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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Two: Choudai

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The Ham Lord
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YSS Kaiyō
22日 1月 YE 39
1400 Hours

For hours, Eden had been on the bridge with Deio Asuka and Arbitrated Shan at their relative positions. The Taii and the two Nito Hei had been hard at work for days watching for the Kuvexian threat to manifest itself. Feeling the detrimental effects of staying up for more than three days without sleep, Eden put a hand to her console to center herself after she felt dizzy and overwhelmed by a tingling pressure on her skin. She wondered if she was about to pass out, perhaps. Neko were strong, but they needed their sleep, eventually. She blinked, then looked to see her first officer next to her. Happily, she smiled, assured by Saki's presence.

Misaki looked over, and through experience could tell that Eden wasn't all the way awake or practically there in a way. She gave a small smile, "Are you okay Taii-san?" She blinked her violet eyes before speaking telepathically, "What's wrong, you look like you haven't slept in years."

Teien Eden almost lied, about to tell Saki she was fine, then realized who she was speaking to, her trusted advisory and the one she had grown closest to on the Kaiyō.
Instead of say a lie, she told Saki, "I think I should sleep. It hasn't been years, but it's been too long."

Her smile went from small to somewhat larger, "You have been working for days on end, you deserve a rest." She held out a hand, "So you don't fall over."

When Eden took Saki's hand, she sent out a message to her through their touch. "Thank you, Saki. You mean the world to me for being here for me."

She turned a flushed red color, before returning the message, "Always, Eden-san," Before using her other hand to motion forward down way towards the captain's suite for her to go ahead and lead. She also gave the held hand a gentle squeeze for good measure.

Too tired to pick up on the blush spreading across Saki's cheeks, Eden went on to say through their touch, "I'd like it if you came and kept me company, Saki. Would you want to?"

Growing even more red, she nodded before beginning to slowly walk forward. She was believing that Taii Eden would prefer her quarters to her shared quarters, more privacy for her and probably more comfort. She couldn't hide all of her blush, so while some wore off, she was still flushed. She kept her hand in Eden's, making sure to feel if she stumbled or fell asleep. Eden got from her command console and told those present that she would be retiring for a time away from the bridge and after they saluted her, she returned their salutes with her one free hand. A keen eye would be able to tell from the way her lids closed longer than normal and the slight sway to her stance that she was tired, but they made no mention of it and she led the way to her quarters, just off of the bridge.

"I could sleep the entire day away, but I want to talk with you, first,"
she said over their link while she moved past the doorframe and into her well-kept suite. "Please, take the chair. I don't want you standing while I sit. I'm going to lay down, anyway, while we talk." Realizing dimly that she was being less than formal than she should be, she added, "If you don't mind."

Misaki led her Captain to her bed, and slowly withdrew her hand as she spoke, making sure not to rupture the connection before her hand left, "I do not mind, in fact I would enjoy it." Following letting her hand go, Saki slowly walked over to the aforementioned chair and took a seat. She immediately seemed to relax into it, emitting a quiet purr for about a second before seeming to realize what she was doing. She stopped abruptly and curled one leg on top of the other and waited for the Taii to speak, but kept her eyes keen for any movement that she was about to fall or otherwise hurt herself instead of going towards the bed.

"I don't know what we're fighting," Eden said to Saki as she laid out on her bed, hand to her forehead as she stared upwards. "That's disconcerting. I want to know, Saki. I want to have more information than just a name and a dialect." She had gotten the message from SAINT back and had relayed the information when she had to Saki. The L'Kor, they were called, and they had an interesting and now understood language. This was not all that was on her mind, though, as she went on to say, "How do you feel when you're walking into the unknown blindfolded?"

She gave a warm smile to reassure her, "A lot of what we do is walking into the unknown, what you have to know is that your crew are working for you and working together. If at all possible, you want to have information about your opponent, but in the case that there is a lack thereof it becomes a secondary objective to find out." For some reason, she just wanted to hug the Taii and just tell her everything would be okay, but she didn't move for the fear of upsetting her was strong in her mind, "Personally, I just try and move forward and tackle the burden of the blindfold. We can only know so much."

"I'd like to know it all," Eden sighed, turning her head to her first officer. "Your words are more helpful than my tumultuous thoughts are, though, and I'm happy to have them assuage my fears. I trust in my crew, I trust in you. Having that trust will get me through moments of uncertainty and you remind me of that. I can only thank you.

After another sigh, Eden went on, "There is more, though. We will be having Yui's sixth daughter, Princess Aiko, coming aboard the Kaiyo in a few short weeks. Her presence will be to instill fear in the enemy and rally those, us, on the frontline."

"It would be a great honor to have Aiko-Hime onboard, she will surely be our aide. I suppose she will stay in here with you unless I am otherwise to be noted?" She had moved her legs to be tucked underneath herself in the chair, somewhat curled up and very comfortable in her own way.

