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RP Power Armor Technology Demonstrations


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Pisces Station
New Dusk Conclave, Revenant Demonstration

Nyx moved to the pod, ignoring the Revenant MK 1 beside it. Her wings unfurled, and it allowed her some uplift and a drop into the pod. This was for the demonstration’s dramatic effect. With her butt now in the seat, it sealed up, and a screen activated. Immediately she saw the scene before her, everything that the MK 1 was seeing. Nyx in the pod grinned with excitement at the chance to show off new armor.

The MK 1 was all robot as they put in a drone that could be piloted. It moved forward, two steps clapped its hands, and turned to face her aunt wearing the newly upgraded armor. “Hey Aunt Spark, can your new armor touch this?” She asked for dramatic effect, as she knew immediately that yes, Spark’s upgraded pod can indeed touch this, and more.

She moved into a ready position and waited for Spark to make the first move. She thought this would be great.

Spark's armor bowed, and Nyx could almost feel the smile radiating off of it. "If the announcer would show the training videos I recorded five years ago, he'd see that a Revenant 1 doesn't need a woman in power armor to defeat. Bring a few friends. Make it fair."

Lifting from her bow, Spark gestured for the Revenant 1 drone to enter the arena before her, giving up the defender's advantage. She, herself, stepped into an elevator to simulate a combat drop. The next armor suit to attack her would have the attacker's advantage.

Inside the Pod, Nyx grinned in response just as the announcer showed off the train videos up on the screen. “You're right! Of course” She said and immediately, more screens activated as more power armor was activated to make it fair as Spark said. It would be no trouble for Nyx. Then again, you are at an advantage since it’s me in here. her grin turned into a smirk as she moved the armors into position.

Combat drop huh? hehe She thought and then she sent her drone armors in to attack. Since sh knew of the advantage.

Spark breathed deep, gently relaxing herself as the elevator ascended. She didn't know how many drones Nyx could command. She had never seen the girl in combat, but she knew Nyx had watched every training fight, read every doctrine manual, and every combat recording. Nyx knew how Spark fought to a degree that would be terrifying in a real fight. She knew the weapons in use were :live fire: in the sense that each round was volumetric and would do actual damage to Spark's armor, but no harm would come to her flesh. Unfortunately, Spark's combat style was bst put, brutal. She loved the close up rip and tear style of neutralizing opposing armor, and the chaos and Hell she could bring in close range.

She began pulling magazines off the elevator wall racking, loading her pouches and her Storm Rifle, before the heavy plasma pistol at her hip demanded ammunition. She casually checked her combat knife and the small blade the Rethenkans had given her before loading her pistol, and slipping four magazines into the loops at the back of her thigh, right below the pistol.

She put her weapons back into their place before loading up with four fragmentation grenades and six plasma. Six more frags found their way into her hand, pins already twisted to be pulled with ease and dropped during her drop. With a flick of her fingers, she could simply fling the primed grenades towards the ground. With a small twitch of her fingers in the forearm segment of the armor, the newly redesigned electronic camouflage system activated, covering her armor with a slight shimmer before simply disappearing, the hull cooling to match local temperature and siphoning the heat into her aether taps, the armor plating glowing slightly as a small volumetric projector in her chest took the images from around her and projected it on the opposite side. She knew the Madite-C paint would nearly eliminate radar detection, and she smirked. "Bravo 1, ready to drop."

Nyx was physically silent as she waited for her aunt to make her move, but mentally she was reviewing, reviewing everything her aunt would do in a combat situation like this. She saw the blip that was her aunt disappears, which told her she was camouflaging. With a twitch of her eye, the drones, as well as the one she was controlling had their optics changed. It would be just like when the Reapers attacked Sirris, she could now see the mech like she could see when her Aunt made her arrival.

“Come on, Bravo 1! Come and get me!” Nyx called hoping it gets her aunt's attention, but would it distract her that would be the question later. Nyx’s main power armor designated the captain of the 8-person fire team stepped back, as the others moved into position, some hiding behind cover, which also happened to include the other power armor. They also raised shields, as she suspected that her aunt had a grenade surprise when she landed.

Shields were up, optics now allowing for different spectrum that would allow her to be ready to see her aunt. Her rifle, one of her aunt’s favorite types was ready for the demonstration.

Spark crossed her arms over her chest without a word, and stepped over the edge of the ledge. Sure, it was only about a twenty five meter drop in realspace, but she knew the viewing screens would show her dropping from orbit. She could feel the buffeting of hitting atmosphere, the plasma shroud developing around her, before her thrusters fired with the soft ionized gas glow of an ion jet engine, rather than the hot plume of an older model, slowing her to a reasonable fifty meters per second as she lit her shields. About thirty seconds from the ground, she flung her grenades down, waiting for an additional handful of seconds before she cut her thrusters and dropped, the twenty five seconds dropping to less than one.

With a mighty, hull shaking boom, Spark landed in the center of the exploding maelstrom of shrapnel and dust meant to blow away the nano clouds of the generation one electronic countermeasures, immediately reaching to grab the nearest armor by the faceplate as she drew her pistol and started blasting, her forearm mounted gravitational shield lighting to deflect the rounds Nyx was sure to sling her way. She didn't for sure know how many targets she was engaging just yet, but she knew at least two would be down in the first half second of combat, and upon ripping the helmet off the first, its body being slung beneath her boot to be crushed, she was already reaching for her storm rifle to engage from the other side.

Nyx felt the boom as Spark came down for the landing, her optics witnessing the grenades going off, no doubt to mask her appearance, but this was her aunt Spark and she knew how she operated. The effect did blow the nano clouds, but she didn’t panic yet. Now even as Spark managed to grab a drone and rip its head off. The other drones witnessed it and Spark crushing it like it was some kind of aluminum can.

Even as the screen for the first casualty went black as the head was ripped and crushed, she made her move and had her small army to fire upon her aunt with either a storm rifle, or another capable weapon. Nyx preferred to use an automatic but wanted to show off the Storm rifle's capability, plus the storm rifle was one of Spark’s favorite guns as far as Nyx knew.

Another drone was lost, and when Spark began showing herself, she began firing at her, while she electronically maneuvered her soldiers to attack when they had an opening. Nyx ignored the Announcer, as she focused on the battle at hand. Captain Drone took off running as she tried to get into a good spot, as she continued to try and maneuver the soldiers to attack.

