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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission One: Amicable


Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
Recreation deck
YSS Hana
1400 Ship time

Sporting a black tanktop and a deep grey, loose baggy pants, Zoeichi was found spending her time in the Gym once again. It was good to get out of the Mindy after a while, lengthy time inside caused muscles to cramp up and get sore. So what better way to throw loose the muscles by excercising? Resting down, doing bench presses with a weight that could only be described as tremendous. Her legs were visibly quivering. Veins bulging in her arms as she pushed up the weight that would even cause some of the synthetically strengthened Nekovalkyrja to turn away.

The weight came hovering dangerously close to her throat, mere inches away, as she let out a frustrated growl, before a slow grunting cry as she pushed the weight up one last time, before hooking it back in the support rack above the bench. Zoe took a few seconds to catch her breath panting heavily, before she got up. Slowly rolling her shoulders and whincing in pain.

In her effort to escape from the kitchen for a while during snacking hours, Sakura had ended up in the gym as well, if not to train but to be away from others. Coincidentally she missed seeing Zoe on the bench as she walked in and flopped down onto a bench with a long sigh, "Man it is good to be out of the kitchen for once, what to do."

Zoeichi rested her hand on the bar of the weight, watching the Neko enter and just slump down on one of the benches. She exhaled a grunted breath and pulled some kind of device from her ear, sliding it across the long length of her elven ear. Momentarily glancing at the earbud playing unintelligeble music. She stood up and smirked faintly. "You're the cook, right. Sakura? No clue where to start?"

Sakura jumped, knocking her head on some generic exercise piece which she proceeded to curse at. "Yeah, more or less that would be me, and I more came up here to get away from work for a while than to do anything. Sorry I didn't see you on the way in too." The cook rubbed her head and glared at the hunk of metal once more as if to say "this isn't over" before looking back over with a, pained if not a little forced smile. "So what brings you here anyway?"

Zoeichi immediately moved forward as the Nekovalkyrja's head thunked against a weight. "You alright?" She questioned immediately, being no stranger to gym-related injuries. It was possible Sakura dropped within ten seconds of the blow. And she wanted to be ready to catch her if she did. "Don't worry," she answered, before smirking. "Obviously training, it's what this place is for, silly," she added with a soft chuckle, before whincing at the burning pain in her chest.

"Yep, yep, I think I'm dying pass my dying words to the captain, dishes don't suck as much as she thinks they do." Sakura fell back against the slightly cushioned seat and chuckled, it was dry, sarcastic and definitely her, despite the fact she'd gone above and beyond in social conditioning during training. "Well I could beg to differ, I've found this place especially useful for a whole range of activities, but I'll take your word for it." The grey neko smirked back.

"Sure, who's your inheritence made out to?" She asked as a soft smirk appeared on her face. Her chest was still burning with pain, but it began to lessen slightly. Though that told Zoeichi but one thing, she needed to start her next set. Moving behind Sakura, she pulled up two weights in each hands, starting to pump them up individually to train her biceps. Once again, the muscle clearly rolling, veins popping out as she breathed. "Well-..." She panted. "Like... What?"

Leaning her head back over the bench and looked up, upside down, at the girl lifting weights and panting like an animal, "My inheritance goes to my 32 pet birds and lizards, as for why this place is useful it has plenty of quiet times when I can come up and just be alone." Sakura watched the other as they continued training, at least until her bad nature took over and she poked her stomach.

Another grunt came from Zoe, this time one of acknowledgement. "That much-... Hnnfh-.. Pets? Who... Takes care-..." She didn't finish the question and just kept pumping the wheights. Ignoring Sakura poking her stomach. The cook could feel how they tensed up, being quite solid to the touch. Rounding up the first set, Zoeichi let out a soft breath. "What's that-... Interested?" She questioned, taking a moment to catch her breath. Letting out a heated grin. She hiked up her tanktop and clenched it between her teeth, the muscled abdomen visible. And without a word, she moved back to the second set. Starting to lift the weights with muffled grunts, sweat rolling down her now exposed abdomen.

"The pets was a joke miss stone wall, quite the belly you have there I expected some level of muscle but, you really went all out huh." Sakura pulled her arm back and lay on the bench, simply listening to the grunts as the other continued their work out. "So why are you here training so much anyway, I doubt you need to improve any more?"

