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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission Two: Runway Jitters

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS-Hana: Shuttle bay
the walk to the shuttle bay itself wasn't long (just about everywhere on the ship was at most 10 minutes walking), she wasn't sure what was going on based purely on the message she'd gotten from Lucas. Especially since it'd been a personal message from him to her personal account. Which meant it wasn't duty related, otherwise their duty accounts would have been used.

[Public Sync Network]
FROM: >preachaman148
TO: >SolidFeline

>Hey got something for you that might help. Meet me in the shuttle at 18:00.

[Message Ends]

And since the time he said to come to the bay was during her off-duty hours, she was dressed in more casual wear. Mind, that meant she was in her bodysuit with the pants of her type 37 uniform worn. Opening the hatch to the shuttle bay, she stepped in and looked around.

Lucas waeve from one of the troop seats, a large box next to his legs. "Sorry for the sudden message out if the blue. But remember I said I'd help you, well I figured if it was okay with you. We'd start with something simple." He said patting the box.

"Yeah... But why the shuttle?" Elenor asked, climbing into the passenger bay of the craft. "And what's in the box?"

" a box of donated women's clothing...meant for you.", He said letting that sit before continuing, "plus the shuttle is the one place no one will walk in on our conversation as it offers decent privacy."

Taking a few moments to look between the box and Lucas, Elenor's ears twitch in a quite neko fashion as she thinks on things. "So... you asked the other women on the ship, for clothes, for me to wear?" She asked, slowly to make sure she understood what was going on.

He scratched his neck a little at the question, "Well, I mean yeah. I figured it might help with you know."

"Oh." She said, blushing. Still, she climbs into the shuttle. "I mean, I have clothes I can wear. I mean, sure, they might not be the most feminine things around... but I mean..." She paused, thinking on it. "Okay, I'll admit it, my wardrobe sucks for a woman."

There was a small clatter near the entrance to the shuttle bay before a lone and very much empty can of energy drink began rolling through the room - followed by some shuffling behind a stack of boxes.

Lucas whipped his attention to where the noise was eminating from. "You know you're not very stealthy right?"

Elenor turned, not at all surprised. "Come on out." She stated simply, crossing her arms. "You're the only other one here."

A short moment of silence passed before an ash-brown ponytail poked out from behind the pile of boxes, the hoodie-clad form of Juno revealed herself with a weak, guilty smile on her face. "Shit I, I'm sorry - it's just that this sudden need for clothes piqued my interest," the combat engineer spoke, one leg awkwardly rubbing against the back of the other one.

"I can go if you want, lips'll be sealed."

Elenor shakes her head. "No... It's bound to get out on the ship anyways... Might as well rip the bandage off now." She states, waving a dismissive hand.

"Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Juno could give you more accurate help then I can.", Lucas said for some reason not surprised.

Juno walked up to the two, hands buried deep in her pockets before she came to a halt and spoke, "Well I'm not one hundred percent sure what exactly is going on but I'll help in any way I can." The Minkan shut her emerald eyes and offered the two fellow crew members a kind smile.

Lucas thought how to say what he was going to say, "Eleanor...needs help learning how to dress more like a woman."

Elenor nodded, and sighed. "And probably a lot of other things too, but I guess clothes is easier to do now than some of the other stuff."

"Ah well I'm not the most effeminate person I know but I have my ways - it's good to meet you properly Elenor, I'm Juno Aurion," the combat engineer introduced herself with a small, respectful nod.

"Elenor Herrick." She replied to juno, grinning.

"So I guess it would probably be a good idea if you two started going through the contents of the box. I'm not sure how much you want me involved in this now that Juno is here. Like I said she'll probably be more help.", Lucas said sliding the box over.

Elenor shrugged at Lucas. "Let's be honest, there's a lot I'm still figuring out." She states, while walking over to the box and picking it up. "Suppose the real question, is what kind of horrors have the crew set up for me today..."

"You like looking at girls don't you Lucas?" Juno asked with a small wink before she moved closer to the box.

"Well most of my stuff is pretty tame so you've got that going for you - and I don't outright know of any crew members who'd have something too bad... here is hoping," she continued, giving the box a sideways glance.

As if to prove that statement a paradox, one of the first items lifted was nothing more then a G-string.

"What was that you were saying?"