Kra-THOOM! Spark's storm rifle split the air with its mighty thunder as she casually hardened her shields, dropping behind her Centurion style cascading gravity round shield, a remnant of Rose Pine's work on the project before she casually dropped a plasma grenade into the stream of gravity, launching the sticky grenade as though from a launcher towards a nearby target. Reengaging her stealth system, she spun, her thrusters lighting to cloud her in dust as she moved away from her original position, casually lobbing another grenade to her opposite side.She would stay stealthed inside a cloud of dust and debris that would make it nearly impossible to get a solid reading on the massive suit, before another Revenant was struck with the shield, Spark letting the gravitational field tear it apart

Nyx hardened her shields as she saw the attack coming, but before she could maneuver her soldier. It made contact with a plasma grenade. She didn’t wait to check as she went in for the attack, followed by her squad which followed her electronic orders. She tried for a wide spread as she knew that the grenade was just a distraction though she did lose another drone to gravity field tearing it apart.

Nyx duck low, and began leaving some plasma mines at the beginning, it was wildly placed, but she began to think of a way to use everything to trap her.

She felt the pocks of individual Storm rifle flechettes against her armor, saw the flash of plasma and felt the blast wave momentarily disperse her cloud of dust and debris. She could still see the individual blasts of storm rifles and smiled. I love you, Nyx. Good choice on weapons.

She left a grenade as a present to any who would charge as she jumped, her jets carrying her high into the air, her weapons continuing to blast at any storm rifle muzzle flares she saw, before dropping herself behind cover at one edge of the arena, Turning, she noticed the plasma mine and with a practiced ease, kicked it away as she let go of the pressure with her foot to detonate it. Then she could post up at her chosen cover and start turning the arena into a firing lane, treating the storm rifles as pop up targets. The chainguns and plasma cannons would be harder to identify the shooter from, but she was confident in her ancilla AI's ability to plot shot trajectories and give her targets.

She mentally noted that she now had only four operatives in her squad, not including herself, which made it a proper fire team. Her lips curled up into a grin as she couldn’t help but think about how Spark must be feeling. While she’d been bummed that she’d missed the bug hunt, this on the other hand was fun. She saw the mines explosion, but saw that it had been flying when it had. Nyx ducked, and began crawling, using the cover of debris and broken drones to try and look for her aunt.

Drone 3 popped out to fire, but this was more to show Nyx where her aunt was rather than purposefully attacking her. The drone ducked after it fired in order to stay undamaged. Nyx waited for her a grin on her lips as she waited, to see what action her aunt would take the tease, or attack back.

Spark gave a dark grin, letting the dust settle for a moment and deciding against firing on that drone that had taken a potshot. In stead, she lobbed a fragmentation grenade towards its cover, hoping to detonate any mines that it had used to defend itself, She made a mental note of the situation as she took a sip from her armor's drinking straw, filling her mouth with water to quench her dry throat.

The next arena fight would be another fireteam of Revenant 2s, dropping in on her the same way she had dropped in on this party. She would not have new armor or a resupply. She began planning as she lobbed another grenade in return for another potshot. She had already spent a magazine from her pistol, and half a magazine of storm rifle ammunition. More, the old Revenant 2 used a plasma thruster as its braking and jump thruster, which she could use to track and intercept before Nyx even hit the ground, unlike her own, far quieter and lacking a plasma discharge, EML ion jets.

Still, she watched for movement as she reloaded her pistol, letting her sensor net spread out and give her any early warning possible.

"Gotta hand it to you, Nyx. You got me a little battered. I got two hull breaches. Nothing that would hurt, but I'm not taking this thing into deep space any time soon."

The drone’s sensors detected the sound of something falling, which caused it to look down. The explosion and the mines took out the drone, which means there were three drones. Nyx was pleased; she was showing the MK 1’s shortcomings, which was what they were hoping for. She noted how Spark wasn’t taking a chance of firing at the potshotting drone.

She knew if the armor was an ordinary Revenant MK 2 she’d be able to see the huge heat signature, but the 2B didn’t have that she noted which was why she hadn’t spotted Spark coming in. She tried to figure out a way to find her, and in the meantime. She had a drone get up and walk around, making an easy target for her aunt to fire on.

Much like her aunt, she too drank some water, as the body used was a flesh and blood one, unlike her original mechanical one. Once she’d had her fill, she checked on the timer to see whether she should switch the Captain Drone to the MK 2s yet.

Nearby a headless Drone laughed as her aunt spoke, she used the damaged armor's speakers rather than her own and that of the still working drones as a way to mask where she was. “hehehe, if I had been anyone else, you’d probably be finished already with the destruction of the armor, and my defeat, but I’m not like anyone else am I?” she asked her aunt with a grin evident in her voice.

Drones 3, and 5 crawled slowly and carefully while Drone 5 was just aimlessly walking, as if Nyx had lost control over the drone. It walked to the wall and kept on walking even with the thing in the way.

Spark gave a soft chuckle as she chucked a sticky grenade at the malfunctioning drone, choosing now to move. A plume of dust gave away her position as she leapt, letting her jump gets carrying her above the fight to land on top of another bit of cover, crouch, and roll down behind it. "You're right. You, unlike most soldiers, have studied your enemy. And you know yourself. The only reason you haven't won is how outmatched your hardware is. And that's the point of this simulation, isn't it?"

She let a blast from her storm rifle give her position again before moving, her heavy armor surprising even herself with its soft, almost graceful maneuvering to an immediately adjacent bit of cover, where she curled up with her pistol and held still.

Drone 5 suddenly stopped moving, as the grenade came flying at it. The sensors picked up on the plume of dust immediately as the targeted drone jumped away, as it has shown its previous actions to be a feint that worked for her. Targeting and math, allowed Nyx to fire where she believed her to be, and a few of her own grenades were thrown at the possible landing point. She saw the blast from her storm rifle, which alerted the Gynoid to her new spot.

Another grenade was chucked as Captain Drone moved, and soon found itself at one of the downed drones, which she took a moment to retrieve some of its grenades. This was something she thought Spark might be doing, which meant that there was no telling how many grenades she had.

“Indeed, ” said the headless drone. “It’s smart to study enemies where possible, even if said enemy was my top-numbered favorite Aunt. Still, this is a good test to show the upgrades to our neighbors, and a good test to see what I can do with limited hardware,” it said as Nyx prepared for another attack.

Looking down at her bandolier, Spark found herself out of fragmentation grenades, but with three plasma bombs left. She cursed silently, considering her options. Her pistol was quieter, but she knew her niece to have at least two drones at her disposal. And with every severed diversion of the girl's consciousness came a more dangerous enemy, one that could respond faster and make smarter calls because her attentions weren't so divided. And worse, Spark was her only target.