"Stone-... Mrph-..." She spat out the cloth again, lifting the weights up a few more times, before lowering them once more. Once again, winded by the excercises. "Stone wall? Kinda like that," she answered with a soft grin. "I'm not as gifted as some of my colleagues, so I have to bridge the gap," she rolled her neck. "And I need to keep them maintained."

"Hmm, guess I would be one of those colleagues so sorry to make you feel inadequate, how about a free hit. Anywhere you like go on, take a swing." Sakura stood up and put her arms out, expression flat and serious. "I'll even fall over as though it hurt if you like." The cook spoke with a teasing grin coming over her face.

"Oh, I don't think that's a good idea," she answered with a grin. "I have bridged the gap already, as I said," she took a breath to steady herself. "This is upkeep." She moved over to one of the bench presses and sat down next to it. Teathrically smacking her elbow down. "I can beat you fair and square in a bit of arm wrestling, though?"

"Oh so now you think you've bridged the gap huh? Well I think it's high time someone proved you otherwise." Sakura retorted hopping up from her sitting place and making her way to join Zoeichi. "I may be someones idea of a perfect soldier mixed with a hint of desire-" Sakura started, her ears twitching."-but I can still show you up in a fight."

"Good," Zoeichi answered with a smirk. Thumping her elbow repeatedly against the leather that was spanned across the bench press. "Prove me wrong," her eyes glinted with fire. The bicep of her presented arm twitching ocasionally. The smirk growing into a grin. She closed a hand around Sakura's and wiggled her eyebrows. "Ready?"

"Oh yeah, bring it on sister!" Sakura sat down opposite the elven girl and closed her own grip grinning ear to ear. Cooking was fun but this was better, and since she would have been sleeping or sitting around being bored otherwise.

"Alright, on my mark," she answered with the same grin. "Three... Two, mark," she stated, instantly starting to push against the Neko's arm. Gritting her teeth in the same grin.

Sakura could feel the results of the elf's training, she was quite strong and the neko actually had to use most of her own strength just to hold their hands at a stalemate. "Well you weren't kidding, but I know I'm going to win, it's a simple game of waiting. While you have to expend far greater effort to simply match my strength you will wear out quickly, and the moment you falter it will be over."

Sakura's face took on an almost sadistic grin as she slowly forced the other girls hand down a single, calculated centimeter as if to mock her while proving a point.

Zoeichi tilted her head. Her arm and chest bulging. The veins on her bicep throbbing more than just obviously as blood rushed through to supply oxygen to the massive muscle. A soft grunt coming from her. Watching how her hand moved down. Though she had seen the strain it put onto Sakura's arm before moving her down. It was about the same as now. As if something else helped it down.

Nekovalkyrja had some sort of gravity manipulation, didn't they? And from what she had read, it took some concentration. She jolted upwards, her free hand balling in a fist and sailing right for Sakura's nose. Though halting just inches shy of it. With a rather explosive speed that would spook about anyone on the recieving end.

Sakura blinked, their hands returned to the starting position, this elf was very perceptive. "I'm surprised you noticed that, you have my respect Zoeichi, I never planned to beat you by cheating but I did want to see how long it would take you to notice."

Zoeichi's finger extended, before flicking the cook's forehead. Then returned back to her own lap. "You're up with a trained warrior," she answered with a soft breath and a tilt of her head. "If anything, I need to read and know my opponents biology." A soft smirk. "You were putting roughly the same amount of effort in keeping me at bay as you were at pushing me down," a soft chuckle. "Try it again and I won't pull the punch though."

"Maybe I should have challanged you to a sparring match instead huh." Was Sakura's reply as she returned to focusing on keeping the stalemate going, she was actually starting to enjoy herself despite her usual social outlook. "Well nothing gets past you does it, well, nothing but the food that is." Sakura gave a little wink to the elf girl.

"Oh, that's an invitiation?" Zoeichi asked with a soft smirk. Starting to put more force into her hand. Aiming to push down Sakura's arm against the table. "Oh, something with the food you want to tell me about?" She asked wtih a grunt of effort.

"Yeah, I cooked it in a mindy and no one noticed the difference in flavour that cooking with aether thrusters makes." Sakura teased, straining again to continue the stalemate, her eyes betraying a hint of surprise as her hand moved down an inch. "Oh yeah i also didn't tell you, if I win this match it counts but if you win it doesn't, seems fair to me?" The neko said, her tone getting more playful.

