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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission Two: Seranading Siren

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS-Hana: Free Space
Lucas finished dragging.the last of the empty crates into the empty space. He had leave the back section of the room empty for other equipment and as the stage area. Well it wasn't elevated, or even a stage, just a bare section of space. Lucas stood back and looked at his handy work.

Standing straight, Elenor wiped her brow. "Okay, that should be all of it. I wouldn't want to be in here during combat, but it's good enough for now I think." She says, smiling, having been helping him get the space set up when they both had time and nothing better to do.

"Probably should check the acoustics, to make sure it doesn't echo too badly for louder noise. Though I left my guitar back in my bunk.", He said scratching his neck. He was actually dressed casual for once, an odd change, even hadn't quite understood. He was wearing a white muscle shirt like he usually did under his service jacket, and a pair of black jeans.

Elenor had also forgone her usual wear of her bodysuit and uniform pants today. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt and some simple cargo pants, though she had opted to wear her boots with it. "Well, it wouldn't take much to get it I think." She says, picking a 'chair' at random to sit upon.

"Fair enough, I'll be right back.", Lucas said with a grin.

He left the room and reappeared a few moments later with the instrument slung across his back. He moved to the back and leaned the instrument against the wall, before dragging a crate over to sit on. Taking a seat with the guitar in hand, he adjusted the strings before giving a quick strum.

As he figured there would be there was a slight echo, but very faint, meaning it wasn't a worry. "Alright that's the major concern off the plate."

"Nice. At least now when we have our off-duty concerts, we don't have to worry about the sound being too big an issue. Shame we can't better ready this for such uses, but eh, I'm sure we'll get enough out of it as it is now." Elenor says, giving Lucas a quick round of applause as they confirmed that the accoustics of the space would work for the the planned purposes.

Still, they needed to test the microphone they'd managed to put together, and well, she was sure Lucas wasn't really suited to testing that. Which had her feeling a bit nervous at the moment.

He gave her a look and a smile, "Which brings us to the next check. The microphone, now I will say I know I don't have the voice."

He set the guitar aside, and stepped away before moving the microphone to center stage. "I know you got this.", He said walking over and offering a hand.

Looking between his hand and his face, almost like he was holding out a trap for her hand, Elenor finally took a deep breath and took it, following him to the microphone. "Just, don't complain to me when your ears start aching." She says, pulling out her music player, and finding a pretty easy song for her to test with.

Taking a deep breath as the music started to play, having put one of the headphones tailored for Neko ears on, she starts bobbing her head in time with the music, foot tapping the beat. As it approached when the lyrics started, she closed her eyes, not wanting to think about there being even Lucas present when she started.

Of course, for all her concerns, as she opened her mouth and started to sing along with the song, she was so focused on keeping with the song that she didn't realize that she was singing with a voice that was almost tailored for it. It hadn't been something she had requested when she adjusted the body, but apparently she lucked out for it.

Lucas took a front row seat after he lead her by the hand to the microphone. As she began to speak the lyrics, as the melody left her lips, his jaw would have hit the floor if not attached. He was utterly stunned to silence as he swore he was hearing the voice of a angel. He remained stuck that way as she continued.

Soon the song finished, and she opened her eyes. Seing the expression on his face, she lowered her head, ears drooping. "That bad, huh?"

Those words slapped him back to focus, "No no no no no! That was beautiful! I was just stunned to silence. I thought I heard the voice of angels when you started.", He nervously stumbled feeling terrible for giving the wrong impression.

"Uh-huh... Sure it was..." She says, sighing as she sat down on a crate next to him. "Still, at least the microphone worked as advertised, right?" She asked, certain that he was just trying to make her feel better. She was sure she sounded horrible. The stunned look on his face when she'd finished was enough of a hint for her.

"Elenor. I am not lying to you. That was amazing, you were amazing.", Lucas said seeing she didn't believe him, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder as he said this. Through his touch she would sense his feelings of honesty thanks to his Iroma biology, and maybe something else. However it was used in way out of slight desperation to hopefully allow her to understand. He had actually never used it before except on a few occasions.

Elenor binked as his hand touched her shoulder. Then she could feel something, else. She had no clue what it was. Or what was happening. She gasped in surprise, having to brace herself on her knees as the emotional flood swept between them. In that brief moment, she swore she could, well, feel his feelings for her, and her own for him more clearly, atop his sencerity about how her voice sounded.

Lucas pulled his hand back after the initial shock, "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I guess I make a lousy Iroma, can't even use my abilities right huh.", He nervously joked trying to divert from what had just happened. What was that he had felt, those feelings that were clearly not his. Had those been her feelings for him? His head was racing even as he tried to play it cool.

"N-no, it's okay. I didn't even know you could do, whatever that was. I mean, I guess you were being honest about my singing... I guess I can sing. I just... I focused on the music, so I wasn't paying attention to how I sounded is all." She says, trying to also play off the... full extent of what they'd shared.

Things had clearly become awkward thanks to him. "Yeah your singing was amazing, you really have a talent for it.", Lucas said trying his best to give a full smile.

"Funny how that changed... I mean, I couldn't before, now I can..." She says, trying to forget what else that, connection? had in it. "I guess we kind of found we could sorta do a band kind of thing, ya know, if we wanted."

"That would be great, and who knows, might even become famous. Might even have something to make my sister jealous about.", He said with a chuckle, "If that's okay with you of course."