So she picked up a rock, hurling it past her head to strike with a loud ping against cover and draw fire as she peeked with her rifle, already letting her targeting assist do the work of locating anything that moved as a target. "Exactly why you're the best choice for handling this. I know what you're doing, by the way. I speak through my comms, you use a dead body. Textbook psychological warfare. Well done, little niece."

The formerly faux disabled Drone popped up to fire where the loud ping sound was. The combat Gynoid didn’t want to take a chance that she’ll not be able to get her, but it would be too late as it was a diversion. As she heard Spark speak, she couldn’t help but smile with pride. She’s proud of me She couldn’t help but think as. Indeed the act she was doing was a psychological warfare. The drone was meant to hide where she was, and distract her opponent though on Spark this might not work out so well, since she knew what she was doing.

Drone 3 tossed a Grenade though it was more a flash bang than anything.

A snap shot at the formerly disabled drone and Spark was moving, not sticking around to wait for the grenade to land as she scooped up a mine and flung it like a frisbee at the point her early warning detected a grenade like object coming from, sliding into cover again like some baseball superstar. Again, she popped her storm rifle over cover to watch for movement. "You're buying time, too. Waiting till you can drop your 2s in and have me watching over my head for that plasma flare."

Now there was just three MK 1s she controlled. She knew that she needed to buy time like Spark was saying she was, she’ll need to bring in the MK 2s as reinforcements. “Always good to have reinforcements, as you know well,” she replied to her, with the dead. With the heads removed, she couldn’t control for an extreme psychological effect. With the mine making contact, the arena lit up with bright light. Fortunately the view screens dimmed the brightness so that the audience would not be affected by it. She suspected she knew where she was, and so she chucked another grenade to the suspected location of her aunt.

As the grenade left the drone's hand, Spark was already charging, slinging her rifle and drawing a knife as she ran, cloaked, and leapt over the drone's cover, decloaking just long enough for Nyx to recognize what was driving a knife through the helmet of the drone. Especially that damned blue stripe from shoulder to opposite hip.

Cloaking again, she was just dust on the wind, leaving the knife in exchange for the stolen grenade bandolier as she slipped away to a better hiding spot.

Nyx saw the blue stripe and immediately recognized what had attacked her drone was her aunt, but what was worse was that in exchange for the knife, now she had a grenade bandoleer. Now there was just Captain Drone, as all of the screens went dark. “Good job, Aunt Spark, the 2b is really capable” As she spoke, it was all the defeated drones that spoke. Nyx prepared to transfer Captain Drone, to a MK 2 as she tried to keep the drone hiding.

Spark happily sat behind her cover, saving the best for last as she took the ring from one of her earlier grenades, twisting the rings of the bandolier to arm each before tying them all into each other, working a daisychain of death. "The armor's awesome. But any system's only as mighty as the fighter who wears it. You would have torn apart nearly any other trooper by now."

She gave a soft breath, sipping her water again as she poked her head up, drawing her pistol and casually holding the bandolier in one hand as she decloaked that portion of her suit. "You wouldn't happen to want this back, would you?"

Nyx closed her eyes and tried to think like Spark, what would she do now? That’s when it hit her, that perhaps she might not use the grenades in the traditional sense. She thought she would try to trick her. Spark was right. Had she used her normal form, and with her own prototype modification, she’d use her plasma claws, and her CATs to tear apart any other trooper by now. Spark knew her well it seemed. The current Bioroid took note of the bandolier in her hand, and her ears picked up on her words.

She didn’t think she was seriously offering to give it back to her. Carefully, she aimed her storm rifle, and her finger pulled on the trigger firing the flechettes right towards it, and Spark. For the first time, Spark would hear her voice through her 2B’s communications. “Yes, I would like that back, ” she replied with a jovial tone of voice. She then began moving going to a new spot, especially since firing her weapon alerted her position.

Spark had turned her wrist, turning on the gravitational shield to throw the bandolier away, feeling the flechettes deflect off her shield as she rolled to her feet, her ancilla projecting the point origin, and Spark's pistol barking twice, just two inches above where she knew a Storm Rifle's CCO to be.

Flexing the damaged hand, she let her cloak pull her back to near invisibility, suddenly glad that the leaking hydraulics were literally no more than a mechanical hand, and her actual hand was protected inside the armor's forearm. "Nice shot!"

Nyx tried to escape before she could get hit by Spark’s pistol. Spark had a good aim even so, but Nyx still want to buy time for herself. The Bioroid hoped that the audience was entertained and impressed with the armor. Nyx grinned as Spark complimented on her shot, and calmly tried to figure out where Spark might be. She picked up a rock, and tossed it hoping it made noise and bring Spark out.

"Using my own tricks against me, Nyx?" Spark wasn't soft with her steps, the boots kicking up small clouds of dust that would be quickly swept aside by her shield, moving to confirm her kill. "How many do you have left? You know reinforcements can't come till I find you."

Nyx grinned in the pod as Spark asked about using her own tricks. “I learn from the best, of course, I would” She laughs as she watched for the clouds of dust that likely would be swept up by her beloved Aunt’s boots. “How many I have left, you mean drones, just me now, until the reinforcements come.” She said as she pondered o using the armors communications to ping where Spark might possibly be.

A drone nearby that rested against the wall in a sitting position inoperable due to a previous attack spoke with Nyx’s voice. “Hey, Aunt Spark I had an idea to make this interesting, if you can find me, I’ll pay for drinks the next time, but if not, you pay, how’s that sound?’” She asked confidentially that she won’t be able to find her as she hid.

"Ooh, I like that. See, the Revenant one is superior to the Revenant 2 and my new prototype in precisely one way. It's a sneaky little bastard, sure. But it uses a cloud of nanites for a cloak. Which means a carrier signal. Something small, but enough to power them. So it's better at dying." She looked around, stopping in the middle. "But we both want to carry this demonstration on. So. How about you come out and we move on to stage two?"

Nyx grinned as Spark said she liked the idea, and she listened as Spark spoke about the one way that Revanant one being superior to the MK 2, being that it's better at dying. This was something she had to agree with. Nyx crept around and jumped out at her “boogabooga!” she said before she spoke normally. “I’m getting ready for the second stage. We’ll see how your prototype is superior to OG MK 2.” She said as the screen flickered a moment as she began working on activating the MK 2s.

Spark had grabbed the Revenant that jumped at her with a smooth and reflexive grapple, attributable to the speed and coordination allowable only by a Geist based motor control relay taking the motor signals from her brain and translating them into the armor to act as her own body.