Noticing the ease and comfort with which Saki sat, Eden turned on her side, head propped up by her hand, growing more comfortable herself. She remained professional to her crew in almost all instances, but this was an exception. This was Saki she was talking to, an exception to the rule. Eden didn't know why, though, she felt this way about the Chui.

"She will stay with you," the captain said. "As per Catherine Ross' orders. The squadron leader knows all too well how hospitable you can be."

"Respectfully Eden-Sama, I believe that she would be better off with her own quarters. That way, the guards that probably come with her will have full access to her and not the clothes I may or may not have scattered on the floor from where I forget them." She smiled, trying to hide the fact that another reason she was against it was that she was absolutely terrified of having someone of such high authority and high regard sharing a room with her. The combination made her flush again as she sort of curled into herself a little but didn't break eye contact with Taii Eden.

Eden was thinking logistically and had to figure out where everyone would be able to sleep in her head. Finally, she came to a conclusion.

"Aiko-hime can only be in a room with her guard if you share a room, Saki. I am going to have to ask you to share one. If not with her," Eden said, "then me."

Misaki perked up a little at the last part, "T-That would be preferable, Eden-Sama." She went back to being flushed red again, "I'm not good with strangers sometimes, not to mention princesses. I'd prefer to have her be more comfortable... than me." The way she said it made it clear she wasn't saying she was uncomfortable now, just that she would be. Her ears fluttered a little, which she'd never done here before, maybe she was embarrassed, or just worried.

Eden sat up as her eyebrows went up, away from her eyes. She was interested to know what did make Saki comfortable.

"If it's preferable to you, Saki, it's what I want, too. I want to make the both of you happy, as I have a military responsibility to you both. Personally, I have a responsibility to you, though. You're my first officer, but, more than that..." Eden trailed off for a moment, then, touching her hand to Saki's, telepathically said, "You're my friend."

Misaki smiled, "I'll wait until the night shift to start moving my things over, there isn't much beyond the standard issue." She already looked once again more comfortable, besides her suddenly tracing the seam lines of her leggings, "I promise I will try not to be a burden, I'll sleep in this chair or just sleep when your watch takes mine."

"That won't do," Eden said. The proposition, though Saki came up with it, seemed to displace the first officer more than Eden was comfortable with. But, she wondered if Saki would be comfortable sharing a bed with her. She looked into Saki's violet eyes and asked telepathically, "Are you willing to share a bed with me? I-is that indecent of me to ask?"

She blinked, almost as if her mind had been read, "No, not at all, I would be honored to." She was about as red as she could be, but was calm. She began subconsciously purring a little and Misaki didn't realize she was doing it, though it was audible enough to Eden to hear. "I-I am honored."

"That," Eden said after hearing the soft, subtle noises coming from Saki, "makes me happy to hear. Really happy. I..." she almost said that she didn't know why, but stopped herself, realizing she did. "I want that very much. I think I'll take a rest, now, but it would be my honor if you would join me. Would you?"

Saki floated out of the chair on her feet and walked towards the bed, "Any time and always." She then floated up onto the bed and laid down in her curled state facing Eden, unsure if Eden wished to cuddle or not. She was not confused on what happened, just curious on where to go next, she was beginning to feel much more for the Taii, and not to mention that she went out of her way to make her feel more comfortable.

Eden liked the feeling of being close to Saki. Closer than she had ever been to another. She moved without thinking to hold her, putting a hand around Saki to hold the small of her back in her hand. It caught her by surprise what she did next. Eden brought herself closer to Saki and pushed her head close to the Chui's shoulder, nuzzling the fabric of her uniform with her nose.

"Saki, you're so nice to be close to," Eden murmured.

Misaki began to purr louder, now audible to her as well. She rubbed her head against the Taii's head, "So are you, you've done so much for me."

"You're more important to me than anyone I've ever known," Eden said to Saki, listening to the Neko purr and smiling as she did. She wondered what made her feel this way about Saki, then realized that it was because of who Saki was that she felt that way, no other reason. She simply enjoyed the other Neko immensely more than she had ever enjoyed someone before. "I want to do everything I can for you."

"I would enjoy that immensely, I would love for you to do that." She continued rubbing her head slowly against Eden's in a cuddlefest. Her purring becoming rhythmic and controlled and less spontaneous. She was really comfortable and enjoying her situation, as was Eden.

"What do you want me to do for you, Saki?" Eden asked. "I'll do everything and anything."

She was as flush as could be, "I-I don't know, I like cuddling and... stuff." She slowed her head down a little, trying to keep her composure.

"Then I'll cuddle you, Saki. The other "stuff" I'll do for you in time," Eden said as she drew her hips close to Saki's and entwined her legs in the first officer's. She pushed her head closer towards Saki's and rested it against the Neko's shoulder. "I'm getting..." she closed her eyes and said, "Very tired, now. I'm sorry if you're not as sleepy as me."

"You need to sleep, I'm just along for the ride right now." She winked and stopped rubbing her head, moving it away slightly to let the Taii sleep.

"Good night, Saki. Thank you," Eden said, then let herself slip away to dream about the "stuff" she would one day do with Saki.
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