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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission Two: Snack Machine


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
ye 40
RP Location
YSS Hana Wardroom
In the room where seemingly anything can be plucked from the bushes and trees, the raw fruit and veggies that the plants bear in this room is, subjectively speaking, the freshest produce in the army. No processing, no freezing, no anti-bacterials, just straight from the branches or dirt and into the pot. It's one of the many reasons why that saying "Star Army takes care of its people" rings true even to this day; quality. Quality everywhere. That being said, however, there are still the moments where the illusion of paradise within the front lines shatters. Some are odd, some are annoying, others are traumatic. In Latch's case, this was rather annoying.

For context, Latch Gaillard, the Iromakuanhe pilot of the ship, happened to be craving snacks rather than an actual lunch. However, when he approached the snack machine in the wardroom, he'd discover that he wasn't properly connecting with the vending machine. Figuring it was a small bug, he tried using the keypad, only to find no luck with that option as well. After he resorted to shaking the Zesuaium-armored comfort food dispenser, and failing once again, Latch gave up on trying to fix the problem, and fell back on his last resort: looking for someone who can, like a technician or something.

Fate seemed to smile on Latch today as one capable person, Juno Aurion, was taking some time out in the wardroom while they were between alerts - two tablets sat infront of her and both were being rather aggressively tapped before her attention was drawn by some ruckus around the corner. Her ash-brown ponytail rounded it before her intensely emerald-green eyes did to see the horned pilot assaulting the machine. She finished rounding the corner and cleared her throat to get Latch's attention. "Is she playing hard to get again? Blasted machine has a mind of its own."

Emerald green was met with ruby red; Latch had turned to her with his full attention. "What, this? Yeah, I need help with this thing, it's not dispensing that bag of Nek-Os. Or anything, really... Think you can do anything, um... Juno, right?"

"The one and only, you're our pilot aren't you? I... I want to say Litch?" she spoke with a hopeful smile as she moved closer, hands tucked into the oversized hoodie that sat over her lightly-padded bodysuit.

"No no, Latch! It's Latch Gaillard! Also the one and only," he corrected, adding a small joke at the end.

"Ah shit, my bad - good to meet you, Latch Gaillard - let me see if I can't sate your hunger," the sapper spoke, giving the machine a good kick but nothing happened - infact a surprising bit of nothing happened. A fist was balled underneath her jaw thoughtfully as she began musing, "I wonder..." Juno muttered before getting down on her knees and moving around to the back of the machine, her hoodie riding up as the Minkan fiddled around out of sight.

"Thanks Juno! I wouldn't know what to do at all, you know what I mean?" Curious of her progress after only half a moment, the limber Latch peaked around the back to check. He looked down at Juno, her back facing up to him as she worked dutifully. "Found anything wrong?"

Juno let out a short burst of laughter as she found the issue, some more rummaging could be heard before before she emerged once again and rubbed her hands on her legs. "Somebody, for some reason - unplugged our baby girl here... consider this one on the house though," Juno said before she moved in front of the machine and put her back against it. She lifted a foot and slammed it rather hard against the poor thing, multiple items fell down into the collection area as the Minkan kneeled down to grab a can of some generic energy drink.

Latch picked up that bag of Nek-Os, along with enough snacks and drinks to keep him satiated for a few hours! This made him feel pretty happy, unsurprisingly. "Nice! You sure you don't want anything else, we got more than enough on the ground right here."

Juno bit her lip as she considered it, she really shouldn't but it was all just sitting there within reach... "Fuck it, you're right - I can have a cheat day," she said as an armful of assorted snacks and junkfood was gathered and held onto. "But shit, I don't think we should keep them out in the open like this, there is an an unmarked maintenance tunnel in engineering if you are willing to be my accomplice and split the booty so to speak."

"Hmmmm... You bet! Lead the way and I'll follow, Juno!"