It took Spark less than a heartbeat to rip the last Revenant's chestplate off, rip the drone out of it, and sling the drone against the ground repeatedly until she held up its severed leg. She gave a shrug, rolling her shoulders as she moved through the arena, selecting useable weapons and grenades until she had restocked, and now waited near the center of the arena, waiting for the doom drop. A Storm Rifle cradled under each arm and pointed skyward, her pistol on one hip, and her original rifle slung over her back.

"Bring it."

Above the arena, booms sounded as a Fire team using the MK 2 approached the rim, then they tossed a smoke bomb down into the arena, and now with a sizeable area up in smoke, they activated their camouflage and jumped in and free fell momentarily before activating the appropriate tech to slow their descent. She remembered about the heat signature, and thus likely would have been seen, but she hoped that Spark didn’t know which was the new Captain Drone until it was too late. Like before new screens opened up as the other drones linked to her.

As the smoke bomb hit, Spark's shield swept the particulate away from her sensors, watching for that flare of plasma. Immediately on seeing it, she used the rangefinder to track the formation in flight, a sharp nod of her head allowing some music to play over the comms.

She let it wind up for a moment, tapping a foot to the drum beat before the roar of storm rifles joined the drumbeat, settling into the rhythm as the reports sent tens of darts per shot upwards towards the unprotected joints and thrusters of armor whose engines gave them away.

Nyx blinked as the music began playing over comms. She’s not going to… yup with the MK 2 being an improvement over the MK 1s it was thought the fire team here should be smaller, as a result, only 4 had come down. But with the music, and knowing her opponent, Nyx had the Captain drone and one other get behind the other two, and held onto them to get them down. With the two poor drones now as sacrifices, Captain Drone and Drone 1 were kept safe from harm, though the attack did graze their armor as a result.

So for this demonstration, they demonstrated the superiority of the armor Spark was using, and they have shown the skill Spark had, and also the craziness. She decided she would buy her drinks anyways since she was kind enough to let her help. I love you, aunt Spark, never a dull moment The two used the first two armors further as bodyguards as they pulled them along until they could get to better cover.

With at least two armors neutralized, Spark kept firing as she started moving back, retreating as one magazine clicked empty, then the other, and she discarded the empty anti-power armor weapons. Drawing her own rifle, she ducked behind cover as she aimed for a projected landing point, planning on spawn killing at least one as she unleashed four tight bursts in quick succession. She grinned, the music still going as she waited.

"The old units use plasma thrusters. Nice big thermal signature, like a damn bullseye. Funny thing, though. I only saw three. Is one of those the new model, or did you really just make it that easy for me?"

As she waited, she took stock of the damage to her armor. One shield point was completely destroyed, and multiple hull panels were reading breaches. Her left forearm shield was still functioning, but only at about fifty percent. Her hydraulics were leaking badly, and and there was something jammed in her left elbow, making the armor make a distinct screeching noise as she moved. One of her sensor clusters had taken a shot from the storm rifles, meaning she didn't have much aside her helmet mounted rangefinder for depth perception, but she directed the AI on board to handle as much compensation and damage control as it could. If she did this right, this last fight would be fast.

Klunk! Thunk! Nyx heard the sounds as the attacks hit the armor she was using as a shield for her own armors. “Really? Three signatures? Huh, imagine that” She couldn’t help but ask her. She was certain the MK 3 prototype was still back up there, so maybe the reason she’d seen three was because the other three had successfully camouflaged her. Now on the ground, she had to contend with the four tight bursts. She knew that the armor she was using as a shield probably won’t be able to handle it, so the two quickly took the bandolier from the now defeated armor, and attempted to hide once more.

As Spark had taken stock of the damage to her armor, Nyx tried to think of a new strategy. The one she kept coming back to was a kamikaze-based attack, and with the small number of the old MK 2’s at her disposal. She thought it might be a good idea, plus she was certain, her aunt's armor was severely damaged though how strong it could last she didn’t know.

She listened for any noises, and using that as a possible position of Spark, she tossed a few grenades at her aunt in quick succession, from both of the retrieved bandoliers.

"Ofuck!" The grenades flushed Spark from cover fairly effectively, her rifle barking to return shots to the sender and cover herself as she slid into better cover and checked her round counter. She knew she still had two magazines left on top of the fifteen shots in her original rifle, but the flying magazine of a reload would surely give away her position. Not that the squeaky elbow and leaking hydraulics wouldn't. She could already feel the armor's strength waning, but not enough to matter. Not yet. If she didn't finish this fast, though...

"Damn it, grenades hurt!"

That got her moving, Nyx saw as she watched her aunt run from cover. Immediately, she took the opportunity, to try and fire her own Storm Rifle’s ammo at her aunt. This effectively caused a few of the shots to make contact and create sparks. In addition, the force caused the other shots to shift positions hopefully missing her. Her crimson eyes tried to track where her aunt was now. The two dead bodies thunked to the ground as Captain Drone and the final OG MK 2 drone abandoned their comrade’s corpse.

Nyx tried to remain quiet and not move so that she could pay attention to the sounds Spark was making with her squeaky elbow. Nyx also remembered about the leaking hydraulics as well, which allowed another means to find her. Nyx tried to control her emotions as she waited, then when she heard even a tiniest of elbow squeak she tossed a grenade in that direction.

"Son of a fuck, Nyx, you've really got me on the ropes, here!" she turned her head to check the spalling across her thigh from the storm rifle shots, now realizing she effectively had no main shield. Hydraulic fluid and medical nanoes leaked from the hole, and she her AI informed her that while the shot would have missed her skin, it had damaged the medical subsystems. She looked into her elbow, ripping the three inch long shard of shrapnel from the joint before she checked that her cloak was working. As she slung the nearly empty storm rifle, she made her tactical decision.

Without waiting for more grenades to come at that awful noise, she threw one of her remaining grenades and made a break for cover on the other side of the arena, preferably closer so she could engage on her own terms, and slid on the dust before rolling her body behind the barrier, drawing her pistol again, knowing the cloud of dust would give her up, but she hoped she was close enough for them for Nyx to think she could just ambush her.

Nyx couldn’t help but giggled at Spark’s comment that she got her on the ropes. Indeed, with Nyx’s calculations, she thought that she was at the advantage now, more so when she switches to the final armor type. Once more she listened for the distinct noises, but she no longer heard her noisy elbow, which told her that Spark must have taken care of it. That took down one advantage, but she wasn’t bothered by this. Nyx caused the drones to turn their heads, to keep the optics out. Looked for signs of leaking, but she saw something else instead, a dust cloud.