Elenor blinked as she pulled out the first item after setting the box onto a seat. "If I'm about to become the UNlucky Neko, I'm not sure which will kill me first... the enemy or my own embarassment!" She stated after seeing just what the item was. Quickly putting it into a second box that was empty nearby, she took several moments to try and calm her nerves, face quite flushed.

Nonetheless, once she'd done that, she hoped the second item in the box wouldn't be nearly as bad.

"They're not mine but... I mean I'm not saying I'd be opposed to see somebody wear them," Juno snuck in under her breath - letting out a small chuckle.

The next item was only worse then before, it covered only slightly more, but only because it had the words "ear me", on the crotch.

"I'm starting to think the later. A lot of these were Sassa's who died in the last mission."

"Oh." Elenor paused a moment at the explaination. "I see." She put the the second item into the 'seen' box, and took a breath before pulling out the third item. Maybe she could start getting lucky?

"Well there is nowhere to go but forwards, I guess we will just have to find out," the Minkan added.

The third item was much larger but none less skimpy. It was a one piece of straps that wrapped around the body, but clearly left the breasts exposed. In the crotch was a built in chrome egg. On the item was a note that said "enjoy." With a femininely drawn smiley face.

"Dear Lord, I thought the last one was bad.", Lucas commented almost regretting agreeing with this now.

And that one is very quickly put into the box. With a beat red skintone creeping into most of Elenor's exposed skin. "All Father..." She mutters quietly, closing her eyes and needing to take several deep breaths before reaching in and hoping the next item was at least... She wasn't sure what, but definitely hopfully better than the last three!

As she pulled it out. She was glad. There felt like a lot more material to it! Opening her eyes, they nearly bulged out of her head. While the previous ones were, skimpy, this was... well... She was able to see her hand through the sheer material, the breasts were held in by a very thin piece of the same material, all of it in a very dark, almost black color. Of course, that just covered the upper part. The bottoms attached were, quite the shock to the poor girl.

After all, how often does one find a built in 'toy' with 'self' added, both in sizes that should not have been possible to actually fit into anyone or anything normal, with the words 'Queen B*ch' written on the front just above the 'toy'.

Lucas only stared wide eyed, "Good God, What is that a torture device?"

"I don't know... I... I can't tell if what I'm holding is real or not..."

"Okay... that's intense even for me..."Juno managed to mutter out, it looked more like some kind of primative bludgeon than something that should go in your body. "Who even..."

"Did say most of it belonged to Sassa. She was kind of Zoeichi's playmate f that says anything.", Lucas commented.

"Hmm true... I guess that does explain it a bit, but shit..." the Minkan breathed out in surprise, her eyes widening momentarily.

"If I pull out one more thing of a similar nature, I'm throwing this box at you Lucas." Elenor growled out, while reaching in and pulling out the next item.

It was just a pair of regular jeans.

"Hey there you go.", Lucas said with a chuckle.

"Ah I think those are mine," Juno began speaking, noticing a scuff on the left knee. "Give them a try, they're super comfy."

"Hey, better than... Those things!" Elenor replied, before giving Juno a nod. "Not too dissimilar to the pants I already got." She muses, before heading to the cockpit. "Just, no peeping, okay? Not sure how much more embarrassment
I can take."

"The door does have a lock.", He commented idly.

"You'll be fine, don't worry," Juno added as she crossed her arms and waited,

After a few moments,Elenor stepped out of the cockpit, now wearing the jeans over the bodysuit. "These are comfy. A bit on the big side, but nothing a belt can't fix." Her boots and uniform pants were visible, sitting on one of the cockpit's chairs.

"Maybe we can find a shirt to go with that?", Lucas asked before looking at the box briefly. He pulled out a T-shirt that was all white and had a red heart on it, "I dunno, what do you think?" He asked Juno.

"I think..." Juno trailed off, moving over to the box and retrieving a beige v-neck t-shirt that seemed to be worn by somebody with rather... neko-like proportions. "I think this might be better, what do you two think?" she asked expectantly, showing the article of clothing off to them.

Looking between the offered shirts, seemed a bit uncertain. "I, umm..." She stammered, ears drooping a bit as she tried to decide which might be less embarrassing to wear.

"At least this one is more modest."

Juno let out a thought-filled 'Hmmm' as she took a second to think before sharing her small light bulb moment, "In my opinion it's whether you want to dress like a girl or a woman - does that make some sense of all this?"

