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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: Family Reunion


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RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
Kaiyo Wardroom
"Kiyo!" Gravity gasped when she met the younger girl in the mess hall. Being an impulsive and physical creature, the pilot reached out and pulled Kiyomori into a hug.

"Why didn't you tell me you were raised by mom?!" She asked, her face full of joy. Mom, of course, was nothing more than the lead engineer over Gravity's tank cycle. But she was a kind, loving woman who treated each of her creations as daughters. Indeed, there were many neko running around who were connected by their "mother". One big, scattered family that tried their best to stay in touch.

Kiyomori heard her name called by a familiar voice, which brought her out of her thoughts, namely one of the last messages that she had heard from Gravity. She recalled how she reacted when she mentioned that Lead Engineer had given her pomegranate seeds, and she remembered being called little sis, that told her something.

She allowed herself to be pulled into a hug, and she reciprocated it by hugging her back. She saw her face and the look of joy and heard her question she looked down feeling bad she hadn’t told her seeing now it would have been important to do so. “I’m sorry... I wasn’t sure how to bring it up, ” she said to her big sister. She was one who tried to be careful of what she said to people in case it hurt there feeling.

"It's okay. It's okay. Just tell me- where are your sisters? The ones born with you? Are they okay? Have you spoken to them?" Gravity asked, leading Kiyo to a small booth.

Kiyo allowed herself to be led to a booth, and sat down, after making sure her tail wouldn’t get sat on. “I haven’t really spoken to them much, from what I know half were infantry like me, while the rest were at the academy for officer training or they decided to be pilots,” she told her “Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from them in a while.”

"That's okay. They can't have gotten into too much trouble. Oh my god, though! I found one of you! My sister Orihime told me there was a fresh batch! You're one of mom's last before she retires! There's a party in a little while too! Everyone's going to be there! I know I'm rambling but oh my god!" Gravity blurted, nearly bouncing in her seat. She wanted to hig the small, blue girl again, but figured that would be too weird.

Kiyo nodded her head to her, she was certain that her sisters couldn’t have gotten into too much trouble either. She soon learned that not only did she came from a fresh batch, but that would be their mom’s last one before she retired. “If there’s a party, then the sisters I was born with would be there right?’ she asked her “it’s likely that they have an older sister with them as I do, they would be told. “She said as she placed her order of food. “So I am a Drake’s Auntie,” she said then grinned “sorry, couldn’t resist, “ she said of her little joke.

Off to the side, Starlight's head rose up from where he was curled up on the couch, those golden eyes seeming to size up his new aunt. Soon after he yawned and went back to sleep, as if satisfied. Gravity smiled at Kiyo.

"Be careful what you wish for," warned the elder. "But, yeah! There's a lot of us out there. In fact, Imma call them and introduce you!"

Whipping out her data pad, she began tapping buttons, setting up a multilink vidcall on a secure channel. Kiyo could see that Gravity was adding many numbers to the call. Five, then ten, then fifteen, then twenty. Then, she just kept adding numbers.

Kiyo chose to heed her wise warning and be careful what she wished for the time being. After being told that there were a lot of them and that she will call them to introduce her. Her eyes went down to the datapad and saw all those numbers her eyes widening a great deal. Just how many sisters did she have?! She wondered silently as she waited for her to put in the numbers. A lot of us Gravity said, yes that definitely seemed like a lot of numbers.

When Gravity finally hit "call", the line rang for several moments. A large, volumetric screen appeared in the air above the pad. Then, with a little "ding", a neko about Gravity's age with golden eyes and short, dark hair appeared. She was dressed in a flight suit, and there were fighter craft parked in a sunny hangar behind her.

The pad kept dinging, and more and more women began appearing in the call. Some were infantry, some dressed in lab coats. Some dressed in plain civilian clothes, and some wore uniforms of high-ranking officers. Very high-ranking.

It seemed that their "themes" changed with age, their mother having gone through several phases of creative inspiration. The ones closest to Kiyo and Kara all seemed to follow a blue/gold color scheme.

The first woman to answer, the fighter pilot, grinned from behind her shades in a way almost identical to Gravity.

"Heya, Kara! Plan on telling us why you started a mega-call?" The newcomer asked. Everyone's eyes seemed to be on Kiyo, the gears beginning to turn in their heads.

"Hey Tatsuki! Well, I just wanted to introduce you all to your baby sister, Kiyomori!" Gravity beamed, putting an arm around the neko in question and pulling her close.

Kiyo blinked she saw the fingers hit the call button, which meant that she was done. She was still in disbelief at how many numbers she had put the call to; indeed it was a Mega-call. She will have to memorize that too possibly.

She watched as these girls popped up and it was difficult for her to not look shocked at some of the outfits they wore ad how some appeared to be high ranking members.

The woman who grinned she could have sworn that was Gravity that it looked almost identical to her. She heard her speaking, but she saw all those eyes looking at her. She wondered if they realized who she was before Gravity spoke to them and introduced her to them. “Konichiwa,” she said to them all as she felt her arm around her, and she was pulled close.