Nyx audibly gasped as she saw it and saw how close it was. Captain Drone jumped back, away from where she saw the smoke, and let loose a grenade. She knew that Spark was trained in counter ambush, so she thought putting some distance, and maybe a grenade would be a good idea.

Nay, Spark had written the book on counterambush as she swatted the grenade away, letting it explode elsewhere before she shook her head, pointing the butt of her storm rifle to the center of the arena, she opened the breech, letting the mostly spent cartridge fly off into the wild blue yonder, and she slammed the breech closed on a fresh magazine.

She tried taking a sip of water, before spitting it out. "Eugh. Medical nanoes and storm rifle flechette in my water supply!" She lobbed a grenade before she rolled to her feet, moving to the next cover over, in the direction the grenade had come from, slowly, like a hunter stalking her prey. She hunted pack roaches for fun. Those were more dangerous than a revenant 2, after all.

Nyx saw the grenade get swatted away like the badass her aunt was. With the drone already moving back, she allowed its travel to complete. While she took note of her aunts reloading, and attempt at drinking what was now confirmed to be contaminated water. The new grenade was spotted flying at her, and she lifted her arms up as a means to double shield herself, using the shields of the armor, and the armor of her armor to protect herself.

Drone 2 lay in wait, knowing full well that her aunt will have to come since she knew that her aunt had to be stalking her. Still, the question came to her, who would be more dangerous, the Pack Roaches that her aunt hunted for fun, or Nyx in her Gynoid body, ready to attack? Nyx used Captain Drone to take a Grenade out of the Bandolier, and lob where she suspected Spark to be.

The throw was shockingly accurate, forcing Spark to hasten her pace some as it bounced harmlessly past her, exploding in a cloud of shrapnel and death that pocked at her armor as she kept moving. She realized she was back behind the wall where she had left her knife, and quickly retrieved the blade, placing it back into her sheath.

Kneeling down, she started thinking, a mental command directing her AI to hijack the helmet comm array and use it as a passive magnetic scanner, looking for the distinct magnetic frequency used to power the nano cloud cloaks used by Revenant power armor systems.

As she looked around, she smirked. "Where, oh, where did you run off to?"

Nyx had the Captain Drone hide behind a wall, as Drone 2 remained were it was hiding. As she tuned her audio receptors up, she heard a distinct sound of a knife being removed from rocks. That’s when she remembered the knife she left back there. Ah, there you are She thought when she realized something else, that Spark might do. “Crap” She said as she realized she could have the AI highjack the helmet comms array. But then chuckled “I don’t know, ” said a voice behind her as one of the broken armor’s communication were used. “Where do you think I am, more specifically where do you think the Captain Drone is? Auntie, don’t you want to delay things, take your time? I mean considering how damaged your armor must be..” She spoke trying to psych her out a little something she was thinking might not work but couldn’t hurt.

"You know as well as I do that the Revenant's self repair systems were always crap. Not something the NDC or its predecessor had time or resources to correct. These prototypes aren't much better. And you hit me pretty bad."

She kept moving, scanning, slowlystalking the armor suits. Nyx was using the same tactic Spark's favorite prey always did. As much as she enjoyed the hunt, she wanted a proper brawl. So putting her rifle away, she gently, silently apprached one of the drones. "I don't know where you are. But I know I would have been proud to paint the blue stripe on your armor myself.

If she could get close enough, she would rip the helmet off the armor, exposing the drone within before punching it to death with its own helmet... No... She had a better idea. Simply rip the emergency release, which would disable the drone. Don't get ahead of yourself, Spark... Just put your knife through the joints just like the last one. Just don't show yourself this time. Clean strike, nape of the neck... Diversion...

She gave a dark smile, gently pulling a flechette from her armor, positioning it, and then flicking the tiny scrap of metal to ping off a piece of cover on the opposite side of her.

Nyx in the pod nodded, she was well aware of the Revenant’s repair system shortcomings. She did feel pleased that she had managed to hit her pretty hard, but it was what she said next that caused a smile to form. Spark would be proud to paint the blue stripe on her armor herself. “I’d be proud to watch you do that, ” she replied to her aunt.

Nyx knew her Aunt had her AI hijack the comms and now knew where she was, which meant she probably needed to keep the drones she controlled moving. She couldn’t make it easier on her aunt, and she also didn’t have so many armors she could hide behind. She heard the sound of metal pinging off of the piece of the cover causing her to duck. She saw the Flechette on the ground nearby, but she hadn’t spotted the muzzle flash. She knew that meant that Spark simply threw it. She grinned as she contemplated how intelligent that was.

She knows most of my tricks, I probably can't make my only working drone act all malfunctioning again, she’ll know it’s a feint. Psychological warfare, that might not work, but could... No, she’s using the coms, she’ll know it’s a fakeout, but can I still affect the damaged armor, and make her think I’m there?[/I ] Nyx breathed and focused herself focusing on activating the previously deactivated armor at least enough for Spark to get distracted by the odd pings.

In the 4 years of her existence, she’d never heard of this happening if it did succeed.

Most of the downed armor was too far gone to be reactivated, but there were enough pings popping up on Spark's flickering HUD, maiking it hard to concentrate on a single target. Dismissing the stationary ones, she kept liberating her most recent kill of ammunition and grenades as she sat tight and waited. All she had to do was wait for her opponent to toss a grenade or shoot, and she would respond with a bark from her Storm Rifle.

Assuming that Nyx's shields were in as bad of shape as her own, that would be all it took.

Nyx frowned when she realized the armors were too far gone to be reactivated. This was something she expected, but she was cheered up when she realized that at least she could cause the communications to ping. She also checked on her ammunition and Grenades. She knew that it was likely that Spark would be liberating something from her kills, as Nyx had from the MK 2s that Spark had managed to take out.

Both Captain Drone and Drone 2 had two Bandoliers worth of Grenades, at the start of Stage two, but they’d used half of the second bandolier. She took a quick scan of the battlefield, checking for possible cover, and also for obstacles. Then Captain Drone and 2 didn’t so much as toss the grenade as simply rolled them as much as they could. Using the abilities of the drones to try and cover as much as she could. The empty Bandolier was soon discarded once all the Grenades were used.

How small is the comm anyways? could I attach them to a grenade and roll it? No, not sure that would work.

The comm units were a quarter sized array buried deep in the circuits of the helmets, so even Spark couldn't have ripped one out to use as a diversion. She decided it was best to keep moving, continuing to chase the carrier signal, stalk and strike. She tossed a grenade back whilst moving, whistling a happy tune into her helmet microphone. With a hop slamming her armor's heels together, she switched directions, letting her motion sensors sweep for their response.