"I, I want to dress like a woman, yeah..." Elenor says finally, wondering what Juno had in mind. "I mean,I've been trying to adjust to being one for the last six years... With various degrees of success."

"So I'm guessing your suggesting the V neck. See your better at this then I am.", Lucas chuckled, tossing the shirt into the 'seen' box.

Juno squinted for a moment as she rose, at first she assumed it was the transition each neko made from a vat into service but that seemed like an awful long time so now she was stumped. "Here you go then, let us know what you think," she spoke with a kind yet somewhat cautious tone.

Taking the shirt, she nodded, pulling it on, since no point hiding away to pull on a shirt. "I suppose I should explain a bit... Hence why I said it was going to get out eventually... I chose to transfer into being a Nekovalkyrja when I enlisted. I, well, I was trying to get away from some issues I'd had growing up, hence why. Issues that started two years before I enlisted." Elenor explained, alternating between brushing the shirt down and holding on to the hem of it nervously. "I uhh, Ieenlisted 4 years ago."

"I guess now we know what to more precisely look for, I guess I'll look for more stuff."

"Huh," the Minkan mused, one hand moving to scratch her chin before she continued. "Well it's a little non-standard but you know what was best for you - speaking of which, I'd say you look rather nice in that top," Juno complimented with a warm grin, trying to boost the girl's confidence.

Giving Juno a smile back. "I do? I mean, I get so embarrassed wearing the issued skirt with our uniforms most of the time..."

"Yeah, really - I can't be bothered having to remove a belt and boots and all that every time so you'll see me running around in my type 21 with a hoodie for modesty's sake but essentially wearing nothing has it's advantages," Juno piped back, looking the outfit up once more and giving Elanor a thumbs up.

Lucas gathered a small stack of normal clothes that were still womanly, "Yes very good, also picked through and found more things that aren't from fantasy dungeons.", He said offering the stack as he set it aside on one of the other seats.

"Was there seriously that many?" Elenor muttered, looking between the stack in Lucas' hands and the box. "Man, I have wonder what the rest of the crew do with themselves... Wait, no, not gonna go that route. I really don't want to know!"

"I do kinda wnat to ask though, are there any more lethal fucking weapons in there? eesh," Juno asked with a slight giggle, the pun going straight over her head.

"I don't think you want that answer, this box is still half full. And I must say I'm with Eleanor on rather not knowing.", Lucas interjected giving the box a nudge with his foot as if it was a dangerous animal.

Taking the stack from Lucas, Elenor took a deep breath and stepped into the cockpit, closing it and leaving the pair to mull over things, look for more clothes, what have you while she worked on getting into the next outfit.

"Okay fine, majority vote and all that - I'll see if I can find anything else," the Minkan spoke as she crouched down and began rummaging through the box, reaching in deep past a few suspicious-feeling objects before she found something that seemed relatively tame at least - pulling it out to inspect.

Lucas gave the thing a raised eyebrow, "What is it?"

Juno honestly didn't quite know what it was, the material made her think it was a pair of leggings but now she could see it more resembled a sock with no opening, "Dunno, honestly I don't want to know," she responded before throwing the... thing over to the 'seen' box.

"Yamatai has the oddest culture, and that's saying something when Iroma culture is centered around basically drugs and religion.", Lucas said scratching his head.

The door opened about that moment, with Elenor stepping out, wearing a mismatching skirt that reached her knees, and a rather short yukata. "I, couldn't find anything that looked okay with this top..." She mutters, blushing and turning her gaze to look to the side.

Juno glanced her emerald eyes across to Elenor, dragging them up and down her figure with a sympathetic smile, "No black pencil skirts? bugger - that'd look quite nice otherwise, or if the yukata was a little bit longer you could easily forgoe a skirt all together!" she offered as some advice to the Neko.

Elenor's face only gets more red at the suggestion. "Oh All Father..." She mutters, now clasping her hands in her lap, trying to tug the yukata lower than it could go. Honestly, if she hadn't worn the skirt, there'd only have been her bodysuit from the top of her hips down.

"Traditionally yes, but who ever wore that is clear much shorter. Something we need to watch for now.", Lucas said looking it over, "wouldn't be hard to modify and make longer, something I can definitely do."

"I think they were about my height... the sleeves and torso are all about the right size... it just has almost no bottom!" Elenor gripes, ears drooping as she tries to recover, in her mind at least, some dignity from this.

