• 📅 April 2023 is YE 45.3 in the RP.

RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: Movie Night


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RP Date
Early YE 41
RP Location
YSS Kaiyō II crew cabin.
Wulf moved uncomfortably on the neko nest he was currently on. Sakura had invited him out for a movie night in her cabin and he was still getting use to being around nekos. He thought he would be taking a seat in a standard cabin and instead he found out Sakura was billeted in a nest. As he shifted to get comfortable in the pile of pillows and blankets he could see Sakura smirk as she watched the young man shift uncomfortably in the nest. Sakura sat next to him on the edge of the nest with a bowl of pop corn softly speaking to him " Oh is the ranger uncomfortable in a bed of blankets or is it the thought of two Nekovalkyrja always sharing a bed". Wulf could feel red hot heat in his cheeks as he started to stammer " No its not that its just, its just". Sakura couldn't contain her smirk before she used her index finger to poke wulf's nose " Wulf relax I only invited you here for movies and thought the nest would be comfortable for your still healing leg".

Slipping into the nest next to wulf she quickly pulled up a blanket to cover her legs. The Nekovalkyrja seemed at home and at ease in the nest as she pulled the blankets over her. Wulf finally got comfortable him self as he saw Sakura at ease and knew this was just a movie night. Relaxed and calm now Wulf spoke " So what movie are we going to watch tonight?"

Sakura kept her smirk as her tail moved in slight excitement " Well I thought we should watch a classic and a personal favorite of mine if you up for it?". Wulf nodded " Yeah i'm up for anything honestly I haven't watched too many movies growing up". Sakura looked over to him still keeping her smirk " Well then I have a treat for you, the title of this wonderful movie is The Galaxy is not Enough a Jamie bond film". Seeing the ranger was staring off into space she spoke up " Jamie Bond, the Secret agent neko that saves the Galaxy and Yamatai time and time again ?". Seeing Wulf giving just a dead pan look of nothingness in reply Sakura could only let out a loud sarcastic " Wowwwww".

Wulf shrugged his shoulders and could only offer a embarrassed " Sorry, like I said I haven't see too many films". She could only shake her head and pat the rangers shoulder " Oh my dear Wulf I worry you might be a lost cause". The redness in Wulf's cheeks only grew " Come on i'm sure there has been other people that haven't seen a Jamie Bond film". Locking eyes with Wulf, Sakura couldn't help but take pity on the ranger " Wulf you are literally the only person I know in this entire galaxy that doesn't know about the bombshell that is Jamie bond". Wulf looked puzzled " Bomb Shell ? ".

Sakura pulled back her hand as she grabbed the remote for the projector. Clicking it on she spoke intently " A black hair neko in a traditional tux, who is ageless and always get the girl or man she wants". The projector clicked on showing the title screen showing the titular character in a tight fitting tuxedo with a pistol in her hand. Pointing at the screen " You can't tell me you don't want to watch a hour and half of that wonderful piece of Yamatai pride". Wulf could see the excitement in the neko and could only get out a quick reply " I get it, I get it and yes I would enjoy watching the bombshell".

Sakura smiled in her victory and let a simple " Good and since you don't know her that means there is 20 other films we can see to catch you up on this classic". Clicking a button on the remote the movies musical score started playing. Wulf returned Sakura's smile in a quite voice " Well I don't think i'll mind be educated on a few films". Blinking as he got hit by a piece of popcorn he saw Sakura hold up her finger to her lips as she quietly went " Shhhh the movie's started". As they settled in to quietly enjoy the movie both of them hoped they would get more chances to have a movie night.