"Sooo," she answered, grinning and grunting as she moved on to exert more force on Sakura's arm. "That's why you were wearing a Mindy when those tacos were served." She answered. "Then again, mine were askew with spices, so I didn't really have anything but burning hot in my mouth." She countered with a smirk. "Oh, if I win, I'll make sure you'll never be able to live it down, Kirisho-hei."

"Well I guess I'll have to since I can't die." Sakura winked back before barely loosing her strain allowing her arm to touch the ground in defeat as a smile crossed her face. "Well fought my elvish friend, I must commend you on your strength and determination, so what would you take as your reward?" The neko asked casually while stretching her arm a little as her ears flicked into more comfortable position.

Zoeichi pulled her hand back. Giving a few shakes of her hand, smirking faintly. "Bragging rights, mostly," she answered as the smirk grew into a broad grin. She threw both her hands up. Raising her arms and tilting her body ever so slightly. Her trained arms bulging with muscle. "Can't win from these guns, baby."

"So it would seem." Sakura purred running a hand over the muscles that the elf was clearly proud of. "Well I suppose bragging rights are the least you deserve so sure, but who are you going to brag to?" Sakura asked coyly, not sure if she needed the added embarrassment after the cooking fiasco. While she didn't know Zoe too well Sakura was sure she wouldn't be a weirdo and proceeded to ask, "Do you think you could keep it a secret? I could make you some nice food?"

A soft smirk came from Zoeichi as Sakura passed a hand across one of her biceps. They were rigid with veins, yet the elf had a surprisingly smooth and silky skin. Though the sheen of sweat was ever present. "You, for starters," she answered with a grin. She pushed herself up, going with the flow of the moment. Pulling off her tanktop, revealing just the training bra, as she continued to flex for Sakura. The same grin on her face still, she continued to flex, holding both her hands above, before lowering down with a soft breath. To hold them just infront of her abdomen as she went on, even her chest bulging out ever so slightly with muscle.

A soft breath left her as she finished the display and allowed her arms to rest, sitting back down again and looking Sakura in the eyes. Tilting her head. "Oh, that'd be lovely," she answered with a gentle chuckle.

"Me?" Was all the neko managed to say before the buff elf began to flex, all over the place, right in front of her. While she kept a face that said she was mildly impressed she was actually a little jealous of the toned body. Although there was one thing she was still proud of, and glad she had bested the elf in as well.

"Those are mighty fine muscles you have there miss Zoeichi, but I still have you beat." She winked and hefted her chest around slightly, way too proud of the one thing she had better than the elf. "And what food would be to your liking, I can't imagine with all that muscle you've every tried proper, tender meat before. A nice steak seems right up your alley."

"Yup!" Zoeichi chimed. "I can brag to you," she stated as she flexed.

Zoeichi smirked, tilting her head slightly. "Mayhaps so," she answered with a chuckle. "I'd give a compliment, but," she winked swiftly. "Though that might be a bit crude, to comment on your bust." She rolled her neck around, the soft popping of joints resounding as she let out a soft, whinced breath and a grunt. "A steak sounds nice," she added, before sticking out her tongue. "Though I've eaten a lot of steak, like," she smirked. "A lot. I enjoy my meat rare," she added with a chuckle.

Unlike Zoe, Sakura was a lab born bio weapon and had grown up and lived around certain cultures for a long while, one which was quite open sexually and the comment of crudeness struck her as slightly odd. The neko simply put it down to being from a different place, or species perhaps, that meant the elf woman thought it was crude, wonder what she'd think of the neko pits then.

As one part of her began to fly off the rails into full on daydreaming the voice of harsh truth and annoying axiety returned, "Oh good for you, you have bigger breasts real achievement there, she has muscles the size of them covering her whole body you know that right?" Although it was all in her head Sakura reddened like a strawberry and hurridly tried to continue their conversation before she started imagining her bust making up the other girls muscles.

"Rare huh, thats not something I do often except for fish. Any real reason why or do you just prefer it like that?" Sakura asked, slightly flustered as she tried to quiet the storm in her head.

Sakura silenced for a bit. Causing Zoeichi to frown. Though the blush was telling enough. Well, for her. She couldn't read Sakura's mind and chalked it up to her not just a compliment yet. With a soft cough, Zoeichi got to her feet again, moving to cross the training hall and gather her things, before joining Sakura again, sitting down on the bench she was seated next to. Looking down with a soft smile.

