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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission Two: Lists, Always Lists


Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS Hana/Wardroom
YSS Hana/Wardroom

Settling in the wardroom, a meal that was admittedly, much smaller than anything she'd used to have before her transition to a Nekovalkyrija body, but still, it was filling enough. She supposed it had something to do with the more optimized body metabolism. Thankfully her taste in what kind of food she had wasn't altered.

She was just coming off duty and so was enjoying herself a bit of dinner as she pondered what she'd do with her off-time, meaning she was still in her full uniform.

Lucas had already eaten dinner, and now was working on....Well work. It's what he did even in his free time, but he had also been helping Elenor as well, someone who he had become good friends with.

Speaking of which, He had been thinking, and needed to talk her about further lessons. The last one was clothes, and he hoped she had found good use for the useable clothes they could scrounge as well as the two he put together by hand.

Looking up from his pad, and a few papers he saw her eating. Was it that time already? He must have buried in his work to lose track of the time like that. Gathering his things, he grabbed a fresh cup of coffee before going over and sitting across from her.

"Hello, blessed day is not Elenor?", He offered with a smile as he sat down.

Looking up from her meal, Elenor gave Lucas a nod. "I dunno about blessed, but's good to see you as well." She replies, just before sticking the bit of steak into her mouth and chewing. Swallowing, she gives him a small smile. "So, keeping busy as usual?"

"Work never ends, only lulls. You off duty now?", He asked before taking a sip from his coffee.

Nodding, she smiled. "Yeah. What's up?" She asked, wondering what he had in mind this time around.

"I'd like to talk to you about something. Meet me in the VR chamber when your done eating?", Lucas asked.

Elenor quirked an eyebrow, but shrugged. "I don't see why not." She says, though it wasn't like she had much of a meal left to finish anyways. "You heading there now, or want me to meet you there while you put away your paperwork?"

"Latter would probably be best, kinda rude to bring work to meetings with friends. I'll see you there, I'll even bring coffee.", He said with a smile before getting up again and leaving towards the bunks with a kind wave.

Giving a nod, she polished off the food on her plate, taking it to the galley's bay to turn in. Since they were wanting to meet pretty quickly, Elenor figured she'd stick to her uniform. She could always change out of it later.

Lucas quickly stopped by his bunk, and deposited the paper work and pad to a drawer. He then quickly headed towards the rec room

Stepping into holocapsule, Elenor pondered what kind of setting to put it to for this meeting that apparently Lucas wanted to have.

He soon entered the rec room and headed into the VR chamber. There he found Elenor, "Alright I'm here, hope I didn't leave you waiting long."

Shaking her head, she gave him a quick smile. "Nope. Was just wondering what to boot up for but couldn't think of a thing before you arrived." She stated.

"Well given you like nature, I actually put something together in my free time.", Lucas said before punching in a few commands. The chamber shifted into a lush forest, and at the center sat a small table and two chairs, both seeming as if they were trees that had grown into those shapes.

"Hope you like it, I'm used to doing some holo displays, though had to look up a few self help documents for this one.", said with a humorous chuckle as he fully entered.

"Well well well." Elenor said, grinning as she looked around, hearing the artifical woodland sounds playing in a fairly natural fashion. "I can't fault your choice. It's pretty damned good." She states while walking to one of the two chairs and picking one at random. "Almost makes me think you're taking me on a date. Or maybe I am."

Lucas blushed lightly at that thought, his chalk white skin making it still obvious. He tried to hide it as he took the other chair, "Well thank you, I spent quite a bit if time on it, hope it's to your liking.....So the reason I wanted to talk to you. I thought maybe it would help.....if we discussed further lessons." He said inwardly cringing, sure she would get mad at him.

"Lessons... Lessons on, what?" Elenor said tersely, the good mood she had quickly souring. If it was what she thought it was, oh she was gonna be livid. Especially if he starts implying she wasn't doing as good a job at overcoming these faults on her own. Even as she has actively been trying to.

Sure, it might be irrational of her to react this way, but she still tended to have issues with people reminding her that, she was far from where she should be.

