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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Thirteen: A Walk Down the Beach


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Planet Yamatai
Uesureyan Fields
YSS Kaiyō II

XO's Cabin

Sacre had just left two minutes prior when Eden heard Boss' voice.

"Gravity-hei is at the door," she said.

"Let her in," Eden replied with a nod and a turn of her swivel chair to face the door and away from her desk. The door opened to reveal the Kaiyo's helmsman. And while her features appeared attentive, she had a dreamy look in her eyes- a vast improvement from her sour disposition from the transdimensional nonsense from weeks' past.

"Chusa." Gravity greeted curtly. She wasn't quite sure what was going on. She was either going to get congratulated or chewed out, as far as she could tell.

"How are you doing, Gravity-hei?" Eden asked, knowing the answer Gravity's girlfriend would give and hoping to hear a similar one from her blue-skinned counterpart. Gravity shrugged in response, the corners of her mouth kicking up at the edges.

"Life's been going great so far. A few mechanics called me 'Gravity: Destroyer of Worlds', which I'm totally all for, and we've got this festival to look forward to. I'm equal parts disappointed and relieved that we didn't get into any scraps on this last outing. Is it bad that I'm disappointed?" Gravity asked, mentioning everything but her newest adventure.

"I'll tell you what, Gravity," Eden told the helmsman. "We'll get you into tons of scraps next mission. We get orders late next week and we'll be up against monsters only we can take on and win against." She had grown enlivened, but ended there, hoping Gravity would pick up the reins.

Gravity's expression changed into that familiar, predatory smirk.

"I love it!" she nearly cackled. Sometimes, it worried her how bloodthirsty she could become behind the controls of a ship. Maybe that was just her Neko programming? No use mass-producing soldiers if they hated fighting. Gravity calmed herself and cleared her throat.

"Anywho- why did you call me, Chusa?"

"What rank are you currently?" Eden asked simply.

"...An Itto Hei, ma'am." the other Neko replied almost instantly, a hint of confusion behind her words.

"Not anymore," Eden told her. "You're rising two ranks and receiving the Morale Award. You are a joy to have on this ship. And your performance of Professor Yuko while waiting in the Himiko System was..." Eden made a whoooshing noise, closed her golden eyes, and splayed her fingers out. "Extraordinary. Extra ordinary...."

Gravity blushed a little a coughed into her hand. She may or may not have recited the line: "Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?!" to Sacre at some point during her performance. Did Eden know?!

"Ahem! Thanks! One of my favorite- wait... I'm getting promoted?!" the azure neko asked in surprise, forgetting her momentary embarassment.

"It was great," Eden said, patting her knees after crossing her legs. "Is that the highlight of your experiences these past month, since leaving Ayenee?"

Gravity's cheeks turned a darker shade of blue and she stared down at the floor.

"Well... No... But certainly one of the best." she replied softly. Finally confessing her feelings to Sacre, and having them returned, was proably the highlight of her life, followed only by meeting Apollo. For a being only a little over a year into life, her first relationship was... weird, yet immensely satisfying.

"How are you feeling," Eden asked, "now that you and Sacre are together? It's exciting," she said in an uplifting tone, "isn't it?"

Gravity looked back up in utter shock, but snapped herself out of it. Of course Eden knew.

"Oh! Y-You knew! I was under the impression that Sacre wanted to keep this... thing... lowkey." she replied. Then, she sighed, starring at the ceiling with a dreamy smile. "It's amazing. It's the first time in my life I've felt something like this for someone else. I love all of my crew, but what I feel for Sacre is... different. Something in its own category."

Eden was more than pleased for the blue-skinned Nekovalkyrja and nodded in approval of her statement, "Love for your sisters and crewmembers does not compare to that of," she giggled lightly, "dare I say, a lover."

Gravity nodded. Neither she nor Sacre had ever been in a relationship before, and one of them had a severe aversion to physical intimacy. What's more, they were two diametrically opposed halves of a whole, making this the slowest, most awkward of dances; one they were learning one step at a time.

"I'm slowly learning that." she mumbled.

Eden's black eyebrows lowered, "Lovers don't run a race, slow is alright."

"...Yes, Shosa." Gravity nodded, having learned something new, and rather hard to swallow. "Slow" was not in the Neko's vocabulary, and she loved racing. It was one of those things she would have to master as things progressed.

"Have you ever taken a walk on the beach, appreciated the sunset?" Eden asked.

"Once or twice." Gravity replied, not really sure where her superior was going with this.

"A walk on the beach is just as nice as a sprint, isn't it?" Eden asked.

The newly-promoted Nito Heisho nodded. Yes, a calm walk on the beach was rather nice, now that Gravity thought about it.

"Don't be afraid to treat love to a walk on the beach some time instead of pressing into a race it doesn't need to enter," Eden metaphorically spoke.

"It's... difficult for me to think like that. I just want to grab her and... well, you get my point." Gravity groaned, clutching her fist. Her usual methods of problem solving usually involved beating that problem into submission or blowing it to pieces with a gunship.

"Ever since my wife was transferred," Eden said, relating to Gravity's pain, "we haven't been able..." She turned her head away from Gravity, pausing to close her gilded eyes.

"Well, did you two 'walk down a beach'?" Gravity asked after a few moments of silence, unsure if her XO needed consoling or not.

"We raced down the beach and then when there was no more beach, swam to the other side of the planet, then when we found a new beach, walked down that one..." Eden chuckled at her terrible allegory. Gravity giggled as well, somehow making sense of it.

"Is that everything? I have a few calls to make. I managed to get into a shuttle race at the festival." asked the pilot when she'd settled down.

Eden was sad, and may have hidden it well if Gravity had asked if she was sad, but not being asked kept the hime-haired Nekovalkyrja from realizing what she felt was making her face slacken to a near frown.

"I'm sure you did," Eden said as she regained a wan smile. "Go ahead, I'll be seeing you there, I hope."

"Oh, definitely." Gravity replied ominously. She had a plan for scaring the living daylights out of the rest of the crew, but she wasn't keen to share it. With that, she stepped out of the room, possibly heading to the medbay.