"One second," she said, her face going somewhat blank as she interfaced with the tablets across the room and locked them, the woman's expression returned to it's normal, warm self. "Alright, off we go, last time we were in the same room I ended up with taco sauce all over my front," the woman joked as she began leading Latch down the hallways, a certain unintentional pep in her step that made her hips swing side to side.

"Sooo.... You were all hot and saucy on the front!" Of course Latch just had to make a joke, even if he his sort of mixing up between hot sauce and taco sauce, as he followed Juno. He made a note at how she, among some of the other women here on the Hana, has very appealing looks. "Sooooo, any favorite food?"

Juno leaned her head back and let out a short burst of laughter before turning around to walk backwards, she knew the way there like it was the back of her hand. "A pilot who has some lip, that's original," she quipped back before considering his question.

"Honestly? I'll eat most things put in front of me as much as I probably shouldn't - how about you? What would be the one and only Latch Gaillard's favourite food?" she queried with a smirk.

"Why I, Latch, will eat just about anything! Comes from a life out in the skies where we eat by the season, and whatever saves bank! I will even challenge you on that." His red and black eyes glint with some degree of pride from his long ancestry of skydwelling sailorfolk.

"Well Latch Gaillard of the skies, I, Juno Aurion of the..." Juno looked off at the roof as she took a moment to think of a fitting title. "of the Refreshment Simulacrum do infact take you up on that challenge - whatever it may be," Juno kept her head held high as she turned back around and dropped pace until she was even with the pilot. "What do you have in mind?"

Well, this is... Interesting. Juno's actually going to challenge him on that. "Well, if you can really eat anything, then prove it by feasting on some Iromakaunhe food! I may be a pilot, but I know my way around the kitchen. Then I gotta prove it by eating whatever you cook!"

Juno's eyes widened for a second but this hint of shock was replaced with a smirk, "I thought that was going a different way for a second... but I accepted the challenge so compete I shall... let's dump this first though," she spoke as they came to a set of doors, she did a 180 once more and swiped her belt-mounted id card against the panel before standing in the doorway to stop it from closing. "Under the box marked as 'unstable elements', don't worry it just has some busted boards in it."

Latch seconded the motion, dropping off the loot into the box. "Alright, let's do this!" He takes off to the kitchen, eager to get this challenge started.

Juno was about to remind him the hatch was under the box but he had already begun zooming off, leaving her to dump the rest of their haul into the box and press a button that whisked it away to a hidden compartment - another box of misc crap was dragged over the secret portal to hide it from view before she locked the room again and began sprinting off to the kitched - her toned legs pumping until she caught up with him, hardly breaking a sweat.

"So, what is on the menu?" Juno queried, pulling up a chair to sit on.

"Well," said the lanky pilot as he put on Sakura's apron and got the oven fired up, "I think a fiery girl needs a fiery plate, so I am gonna make you some good ol' Biryani! Or at least I am going to try and replicate that!" Latch went to the meat locker, and came out with some duck-esque fresh meat. "Oh hey, you guys got some Zaidok! I was kinda worried you wouldn't have a wide range of raw foods, too! Now for some of those peppers..."

Juno smirked at the way Latch spoke, resting her head atop her hands on the counter as he did his thing. "Flattery will only get you so far dearest Latch, lets see what you mean when you speak of heat," Juno leaned over to one side slightly as she teased him in the name of good fun.

The sound of a knife against a chopping block is heard, the whirring of the microwave, the flairing of the oven, the kitchen was quickly becoming a bit busy with just Latch. "Maybe, I'm not expecting it to be the best meal ever, just something you never had before! Opening your eyes to a world where we just love the spicey life!" Cheery and upbeat as he worked away, Latch was ten minutes into the meal and is coming along great.