"Hey don't worry too much about it, some people like super short things like that but despite it being a bit mis-matchy I'd say you're pretty cute in it," Juno complimented, she couldn't help but let out a little giggle at how much Elenor was squirming about. "How about another outfit, hm?" she asked.

Giving a quick nod, Elenor scampered back into the cockpit. "I might keep the top... if I can find a skirt that matches it better..." She says as she goes in.

"I did say I could make it longer, a Yukata is supposed to be one piece, like a Kimono."

There is soon a confused yell coming from the cockpit. "How in the All Father's name is anyone supposed to WEAR this thing?!"

Juno turned towards the cockpit and squinted at the commotion, "Hey Elenor, do you need some help in there?" the combat-engineer raised her voice as she offered assistance.

"I, think I might. I can't tell how this is supposed to be put on in the first place... like, which sides the front!?"

"Okay don't freak out but I'm coming in," Juno gave as the only bit of warning before she moved to open the door and see what all this fuss was about.

Luca made sure to avert his eyes away from the cockpit door, "Juno's got this.", He said with a thumb up.

As Juno entered, she could see what the fuss was about. It looked like the item Elenor was trying to figure out was a swimsuit of sorts, but it had enough straps and lines to it that working out how it was worn was, clearly a challenge to the neko holding it. As it was, she was currently just in her bodysuit, so while she wasn't nude, it was in effect similar. Thankfully, she was so focused on figuring out what she was holding that she wasn't bothered by Juno's coming in and seeing her in this state.

"Ah you do appear to be in a bit of a pickle," Juno said with a stifled snicker as she got lost in the collection of lines and straps and whatever else it had going on. "It'd probably be better to just start again, can you get out of it easily enough? or do you need my help?"

"I haven't even managed to figure out how to put it on first..." Elenor mutters, sighing a bit.

"Okay hold still, this thing is a fucking maze!" the Minkan exclaimed as she gave the thing one more look over before nodding and gripping it with both her strong hands, trying to get it off of the Neko.

Letting Juno take it with little fuss, Elenor simply huffed and crossed her arms. "Some of this stuff just eludes me..." She grumbles.

The ash-brown haired engineer gave a little grunt of effort as she managed to start getting Elenor into the cursed contraption, deciding to try and keep her spirits high in the meantime. "Don't worry about it - there is a reason I stick to simple one pieces on the odd occasion I get out of this jumpsuit."

"So, how do we put this thing on?" She asked, looking it over while Juno examined the outfit.

"I... I can only guess but it might be like climbing into the back of power armour?" Juno suggested before realizing her error and trying to explain it.

"LIke maybe you go in through the chest and then bring it up?" Juno tried gesturing with the strange swimwear as she handed it back to Elenor.

Looking it over in that light, Elenor slowly nodded, before her face began to heat up in another blush. "Ummm... Maybe, uhh... You could step out? I don't think I could fit my bodysuit into it as well...."

A small pink hue also crept onto the Minkan's cheeks as she gave a slightly awkward smile, "Oh uh sorry... I'll step out, but yell if you need anything else." Juno span on her heel and left the cockpit, closing it behind her as she moved back over to Lucas.

They had been there a good while, long enough for Lucas to leave, and return with a small sewing kit. He was sitting there looking at the non-useable items, thinking on how to maybe you parts of others to make them useable. It had just seemed like a shame for half a box to go to waste.

"I trust everything was figured out?"

"I think so? We'll see in a bit I guess," Juno informed him as she eyed the sewing kit inquisitively. "A bit of a seamstress are you? huh."

After Juno left, there seemed to be silence from the imprompto dressing room, seeming to just drag on.

"Well yeah, my sister and I had to make due with what we had. You pick up things where you can, and I've gotten quite good at it.", Lucas replied, "Also seamstress are female, I would be a seamster, or a tailor." He added with a soft smile.

After so long of silence, Lucas was beginning to worry. "She's awfully silent, you might need to go in and check on her. Starting to get worried it strangled her."

"Hm," Juno gave as her own worry, filled response as she looked back over her shoulder to the shuttle's cockpit. "One moment, keep up the good work, seamstress," she joked with a nervous chuckle before moving over to give a few firm knocks against it.

"I-I'm fine!" Came the response, though the nervousness it spoke of was quite deep. "I'm, just steeling myself to step out... That's all!"

