughtful, deciding how exactly she would answer. After several silent moments she spoke. "We have been looking for you for a very long time, William." She paused and this next part she said with a haunted tone, "Ever since you were given up for adoption."

William tensed. "Are you with those people chasing me?" He asked, a hint of fear playing over his face.

"No, no." She said soothingly. "Definitely not. We were trying to keep you out of their hands." Elouise replied. The skycar quickly took off and speed away from the area, and towards the Capitol Building. "It is not my place to say, William. I' wil let someone else explain. This person, he has been searching for you for a very long time."

William nodded softly, and the rest of the trip was shrouded by silence as the skycar neared the massive building. It flew to the very top of the structure and came to a stop on the landing pad, where a older Nepleslian man stood. The first thing William noticed was his cybernetic eyes, which seemed to track the shuttle as it came in. Something was familiar about him.

Elouise stepped out and opened William's door, ushering him out onto the platform. Before she moved to the mysterious man. "Hello, Premier... I will leave you two alone." Elouise said before nodding to William and walking back inside.

It took a moment before the words registered in William's mind, but once they did, the recognition was evident on his face. It was the Premier of Nepleslia himself, Gaelan Sander...

The samurai in training did the first thing that came to mind and bowed to the Premier. "Mr. Premier!"

Gaelan was silent, as he took several steps forward. He stared at William intently for several seconds, before smiling softly. "It really is you isn't it..." He said softly.

"Sir?" William asked, standing up straight.

Gaelan shook his head. "Now now... My own son shouldn't have to call me that, now should he?"
Nepleslia Prime:
Prime City Capitol Building

William looked at Gaelan dumbfounded. "Wh...what?"

Gaelan nodded and smiled warmly, something that the Premier did very rarely. "That's right. You are my son, William. I truley never thought I would see this day." He replied. "I know this is a lot to take in but..."

William looked at Gaelan for what seemed like forever, however something deep inside him told him that what the Premier was saying was true. His eyes swelled with tears, and he took a tenative step forward, then another... before he threw his arms around his dad and buried his face into Gaelan's chest. Gaelan was shocked by the hug, but wrapped his arms around his son and patted William's head.

They stayed like that for some time, before William broke the hug and looked up at Gaelan. "I can't belive it... You are my dad?" He asked, still in disbelief.

Gaelan nodded and began walking the two of them inside. "That's right, William. I am your dad. The people who were after you and your mother were trying to blackmail our family... They got my my wife, your mom, but not before she was able to hide you away in Yamatain space. Unfortunately, your mom took that seceret to the grave. Otherwise I would have come and gotten you." He looked at William as they walked inside. "Please belive me when I say I never stopped looking fror you William." He said, placing both his hands on his son's shoulders.

William nodded at his father. "I believe you..." He replied as he was escorted inside. As they entered the building, theyace ended up in a well decorated hallway. Gaelan led William through the building and into a large office, which from what he could tell was Gaelan's office. "Dad... what was mom like?" He asked.

Gaelan smiled softly as he reminced. "You're mother was one of a kind, William. She was shy, but very inteligent. And she loved you very very much." He said grabbing a picture from his desk, and handed it to his son.

William took the picture tenatively and scanned the picture, memorizing every detail. His mother was very beautiful. SHe had the same heart shapped face as her son, as well as the same eyes and nose. She also had long flowing hair. In the picture she was smiling and holding a small baby in her arms. A baby William.

Gaelan nodded as William scanned the photo. "Now come sit, son. Tell me everything." He said taking a seat on a couch in the room, and patted the cushion next to him.

William did and launched into his story. Starting with his earlies memories at the orphanage, getting adopted Rei, going to school, meeting the Princess of Yamatai. He went into how he became her bodyguard, how he joined the Kaiyo and the several missions he went on. He ended with him getting hurt and coming to Nepleslia Prime to recieve augmentations.

As William spoke, he felt more and more excited as he shared everything he had done with Gaelan. Speaking rapidly and in great detail about every topic he covered. He was in awe, feeling like he was living a dream, but didn't want to wake up. He finally met his father. His actual father...

Gaelan listened intently and nodded as he talked. "I will have to meet this Rei and thank her for taking care of you." He replied.

William nodded. "She is amazing dad. She has taken really good care of me." He replied. "She has done her best to be my mom." He added.

Gaelan nodded. "Well we will definetly have to meet." He replied. He looked out the window and saw that the sun had long set, and William's eyes began to sag with tiredness. "It's getting late, buddy. We can talk more in the morning." He said helping him up and leading him to Gaelan's private room.

Gaelan stood in the doorway and smiled to William. "Goodnight, Son."