Nyx eeped as a grenade rolled back by 2. Immediately she tried to get the drone rolling away, only to have it explode. The shield took most of the hit of the grenade, but the fear response also caused Captain Drone to jump which may cause it to become visible. But she quickly tried to correct position and chuckled. She smiled as she heard Spark’s happy tune. Since she knew she was already listening, she chose to speak “that tune seems happy, where's it from?” she asked her as she tried to sneak around and try to hunt for her aunt.

Much like the previous grenades, the others that were rolled also exploded, but it would only be luck if it got her aunt.

Another grenade was lobbed the instant the command drone jumped and gave away its position as Spark danced away from the rolling grenades, stalking the drone that she knew should have crippled shields based on the reaction of the other drone, and she grinned. "From the cadences of the power armor infantry, the Ballad of Carl."

Nyx took an instance on a second, to react to the grenade lobbed at her. She watched as it fell to the ground beside her. Creator’s tits! She cursed as she tried to jump away, but the grenade exploded and shattered Captain Drone’s legs. But everything else was fully functional, she could use its arms to move. She moved the drone away, before she began detecting proximity on Drone 2. She tried to have 2 sneaks away to get a better advantage.
“Ballad of Carl... You know I have heard of the Legendary Myth..” Spark heard as 2 had discovered her shields were disabled, which wasn’t good, in a real fight, not a demonstration.

"Gotcha!" Spark lunged for Two, reaching out to grab the drone by the back as her knife slipped out of its sheath, ready to sever the drone's spine by piercing the top of the undersuit, where her new suit had a solid metal plate that the helmet orbited behind.

"Sneaky little bastard! No, I worked with Carl. Unfortunately a lot. His song speaks only truth."

Two pawed at Spark, as if a desperate person wanting to cling to life. But she was unable to get at her, or to stop the attack. Nyx through 2 heard Spark say gotcha, and to call it a sneaky bastard. Nyx prepared for the disabling of the drone, which meant the screen would turn back, and cause Captain Drone’s to become enlarged, to compensate for the loss of manpower. Not sure what she could do to save poor 2.

“wait… so you're telling me, he actually exists?! I thought he was just a tail told to me and all of the Synths and clones, to give us some kind of lesson, like an old wives tail. Ok, I know we are in the middle of a demonstration, but I have to know... Did he really shatter his leg just by jumping off a shuttle while in armor? Actually, maybe answer that after we’re done hahaha.”

Two suddenly pulled the pin on a few of the grenades, unless it was already disabled.

"In a Revenant Mark 1." Spark's knife flashed just as she saw the grenades drop, and turned, thowing the disabled drone down on top of the grenades like a meat shield.she dropped her knee into the small of its back, hopefully protecting herself from most of the blast. She planned on the loss of signal and explosion to claim her movement. More, she took a piece of metal and sent it skittering across the ground to immitate her running in panic.


A MK 1... So an armor like the ones I controlled before then? wow.. Unfortunately, she had many more questions, but she placed them all in a compartmentalized part of her mind. She’d also set a timer so that she’d be alerted once the demonstration is over. Captain Drone heard the skittering of metal, which caused her to grin as she thought she had her aunt in a panic. In hindsight, she didn't like the idea of any of her family members panicking. But she forced herself to remain calm as she tried to use the cover to stalk where she thought her aunt was.

She jumped hoping to take her down, but her aunt hadn’t been where she calculated. Of course, she used a decoy! Nyx you idiot She ducked and rolled, hoping to scurry to cover quickly. “Are you ok, Aunt Spark?” she asked her aunt, having heard her swear and pondered if her grenade had damaged her.

The armor shielding Spark's suit had been shredded and shattered, protecting her from the majority of the blast. She chased after the metal with her sights as the dust cleared, unleashing several blasts from her storm rifles at likely points where Nyx was meant to guess Spark had run to to escape the grenades. She kept firing, cycling between points before zeroing in on the nearest cover to where she had dropped the metal.

Now, she flipped the fire selector for her rifle from semi to full automatic, bracing her weapon across her kneeling form and opened fire, rapidly draining the magazine as she drilled through the cover to get at the sweet, goey drone behind it.

Every biological being has a state they go into, adrenaline rush, it's where they get this boost of energy and can do actions faster, but Synths had something similar. Overclock, where they can boost processes, but at a potential cost. While this was a demonstration, Nyx didn’t want to get shot! So when the familiar sounds of Storm rifles were heard behind her, she began to Overlock the drone’s systems and used Captain Drone to try and dodge the attack.

Spark would potentially see legs flipping about as she moved to do so. It was easier when at the Semi setting of the rifle, but full automatic, which was also Nyx’s preferred setting, this would be harder but she tried to dodge them. Unfortunately, since she didn’t have use of her legs, this was much, much more difficult, though might have been cool to see.

Flechette’s grazed the armor as she dodged, striking at the metal. Nyx tried to ignore the warning that was popping up on her screen.

Spark smiled as she opened the breech, her empty magazine flying over her shoulder. Sith a dark chuckle as she slipped away, her cloak flickering momentarily as she stood, moving forward. The sharp sound of the breech closing punctuated the thump of her boots. "Last magazine. And if I'm right, that overclock's making your head woozy... Your fear clouds your mind. A fatal flaw of life, both mechanical and organic."

And like dust on the wind, her flickering cloak reset and restored. Like dust onthe wind, her footfalls faded, and disappeared. She was simply... Gone, again as she chuckled darkly. "Your drone is wounded. You bleed."

Spark was right; she was feeling what some might call woozy. There were parts of her drone’s body that were overheating. She’d need to wait and let it cool, but in a demonstration like this, that might not be optimal. Nyx in Captain Drone listened as Spark spoke to her, and it took her a moment to realize that it was Spark’s turn for psychological warfare. Thanks to the flickering, she could sort of see her, and she listened to the sounds of her boots, and the breech closing.

She gasped as the cloak reset itself, and was restored. Gone were the sounds too, the cloaks sound dampening no doubt. “Yes, dear Aunt, it is wounded, and in a way bleeding, but there is something you should know...” She said as she began deactivating non-essential systems on the drone. This did allow some cooldown. There was visible sparking in the body and armor, which in effect was the bleeding.

She tried to calm her mind, as she prepared for the next attack, and prepared for the switch to the next armor for the demonstration. Spark was likely to take her time with this psychological warfare, but Nyx thought she could speed things up.

