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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission Two: The Value of Trust

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS-Hana: Rec Room ---> VR chamber
"One, two, three, four," Zoeichi grunted out under her breath as she jolted forward, dancing with the two blades in her hands. Practicing feints and swings, kicks and punches, while holding the massive swords. Without her powersuit. Sweat trickling from white knuckles, a soft panting to her breath as she moved forward in a flurry of blows and feints. Eviscerating a target, kicking them in the groin, before slamming down at their shoulder. Feinting an overhead slice to deliver a punishing elbow strike, turning on her feet to kick her foe away. Or rather, a make-shift foe.

Lucas was sure why he even did anything anymore, everything had gone to Hell so quickly. He was beginning to question himself and his beliefs. Why had when he had tried to help others they only hurt him back. This is no the life he hoped for when he left the past behind.

He entered the rec room while in this line of thought, one that had him fully off in another world. His destination was quickly reached as he entered the VR chamber and loaded the park scene.

Around him materialized the experience of a beautiful park on Yamatai, which he couldn't remember. More so he cared not right to remember. With a few steps he came over and took a seat on the bench, watching the illusion of nature as if it would have some magical answer.

A purple eye moved over to the entering figure. The other still covered by a black eyepatch. Finishing up her sets, before lowering the swords. Each sheathing them in their beautifully, richly designed sheathes. Lucas had been silent, not even a greeting. And the Elf felt something was off. With one hand on the blades, Zoeichi moved over to chamber, unlocking it and stepping in. Lucas would've seen her walking in the park and approaching. With a completely back bussiness suit, a purple tie over white shirt bringing the picture together. The same swords in her hands.

Without a word, she sat down next to him. Remaining silent, she had no clue how to open up. She wasn't blind or deaf after all either. And while not knowing the full details, she knew something serious was up. He had all the time to open up, when he wanted, if he wanted.

Zoeichi wasn't planning on going anywhere.

After a few moments of silence, Lucas finally spoke. "Hello Zoeichi. I hope I didn't interrupt your session.", He said still watching the scene.

Zoeichi looked over at Lucas, leaning forward. Leaving the swords against the bench, elbows pressed on her legs. She slowly fished a pack of cigarettes from her suit and glanced at Lucas. "Don't mind that, I was about done regardless, issue if I have a smoke or two?" She questioned, glancing at his face. Her guise neutral, she was calm. Radiating some odd sensation of serenity one would hardly expect from her. Serenity and sympathy.

"No it's fine.", Lucas answered.

He sat there for another silent moment before sighing, "Hell mind passing me one?"

Zoeichi nodded, tapping the bottom of the pack, before pulling out one of the cigarettes with her lips. Flipping a gold plated lighter from her pocket and lighting it in one go. Taking a deep drag, before looking at Lucas. "Here," she answered, tapping the bottom once more to hold the butt of one out to him. The lighter offered between her middle and ring finger. "No sweat," she answered, exhaling the smoke through her nose.

Lucas accepted the cigarette and lit it before taking a good drag. After he let the smoke pillow out, and no cough followed, making it clear this wasn't his first time. "Having smoked in a few years, Damn way back."

He enjoyed the cigarette for a few more minutes before speaking again, "So I don't think you want to sit out here with me all day while I'm brooding."

Zoeichi was already in the process of lighting a second one. Where some people had taken roughly five minutes, with twenty to thirty drags, she herself finished up in just four. "Yeah, Yamatai's not too keen on this shit," she snorted, leaning back and lighting it properly, a few soft puffs as she took her time with this one. "The way I see it, if I die to these, I'll have lived a good, long life."

And then, there was silence. Intermittently interrupted by a soft blow of wind, or the chirping of birds. Silver hair that escaped their bindings slowly brushing against the black eyepatch. "If that's what it takes," Zoeichi let out a soft chuckle. "I've got way more cigs than just this pack. I'll just smoke and shut up. Talk if you feel like talking, don't if y'don't. Simple."

"You know last time we talked about miracle drugs, but there are some things that not even those can fix. No pain med heals a broken heart. Damn, here I am, cheesy sounding lines like some romance vid. I'm starting to wonder if the belief I could actually help people, was just a crock of shit. It's only lead this. I almost feel I was better off as a gangster.", Lucas said not even really directed at Zoe, but as if there was some other person listening, "I was cold hearted bastard in those days, funny how I thought I could be different."