Lucas had been right, and he knew what was coming even as the words left his lips, "with...being...feminine. Now I'm not saying your not doing well, but there are probably topics that haven't been discussed, that need to be."

It was a good thing she was sitting down, otherwise Elenor was pretty sure she'd be trying to grab ahold of Lucas. "I'm. Doing. fine." She growled, tightening her hands on her knees. "I'm improving, and I'm getting better." She continued, keeping her focus on the table in front of her.

His face said how bad he knew it would sound, and how hurt to say, but they had to be. "I'm not saying you aren't. Your doing great, but has anyone even explained your body to you?"

"No..." She says after a long tense pause. And it was more a admission of the reality of her stiaution than her agreeing with his thoughts on discussing this matter now and in this fashion. "Not after the prank, and not once since I enlisted."

"I am saying and asking these things because I worry. I just want to make sure your okay and ready. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. I do this because I care.", Lucas said apologetically, hoping she understood that.

Taking a deep breath, she sighs. "Alright. Fine, I get your point. I don't have to like admitting it, but I can't exactly get away from teh facts, can I?"

Lucas gave a soft reassuring smile, "I just want to make sure you're prepared. I said I'd help, and I'm sure there are others like Juno who would as well. I understand I won't be able to help you with everything as some of it isn't my place to be there for the more sensitive things. But I will still help anyway I can."

"Then I suppose the questin is, what other 'lessons' do you think I need? It's not like any one person could off the bat tell everything one needed to be feminine or masculine. Much less how to shift from one to the other."

"As I've mentioned finding someone to explain how your body works is definitely a priority one. I can't help you with that one. Beauty habits maybe, makeup and the like? Mannerisms possibly. I don't know much about being a woman so that's just off the top of my head. I've noticed you've made progress on the last one.", He said thoughtfully while offering the last statement encouragingly.

"And then there's my walk..." She conceeds, shrugging. "I'm guessing you've been talking with people, or have you just been mulling this over in your head?"

"Actually I was referring to your walk, you've actually had a sway to it lately. And I've been talking to Juno as well as thinking.", He replied.

Elenor couldn't help but quirk and eyebrow at Lucas. "And you've been watching me? I'm not sure if I should feel special, or creeped out."

Lucas's blush went full blown at the suggestion, and as he realized just how his words sounded. "Um, uh....I-I wasn't trying to make it sound like that. I-i-i had just happened to notice!", He said nervously, even though that was partially wrong, He had watched a little bit. Which he felt ashamed of now as it was not appropriate of him to have done that.

Elenor eyed him for a few moments more, narrowing one eye to look more closely at him. "Well then." She says. There was no punishment, not disapproval, just... 'right.' Which might be just as bad, if not worse!

"So you and Juno have been mulling over a list together, working on things I could use help with. Somehow I doubt Juno is the first pick for helping me in some of these lessons."

"Actually Aradia was one of the people we considered requesting help from, with your permission of course.", He said still nervous. He'd met the one woman who could make him flinch.

"Isn't she one of the... Actually, I think only science officer we have onboard?"

"Yes.", He said relaxing finally.

"Kind of a small list you've gathered of those who could help." Elenor says, smirking a bit. "Do the rest imtimidate you and Juno that much?"

"Well you see....I'm almost as new as you are. The last mission was my first. You, Juno, and Zoeichi are really the only three people I actually know.", He said admitting shyly.

"Right. Well, that makes things all the more difficult." Elenor admits, huffing a bit and crossing her arms. "I mean, Zoeichi isn't exactly what I think any of us would look to for help in this. If that 5 hour last stand session I found her in the other day means anything."

Lucas remembered his encounter with Zoe very well, and more then new that truth, that is why he and Juno had purposely not considered her help.

"I'm terribly sorry we haven't been more helpful. I have tried to familiarize myself with the crew better, but that takes time. I am happy however to have you three as friends.", He said apologetically once more, "I guess we could always ask Sakura."

"Remind me again who Sakura is? You'd think I'd learned who's who on the ship by now.." Elenor mutters, shaking her head.

"She's the cook."

"Ah right. Odin, you'd think I'd remember who it was that feeds us."