"Preference, I guess," she answered with a chuckle. "But just steak's a poor meal, need carbs and such as well," she added. Still smiling softly.

"Clearly you haven't had a real steak then, as I suspected, only such a person who is completely removed from the worl of fine cuisne could utter such nonsense. No matter, I will prepare a dressing and a side if it will prevent my shame from getting any worse." Sakura spoke, her exagerated fancy accent and flaired movements adding to the theatrics of the line she just used.

"let us go, to the kitchen."

"Oh I have," Zoeichi assured with a smirk, before a soft laughter played on her breath. "I just have a certain diet to follow, that's all." The elf argued, still having a smile on her face. She tilted her head and frowned. "Wait. Now? I'm hardly dressed to sample your fine cooking," Zoeichi protested, gathering her tanktop and pulling it on again. "I'd also rather not reek of sweat when eating."

"It'll be fiiiine, no one else is around and you already flexed in my face so I don't think I notice it anymore. besides a shower will take too long and although I could wash your back in a bath it will still be too long." Sakura whined, the prospect of cooking had excited her, although it was her occupation she had chosen it because she loved it and cooking for others was the most rewarding.

"C'mon c'mon c'mon"

"I guess it is, then," Zoeichi answered with a soft breath. Before arching an eyebrow. "Is that a suggestion, Sakura, washing my back?" Zoeichi asked with a soft chuckle. Before getting to her feet, falling into step next to Sakura. "Alright, lead the way," she answered with a soft, content hum.

"A, a suggestion... I mean I guess it's more of an offer if you need help some time. Have you never had anyone else wash your back for you? I do it all the time if there is anyone else in the onsen's when I go in. I guess it's sort of customery, but those muscles of yours, something tells me washing them would feel pretty good." Sakura said as she practically bounced over to the door and headed down towards the galley, her ears and tail flicking happily.

"Oh? You do?" She asked with a soft frown. Zoeichi only shrugged. "Never had anyone do it," she answered with a shrug. "I wouldn't know whether it would, I've had a lot of people massaging me back on planet Yamatai. Physical therapists and all that," she added with a smirk. She pushed her hands in the pockets of her baggy pants, humming under her breath. "Pretty excited, hm?"

"Well hit me up some time, I wouldn't mind washing those for ya." Sakura said a little too excitedly, her words and demeanor deteroriating slightly as her common sense was slightly overtaken by the possibilty of washing those impressive muscles. Having never had any like it herself they intrigued her.

"And yeah I love cooking, although I'm sure the fact that I showed up in a mindy the other day didn't really give that impression." The neko replied a little sheepishly, slowing her pace and gripping her elbows in a crossarm stance trying to stop feeling so awkward.

Zoeichi glanced at Sakura. "I-... Usually wash up after excercising. So, now, I'd have to wait when you're done cooking." A soft grin spread across her face. "So, I'd hit you up after the meal you want to prepare for me." A soft chuckle as she shook her head and moved with the Neko.

Reaching the galley, Zoeichi pushed her hand against the scanner. The door sliding open swiftly. She walked in, taking a deep breath as she examined the dining area. Moving over the countertop where they were able to, normally, get their portions of food. Moving past and waiting at the kitchen door.

Sakura moved into the kitchen that she had dominion over as the only cook aboard and set about selecting one of the prime cuts she had in the freezer. Firing up the oven she left it to preheat while the meat was defrosted on the stove, not something a professinal chef would ever tell you to do but Sakura was more a scientist in the kitchen.

"So any sides you want in particular? Or would you rather play roulette with your chances." Sakura said grinning smugly at the elf.

Zoeichi found herself a nice wall to lean against while she watched the Nekovalkyrja cook perform her trade. Or rather, the way she started preparing everything, show off her artistry in the kitchen. A soft smirk appeared on Zoeichi's face as she was posed the question. "Anything with high protein, think mushrooms," she answered with a chuckle. "Otherwise, it's all up to you."

"Mushrooms you say, now there's an idea." Sakura mused, getting lost in her work as she flew around the kitchen, literally. Whether or not she noticed she was flying, no one would know, but the neko sped around the preperation area fetching some mushrooms as well as several spices and some other assorted vegetables.

