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RP: NSS Inquiry Post-Mission One Aside: New 'Friends'


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Medical Bay

The Elefirn had only been on the ship for less than a week when the IPG Commandante had arrived. It was then that they were brought from the quarters that they had been inhabiting and strictly kept to and were taken to the medical center aboard the ship. They both stood, though they were asked to sit by the guards that had followed them. They did not oblige.

Commandante Leo Taylor looked to Linda. "Agent, have you gathered anything so far?" He asked. His IPG uniform collar buttoned up so that it covered his mouth and nose. His short black hair slicked back and his red eyes staring down at Sergeant Linda.

Linda was once more in a pristine uniform, she had paid special attention to every detail since she was to meet with the Commandante. "Not yet, Sir, I have put my focus to assuring the things we did have did not get out. I did not think it would take this long." Her posture was stiff and disciplined, but there was just a hint of nervousness in her voice over her own performance.

"Would you like to do the honors of starting the interrogation sir?"

He looked to Linda and shook his head. "I will let you begin Sergeant. You have first hand expirence, andhave fought alongside them if I read your report correctly." Leo added, looking to the other IPG agents. "Leave us." He ordered. "Let us see hey how they react to someone they have seen already."

Linda nodded to Leo Taylor and then waited just long enough for the other agents to leave before she stepped over to the Elefirn that had come back with them. "Do you two understand what is going on here right now?" Her voice was gentle and friendly at the moment after all these two did assist them in the end so they were not enemies at the moment.

"We understand you fucks are not terribly happy to have us around. Is that the case or are we as dumb shitters as our," the Elefirn speaking scoffed, "masters?"

Linda sighed at the words of the Elefirn, she had forgotten that these two did not learn proper trade. "Well, your kind did attack us. We have to be sure that your actions are not a trap set for us. Your cooperation, however, can lead to better treatment." She smiled at her own words and then leaned forward to speak softer.

"So let's start with the questions. Your weapons, can you tell us about what you did to disable our suits?"

"A scalar field," Allorow answered plainly. "That's how we always do it against our master's enemies."

"A scalar field?" Lind spoke up again. "Was that what you used both times?" Though she asked, she did not give them time to answer before she had another question. "About how many of those combat suits do you have? We saw quite a large group of you in combat."

"Two thousand planetside," Vizil said. "That's just on the planet, though."

Finally, Leo spoke. "Planetside? What orbital assets are in place?" He asked calmly.

"We have stations in other systems, all funded by the Kuvexians," Allorow said.

"And what of the assets around Polup?" Leo added. "What assets are in place there?"

"Starports, fighters, some cruisers," Allorow chimed. "The typical shit. We don't enjoy living in places that you like. Such as towns and buildings."

Leo nodded back to Linda, letting her take the lead once more now that his immediate questions were sated.

The revelation of the Elefirn having so much in the way of man power was unexpected, it was small compared to what Nepleslia could deploy, but for a world that was being aided just in having power armor, it was rather amazing.

"Were those suits you showed the best you have in the way of land combat?"

Allorow side-long glanced at Vizil, saying, "We have no other land vehicles. We don't need them. Didn't."

"Well, that solves that issue." Linda folded her hands over her chest and took a moment to think, but quickly spoke up again. "I want you to tell us locations, where do you store your weapons, and where do your masters usually contact you at? How many of them meet you there too?"

"They usually live on our planet or are in our stations and ships to direct us. When you attacked was different. A great illness swept the Kuvexians and they died out."

Leo spoke up again. "How do your people feel about the masters? Do they symaptheis with their overlords? Or are they like yourselves?" He asked.

"For the most part, yes. You're lucky to have found us. But, then, again, maybe putting us here was the fucking plan all along," Vizil said, looking disgruntled.

Leo's face seemed to be amused, though it was hard to tell with most of his face covered. "Yes... That is within the realm of possibilities." He replied, stepping forward towards them both. "However, I think that you hated living under the jackboot of the Kuvexians." He said stopping infront of them. "And I am here to help you get the revenge you so desperatly crave."

Vizil and Allorow both looked to Leo with snide expressions. Allorow was more diminutive while still being pleased and Vizil held her face with more pride and determination.

"Thank you, fuck face."

"Yeah, you're a bitch," Vizil said.

Leo nodded. "You might just fit into Nepleslia yet." He said moving his crimsion eyes to Linda. "Sergeant. Gather as much information as you can and forward it to myself and the admirals. I must give them my prilimanry report." Leo said before turning. Before he left he looked back. "Good work Agent."

Linda saluted the Commandante as he left the room. "I will bring results, Sir."