Nyx used her arms and whatever was left of her damaged and disabled legs to launch herself at where she thought her aunt might be, as she came close, her hands moved to the grenades, as she prepared to use the Anima system to change.

Spark locked onto the carrier signal, stepping deep into the drone's leap to deliver a mighty palm strike, crushing the nanite controller with expert precision and ripping away the bandolier. She didn't kill the drone, nor decloak to deliver the strike. No, from the armor's point of view, it simply stopped in the air, before being thrown backwards, away from the cloak.

"I know your plan, Nyx. Self destruct so you can strike me down on the last round. But let's see how well you can focus. I won't let you go into that sweet darkness so easily."

Nyx blinked in surprise inside the pod as the drone suddenly stopped in mid-air and was thrown down. Unfortunately, her fingers hadn’t quite made it to the pins so no explosions happened. “Ok Fine! I’ll buy the drinks!” She playfully retorted in response. This was for her earlier statement about the one who finds the other buying the drinks. Nyx tried to calculate Spark’s new position in the arena something that was proving difficult for her.

Suddenly, the drone began spinning, rapidly and fast, purposefully so to bring up the dust cloud around her, and trying to kick up a breeze to make it bigger and bigger. She hoped to use that to find Spark, as the dust should part as Spark moved.

The dust blew past Spark's failing shield, causing her cloak to flicker before she grabbed the drone by a shoulder, her other hand casually crushing the armor's still working thruster before she held him up, casually dropping her shield and opening her helmet as the dust started to clear.

Her cloak flicked off as she started casually peeling the armor like a banana. "You know, I'm really thirsty, Nyx. You ruined my water resivoir. So you don't get to kill the Captain drone just yet."

As she continued, she ensured that the drone stayed conscious as she pulled its armor off, digging down to find the water resivoir in the chestplate. "Don't go anywhere."

Dropping the drone, she planted a boot on its chest, still holding the leaking container as she wrapped her freed hand around the top, crushed the end, and ripped it open like a beer can. She leaned back, pouring a fountain of the clean water over her face and down her throat before she set some weight on the drone's chest. Gently, she reached down, wiggling the drone's helmet loose, then off.

"Thirsty, my little niece?" Moving her boot to crush the drone's shoulder, she idly tossed the helmet aside, pouring most of the remaining water onto the drone's face. "See, I don't usually stay in battle this long. You made me quite proud. You want to rescue your boy?"

Sipping the remainder of the canister, she shot the drone twice in the shoulder to disable it, ensuring the drone remained "alive."

The Drone’s sensors detected the flickering cloak which pleased the remotely piloting Nyx. She was about to make her attack now that she could see her, but there was an error in the systems, which allowed Spark to grab the drone’s shoulder, and her systems detected the damage to the thruster, which meant she wouldn’t be able to spin or jump so high as before. “Oh, sorry my dearest auntie,” she said to her in reply to ruining her water reservoir. But she wasn’t too bothered, already there were bodies littering the arena pit that had full water containment for her to steal from if she needed to.

Her drone’s legs were badly damaged so she couldn’t kick her even if she wanted to. Her hands were useful, though. She assumed that she wanted to go to one of those o grab the water, but it appeared she didn’t want to. Goodness had this been real her aunt might dramatize some synthetic as they killed them.

In the pod, she smirked as her aunt asked if she was thirsty. “Yes, actually I am rather thirsty, one moment, ” she said and her drone's arms acted wildly moving about as if it was pressing something, and its head moved over. “mmm! The pod’s water is fresh, clean, and cold, I love it!” On the screen, she saw her aunt waste water by pouring the remaining water onto the drone's face. It made the view look as if she was staring up at her over the water. “Are you sure you should be wasting that? I mean when I come out in my final drone, I don’t think it will be easy for you, darling auntie. “ She told her then in a more serious non-playful tone. “Thanks for letting me help with the demonstration, I’m learning a lot too” She cleared her throat. “So tell me, dear, will you let me rescue the poor Captain?” She said in her playful tone again.

"You may try." Spark moved off the fallen armor, moving around the field to reload and rearm.

Nyx nodded and checked her board to see what she could do to get her transfer. The captain Drone couldn’t move since Spark disabled it. So mentally she focused on Anima which made her leave the Captain Drone’s body which resulted in it twitching. “Hold onto your boots, Auntie Spark, this is gonna be big!” She said to her aunt, as the old Captain drone went dead.

Nyx found herself flying through a light-up tunnel of some kind until finally, she was in a new working armor. This was the final one, and unlike before, she had no squad mates to aid her or for her to control. She jumped into the pit and unfurled her wings, allowing her to fly above her. She was silent, Spark wouldn’t be able to see her.

Her red eyes scanned below, searching for her Aunt looking for some sign that she was there.

Spark's shield and cloak raised as she sat behind cover, checking herself over as she waited for any kind of movement. She knew she was leaking hydraulic fluid, her shields and cloak were not stable, and her paint was damaged in several places. "I was kinda expecting a Predator or Ultron moment when you came up behind me and ripped my armor apart. I'm not in good shape. And something tells me you're not using a 2B prototype, are you?"

Nyx grinned like some kind of predator as she spotted her weakened prey before, or rather below. “I have never heard of Ultron, he some kind of legendary super badass in the Legion? “ She asked her and Spark could hear a chuckle at her question. “No, not a 2b prototype, but it is still a prototype.” She landed on the floor below with an audible thump and the cloak disappeared, allowing Spark to see RevIII-B01 across her chest plate. “It’s a prototype of the Revenant Three, but another version. I personally had this one built with weapon specs closely at my own Gynoid bodies Weapon specs. Don’t worry, you won’t get anything more than sunburns and paintball injuries. Seraphina is so sweet, isn’t she?” The armor disappeared, before the surrounding ground suddenly had tiny holes in it, like someone was shooting. The sound was dampened, but she wasn’t intentionally shooting, just wanted to make her run like she had to.

Since Nyx could see her, Spark also had another problem to deal with, like how she was Cyberhacking Spark’s targeting systems. Spark would see flickering as she began to work on making her not get a good read on her.

Nyx stepped forward towards her, trying not to let her excitement grow, and soar, and making sure she had her focus, but the thought of Spark putting on the blue strip on her armor’s chest was making her feel excited.

Spark cursed as she jumped up, ignoring the targeting system warnings as she engaged, her Storm Rifle switching to full auto as she blasted at the flickering target markers, noting how they never seemed to stay in one place. Her AI copilot yelped in pain as a round bit into Spark's shoulder, the shock gel carried through her armor and deadening one arm as Spark stood and fought, flinging off bursts where she could. The slow approach of this new armor was triggering her response to fight for her life in ways she hadn't explored in a long time. "That's not a Revenant II, damn it! What the Hell is that?!"

