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RP: NSS Inquiry Post-Mission One Aside: Protocol


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NSS Inquiry
Deck 13 Unmarked Office

Glynn had been contacted on his data jockey and told to meet out in front of the office he now stood before. The orders came not from Cadence but rather from Sgt Nelson, that and the location made it rather easy to tell what this was all about, but the question was whether it would be peaceful, or turn into a typical IPG interrogation.

If Glynn had wanted to run though it was too late, the door opened only moments after he arrived, and out walked Sgt Nelson. She was still in her sharp gray and red uniform that looked identical to the one before, but it was clean, possibly a back up since she did not have much time to wash it.

"Private Shields, I trust that you brought everything we are going to need." She made a gesture with her hand, beckoning him into the room as she stepped back "Make sure to close the door."

Glynn followed close behind the Sergeant , thousands of thoughts were running amuck inside his head. He was thinking of several scenarios that could occur, rumors of the IPG never sounded good, and Glynn didn't want to end up like one of those rumors and forgotten.

"Of course Sergeant." replied Glynn.

As per the Intelligence Operatvie's order, Glynn had closed the door as soon as he passed it. He soon stopped in his tracks and turned to face the only other soul he could see, and began the formalties he was always used to doing. Glynn saluted his the Sergeant, and remained as stiff as a board whilst he stuck out his left hand with the device that the woman before him requested from him.

"Here is the datapad that you had requested to see earlier."

If Glynn played his cards perfectly, he could maybe gain some insight on the special explosives IPG Operatives possesed. Though that seemed highly unlikely.

The office, if it could be called that, was a drab gray room, with a desk near the back wall where a terminal was. The walls had an assortment of replacement equipment lining them as well. IN the center of the room, however, was a table, that sat in the perfect spot for the harsh white lights of the room to shine on the surface, creating a painful contrast from the floor and the ceiling.

It was this table in the center of the room that Linda moved behand, gesturing for Glynn to sit at the other end as she scrolled through his device after taking it. "You did not take long to decide to connect your pad to the ship computer, did you? What lead this decision?" Her eyes were not on him as she spoke, rather she was focused on the data, but her voice was very condescending and cold.

It was times like this that Glynn was grateful that he was prescripted to emotion suppressant drugs. If he wasn't, Glynn would feel a heavy fear from the atmosphere. He could understand why dark rumors circulated around about the IPG. He aligned his own eyes to stare directly into the Sergeants. Even though if she didn't look at him, Glynn still assured himself that it would be respectful to do so, and perhaps make him look more innocent.

He focused on Linda's question, it was a simple awnser, and Glynn hoped that by awsnering it, he would be free to move on. So he started his awnser from a few moments before he used his datapad so that Linda could get a clearer idea of what happened.

"Sergeant, near the end of the mission, I became concerned with the overconfidence we showed the lone extraterrastial by letting her pilot the ship. After I gained clearance from the Second Lietenuant to co-pilot the ship, and found my way to the cockpit, I noticed that I was unable to clearly read the instruments and information that was displayed." he stopped for a few seconds and took a breath.

Glynn had noticed that his voice was slowly becoming lighter, and lighter. He had forgotten to breathe. He was too intent on retelling that he had forget to monitor himself. Though he kept going.

"In order to pilot the ship effectively, I had decided to use my Datapad to display the relevant information needed so that I was able to read it." Finished Glynn. There was little more he could say about the subject matter.

"Well, it's a given that we would not be able to read an alien language." Linda prefixed her retort with such words and then continued. "It is commendable that you would take notice of such details while in an active combat zone, but there are many risks involved with it, I do not recall reading about a notable flight history in your records."

She then put the pad down and smiled "However, I am not here to give you a performance review. I am here to talk about what you saw, or rather the things that you will forget before you leave this room." She sat down in front of him and then continued. "You accessed the navigation systems as well as the basic OS to do this and had everything translated to your data jockey. I do not expect you to be able to relate to me their data encryption methods and the like, so I will be taking your device in whole."

She narrowed her eyes and looked at him with a sharp gaze as she got serious. "You had the opportunity to run through any of their systems and not store the state on the harddrive, so I will ask, what else did you see when at the terminal. Also, have you copied any of this data?" Though she had asked a question, the tone was obvious that she believed that he did, it would take some convincing to get her to believe otherwise, but it was her job to be skeptical after all.