William smiled back and hugged his father, burrying his head in his chest. As he did, William was overwhelmed with emotion. But the thing he felt the strongest was true happness and love for his father.

"Goodnight, Dad..."
Nepleslia Prime:
Prime City Capitol Building

William awoke several hours later and slid out of the bed, padding over to find his clothes cleaned and folded. He slid them on quickly and walked to his father's office. He knocked softly, and peered in to find Gaelan working on paperwork.

"Morning, buddy." Gaelan said, looking up and ushering him inside. "Almost done here." He said as signed a few more papers by the time William had walked over to his desk. "Do you have everything?" He asked.

William cocked his head at the question. "Yes?" He replied. "Why?"

Gaelan nodded. "Give your bag to Ms. Eloise. She will put it with my luggage." He replied.

"Where are we going...?" William asked.

Gaelan gave his son a puzzled look. "Why home of course. We are headed back to Nepleslia..." He replied, as if the answer was obvious.

William looked stunned. "Wait... but I need to go back to Yamatai. That is where the Kaiyo crew is."

Gaelan waved his hand dismissively. "You don't have to serve on that ship anymore. You are coming home where you belong."

William felt torn between his family aboard the Kaiyo and his father. "But dad... I belong there too. They are my family! What about Rei!" He said, his voice rising in intensity.

His father stood. "And I am your actual flesh and blood. I am your family." He placed a hand on William's shoulder. "Look, I will call Rei and explain the whole situation. I am sure that she will understand."

He shook his head. "I want to go back, dad! Please... I am not a child anymore. You and I both know I just turned 18... I can legally do what I want."

Gaelan looked frustrated. "Enough! Go back to the bedroom." He ordered, looking sternly at William.

William wanted to protest, but complied padding back to the room with his head hung low. As he exited, Elouise entered. She gave William a concerned look, then continued past him to speak with Gaelan.

He returned to the room and layed down on the couch wondering what he was going to do... Would his friends accept this... How would Rei feel about William never getting to go back. What if he never saw his family again... The thoughts flooded his mind and threatened to overwhelm him as he burried his head into the pillows.

He stayed like that for sometime, before he heard heavy footfalls outside the door. He sat up straight as Gaelan walked in. His father looked thoughtful as he made his way over to William and sat down next to him. They sat silently for several seconds before Gaelan finally spoke. "Listen, William... You have to understand that I have finally found you... after looking for so many many years. I never thought I would find you, and yet here you are." He said looking down at him. "Yet..." He sighed. "I need to understand that much has happened in the time that we have been apart. You have made a life for yourself out there... And I can't take that away from you."

William looked up at his father. "What are you saying...?" He asked dumbfounded.

"I'm saying, William, that I am letting you go back to the Kaiyo." Gaelan replied. William looked like he was about to reply, but Gaelan held up a hand. "However, I have some conditions that need to be met. First is that you will have to check in with me at least once a week. I'd prefer more often, but we can play it by ear. Secondly, if shit gets too hairy you will contact me. I'd like to give you an escort, but I doubt the Yamatain's would let that fly. And lastly... you have to come home for holidays..."

Gaelan looked at his son expectantly. "Do we have a deal?"

William threw his arms around Gaelan and nodded. His father returned the embrace. "Yes. I agree to your terms, dad."

"Good. Eloise will drop you off on Yamatai personally. One last thing before you go. SInce I missed your birthday I got you something." He produced a rather large gun case. Inside were two Styrling Man Cannon .455. The metal was jet black with his last name engraved on the hilts. Sanders. They had matching underarm holsters for easy access. "Since you have those new cybernetics, these are the perfect guns for you. They are big and pack a serious punch. Those should keep you out of trouble." He said as William took one of the hand cannons from the box and held it aloft.

"Thank you, Dad." He said as he placed his new pistols in the holsters and put them on under his jacket.

"Safe travels, Son." Gaelan replied.

Later that morning William bordered a private shuttle with Elouise, bound for Yamatai. William was going home to his 'family.'
Argent Towers
Gaelan Sanders' Office

Gaelan sat at his desk, lost in thought. He finally found his son after 18 long years, and yet William was already gone again. To be quite honest he was safer out where he was than back home. Not until he found the people who were hunting his son...

He was broken from his reverie by a buzz from his intercom. It was Elouise. "Is our guest here yet?" He asked, looking back to the door. He had sent a messenger out to Yamatai, and they were tasked with bring someone back to Gaelan to have a chat.

"Not yet," Elouise said, "but I am sure she will be here shortly, Premier. I was wondering if you would like a coffee brought during your meeting?"