She allowed this, and rested in Gravity’s arms a she looked at all her older sisters. “I’m Kiyomori, as she has said, you can call me Kiyo though if you wish to. I am honored to meet all of you,” she said.

A moment passed before everyone's eyes lit up and Kiyo was bombarded with greetings from just about every corner of the Kikyo sector. There were some "awww!"s and giggles mixed in as well.

"She's adorable!" Cood a red-haired woman in a black pantsuit.

"Infantry! Yes!" Cheered Astrid, a blonde with blue eyes and another one of Gravity's cycle. She led of a SOFT team.

"Why did she have to be infantry?! Just know, young one, if you ever want to switch to engineering, call me." Chided Akako, older than Astrid, as signified by her red skin and auburn hair. It was all good-natured, however. But Kiyo would soon learn that her new family were competitive and split up into their respective professions, and loved to rib all the others.

"Take care of her, Kara." Said another woman who appeared to be a civillian now, tending to her garden. She beamed at Kiyo as she herself held an infant neko in her arms.

"Sisters." A mature, calm voice cut through the cacophony of mini-arguments. All talk ceased as everyone looked to one of their eldest sisters still in the army, Taisa Chikako Fuyu. She had sun-kissed skin and lime-green hair pulled into a neat bun. While her face was serene as a mountain lake, her demeanor stoic, her amber eyes danced with a youthful fire.

"Little one. KIyo," she began, her lips twitching into a small grin that radiated warmth. "Welcome to our family. You will do great things, I am sure. Wherever you go, know that we will love and defend you as sisters should. You need only call."

"You always knew how to make a good speech, sis." Gravity sighed, pretending to wipe a tear from her eye.

"...And should you ever need help with young Kara-."

"Sorry!" Squeaked the pilot, lowering herself in her seat with a nervous grin. Fuyu allowed a small chuckle to escape her lips before returning her gaze to Kiyo.

"I have good news, Kiyo. I have also discovered one of your tank-sisters. She is a junior officer aboard my ship, and I have been guiding her progress." Fuyu revealed to several gasps.

A moment and within that moment she was about to think maybe she said or did something wrong, but then she saw everyone’s eyes lit up and she was bombarded with greetings. Due to the number of people, it felt like all of the Kikyo sector was greeting her. It was humbling to be sure to hear a huge area a huge amount of people greeting her.

She blushed when she heard that she was called adorable, and she heard that someone was glad that she was Infantry too.

Someone didn’t like that she was infantry and they tried to tell her that if she wished to change to engineering that she should call her. She nodded her head, though she forgot her number, she will remember to call her if she ever decided to change.

Another woman, with the cutest infant, had asked Kara to take care of her. “Your infant is adorable, Sister,” she said before the next person spoke.

It seemed this had a great deal of effect on the others who immediately quieted down as they all looked at who she believed to be one of the oldest. She listened to her speech and found she liked what she heard. “thank you Big Sister” she said to her, smiling but she also laughed a little when Kara reacted to it.

Chikaku Fuyu soon spoke again to her directly, mentioning one of her sisters, who was a junior officer aboard her ship, and that she had been guiding her progress. Kiyo nodded recognizing who that could be immediately. “I am betting that’s Noriko. I feel like out of all my sisters who joined the officer academy, she was likely the first to pass and graduate. I am happy to hear she made Junior officer.” she said to her feeling happy with a happy smile.

"Nice guess. You're right, it is Noriko." Fuyu revealed with a nod, motioning off camera for someone. A moment later, Noriko stepped into frame.

Noriko had a kind smile as she looked into the screen and saw her tank sister. “So, The Silent one is actually speaking?” she teased “I’m happy to see you make it to becoming an Infantry, love the Mindy I take it?’ she asked with a smile.

Kiyo didn’t react to her teasing it didn’t feel important to respond to that, but she did respond to her question “Yup, The Mindy is awesome, I prefer using that especially how mine lets me fly if I wanted to’ she told her. “Have you heard from the others?” she asked

Noriko nodded ”yeah a few of the girls were officers on other ships, there were a few were infantry after you decided to join, and Kazumi… is well, doing Kazumi things’ she said not wanting to spoil the moment. Noriko looked at Gravity “your Kara, right? You make sure to keep a good eye on our girl, alright? Even if she’ll call because she’ll need our help, I like knowing she has someone watching her back.” she asked Gravity, smiling.

"Don't even trip, sis! I'll make sure Kiyo has everything she needs to survive." Gravity replied with a wave of her hand. Then, she stopped, as if suddenly remembering something.

"...Like what sort of gifts mom likes. What are you all getting her for her retirement party?" Gravity asked very urgently. Everyone, including Fuyu, exchanged nervous glances. With the war and life in general going on, their mother's upcoming retirement had taken a backseat to other things.