"I don't know everyone either. You're not alone in that.

"Small crew, still a lot of new faces to learn. Alright, so that's a couple of possibilities. It's something." Elenor admits, sighing. "Alright, say we put this list of yours into action... who do you recommend we go to, of those you have an idea of."

Lucas thought for a moment, "Well Aradia might be best for biology, she is a scientist. Sakura for makeup, maybe even mannerisms. If Sassa had survived she would have been best for makeup, all three really." He finished tapping his fingers on the table.

Elenor pondered. "We'll have to talk to each of them, quietly of course."

"Right,.....well that takes care of that. Again sorry for springing the topic on you.", Lucas said rubbing his neck as they finished getting that conversation out of the way. He wasn't sure what to talk about next, or If she even really wanted to talk to him after bringing the conversation up in the first place

Leaning against the table, Elenor looked around. "Ya know, I was kind of lucky growing up. Back home, a place like this would have only been found in the inner settlements..." She says, hoping to get the discussion just had buried as quickly as possible.

"Sounds like an interesting homeworld. I've only ever been on one planet, and know how that was.", Lucas said thinking on that idea. Nature was a foreign thing to him, the only bit experienced were those seen on the fortress where he went through training. He hadn't actually set foot on Yamatai before.

"Oh, let's just say that the closer to the outer settlements you got... the more miserable things got. Not by disposition or disdain." Elenor explained, shrugging. "Let's just say that not everyone can stand the fence's effects for extended periods."

"Fences?", The Iroma man asked miffed.

"Let's just say that where most of the folks lived on the edges... had to have protection against a native pest. And the fences help keep them away from animals and people. But they have a... unpleasant effect on people nearby. And out there, the fences are in pretty high numbers."

"Huh, must be a very challenging environment to live in. Space Station have the usual issues of living in what is essentially a box in space.", He said wondering what that planet must be like, "do you still have family there?"

"Depends. Most of those who live in the frontier chose to do so and well, slow but sure the area that's actually mostly safe to live in expands. As for family, yeah. My dad and my mom. Dad's in construction and mom's a housewife."

"Do you hear from them much?", He asked.

"Yeah. About the only thing of my past that I hold onto. They're still supporting of me, and hell, they backed my choices when I enlisted, so there's that."

"Thats good to hear! I get messages from my sister Violet every once in a while.", Lucas said with a smile, happy to hear her family was still living.

Elenor gives a nod, and smirks. "Good to hear on that. Though I can't imagine she gets a lot of time if she's as famous as you make her out to be."

"I get at least one every two weeks like clockwork. I haven't heard the name violet accompanied by fame, so I assume she has a stage name she's known by. Probably using her real name in our letters so I know it's her. I haven't seen her in years though. She'd be a grown woman by now.", Lucas said as he wished to see her again. They had left on mutual terms, not at all bad in any way, and he still loved his sister. "I never even told her about what happened, she knows I enlisted, but not why."

"Ooph. That can't be fun. Still, that's a bit more frequent than me. I get one about once a month." Elenor says, shrugging. "It's usally well worth the wait though."

"Im probably going to go visit if I can next shore leave. Any place you'd want to go for yours?", He asked as he dreaded having to tell Violet that some day.

"I dunno. Never really thought about it in any kind of depth. Other than my home, the only places I've been to are Yamatai and than the various ships." She says, thinking on it. "I'm not even sure where I'd want to go for a visit."

Lucas chuckled, "Maybe you can come with me to visit Violet? Get backstage passes to one of her shows maybe even."

"Okay, I'll admit, I'd enjoy that." She says, grinning. "Getting to enjoy a concert and even meet one of the artists? Worth it."

"I can see to making arrangements once I know when we have shore leave.", Lucas said with a smile.

"Sounds like a plan to me." She states, leaning back in the chair. She really wanted to ask why he'd gone to such efforts to make this little simulation, but she was partially worried that'd be too forward, even for her.

"Well we still have time free, though we're finished with the concert space, soo.........what should we do?", Lucas asked.

"I... Really don't know. Not feeling like doing music myself." Elenor replied, shrugging.