"Alright phew,"Juno breathed a sigh of relief, now knowing Elenor hadn't been strangled by a rogue piece of overly complicated swimwear. "Well we'll be out here when you are ready, sweet cheeks," she added with a chuckle before moving back to Lucas again.

"She nervous?", He asked as she came back over.

Juno didn't say anything, she raised one hand and gestured 'a little bit' with her left thumb and pointer finger.

The hatch soon opened behind Juno, revealing the quite red Neko, wearing just a swimsuit that, well, it's no wonder she had trouble figuring out. Of course, Elenor was also trying to put on a brave face, and intentionally keeping her hands to her sides, since she didn't have her uniform's bodysuit as a sort of mental shield. "W-Well? H-How do I look?" She stammered out, hoping she at least didn't look horrible like this.

The Minkan span around and couldn't help but lick her lips as she looked over Elenor, eyes dragging up and down the woman's body before Juno offered a kind smile with a little bit of friendly jelousy behind it, "Shit... you look bloody drop-dead gorgeous!"

"Your beautiful Elenor. No need to be shy about that.", Lucas said offering a warm smile.

Giving a stiff nod, Elenor struggled to keep her hands from doing what she wanted to do, which was try and cover herself up. "T-Thanks. Maybe when I feel a bit more confident, well, about my self, I'll wear this... Just, not sure I'm ready for this just yet."

Juno gave a kind smile as she looked at Elenor and saw a bit of herself - that struggle of resisting the urge to cover yourself up because your nerves were feeding you all the wrong information...

"Baby steps, but hey - was I correct in how you're supposed to put it on?" she queried, hands snaking their way back into her hoodie pockets.

Elenor nodded. "Yeah. It was, surprisingly easy once figured out." She said, nodding.

"Reckon you can get out of it by yourself then?" Juno began asking with a small chuckle, "You seem to have it all figured out."

"Most likely..." She says. "I just hope the next outfit is more... sensible? Okay, less showy, there." Elenor finishes, before turning around, revealing just how much skin to exposed as well, before closing the cockpit again.

Juno let out a small huff of air at the sight of Elenor leaving before she turned to speak to Lucas, "She's cute, I like her."

"We're friends, I agree she's cute, though I won't say that online given how shy she is. I try to not make her uncomfortable as she adjusts. I know it was hard for her to share her past, and I'm trying everything to help, but Elenor is making progress.", Lucas said as he worked on something ending the sentence as he cut a piece of thread almost in emphasis.

"I understand, it must be rough for her but I'd say she's doing a pretty good job of fitting in so-far though - I just would have thought she was a shy girl and nothing more... you know how I am with that kind of thing," Juno mused, giving the Iroma a knowing nod.

"Aye.", Lucas replied.

It looked like he was putting together a fancy blouse, one he had almost finished. It was more then one color, but made a nice pattern to the article. After a moment he had finished it, and it looked just like something bought from a store. He reached into the box and pulled out a item that was almost impossible to tell how it was supposed to be worn, or even what it was.

It metal wires running through it. Lucas pulled that out of it and using his concealed monomolecular knife to cut a length if it free. He then bent it into a wire hangar, which he hung the blouse on from a support bar above.

"She is having trouble with her walk, not finding it easy to put a sway to her hips. Something a woman does naturally. You could probably help her with that.", He said hunting for more materials.

"I mean... I can try? Though I don't think womanly charms are my specialty - hell I'll still give it a shot," Juno spoke as she observed Lucas' handiwork, sounding a little like she was arguing with herself but stopping to let out a sigh.

"...can't exactly be sexy with a hoodie on though," she mused as a hand ran down her zipper, peeling the hoodie off to reveal the bodysuit underneath and her well proportioned body that was smoothed out for reason's Lucas should know.

The Minkan had to resist the urge to cover herself up but she was a bit more comfortable with it than she had been when she first joined the ship.

The door soon opens, and it's clear that Elenor found another outfit, that probably was best not wearing the bodysuit with. The gown was quite the ornate affair, with a bodice worn under the coat in such a way that left the whole of center of her chest was exposed, with a pair of leggings that cling to her legs up to mid thigh, showing them off in spectacular fashion, combined with the heels that Elenor was clearly struggling a bit with.

"I am not a fan of heels yet..." She grumbled, arms out to try and help her balance.

Lucas looked around Juno to see the new outfit. The needle and string he had been holding between his lips as he gathered pieces, fell as his mouth fell open in awe.