“Full Auto, smart’ Her teasing voice could be heard as she made her approach, she didn’t need to run at first. There came a loud boom sound as the Fletchetts made contact with something that exploded as Nyx targeted the flying Fletchetts with an precision that only an AI lie her could make. She could almost hear her aunt swearing as Nyx attacked her. Her optics took note of the damage and suspected one arm was deadened. She thought while she wanted to play with her, she thought that she should end this soon. Already the audience could see the advantages between the armors from the first, to the Second, and now the Third, though her own was another prototype, but not THE main one.

lets get some psychological warfare to this cyberwarfare She thought as she tried to control where Spark was going while she shot at her. She hoped to direct Spark to go by one of the originally downed Drones of the previous squads, but with her cyberwarfare, she tried to make Spark see that one of those downed drones suddenly grab at her leg.

She hoped to use that as a distraction, to allow her to get close to her. All kinds of ideas went into her mind, but the one that seemed to come up was one that seemed to be the easiest to use. Her optics scanned the armor, searching for servos or something she could disable to get her down.

As the downed drone grabbed at her, Spark's pistol snapped out of its holster, firing three times into the power core of the armor, cutting its movement entirely, and Spark realized that the new suit was getting dangerously close, some of the abberations seeming close enough to grab her as she fired her jump jets, deciding to go up, full burn, and try to get over the new monstrosity.

Her helmet opened to give her some kind of real visual lock and she finally got a good look at the new armor as she passed overhead, her storm rifle finally clicking dry, and her pistol rising to try taking the power armor's head off.

Nyx watched as the poor disabled drone was shot once more, which meant the fake image she’d sent worked, which she thought was good o know, and something she probably should be mentioning to Seraphina, as if it was easy for her to Cyberhack, it may be easy for another. Unfortunately, before she could grab her, Spark activated her jumpjets something Nyx didn’t have since she could fly. The Storm rifle was empty, and she knew that was a good thing, hopefully, she could keep her from grabbing what ammo was left from the other drones. But…..ZEEASH! The sound erupted as her left hand changed, the fingers transforming, and... Blades of plasma expelled from it, which soon merged together, and with machine agility, the pistol was struck in the area between the muzzle and the rest of the gun.

Since Spark no longer had her helmet on, that meant she was no longer vulnerable, which also meant she saw the truth of the drone that grabbed her still in the same position as before, but not at all in the position it would be if it had been trying to grab someone.

With the pistol disabled and the rifle empty, she made her move, and while Spark was in mid-air, she lifted herself up with her wings and grabbed at her arms, and attempted to slam the armor her aunt was wearing down. She then tried to get on top of her, to prevent her from getting up, and attempted to position her claw while trying to hold her down.

The claw will of course be able to penetrate armor, but for the sparring match, she made it so it would weaken before it touches the skin, before it even makes it there. She didn’t want to burn her aunt, but she did want to make it possible to pull her out of the armor.

Spark being flung to the ground was a surprise as she let out a wheeze, feeling her head rock back against the helmet brace. Before she could recover, Nyx was on top of her, and as Spark let go of the Storm Rifle, she released the magazine, hoping that the empty magazine would provide the distraction necessary to go for the combat knife that the Rethenkan diplomat had given her, to drive it through the neck seal of this new monstrosity of power armor that was happily starting to burn though her own armor.

“Huh?’ Nyx said as she saw the magazine fall out, which indeed cause a distraction, but she saw the knife coming “oh you” She said as she braced herself to try and make her claw go up to strike at the combat knife as a way to stop its attack. But she’d remembered the knife, the Rethenkan diplomat had given it to her aunt, it felt a shame to damage it now, but fortunately the plasma wouldn’t cause it to melt just block its attack.

Plasma versus hardlight was always a battle for the ages as Spark's knife flashed against the claws, it was just a moment, building the force behind it as she suddenly dropped the knife and closed her fist, aimint to land a devastating punch across Nyx's face, a snarl on her lips as though deep in the blood rage. Nyx could tell it was an act, though, the shots were too strategic, the fire hot and passionate, not cold and mechanical. Still, the punch from Spark's failing hydraulics should have carried enough force to knock the helmet clean off most other power armor sets,

She had already lost, and she knew it.

A punch against a helmet normally would do nothing, but Spark was armored to, so that the punch had power behind it. But Nyx knew that Spark knew she’d lost, and that her actions were an act. The fist was grabbed, and she maneuvered herself so that it could be held as she continued to try and dig into the armor and eventually, she pulled it apart and carefully pulled Spark from the armor. And unceremoniously let her drop to the side.

As Spark was dropped from her armor, she had just enough time to realize she'd left something behind, before slamming into the ground on her right side, painfully into the socket of the missing right arm. The one that had been shorn clean off by a Storm Rifle not two years prior. She gave a soft whine and wheeze before the announcer's voice cut through, the volumetric simulation ending as personnel started swarming the field with cameras to take photos of the armor damaged and destroyed, pull logs, and compare combat data.

"LADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND FOLKS OF INDETERMINATE GENDER, I PRESENT TO YOU PRINCESS NYX PINE IN THE ALL NEW REVENANT 3! Defeated at her feet, the before now undefeated legend herself, Lady Spark Pine!"

Nyx leaned back in her pod’s seat as the match was over. They’d done it, they’d shown off the armor, and she showed what it can do and what she can do. Spark gave as good as she got, and she knew had Nyx not been there, Spark would have won no sweat, it’s truly what she’d believed until the day she seized functioning. Her ears picked up on the soft whine and wheeze, causing Nyx to look down at her, and that’s when she noticed the lack of an arm. She recalled that there was an accident with the storm rifle, someone had injured Spark forcing her to get a cybernetic replacement. It was a shame that the autodoc couldn’t replace it with a new organic one like she was certain it could, but she figured it was something to do with Fenrir.

Nyx stepped forward and looked into the armor, to the arm and she spotted it. She wondered why it would get damaged, but thought because it was cybernetic, it was treated differently. She carefully removed it, and then extended her other arm to Spark. “Come, we’ll go back to the quarters designated for the NDC, and I’ll fix your arm and put it back. Then we’ll go out to drink. ”She told her, and soon began leading the way, hearing but ignoring the cheers that came from the audience.

True to form, they soon returned and Nyx got Spark comfortable as she worked on Spark’s arm and soon got new replacement parts before reattaching it to her aunt, while also offering painkillers should she need them.
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