This was the sort of intense question that Glynn had hoped he would be lucky enough to avoid. No matter how he awnsered, Glynn was going to look suspcious, however this was all his fault. He had naturally moved over all of the data from his own pre-military datapad without much thought. Though Glynn deleted everything he deemed would get him in trouble with the military, there were still many Ship, Weapon, Explosive, and Building blueprints that he was able to obtain from his time as a bounty hunter's assistant. The application that had allowed him to enter the Elefirn ship's navigation system was one that his Grandfather purchased off the black market. It had two pruposes, one was to hijack or "hotwire" vehicles, and to use basic algorithms to figure out basic information from ship's terminal, and display it.

"I only saw relevant information for a pilot, altitude, the state of the Ship's sytems through coloration of red to green, and Velocity. Nothing about the Elefirn language was translated, almost all ships work the same, and the method I had used that same logic to acquire that data. As to your second question, no, I was not able to copy any data from the ship into the datapad."

He hoped this awnser would satisfy the IPG, but he only feared that the Datapad had managed to dig a hole bigger than he could get out of. Though, there was nothing he could besides to stand at attention until this ordeal was over.

"Private Shields, you are signed on as a demolitions expert, a rather proficient one at that, but Electronic warfare equipment would not be part of your standard issue. I wonder how you were able to work so fast." Those words were an obvious threat from the IPG operative, even if they were baseless, she held in her hand the datapad that was used, and could easily find traces of any illegal software with enough time. "I would like to look into where you were before coming to the marines, men don't tend to get your talents living in the light."

She stood up and placed her hands on the table as she leaned forward to him. "I can check myself but it's protocol to ask. I did not see any cybernetics on your record, there wouldn't happen to be any that we missed now would there? We don't want any signs of disobedience on your record do you?"

The Intelligence Operative had Glynn in check. Things had turned for the worst, and it didn't seem that Glynn would be able to avoid revealing his past with his grandfather. If he didn't reveal anything though, they would be able to find out, Glynn was certain about it. No matter what happened, they will know with due time. The best thing that Glynn could do right now, was to go into damage control. So Glynn swallowed, and prepared to awnser.

"I agree Sergeant, we both would not like that" Attested Glynn.

" To confirm, the records do not lie. Both of my parents died during the Elysian invasion, my grandfather and I were one of the few surviors of the initial attack. So, it was my grandather who raised me until I had reached adulthood.Though, during the Elysian attack, I suffered intense Physical truama, mental truama, and to a certain degree Emotional truama. To simplify my condition, if I did not take a certain kind of medication, my senses and emotions would be amped up into incredible levels, that would only leave catastrophic effects on my body. Such as exaggerated and indescribible pain, and uncontrollable weeping and laughter."

Glynn paused, the hardest part came next.

"The medication was and is still expensive to purchase.In order to procure the funds to purchase it, my grandfather had returned to his original occupation. A Bounty Hunter, and he took me under his wing while he raised me. I learned many things from him." Glynn finished

Linda listened to the man's story, but only eased up on him slightly with the pressure. She still had an expression like she did not trust him. "So you say that your proficiency and your tools came from your work as a Bounty Hunter? It's not strange to find a soldier that uses less than legal methods on the field, but if you are after money, why did you sign on as a soldier. You could make much more as a bounty hunter."

Looks like being cyrptic worked.

"Funningly enough, those were the same words that my Grandfather had told me when I spoke to him about my decision to join the military. No, I am not after money. Instead I have to simple goal, to follow in the footsteps of my mother, and inspire others to reorganize themselves, and to unify agaisn't Aliens who threaten our existence. I have no other desire, and the luxories that money could provide do not give me any joy due to my medication."

Glynn spoke truthfully, he had no other desire, but he assumed that his parents would be content with his decision. Glynn however could guess that this would make himself happy.

Linda's lips pursed into a thin smile as Glynn spoke. His words were the kind used often by those trying to hide something, but she did not care too much about that. Rather something else he said had gotten her attention, his suppressed greed and joy could be very useful to her in the future and she did not plan to just let it slip by. "I see, well your parents must be proud." She gave a soft nod. "You are not to speak of anything you saw on the surface or in the ship until the order has been cleared for it, or it is with those who were down there." She stepped back to let him up now.

"Oh also get evaluated by the medical staff, I want a proper prescription for your medication, and the military will fill it for you. Is this all understood?"

"Understood Sergeant!"

Glynn was confused by what exactly he heard, but his ears didn't fool him after all. Was the interrogatiion over? Glynn hoped it was, and slowly rose. He waited to be formally dismissed.

Linda smiled at his response "You are dismissed Private." She gestured him out.