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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Thirteen: Marksmen After Midnight


Everything Is Magical
Power Armour Bay

Sleep was something Wyatt wouldn't be getting much of tonight, his head was buzzing with thoughts that refused to leave so instead he volunteered to take over for a santo-hei who looked like they were seconds from falling over. So here sat the minkan at the end of the shift he had taken, sitting on the cold ground with his back against the wall - across from the rack that held his specific Mindy suit. Wyatt had a folding knife in one hand and his own personal SiZi M38 Special Duty Revolver in the other as he carved away at the gun's barrel.

As usual, the revolver's twin sisters sat on each of his forearms - waiting for the day he would get a chance to use them in combat and see if they were worth all the ks he had dumped into them.

Having woken up in the middle of the night confused and a little hungry the little blue neko was wandering around a little lost and managed to stumble her way into the PA bay, seeing Wyatt in the corner she sleepily moved over to say hi. "What, what time is it I'm so sleepy." Shasse asked rubbing her eyes with one hand.

Wyatt's ears twitched slightly when Shasse entered the room, he stowed the revolver back on his belt and the knife in his boot before the minkan rose from his spot on the floor. His expression went blank for a moment as he wirelessly interfaced with his cyclopean helmet across the way, "it's two thirty six right now, can't sleep?" Wyatt said, floating across the room to his white haired companion.

"Mmmhmm, something like that. I just woke up and felt hungry but I made a wrong turn getting to the kitchen." Shasse mumbled plopping down on the floor and brushing her hair away from her face and looking up at Wyatt. "What are you doing here and such a time anyway? You seem like you've been here for a while, did you get lost too?" The neko asked softly, blowing an extra strand of hair away.

Wyatt gave a slight smile at the comment and the irony it carried, if anything lately he had felt like he had finally started finding his way. "I just couldn't sleep is all so I thought I'd take over a security shift and do something with that time," the minkan's gut growled aloud in hunger as he offered a helping hand to the neko. "it's over now though so I could go for something to eat."

"Oh you are hungry too? We can... Get food, together." Shasse managed to utter in her drowsy state standing up and opting to float in place like some sort of ghost that hadn't had its coffee, just because she was a super soldier didn't mean she couldn't get drowsy, either that or she had messed something up with her body. "So what did you manage to do on this shift anyway?"

The minkan retracted his outstretched hand and rubbed his eyes briefly before he spoke, "I patrolled around the ship and then you found me, nothing particularly interesting came of it thankfully." Wyatt's amber eyes looked the sleep-deprived neko up and down a few times and concluded that she was being affected by it a lot worse than he was, the man almost laughed as he realized just how deep Eden's words had hit him.

"Say, you look like you are in no condition to be wandering around - let alone floating in your current state and try to not get the wrong idea by this because it has no ill intent but... would you prefer if you were carried there?" he asked, the words were awkward and janky as the marksman tried to sound sincere.

Shasse didn't need to be asked twice, she floated above him and then dropped expecting him to catch her, she was, in general, a simple girl and if someone offered to carry her she would accept without doubt dwhoever it may be. "That's very kind of you, I think I will have to accept." Shasse spoke opening one eye while the other stayed closed, she didn't know why he offered but she didn't care, if she was being honest food was a good way to kidnap her. "No offence taken, who am I to refuse being carried to a land of food."

Internally, Wyatt let out a sigh of relief - people had a tendency to be very selective with their hearing when it came to things like this but he honestly should have expected nothing less from Shasse. "Well then, hold on" the minkan spoke to the person cradled in his arms as he began to rise up from the floor and zoom forwards through the hallways, towards the wardroom.

The blue neko yawned and stretched her arms out looking around with mild interest, the last time someone had flown her around had been Eden taking her back to the ship in Ayenee after the curse. Just thinking about it got her mind racing and hearth thumping, that horrible curse which had changed her body, and the urges she'd had since then which Sacre had helped her deal with. "Oh just so you know, I'm actually, that kind, of hungry." Shasse whispered, hoping he would know what she meant, with her hand that wasn't wrapped around his neck for support she reached down to grab her bottle.

