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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: Perfectly Equal Opposites


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RP Date
ye 41
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II
They were complete opposites if you put any thought into it, Gravity was a bit of a loud-mouthed hothead who meant well and a Pilot whose job more often than not needed her to fly really fast, Wyatt on the other hand was reserved and quiet though was trying to figure out how to express himself a little more - both his previous occupations and this current one as an Operative involved long periods of silent stillness but there were a few things the two had in common.

Both of their partners were medics, though currently the fact both parties could throw a mean punch was what had brough them together.

Wyatt, the roughly 6'2" half-Elf half-Nep Minkan's excercise shirt clung to the muscled ridges of his body a little due to the light sheen of sweat that had built up during this particular sparring session with the titular Kaiyo-II's pilot, he took a step sideways to avoid Gravity's blow - arm looking like it was coming up for a punch before he diverted it at the last second and instead brought that recently retreated leg back in an attempt to sweep the blue Neko's own legs.

It was cathartic, to spar with someone who took a similar interest in less weapon-focused forms of melee combat, the thudding of their limbs and the huffs of breath that came with each movement - daresay the sprucely mustached Operative found it relaxing, besides, any bruises would probably heal before Saya saw them.

"So," grunted the much smaller, blue-skinned neko as she leapt upwards to avoid the sweep an use her intertia-control to perform a flashy backflip that created distance between the two combatants. She was dressed in a black sports bra and volleyball shorts. "Is Saya a freak? It's always the innocent-looking ones who go wild in the sack."

Once more, Gravity launched herself high into the air, coming down towards Wyatt's face with a spinning roundhouse kick. The best defense, after all, was an unrelenting offense. Keep the attacks coming. Give them no time to counterattack.

Wyatt took one step to the side and raised his arms, the force of Gravity's roundhouse dissipating into the rest of his body and then the ground as he blocked her strike - of course that same question had come the moment he got back from SAINT training, and a week ago maybe he would have still done a double-take upon hearing it but each time the pilot asked it seemed to take the edge off just that little bit.

"I still think that's not something I need to answer... but I will regardless~" the Minkan began, one arm quickly breaking from the block to make a grab for Gravity's leg as it rebounded, every intention to throw her to the padded mat as he continued, "same answer, we still haven't... you know," the ginger operative admitted, the very ends of his knife-tipped ears dipping slightly.

Gravity yelped in surprise as she was swung around and sent hurling into the mat. It was only with her gravity manipulation that she was able to safely roll before coming up into a crouch.

"That's a shame. I was going to ask Saya if your mustache tickled." sighed the neko with a teasing little grin.

Wyatt offered Gravity a scowl for a moment before falling back a few steps and deciding to crouch down one one knee, giving his muscles a break for a second as his features settled and the ginger operative began speaking, "...well on the topic of such things, do you mind if I ask you something... personal, Kara?"


He shifted around again, muscles flexing and tensing visibly beneath the shorts and compression leggings that contained them until Wyatt was now kneeling on both knees, a breath of determination leaving the Minkan's mouth before he spoke again, "Well... I'm aware you and Sacre have an~ how should I put it... a physically intimate relationship? and by all means you have every right to not answer this but... well..."

Wyatt swallowed thickly, "Have you ever been that way with a man? or I guess really... a partner with male... parts downstairs, because I had a question about all that," the operative tensed up a little, fearing some sort of backlash for such a personal question, biting down into his lower lip a little bit.

Gravity, however, didn't seem the least bit fazed. She continues her stretching routine as if Wyatt had asked about the weather.

"Sure. I've slept with men before. I even had a fling with Katsu when he was still part of the crew. For science, of course. The first Neko-Laibe liason in history, probably." Replies the blue-skinned cat girl as she bent sideways.

"Alright then..." he noted, clearly deep in thought for a moment before continuing with, "H.... hrm, from your experience and my lack thereof I uh~ thought you might be the best person to ask about how to..." the Minkan paused, his clean-shaven cheeks lighting up light a yuletide tree but after a huff of determination he continued.

" to best overcome any drastic differences in size between Saya and I...?"