"Wow you look really good in that.", He said before realizing he had dropped the needle.

Juno's eyes were wide as she took in the new sight, emerald orbs slowly blinking a few times as she was captivated by Elenor's appearance. A pink tone snuck onto her cheeks before the Minkan finally managed to drag her eyes up past the exposed cleavage to give a happy smile. "I... you're stunning...," Juno began speaking, clearing her throat and putting her head in a better space before continuing.

"Heels are hellish to get used to... I'll look for a pair quickly," she finished before squatting down and turning around to rummage through a box.

Elenor looked over as Juno started rummaging, and just worked her way to a place she could hold herself up with an arm. "I struggling during training to wear 'em, I still haven't gotten teh hang of them." She grumbled. "Still, thanks, I think. Not sure when I'd find time to wear something this fancy though..."

Juno managed to find a pair of black stilletos in the box - they weren't exactly something she would wear unless she had to but they'd fit the role now, she floated back up and began putting the horrid things on before lowering her shapely legs to the ground once more.

It took a moment for the Minkan to find her footing but she managed to before turning to Elenor, "Right well from memory it goes - heel, pressure on the ball of your foot and then kinda... tip-toe into the next step, like so." The technician began slowly strutting forwards, trying to put a bit of an extra sway into her bodysuit-clad hips and emphasizing the movements to hopefully make them easier to interpret.

Lucas finally cleared his mind as he picked up the needle once more. He watched from the side as he worked, taking piece from the less then suitable items in the box. Slowly, but rather surely, the new item began to take form. To be honest he was enjoying this, as they were helping Elenor, and it was kinda fun.

It wasn't a normal get together by any means, but it was nice. He wondered what he would make next after the current item. This train of thought halted though. Between his thoughts, watching the girls go through teachings, and him sewing, he'd got distracted. The needle sticking out of his hand said as much.

He set the article aside and grabbed a bandage from a medkit.

Watching as Juno worked on showing her how to better walk in the heels, Elenor couldn't help but smile a small bit at how she wasn't the only person who struggled. Nonetheless, she was willing to try and learn. Especially if it meant she wasn't going to constantly faceplant while walking in them.

Juno stopped and turned around, wincing as she saw Lucas lance his hand through with the needle - "You okay there Lucas?" she asked, taking a little bit of effort to remain upright. It had been... a long time since she'd worn heels taller than her work boots.

"Well Elenor - how about you try it now? use that inertial control of yours to take some of the weight off if you need to."

Giving it a try, Elenor eased herself away from her 'crutch', and started trying to move like Juno was showing. "I could, but that'd be cheating, ya know?" She says, taking each step slowly and carefully, trying to make sure she didn't hurt herself but also get the 'feel' of the movements right.

"What, oh just wasn't paying attention. I've had way worse, not a problem.", He said putting the bandage on before going right back to work.

Juno shot a slightly concerned look over to Lucas as he began bandaging himself before she happily brought Elenor back into her vision, watching the Neko try to walk in high heels. "See? you're getting there," she offered as words of encouragement while crossing her arms under her chest.

Oh she was 'getting there' alright, if at a snails pace. No, it's possible a snail would have been moving much faster. Still, she is making some progress, if not a lot. A fair bit of it seemed to just be how she tried to work her center of balance with each step.

Lucas finished the skirt and made another hanger before hanging it next to the blouse. He paused for a moment to see how the girls were doing, "Your doing great Elenor, just relax and it will get more natural with practice."

"Yeah exactly!," Juno spoke somewhat over-enthusiastically, trying to spur the Neko on with a sense of confidence. "So far so good, hell I think you're doing better than I did my first time wearing heels," the Minkan continued, floating over to a nearby crate and deciding to plonk her athletic rear down on the polymer surface as she watched Elenor.

"I attribute my success thus far to my Neko-given agility." Elenor says, having finally reached her destination, a crate near Lucas, before taking another deep breath and working on heading back to the cockpit door, using it as a chance to practice.

Juno lifted her legs up and began taking the uncomfortable little bastards off of her own feet, she'd done her part for now and the Minkan never really was one for playing dress-ups.

"Well you keep at it and you'll get used to it in no time, just think of that as a slight head-start I guess," she spoke with a smile before tossing the black pair of high-heels back toward one of the clothing boxes.

Once she'd reached the door, she stumbled in. So glad was she to finally pull the damned things off, and as much as she wanted ot just up and up throw them away, she knew that she couldn't just throw such things aside willy-nilly.