Gaelan sighed. He had been on edge the past several days and wasn't getting any sleep to speak of. He nodded, then remembered that Elouise couldn't see that and said "Yes, the usual please. Add some extra stims as well."

A few seconds passed and then Elouise was calling Gaelan one more time from her desk, he consented to having Taiyou Hoshi come in, and the Chusa and Premier were soon in the same room, Gaelan's spacious and well-furnished office while Elouise closed the door behind Hoshi.

Gaelan stood as Hoshi entered. "Welcome to Nepleslia, Taiyou Hoshi." he said, using the Yamataian rank out of respect. "Thank you for coming. You haven't mentioned this to anyone like I instructed correct?" He asked, motioning for her to take a seat.

"I can tell you with certainty I have not, though when we are done today I hope you don't make me leave this room with another secret," Hoshi said as she sat down.

The Premier smirked as he returned to his chair. "Sorry to disapoint, though you wouldn't have been asked to come all the way to Nepleslia if it wasn't important." He looked to her with a serious expression, his cyberntic eyes staring at her. "It's about one of your crew. Tell me how much you know about William?" He asked.

"He's a civilian but I'm still not going to divulge his personal details without good cause," Hoshi said, adding in respect, "Which I'm sure you have."

At that the Premier grinned. "And you would be correct, because William is my son..." He said, waiting to see her reaction.

Hoshi closed her eyes as she gained this knowledge and opened them soon therafter, saying, "Well then I can tell you I have told him not to be on my ship only to have my crew come forward in his defense. I have told him not to fight only to have him fight heroically. I don't know much about him other than those two things, but they are awfully telling of a young man."

Gaelan nodded softly. That told him two things: That his son had made a very good impression on his "family" as William called them, and that he was about as stubborn as his father was.

"Well then... let me apologize for his stubborness. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say." He added.

Hoshi forced a laugh then asked, "What do you see for William's future, if you're looking there for him at all?"

"That is up to William what he wants to do with is life. I might be his father, but he has been living his life without me for sometime. I would like for him to come back to Nepleslia, however... that's the other part of this conversation."

Gaelan stood and began pacing behind his desk. "Before my son was born, my wife and I made some very poweful enemies. To get back at me, they planned to use my wife and son to blackmail me to do what they wanted. Yet, my wife was smarter and ran to Yamatai. She gave birth to William and hid him away at an orphanage. She gave herself up to keep him safe and she payed the price."

The Premier stopped pacing and placed both hands on his desk. "When William came back to Nepleslia, those enemies reared their ugly heads. Long story short we had to rescue him." He paused for a moment before continuing. "We believe that it would be best for him to continue hiding in Yamatai, at least until we drive these snakes from their hole and crush them under foot."

"I understand," Hoshi said only. "I will let him tell those who he is close to, but I will need to inform Shosho Hanako of this matter as she is who I report to on all matters. Would you mind if I allowed my XO to know, as well? She is the commander of the away missions William is often a part of."

Gaelan nodded. "That is understandable, and you may give this information to your command staff as you see fit." He replied. "Not only as the Premier but as a concerned father, please keep an eye on him... Can you do that for me?" He asked.

"How about we utilize our officer exchange program and we can have a few of your finest on my ship and watching over William? He is no longer just a princess' bodyguard. Now he may need some of his own." Hoshi looked to Gaelan with concern in her deep blue eyes while Elouise came quietly into the room and set down a pair of coffee, one perfect for Gaelan and one next to Hoshi, black and not sugared.

He nodded to Elouise as she placed the coffee on the table. "Thank you. Do you know the status of the new ID-SOLs, Elouise? Are they ready?" He asked, holding the cup and taking a long sip of the bitter liquid.

"Yes," she said to Gaelan and Hoshi's brows raised.

Gaelan looked up to Elouise. "Select two of them and slot them for an officer exchange immeidately." He replied, before looking back to Hoshi. "I believe that should be enough to keep him out of trouble.

"Right away, Premier," Elouise said and then was out of the room.

Hoshi then spoke, "Then that fulfills all of your desires out of our meeting?"

"I believe so." Replied Gaelan. "Thank you again for making the trip out here. William's new guards should be there soon as the paperwork is filed." He added.

"Arigatou gozaimasu, thank you very much for your time and candor," she said and stood, then bowed tersely.

The Premier returned the bow, then offered her his hand in return. Hoshi's little pink hand extended with an excited spearing motion as she showed an excited smile.

Gaelan smiled back as they shook hands. "Please keep in touch Taiyo Hoshi, and watch that son of mine." He said. "My personal shuttle will bring you home." He paused then added. "And if you ever have need of my help... just ask."

"I will," Hoshi said with a bow at the door before seeing herself out.
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