A soft breath of smoke came from Zoeichi as Lucas spoke. Opening up his heart for her. Though she remained silent, only electing to take another drag from her cigarette, looking at the cancerous stick, before at Lucas as he finished his monologuing. "Well," she answered with a soft huff, tapping a bit of ashes off.

"To me, it sounds like you are different from way back when." She answered in retort. "The pain, that stinging sensation," she tapped her own chest. "That's no cold heart anymore. You sitting here now. That shows you're different, if you're asking me."

"Yeah but if this what it got me, Just a new way to feel pain, was there ever a point?", Lucas asked not quite convinced.

"If you think that's all what an unfrozen heart gets you?" Another drag from her cigarette. "Well, you're about correct." A soft breath. "You'll love people, you'll get hurt," she looked at Lucas. "Though if you can't feel heartbreak. You won't feel love-... Trust, companionship." Glancing at her hand, before shaking her head. "And that outweighs all the heartbreak... Ever."

Lucas thought on that for a bit, "Hmmm, well let's see. Not many friends count. There's you, Eleanor, and I guess Juno still....that will take some time though to adjust to."

"Ah, don't worry about Juno," she grinned faintly. Taking another deep breath. "It'll be like a hotdog through a hallway for anyone," she took a deep huff from the cigarette. "Sorry, had to. Thing is, you'll get hurt. The risk's always present." A soft scowl came across her face, before she shrugged. "Those people'll come and go. If it's not her, it'll be someone else."

"Women don't seem to stick around long around me. Mabie I need to stop running from who I am. I played preacher because I thought it was right, now I wonder if I'm too soft.", He said with a chuckle, "Also try not rut every woman on the ship. Save some for me."

"Hmm, you're fine, Preacher," Zoeichi answered, flicking the empty bud away and pulling out a new cigarette. "Soft, maybe, that's just how I know you. I'd hate to have you turn in a hardass." She answered with a soft shrug of her shoulders. Before giving him a sidelong glance. Before grinning faintly, shaking her head. "I'll try." She answered, before clapping a hand on his knee. "Let's get outta this fortress of solitude and get a drink, how about that?"

"Best damn idea I've heard today." Lucas said with a grin.

Giving his knee a soft squeeze, Zoeichi pushed herself up, grasping both her swords and holding them against her hip. "I'll miss the smokes in VR, though," she shrugged. "Deep space's pretty hard to get a fresh pack," she answered with shrug. Moving down the path, waiting for Lucas to catch up.

The Iroma quickly hopped over the bench itself before jogging to catch up, "Since when do you wear a suit?"

"Oh? This old thing?" Zoeichi questioned, padding the outfit down. "It's more nostalgia than anything else," she answered with a shrug. "I was offered what I wanted to wear before entering the VR. So this was the first thing that popped to mind."

Lucas looked down to his uniform, "Huh, guess I missed that."

She shrugged. "I'm guessing it just dropped to whatever you were already wearing if you ignored it," Zoeichi answered with a shrug, pushing open the door in nothingness, walking out back in the Hana. Looking over her shoulder for Lucas.

He was there right behind her as they exited, "Guess I was pretty spaced out then."

"You seemed the sort, it's why I came in," Zoeichi answered with a shrug, before letting out a soft breath. "I'll need to get to the PA bay first, I'm not really allowed to open carry these blades for long," she shrugged. "It's the rules and we're not on the correct readiness level," she smirked faintly. "Care to join me?"

"Sure.Sure.", Lucas replied enthusiastically.

Zoeichi smiled faintly as she navigated the halls, letting out a soft, humming tune. Before they finally reached the PA bay, where she pushed in the swords back in their rack. Taking a datapad from the rack and filling in the details. "So... What's your poison usually, preacher?"

"Bourbon straight. Not really one for beer, and wine is usually too expensive." Lucas answer.

"Hrmm," she answered, a soft chuckle following before she placed the datapad back. Nodding at him before moving out of the PA bay. "Well, no whiskey fan, then?"

"I'd like to think my tastes are just more specific."

"Hm," she mulled it over, before shrugging. Seemed about right. "I'll take first round, then," she added with a grin.
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