"This is actually a dish served at a restaurant one of my grandmothers worked in, 'Don't Worry, Curry!' Learned how to cook by helping her out in the kitchen at home. I'd like to think I'm good, but I prefer piloting, you get what I mean? Family's awesome like that!, just being able to learn skills and inherit their experiences." Latch wafted the scent of the peppers as they now sat in a broth, while the chicken is being warmed up in the sink, with just lukewarm water.

Juno's expression soured a little when family was mentioned, she let out a somewhat defeated sounding sigh before beginning to speak, "My family and I aren't exactly on speaking terms - but yours sounds like a lovely little bunch," she finished, having forced some optimism into the last words before her spirit was uplifted by the kitchen's scents. "Pah Ignore me, you seem to be cooking up quite the storm - I might have my work cut out for me."

"I won't call it little, or even perfect, but I love them regardless!" Ding, the food is almost done, it just needs some finishing touches before it can really be presentable. "Though, I mean... I guess I won't press for details if you don't like to. But, as my Mom said, the first step to accepting your pain is to- YEEP!"

"It's nothing too interesting, my folks wanted me to be an accountant and weren't too thrilled when I joined the army - I think the final straw was me bringing a girl home because I was disowned shortly afterwards..." Juno's words trailed off as a finger traced swirling lines across the counter top. "It was good but, not so much anymore," she finished with a weak smile as her eyes looked off into a far corner of the room.

Latch almost dried out the zaidok meat, but he quickly poured a cup of water into the pot and covered it, letting the water turn to steam and remoisten the savory, spicy food. "Whew... Close one." The pilot puts away the oven mitts he had on his hands, and leaned himself against the counter. "Well, that's kinda dumb if you ask me. Who you love shouldn't matter that much to your friends and family, unless it wasn't that good of a relationship anyway."

"It was nice, but we were better as just friends anyway," Juno replied, the smile on her face was more genuine as she thought back to some happy memories. She sniffed the air a few more times and her mood seemed to lift tenfold, "What about you, is there a Mr or Mrs Latch Gaillard out there to appreciate all this fine cooking?"

"Me? Nah, like I said, I'm the one and only one! My family's had that luxury," Latch peaked in the pot, and nodded at what he saw, "but I never had the chance to stay in one place too long. I just sailed the skies, seldom stayed in one spot, so obviously my family," he used large tongs to pull out the zaidok into a pan, and began cutting up the breasts of the alien birdmeat, "was pretty much all I knew."

The pilot served up the dish with a side of fries, some water, a napkin, and utensils, serving it all Juno as a complete meal. "Here you are! Some Biryani with fries! Grandma says that only wusses can't live to bear its flames!" The result was fresh, steaming meat that had taken on a color similar to cooked duck, but dyed red with a few sprinkes of green from the many different spices Latch had added onto the dish.

The woman rubbed her hands together in anticipation when the dish was placed before her. "Well if it tastes half as good as it looks then you're going straight to the top of my list," she beamed at the man before taking the side of fries and mixing it in with the rest of the dish, picking up the utensils she singled out a portion that seemed to have a bit of everything in it and raised it to her mouth. Juno chewed the food lovingly and made some content sounds before swallowing it, blood rushed to her cheeks as the Minkan began panting softly and fanning her face.

"Oh you were right, it has a bit of a kick to it - but I love it, you're one hell of a cook there Latch," Juno said as she tugged her jumper's neck to vent slightly before diving back in to the hearty meal.

The Iroma beamed, his edgy appearance contrasting heavily with his adventurous and charismatic attitude. "You're welcome~! I know a few more recipies, too, but I felt this one was true to you! Personally, that one's a favorite of mine, can't turn down some hot stuff."

Latch began cleaning up the kitchen, scrubbing the dishes with a sponge and some soap as he radiated with good vibes.

Juno finished the delightful meal and neatly laid her utensils to rest on the empty plate, she took a second to wipe her mouth of any mess that might be on it before letting out a hearty burp - quickly covering her mouth with both hands. "Hehe, 'scuse me," she apologised with a giggle before moving around to where Latch was. "Well I don't think I can top that any time soon so you win by default, but I can think of something you might still like - If you'll hand me the apron kind sir?" she asked him rather jovially with her hands stuck out.