"Hm? oh, I see" Wyatt spoke, taking a second to realize his passenger was talking about the crimson-liquid she was semi-dependent on. It unsettled the Minkan slightly but he didn't outwardly show that, having some compassion for the fact that the whole situation was not a burden she chose to carry. He slowed his flight to a gradual halt out of sight of any of the other people running patrols tonight and tilted his head down to speak "Would you prefer to be somewhere more private for this?". He wanted to continue and say it might cause some discomfort to other people but that wouldn't be fair, no point in adding unneeded worry.

"Hmm? Oh no it's fine, I'm used to the looks anyway hahah." Shasse joked willing him onward to the kitchen with her bottle in hand, although she had seen the way some of the crew looked at her since the incident plenty of others hadn't cared much and when she said she'd seen the looks before, the neko didn't mean from this crew. But that was a story for another time, she didn't feel like ruining the mood just yet after all and neither of them should even be awake at this hour, maybe thats why she had thought about telling him? Shaking her head a little, and sending her hair billowing out in the process she smiled up at him, "I'm sorry if it puts you off, I can always go outside the wardroom if you like."

Wyatt built up the momentum he had been carrying beforehand and continued toward the wardroom, "No issues here, blood is nothing new" he added, not quite answering the question but not avoiding it either. It was true though, you didn't get to be a Joto-hei without seeing a few pints of blood spilled - your own among it more often than not.

"Oh, well if you're fine with it then that's cool, but I'm running a little low in my bottle so I might need a favour from you later." Shasse smirked, joking about sucking his blood of course while she was barely awake and being princess carried to food. "Are you any good at cooking? Cause I'm both kinds of hungry, I am the hungry one." The little neko said throwing her arms about as though it were a game.

"It'd be no different to how I've had to give blood before but regardless, I'm sure others could cook much better than I but hopefully I can whip up something sufficient" Wyatt said with a very faint frown, floating across the wardroom to set Shasse down on the counter before making his own feet connect to the floor. The minkan moved over to the pantry and turned around to ask a question, "Anything in particular?"

"OH, I uhh. I meant that as a joke, I'm not supposed to bite people and it feels weird most of the time too..." Shasse said a little concerned that such a simple joke seemed to go over his head, then again he wasn't one for small talk and jokes considering last time they met he beat her up for it. The little neko sat on the counter swinging her legs and looking around as the Minkan went to the pantry "Hmm? oh no, I'm not fussy just as long as its yummy!"

"Apologies, that's not exactly my forte" the Minkan said before burying his head in the pantry to both hide the slight shame and to see what he could work with. Wyatt re-emerged a few moments with three cans in tow, they were all rather bland-looking and unmarked but he had an idea as they were placed down on the counter. "So... how have you been?" he asked, moving around the galley to prepare it for what was about to come.

"Maybe spending time with some real people will help you lighten up nyehehe." Shasse teased the Minkan a little more, she wasn't a nasty person and simply wanted to play around and have fun as she always did. Seeing the cans she cocked her head to one side and watched him curiously. "How have I been? Well I guess, not much going on other than doing my job and sleeping usually and going on walks at night to find serious faced men who cook me food." The blue neko gave him a wide grin and hummed happily.

Wyatt turned away and pulled a knife from his boot to begin opening the cans he had retrieved, a small smile curled the man's usually neutral face as the blade was jabbed in and twisted around. "Well be careful what strange men you meet at night, mayhaps be a little more reserved with who you let carry you away, " he said as the contents of the cans were all dumped into one pot and moved to the stove. Wyatt stirred the concoction with his off hand as he turned back to Shasse, tilting his head ever so slightly to the side before correcting his posture.

"So, are you often unable to sleep?"

"Well if they're offering to carry me how could I say no? If they kidnap me so be it, it will have been worth it for the carry." Shasse said as dramatically as possible while throwing herself around on the counter as though putting on a play. "As for sleeping, I guess sometimes I wake up and float around a little bit, usually it's fine though. Why, did you need someone to keep you company at night?" While her question may have sounded a little suggestive the little neko was simply asking from the goodness of her heart and only wanted to help.

"Nothing too important really," the Minkan said as he diverted his amber eyes in embarrassment.