Gravity paused a moment to think. Normally she liked things a little more on the wild side, but Saya was very much different.

"Girls can take a lot more than you think." She began finally after her silence. "It really is about how you use it, as it were. Even if a man is 'gifted', it doesn't mean he's any good. You have to gauge what your partner wants. Start slow, and don't go full force right off the bat. If the 'size difference' is as big as you say, then doing that before she's ready won't do anything for her and may hurt a little."

"Right, that makes sense... it's just that, while neither of us have really pushed for it, I'd like to be prepared for if we do take that step~ you know?" Wyatt spoke with a gulp and a sigh before continuing, the usually stoic Minkan's expression faltering a little. "This is not me trying to boast or anything of the sort... I just, well I really do love her and want to know what do do if that time ever rolls around... sorry for the awkwardness of it all, if you have anything else you'd like to add or ask then by all means, I owe you that much for your help on the matter," he admitted, mustache curling up with the faintest of smirks.

"Nope, I'm good." Replied Gravity, who began to slide into a predatory stance. "Now, where were we?"

"I believe you had just been thrown to the ground," Wyatt agreed, pushing himself up with only his legs until he likewise entered a combat stance, one of the opening poses that had been taught to the Minkan alongside his CRIED training.

"Or as you might say... yeeted~"

"Right! KIIIIIIII-YAH!" Gravity roared intensely and launched herself. Many of her instructors in boot camp had likened her to a tiger cub; excitable, and full of energy, but unknowing of her own strength. She flew through the air like a missle, extending a fist and aiming right for Wyatt's nose. Maybe it wasn't the safest move for a sparring match, but she was too invested now. There was nothing but the pounding of her heart, and her target.

While maybe not the best execution of a punch it certainly had speed and power on its side and while the Minkan tried to avoid it the blow did indeed land square on this jaw with a meaty thud and spinning the Operative though instead of trying to fight it and subsequentially going down from his brain rattling around Wyatt transitioned it into a squatting mule kick towards Gravity's liver - she may have given him shit for having 'thicc as fuck' thighs but they were like that for a reason she'd learn if the blow hit.

The blow did hit.

But not quite as hard as it should have, because Gravity instinctively put up her forearms to block. She was knocked to the side with a grunt, but was immediately back on the attack, ducking low and sweeping out her legs.

The sweeping legs hit and knocked Wyatt off his feet for the briefest of moments before he shot forward via inertial propulsion systems baked into his body with the intention of planting his knee right in Gravity's bare, blue midriff.

Gravity felt a painful shock roll through her body, and she stumbled back, her abdomen on fire. She knelt on the mat for several, long moments, sputtering and coughing. She clutched her stomach and resisted the urge to throw up. Wyatt had landed a damned good hit on her.

A wince crossed the knife-eared Minkan's face as he realized maybe he'd hit just a little too hard, so the ginger operative floated back down to the ground and strolled over to Kara's all but slumped body - offering a hand as a kind gesture and partially an apology to the pilot, "Are you alright?" he pondered with a small frown.

"Y-Yep. All good. Nice hit!" Gravity wheezed as she looked up to meet his eyes while allowing him to pull her up. She looked pained, but her smile said that all was good.

"Thanks~ Saint training for you I suppose... I am sorry though," he apologized further, retracting his bicep to right the blue girl and then put a hand on her shoulder, " offence, but this isn't just you being stubborn about pain, is it?"

Gravity smiled sweetly, but there was a flash in her eyes. Never place hands on a tiger when you'd just kneed it in the stomach. Grasping Wyatt's hand, she heaved and sent him hurling towards a padded wall.

"Of course it is, dummy!" she chirped smugly.

One moment his amber eyes were widening and the next Wyatt found himself slapping against the wall like a slice of damp cheese, slowly sliding down it only to roll upright slowly once he hit the ground - a faint smirk of embarrassment across the Minkan's pleasantly surprised face, "Serves me right I suppose... I'll trust you to keep what I said between us though?"

"I forget. What did you say again?" Gravity asked in an exaggerated fashion, making it clear that yes, his secret was safe.