"Notta problemo, Juno!" Latch handed the girl Sakura's apron, which he had been wearing, and bumped hips with her as he walked past to get a new set of utensils. "Don't sweat it, though! It's not about whose food is better, its about if we can eat anything!"

She took the apron and gave him a slightly harder bump in return, Juno bit her lip as she quickly discarded the hoodie and replaced it with the apron - she felt naked in the ever so slightly padded bod`ysuit but fortunately the apron did a decent job of further covering her form. "Well I have something pretty special planned out for you then, sit pretty for a moment and ask me something," she spoke before moving to grab a few things from the pantry.

"Oh I got plenty," Latch immediately responsded as he took a plate and sat down at the table, "but do you like hoodies? You've been wearing one over your bodysuit."

Juno's shoulders sunk slightly before she reached up to grab a bag of sugar, turning around with a bowl and some other bags in her arms that were put down on the bench before the sapper answered. "Well I mean, these things leave very little to the imagination - but they're useful so I wear a hoodie over it to feel more comfortable in my own skin," Juno half-answered, giving most of the truth before beginning to measure out ingredients.

"Oh... I guess that makes sense, girls here just wear so little at work, I'm wondering if they just want to make half of their workforce look erotic." Of course, now that Juno mentioned it, he supposed she might as well be half naked. Thankfully, Latch chose to not bring it up. "You do you, but I guess the only thing I see wrong with getting a preview is that you don't see more guys doing the same thing."

"Yeah, we have to run around in these little tight uniforms and be eye candy while you lot just stare, what if I want to stare at a guy's ass huh?" Juno said rather light-heartedly as she moved over and put her little conconction in the microwave, pressing a few buttons before turning back around to Latch. "But it is how it is, and to be frank - at least it's comfortable," she finished with a lop-sided smirk.

"I bet it is if you can wear a hoodie on top of it! How does that even feel, actually? Does it really feel like a second skin?"

"Maybe not exactly, but it's pretty bloody close in most cases - think of a softer exo-atmospheric suit," Juno more than happily replied, the suit in question creaked ever so slightly as she leant forward to rest against the counter. "So uh hey, I hear you Iromakuanhe have this thing called dream walking - what's that like?"

Latch tapped the table, and leaned forward in his seat at the table. "Dream walking's a cool excersize that relies on our telepathy. Not like you guys in how you share words, but how we share feelings by touch. I don't really consider that to be too personal, that little empathy thing we do, just something more appropriate among friends and family. Dream walking, though, that is in a different world altogether, only accomplished by people who are close to each other. From there, we can share the exact same dream, and still remember that long after the sun rises. Many Iroma do this whenever they hit the hay, haven't tried it myself with anyone aside from my siblings."

"It's pretty cool, though," Latch added. "All the things you can share in dreams, all the things you can do in them while not being on the same planet... That's why I think its great for couples."

Juno listened on in awe, it was so much deeper and more personal than she could have guessed - the ping of the microwave's expired timer brought her back to her senses, coaxing her to go get the molten mixture out as she spoke. "That sounds... incredible!" the woman spoke as she poured the concotion out onto a pile of sugar she had prepped earlier and waited for it to cool. "Must be one hell of an experience-" Juno looked like she was about to ask something, but shook her head and went back to whatever she was making - combining the two components.

"You bet! Honestly it's one of the things I miss now that I'm away from home," he admits, recalling how he and his siblings would get together in their dreams and do all sorts of things. Space tag, roleplay, emulating videogames, stuff like that.

