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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: How Do You Measure a Star?


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RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
YSS Kaiyō II Ready Room
Far-Flung Western Space
YSS Kaiyō II
Ready Room

"Knock knock," Deio Asuka said as she entered the ready room, though the occupant, Taiyou Hoshi looked somewhat surprised at the appearance of the redhead. "Boss said you were busy, but..." Asuka trailed off, looking to Hoshi's unmoving expression. "But I thought you could use some cheering up."

Hoshi remained unmoved, as she asked, "Cheering up? From what?" She looked back down to her datapads and a small stack of papers she had at her desk and only looked up from them after Asuka had crossed the room to stand behind the desk, beside Hoshi. "What?"

"From this," Asuka prompted, pointing her eyes towards the desktop momentarily before looking into Hoshi's deep blue eyes. She put her hands around the captain's cheeks and knelt. Cupping Hoshi's face in her hands, she said with an air of desperation, "This ship, this tour, this crew... They are all very important, but so are you. Caring for yourself is an important way to care for them, too."

Hoshi shook her head slightly, trying to unsettle Asuka's hands from around her cheeks and jawline, but Asuka persisted. The captain looked unsettled. Her brows furrowed and mouth set into a somber pout. Her eyes had shifted to look from Asuka, then slowly slid back to hers. Seeing the concern for and concentration on her, Hoshi's expression broke into a pacifying smile.

Her deep pink lips opened to say, "I am caring for myself. I have eaten and am well-rested; everything that needs doing on that account is done." Hoping and acting as if that settled the matter, Hoshi turned her head to look away, but Asuka's hands were jarringly tight on her face and wouldn't let her turn her face fully. Her face snapped towards Asuka with a look of hostility, now. all manner of pacification gone from her expression.

Asuka spoke sternly and quickly, "You know I don't think that's enough. You do know."

"There are things about my role you wouldn't, and don't, understand," Hoshi told her with an uncompromising look.

"There are things about you I do understand, though," Asuka said as her head tilted and her hands slowly dropped. They brushed down Hoshi's uniformed arms and to her hands. She cupped the small balled fists in Hoshi's lap and spoke again. "I know you need moments of calm, even if they are embedded in storms of war." Asuka looked away, biting some of her cheek unconsciously, "And I do know that this isn't a very calming moment, it's more like a battle, I thought it would go better than this."

The gentle touch of Asuka's hand over her own made Hoshi remember the moments of calm with the freckled Neko kneeling at her feet. Her expression had lost its unfriendly demeanor as she turned her palms outward and allowed Asuka to entwine fingers with her own.

Asuka spoke slowly, gently. "Do you want anything? To do anything? Besides datawork," she added with a soft and short laugh.

Hoshi's eyes slid away and a contorted smile showed itself on her face as glittery wetness added itself to her eyes. "I want to paint... It's been a long time since I did."

Asuka's eyes raised far up her head as her chin lowered, looking at Hoshi wordlessly for a moment before she thought to speak.

"Do you have the supplies to do it?"

"I am lacking one thing...." Hoshi said, her wet eyes shifted expression, along with her smile, into a confidant glow.

"What?" Asuka said, face raising as she looked at Hoshi.

"A model," Hoshi said delightedly as she squeezed Asuka's hand.

The light blue eyes on Asuka's face became slitted as she smiled back at Hoshi and spoke in an exaggerated huff, "Fine, I guess!"