"Ok then!" Shasse said happily bouncing around the kitchen eagerly waiting for the food. "So what are you making? Is it yummy? Is it almost done?" The blue neko asked in a rapidfire excitement blur as she got very, very close to Wyatt and was within a hands width from his face locking him in a stare.

His hand tightened on the wooden spoon he had been stirring with as Shasse shot forward, amber hued eyes narrowed before they relaxed again. Something he could appreciate about the blue-skinned neko was how much of an open book she was, not one to lie while also having enough of a spine to hold her own. "It should be done by now, something I picked up from my time planetside" Wyatt said, grabbing the large pot and serving it into two bowls.

"I have no idea whether it will be to your liking or not but there it is," he added, shoving a fork into each dish. From staples and rations he had managed to whip up some kind of hearty pasta with a brown sauce and chunks of meat strewn throughout, he grabbed his own bowl and handed the other one to the neko - being polite enough to wait until she started before he dug in.

"Hmmm, you need to have a little more confidence my friend. Tastes good to me so don't put your work down so easily, otherwise I'll have to invite you back into the VR deck for round 2." Shasse said between mouthfuls, granted a mouthful for her was only several pieces of any one thing at a time which she hungrily nibbled on. "So you said you picked it up from your time planetside, could you tell me about your time working with the Rikugun? I've only been on the Kaiyo II since I finished training and never got to go chill out with the Rikugun guys."

"I'm glad you like it" he said before having some for himself, it surprised him a little at how decent it was. "Yeah I joined up in YE 33 and it was one of my first postings, bouncing around between fireteams, platoons and centuries as the Second Mishhuvurthyar War hit - nothing quite like being down in it with your boots in the mud and gunfire flying past your head..." the marksman spoke, trailing off slightly as memories snaked back into his mind - they were pushed away and he spoke some more.

"Then I found my way onto some ships and here I am now, a mediocre cook, a sniper and a minkan trying to work towards being more emotionally available." He paused and those amber eyes that had stared down scopes for half his life warmed slightly as they remained focused on Shasse.

"I am sorry about that incident in the VR deck though, don't expect it to happen again but I think it did need to happen sooner or later - so thankyou."he said, voice wavering slightly.

Shasse listened intently, she hadn't been expecting the apology at the end and was caught off guard by the comment, especially considering she hadn't really had hard feelings towards him about it. "Wait what are you sorry for, it was great fun you even thanked me and just did again. Did I do something wrong?" While she had been told the basics on Wyatt's situation she still didn't fully really understand the gravity of what she had done to help him.

"And it's no wonder you don' want it to happen again, I kicked your butt last time heheh." The blue neko teased unable to help herself as she poked him with her tail.

"No no you did nothing wrong, quite the opposite - how do I put this..." the Minkan spoke, mostly ignoring the tail that prodded him as he tried his best to put feelings into words. "You... you made me realize how much I had closed myself off I guess, helped me step out of the shell I had built around myself for years and for that I am eternally in your debt Shasse - it's a long road I have to walk but now I realise that there are people like you who can help me along it, so that makes it easier."

"Oh I uh, did all that huh... Well i'd be lying if I said I planned that." Shasse said softly stiring her bowl of food idly wondering how she'd managed to get into this situation. "Well I'm pretty stuffed now, that was some good food you got skill Mr Alder er Wyatt?" Shasse spoke not knowing exactly how she should address him, and now that she was getting quite tired it was harder to focus.

He cringed a little when Shasse called him 'Mr Alder', that was his Dad's name and he despised that man but Wyatt just put it down to the Neko having less constitution for this kind of thing than himself. "You're too kind, I've about had my fill too so how about I put these on ice and somebody else can have at them tomorrow?" he said, reaching over to take her bowl.

"Sounds like a plan! I might end up eating both if I'm hungry though." The blue neko said sleepily as she climbed down from the counter and onto the floor, her hair flowing down around her like a cloak as she shuffled along the ground barely 3 feet in height like this. "I think I need to get some sleep soon Wyatt... I'm sorry."

"No need to apologise for a biological need," he said, giving his own version of a smile which was little more than the muscles underneath his eyes tightening and raising slightly as the knelt down with outstretched arms. "Care to hop on?"