"I dunno if I'm good enough to try and go professional. Besides, I'd rather be out in the wilds. I joined Recon cause I enjoy the wilderness a lot. Even did some hunting growing up." She says, smiling. "Not a lot, cause ya know, laws and such, but I was a pretty decent shot with some old slugthrowers before, well.. yeah. Heck, Enlisting and going Neko was enough of a great chance to experience things without people judging me for not knowing things completely was worth it." She says, grinning.

"Well I'm not saying we do shows all the time. Could just be something to do something to help the crew relax sometimes, Lord knows they could use the distraction sometimes. Maybe even one every once in awhile on shore leave. But if your not comfortable with it, I won't push it. Can't ever say I've gone hunting, though nature hikes are nice.", Lucas says rubbing his neck.

"Your a great person, people who judge you are just blind. Don't let them mess with, let people see the great person you are. Your kind, caring, and have a wonderful personality. I for one will never judge you like those who did in the past, you always have a friend in me.", He added after a moment with a grin.

Elenor chuckled, and nodded. "Ain't for everyone, hunting that is. But I enjoy it." She says, listening to him. "We'll see, okay? I make no promises. Besides, I'd be able to do covers pretty easily... Just not sure I could do original pieces."

"Just an idea."

Lucas was quiet a moment in thought, "Well everything is setup that can be. Wanna give it a full test run?"

"Depends on what you got in mind 'Preacher'." She said, using the nickname she'd heard used for him from time to time.

"I play, you sing? ......that's the first time you called me that. Usually most people just call me that instead of my real name. I'm a servant of the Lord, but I feel like that's all they see me as. I don't take offense to it or anything.", Lucas suggested before tilting his head as he commented on the use of the nickname.

"Hey, we each have those things we get remember for more easily." She says, grinning. "Besides, I doubt you're just a religious guy. I mean, thus far, you've shown me just about everything but that. As for singing... it depends on what song you have in mind."

"Religion or at least not mine, is always trying to about a god to another. More so for mine, it's about showing others we are people, and we can be accepting of each other. That things such as love, caring, and kindness should be universal. I just add on a belief to it through experience....That sometimes there are those who would rather cause pain to others. That sometimes fighting must be done to defend ourselves. Religion can't be forced on others, so instead I live by example in order to teach others. Here I am going on.....", Lucas said before stopping, thinking he had begun to ramble.

Elenor listened, smiling a bit. "It's okay. I wasn't upset, and it was nice hearing someone voice their opinions about something that I've seen divide people far more often than not. I mean, I know some of my family's neighbor's didn't appreciate that we worshiped the æsir and vanir instead of hte local kami." Elenor states, grinning.

"Oh? Yeah it's sad to see people fight over such simple things. So what to do now?", Lucas said giving a warm smile.

Elenor pondered the question a few moments, tail swaying behind her, before shrugging. "Not a flipping clue honestly."

"Test run the set up?", He asked blank on any other ideas.

"Dunno if we both know any songs we can try out together." Elenor pointed out, shrugging. "I mean, sure I know a lot of songs I can pull from, but it's, a pretty eclectic selection."

"I can play pretty much anything.", Lucas said.

"That doesn't help in this situation silly." Elenor states, grinning. "Have you a preference?"

"Not really. Whatever you like is good, just give me the tune and I can play it."

Elenor chuckled, and shook her head. "Fine, fine... Give me a second." She says, pulling out her music player, and scrolling through the list, before finding one she figured would be fun to see, and had a good tune that, while originally done with a piano, could be done with a guitar. Hooking up the player to the sound system, she let it play once as it was for Lucas to hear.

"Think you could do that?"

Lucas listened closely giving a slight nod here and there.

"Yeah, I can play that.", He said grabbing the guitar and giving a few practice strums.

"Well then, let's see how well the sound system we put together holds up to a duet." She chimes in, grinning. At least she wasn't going to be embarassing herself alone if it didn't work out! She gave the song a couple more listens to, to help her better recall the lyrics so she didn't need to have the headphone on to sing it.

Lucas adjusted his strings, then waited til she was ready.

"Just give me the que when your ready. I'm all set.", He said as he placed the tips of his fingers in the strings.

Elenor nodded, took a breath, started tapping her foot in a steady beat. "Three, two, one..." She says, signalling Lucas's to start. As she listened to him strum along, she waited for when she would start singing, and began at right about the right point, her voice not quite the same as the original singer's more somber masculine voice, but her own feminine one gave it a touch all its own as she sang.

Lucas kept up with the rhythm and tempo easy enough, the song being very relaxed in pace as a slow song. He strummed the strings in a manner that produced a acoustic copy of the piano melody. He listened to her voice as he went, still amazed at her talent.

As the song wound down, she grinned a bit. "I'd say there was little issue with it... I didn't hear a lot of echo as we played." She states, turning to look at Lucas.

"Yeah that sounded great! I think this was a great idea.", Lucas said putting the guitar aside, "I hope the crew.enjoys it as much as we do."

"Guess we'll have to find a time to set up a little concert then." Elenor states, grinning. "Though, I imagine they might already have an inkling of what we're planning considering how not very quiet we were setting this room up!"

"Too true. Probably will get a couple questions on what's up, but I think it will be helpful for the crew.", He replied looking over the space once more. A smile comes across his face before looking to Elenor, "I think we're done here for today, how about we go get a drink and a bite to eat?"

"Sounds good to me. I'll cover the costs this round. You did most of the difficult work in finding what we needed." She stated, grinning as she wove her way through the seating arrangement towards the door. "Fair?"

"Well since you offered.", Lucas chuckled.