"You said you had a special diet right? How does steak and veggies sound?"

Zoeichi watched as Sakura worked, it brought a soft smile to her face, to see the woman excercising something she was clearly passionate about. It was a pleasure to see her work like this. "As long as it has a high protein and carb count, but low in calories," Zoeichi answered with a chuckle. "That's about everything the diet entails, so steak and veggies sounds great."

"One plate coming right up!" Sakura shot back enthusiastically, letting loose the hellfire of the stove as the fire leapt from the pan and high into the air, not the most convential method of steak cooking but the fastest. With the meat out of the way the neko set it in the oven to help it stay warm and soak up all its juice, spinning on her heels, in the air, she used the leftover steak juice and blood to mix into a mushroom seasoned sauce.

Finally the assorted vegetables were tosses together and subjected to the same treatment as the steak to crisp them without destroying any of the goodness within. Finaly after about 15 minute Sakura placed a steaming dish on the counter before the elf and let out a sigh. "If this isn't the best you've tastes I haven't done my job, and then I'll owe you twice."

Zoeichi, who had been watching Sakura with the same smile, decided to get up when the cook shoved the grilled meat into the oven. Going to scavenge for silverware. She turned back on her feet after she found a drawer that contained a lot of those and moved to the counter, just as Sakura placed down the dish.

"It smells delightful," Zoeichi started with a soft smirk. Twirling a knife around in one hand. She began feigning a serious outlook. A costumer in a high quality restaurant. And sliced the steak partly in half. Examining how it was cooked. Purple eyes moved to Sakura momentarily, before she sliced a piece off. Pushing it in some of the mushroom sauce, before bringing the fork up to her mouth. She barely needed to chew, the steak melted like butter on her tongue. It wasn't just grilled to perfection, it was just great steak. "Hmm," she hummed contently. "The meat's delightful," Zoeichi complimented with a soft chuckle. Moving on to sample the side dishes. Which didn't disappoint at all. By now, too captivated by the food to actually compliment the texture, the mix of spices and herbs, Zoeichi tucked into the dish with gusto, eating until the entire plate was nothing but several dribbles of the juice and sauce.

From which she didn't shy away to pass her finger through and sample the last Sakura's cooking had to offer to her. She didn't take too long eating, not much longer than ten minutes. Purple eyes met Sakura's, a soft smile on her face. "I... Can't really say anything-... Just-... Wow."

Sakura beamed at the elf, she'd been given a chance to show off her own skills and for once hadn't butchered it in some way. "I'm glad you liked it so much, I'll be honest I haven't made that sauce before but i've done similar so just tried to stick to them. Was there anything you think could have been better? I'm not perfect so when i cook 1 on 1 I like to ask for feedback to help improve."

The grey skinned neko was trying to avoid blushing or getting teary over the positive feedback and praise Zoe was giving her. "Surely there was something you didn't like about it? I'm not that good."

A soft chuckle came from Zoeichi as she dropped her silverware on the empty plate, swallowing once, before shaking her head. "It was amazing, sure, I might've requested more salt or pepper, maybe go a bit harder on the spicey stuff," she answered with a chuckle. Moving over to drop her plate in the sink.

"But that's personal preference, it was very good," she added with a soft smile. "Presentation, if you're really looking for more improvements." Zoeichi rolled her shoulder and let the water flow, beginning to gather what Sakura used to cook. Starting to clean the kitchen, humming softly under her breath. "Well, I'll be taking that bath after I've cleaned up here," she glanced over her shoulder. "So you can relax now, unless you want me to take you up on that offer."

"Presentation huh, thanks Zoeichi, I'll take it to consideration." Sakura joined in on the cleaning effort, after all she was the one who technically made the mess and it wasn't right for the recipient to have to clean it. "Well the offer always stands so take it up whenever you want to, I'm used to doing it so it's not like I'm getting nothing out of it. Since you're going to wash mine too right?"

"Don't worry too much about it, like everything, expertise comes with experience," she answered with a soft smile. Taking a rag and wetting it under the sink, she began to sweep the kitchen, cleaning the cupboards and cutting boards Sakura used. "Oh?" She requested elaboration with a soft chuckle. "If you need help with bathing, I wouldn't mind at all," she added, sending a look over to Sakura. Moving back to the sink and placing the rag down. "Care to join me, then?"