"Didn't you just warn me about accepting rides from strangers? How do I know I can trust you huh, you are probably just offering so you can get a favour from me later aren't you." Despite the jokes she was making about what he had told her she flopped into his arms once more and stretched out making herself comfortable. "Nothing beats having a personal transporter who carries you around y'know?"

He let out a small, stifled chuckle at Shasse's antics as he picked her up and rose to his feet. "Well what do you think?" he asked, deciding to not explicitly state something for once as he began floating toward the cabins slowly.

"I think... That you are still upset you got beaten by a girl heheh." The blue neko said lazily rolling around in his arms, her legs kicking slowly as though she was swimming while she hummed some incoherent tune. "So are you going to go back to being a loner in the PA bay or are you going to sleep like a normal person? You're so tired you're actually laughing and smiling which is not like the usual mr grump grump I see during the day." Shasse said quizzically, meeting his gaze with her crimson eyes.

Wyatt raised an eyebrow to the first part of what the neko in his arms said before he shook his head and answered, "I just try to keep work me and off-duty me separate, luckily off-duty me is actually somewhat accepted by the people around here but yes, sleep seems to be the best thing right now."

"Why keep work and play apart when it's so much fun to play while you work? I treat it like a game and manage to have fun all the time even when I'm being shot at, I mean it's not like I have anything to lose anyway..." Her brow furrowed slightly before she seemed to dismiss whatever it was that had bothered her and went back to squirming around for a moment before shifting so that she was sitting on one of his arms. "Do you actually know where my cabin is? I can get the rest of the way by myself if you need to go find yours, you definitely need the rest so you can learn how to have fun when working tomorrow nyeheh."

"Really, I don't mind - they're all right next to each other and we're almost there so just give me a number and I can drop you off." He said, choosing to not reply to the first part lest he get a bit too opinionated on the matter.

"Well if you insist, I'm on the far corner down there." The blue neko pointed to the slightly open door she had left when wandering out for her tired stroll, Wyatt really was a funny man compared to most others she had met on the Kaiyo, he was like Miles and didn't like messing around while they were working. "Hey have you spoken to my nerd friend Miles? He's super serious like you when he works, I think you two would be perfect for each other." Shasse giggled as she succumbed more and more to her fatigue.

Wyatt corrected his course so he was now floating towards the door Shasse had pointed out. "I've met Miles a few times in passing and I think he was one of the first people to talk to me when I joined, I have nothing but kind words for him - level headed and good at his job, better than he gives himself credit for," he replied with quietly, dropping to the ground as they neared the door and pushing through it with his shoulder.

He hadn't been expecting too much of tonight but the little conversation had been a pleasant surprise, he took very purposefully quiet and light footsteps to not wake any other people that might be sleeping in the room.

"Yeah, he is pretty cool, are you friends with him yet?" Shasse asked, although it was a simple question the little neko placed a lot more value on a friendship than most people and didn't realise not everyone cared about their friends as though it was their twin sibling. In one movement she hopped out of the Minkan's arms and plopped down on her own bed, hands behind her head and completely covered by the sea of hair that hung down over the edge almost to the floor.

"i'd like to think I am but truth be told we haven't had a whole lot to do with each other so far," the Minkan said, wiping sleep from his eyes now that his hands were finally free, quite a large yawn came from the man as he tried to quieten it by lifting a hand to his mouth. The marksman with orange hair and orange eyes was a lot more fatigued than he was willing to admit but it appeared to finally be seeping through the cracks.

Almost on autopilot he began lifting a duvet over Shasse, odd considering he never had any siblings before but he decided it was too late to pull back from the motion and instead committed to it fully."Anything else I can do for you?"

Shasse shook her head and smiled lightly, this man was full of surprises some of which she was guessing he was even surprising himself with. "I don't want to keep you any longer, the food was enough and thanks again for that it was really yummy!" She whispered to him snuggling into her covers so that only her crimson eyes shone out and her two fluffy ears twitched as she settled into her bed.

"No problem, sleep well and I'll see you in a few hours" Wyatt said, giving a small wave before he began lazily floating out of the room. The two always seemed to catch up under the oddest circumstances but it was never unpleasant - he almost wished it happened more often but there was no way to plan the kind of things that kept drawing the two marksmen together.