Juno rolled the, now singular, mass into a long cylinder and began cutting it up into portions as she spoke. "I... I don't know if you've ever considered anyone here for that kind of thing but regardless - have some of the rarest food you'll find here," she continued, putting the small white sections into a bowl and picking out one before sliding it across the table. Juno popped the chunk into her mouth and began speaking as she chewed, "Bubblegum," was all that was said before she blew a small bubble and popped it, chewing again with a happy look about her.

Latch picked up one of the pieces, and puts it in his mouth. He chewed it, puzzled by this pretty weird homemade... What does he call this, even? It's not like a snack, it feels so rubbery and yet also so sweet... Dessert? "... Wow, this... I don't even know what this is; it tastes great, but I genuinely never had anything like this before. Bubblegum..." He tried blowing it, but it exploded prematurely all over his lips, making them look whiter and shinier than fancy lipstick. It got Latch to chuckle, though. "I like it!"

She continued chewing, even while laughing along with Latch, "I'm glad you like it - but there is a ruling against it so don't go telling everyone aight?" Juno blew and popped another bubble before grabbing her hoodie off of the counter and turning around to take the apron off, hanging it over a chair as the oversized and hooded garment graced her again with it's loving embrace.

"Secret's safe with me, Juno!" He chewed it for a little longer, licking his chops clean of the rubbery candy-like foodstuff. "Though as for that... I mean so far, everyone's been awesome, like a whole new second family. Haven't gotten anyone in mind who'd like to share dreams with, not until recently." He said, as he looked at Juno with a glint in his eye.

Juno smiled over her shoulder at him as she took a moment to fix her pony tail, keeping the beast in line, "And who might that be, Latch?" she asked before finally turning around fully and resting her arms on the counter top, leaning into it.

"Eh, some random cutie who made me bubblegum," he responded with a light heart and a hint of a playfullness. "She knows how to have a good time, too, and loves sugar and spice! Great crewmate all-round."

Juno's cheeks adopted a pinker tone at the compliments as she looked away for a moment and bit her lower lip softly, speaking with a more intimate tone. "Well I'm sure she wouldn't mind seeing this whole dream-walking business for herself - she also might want to see you in some skin-tight suit but that seems optional."

Latch had no blush, only a wider smile as he got up from his table, taking the plate of gum. It was then he looked even more playful, luring Juno in. "In your dreams~" He popped another piece of gum as he strolled to the counter, and putting the plate down next to Juno. He advanced to the technician at the counter, his smile soft and alluring. He reached his hand out, and gently took Juno's hand as he passed off a few waves of empathy to the Minkan. He feels how she feels, as she knows how he feels, all within that moment.

Her pupils dialated as the effect took hold, heart-rate rising as feelings of warmth, infatuation and happiness were shot across to Latch. There was the faintest blip of something cold but it was soon drowned out by the other feelings. Latch's feelings were more tame than hers, however they were no less genuine feelings of love. Though it was also mixed in with nervous feelings, too; he never done this with anyone outside of his own family. That, and he can't think of anything else to say as he stood less than a foot from Juno.

"I..." Juno tried speaking once she snapped back to reality, but words couldn't describe the feeling - she didn't think emotions could either but body language was universal. The Minkan leant forward and planted a kiss on Latch's cheek before holding him in a tight embrace, tucking her head into his shoulder as her body pressed against his. She said nothing more on the matter, nothing but a few happy hums escaped her lips as the Iromakuanhe felt the contrast of her soft chest against the noticably taughter surfaces that poked through her suit's padded layer. It was something much closer than anything she had felt in the past, partially due to having stepped into each other's minds for a moment but the fact they had felt the same way made the woman's strong arms squeeze ever so slightly tighter.

The pilot was broken out of the trance he got himself stuck in, realizing just how simultaneously how hard and soft Juno was. His own body wasn't too different, with him feeling like one big bone in terms of hardness. Gently, he put his limber arms around the smaller girl, sharing the moment with someone who he had barely known up until he asked her to fix the snack machine. After thinking about that, Latch concluded that was a funny way to start some romance.