"I was going to get her paints?" Orihime, a blue-haired neko in a lab coat and SSS garb suggested. This elicited a groan from everyone else.

"You probably already know this, but mom really likes painting." Gravity explained in a low whisper to Kiyo.

"Someone always gets her painting supplies! She could open a store of her own by now!" Tatsuki grumbled, rubbing her face in her hands.

"She's not exactly easy to shop for!" Orihimi defended, receiving many nods of agreement. Fuyu held up a hand, the eldest sister once again gaining attention.

"She's moving into a home by the beach. She hates decorating. I suggest we get her things to furnish her home." The Taisa announced. She then looked to Gravity and Kiyo.

"Will you be attending her party?" Fuyu asked.

Noriko smiled, glad that Kiyomori had someone willing to watch the young blue-skinned Neko’s back. Then the next topic happened, and she glanced to the others. Kiyo, of course, went silent as she allowed her mind to think. She heard Gravity’s whisper in her ear, and memories came back from seeing their mother painting. She tried to do it too and had her guidance during the activity.

Kiyo heard the other comments, and that it was hard to shop for and how someone always gets her paints that she could open up a store.

Finally, it was the Taisa’s turn to speak, and she listened to her talk mentioning that she will be going to have a home near the beach. But then they were asked if they were attending.

She glanced over to Gravity for a moment. “I think we’d love to, but I personally don’t know when we next get shore leave. Plus, with all of us there, won’t the house be a little crowded? I am guessing it’s definitely not a Dreadnaught. “She said then added, “though as I recall, I think she was almost out of a light blue shade of paint, its possible she got more though.”

Kiyo's question got a few giggles. She had no clue. But how could she, being so young?

"Trust me, we'll fit." Gravity assured her little sister with a mischevious smirk. Kiyo didn't know it, but she was about to learn a whole new definition of the word "cozy".

"Hmm. Good catch, Kiyo." The neko with the infant nodded. "Orihime, go ahead and get her that. And no one, and I mean no one else get her any paints. We don't want a repeat of her birthday where she received twenty tubs of the same red due to miscommunication."

Kiyo blinked when her question just got a few giggles in response. They knew something about her house, she suspected. Gravity spoke to her asking her to trust her, and that they will fit. She was smiling, though she didn’t realize it was a mischievous smirk.

Kiyo seemed to have made a good catch with what she had told her, and she quickly whipped out her own pad, and linked it with Gravity’s before she transferred the information about the shade of blue their mother was missing. ”there, that’s the specific shade’ she told Orihime.”

"Thanks, Kiyo. It's been nice, family, but my lunch hour's almost over." Orihime told them. Goodbyes were exchanged before she exited the call and her face disappeared.

"Yeah, I have a briefing in fifteen. See ya, Gravity! Can't wait to kick your ass at mom's place!" Tatsuki waved before signing off with a cheeky wave. Gravity opened her mouth to retort, but it was too late.

One by one, Kiyomori's sisters signed off until once again, it was just the two azure neko sitting in silence.

"So? What did you think?" Asked the elder.

Kiyo waved to Orihime’s departing from the conversation. She was glad to be of help to them, and after the things were sent she placed the datapad now, as the others had said their goodbyes she waved and bade them farewell. She was happy to have met them, and especially to see her old tank sister again.

Soon it was just the two of them. “Our sisters seem like nice people,” she said to Gravity. “Tatsuki said she will kick your ass at mom’s place? oh, and how big is her place anyways?’ she asked her.

"Oh, that... it's just standard procedure. She's a fighter jock, I'm a helmsman. There's always a big rivalry between the two. They say helmsmen aren't real pilots, we say they'll be replaced by power armors in five years. Me and Tatsuki always mess with each other, and it doesn't help that we're both into martial arts. When we go to mom's house she'll probably challenge me, and I'll stuff her smug face into the sand!" Gravity explained with a cocky sneer, her hands balling into fists as she stared into space, living in a fantasy soon to come.

"As for mom's house, she's... a very eccentric woman. She doesn't believe in having anything but the bare essentials. It'll probably be the size of a starship bridge." Sighed the pilot in fond rememberance of the last time she'd visited. The whole family had been present, but they'd found a way to fit.

Kiyo blinked her red eyes as she listened to Gravity talk about it being a standard procedure the behavior that Tatsuki displayed. She continued to talk and her eyes blinked in surprise. “You are a real pilot to me at least, no one can get us through troubles like you,” she said to her as she watched her balling her fists.

She learned that their mother’s home was probably the size of a starship bridge. She knew those could be small, but it depended on the ship, though as far as she remembered.

"Thanks, sis." Smiled Gravity as she stood up. "Now, we should probably get back to work. If you ever want to talk, come see me."

Kiyo nodded her head”yup” she agreed they needed to get back to work so after Gravity stood up, she followed her after eating her food of course. “I am sorry if there are too many explosions nearby, after final check I’m going out and testing weapons on asteroids nearby, “ she said