Juno's ash-brown ponytail jostled around slightly as she swung her head around from the shuttle to look over Lucas and his handywork, she let out a small yet impressed sound at the articles of clothing.

"You really are rather decent at that, aren't you?" she asked the Iroma

"Just something you have to get good at when growing up with a sister and no.home.", Lucas said idly as he looked over the other possible useable pieces.

"Yeah it does sound rough..." the Minkan trailed off a bit before forcing a happier look onto her face, pearly whites showing in a slightly lop-sided grin.

"But you're still with us and I'm glad for it, rough starts aside."

"You don't know the half of it.", Lucas chuckled as he began putting together another outfit, "I've been through much worse."

Juno hopped off of the crate and strutted over to Lucas, giving him a friendly shove in the side before moving over to his hand-crafted clothing. "Hey do you mind if I run these over to the lass? they look awesome!" she asked rather enthusiastically.

"Not at all. They are for her after all.", He said rubbing his side.

"Cool, I'll be just a moment." Juno said with one last smile as she threw the hoodie back on to cover her bodysuit's torso, it remained unzipped as she carefully plucked the freshly-modified clothes off of a rack and began floating toward where Elenor was hiding.

"Special delivery for you, more clothes!" the Minkan warned her, pausing outside the shuttle's cockpit. "well where do ya want them?"

Pointing somewhat blindly, Elenor was busy trying to get the ones already worn organized again. "Thank the All Father I'm almost done with this..." She mutters.

Lucas sat back and waited to see the next outfit, content with the handy work he had done. If she needed anything later, he would have no problem putting it together.

"Righto - I'll leave you to it then," Juno replied as she put the clothes down more or less where the Neko had pointed, chancing a sly glance before she moved back to sit near Lucas.

She was in her bodysuit once more, so while Juno got a decent view of the Neko cleaning up the cockpit of hte mess of clothes, there wasn't anything in particular interesting to see maybe. Still, she nodded at Juno as she turned and steeled herself for hopefully the last outfit of the bunch.

"I guess here comes the finale.", Lucas commented idly, "Lord willing, hopefully this has helped."

"Mhm," Juno agreed, idly putting her hands between her knees as she patiently waited, "she's sweet, I hope I - I hope we managed to be of some help to her."

It doesn't take the neko long to come out, wearing hte blouse and skirt combo that Lucas had stiched together, worn atop her bodysuit. While she was still a bit nervous, it was definitely one of the more comfortable outfits showcased thus far.

Juno stood up from her makeshift seat, snapping the fingers on both hands before she pointed to the Neko, "Now that, that really does suit you - I reckon it might even be the best one so far."

The Minkan looked over her shoulder toward Lucas and gave him a compliment of, "Seems you might have a talent if logicstics doesn't end up working out for you."

"You flatter me, but I've just had a lot of practice.", Lucas replied before turning to Eleanor, "You look beautiful, I hope everything was the correct measurement."

She gave Lucas a quick nod. "Yeah, thanks. I'm just glad this doesn't feel like it's trying to show me off."

"Really, it's true - you're looking better than I ever could!" Juno added to try and further bolster Elenor's confidence.

"Yes well, I figured you'd prefer something more modest and less.....sexualized, then what some of our female comrades prefer.", Lucas stated.

"For that I thank you Lucas." She said, smiling. "Still, I suppose we should probably get out of here. I can't imagine this space remaining out of the way for long..." She mused, pulling off the shirt and skirt, while grabbing hold of her Type-37 field uniform pants and boots, slipping them on.

"Aw, is it all over so quickly?" Juno mused a little dejectedly as she eyed Elenor getting into another layer of unform. "Well it was unexpected but kinda fun too!"

"Agreed. I'll take the remaining materials and see if I can fashion anything additional. Well I hope I have proved useful in aiding you Elenor.", Lucas agreed before helping packing all the outfits chosen into a separate box.

Giving a quick nod, Elenor happily sighed once she was in her uniform again, at least, most of it anyways. "Suppose I'll see you both around then, once, ya know, we get the things I'll be taking with me to my quarters."

"I guess so, it's good to meet you Elenor - I'm glad I could at least try to help," the Minkan offered with a smile as she took the box from Lucas and offered it to the Neko.

"I'll drop off anything else I can put together. Have a good evening.", Lucas said with a nod.