• 📅 April 2023 is YE 45.3 in the RP.

RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre Mission 17: Forging of the Silver Light


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RP Date
10,08. YE41
RP Location
Yss Kaiyo II
Kiyo made for a sight that moment, walking into the area where the Quartermaster was located. The young tank born Neko was in a protective suit as she walked, She was going to be using an Aether battery if her weapons accidentally discharged it would be bad, she knew. Thus, for her project, she had no weapons, though when she finished she will have one. After making it to the Quartermasters, it took some convincing to let her have an Aether battery that she needed for her project. In the end, though she was able to leave with an Aether battery, and so she began moving to where the Fabricators were.

She made it only 5 steps from the Quartermasters when she had begun to think that maybe she should find a workbench so that she could set the Aether battery down before she got the metal she needed.

As she set down the battery she was planning on using, excitement filled her body at the thought that she will be creating her own weapon, her own Aether Katana. That had to be something special, right? She was certain of that. With the Aether Battery down, she turned and activated a volumetric that gave her a list of materials that she could use to forge her weapon. “Hmm... Yamataium would give it a cool effect of healing itself, and it's strong too, highly resilient, that’s what I want,“ she said with a smile, and pressed a button and had Yamataium selected as the material choice. She watched as the machines began fabricating it. Fortunately, since she was a member of the Star army, she was certain there were no issues with her using it.

The young Neko waited for it to fabricate, while silently looking at pictures of Katana’s and eventually drinking a mug of coffee until finally, it was ready. It didn’t look like much, but she knew, that once it was used to make a weapon, it will look amazing. She picked up the Yamataium ingot and placed it in the appropriate slot and began working a machine that picked up the ingot and began using its metal to forge the sword after she had chosen its shape.

Suddenly an exclamation mark appeared in front of her, she had forgotten the battery, so she hurried back and grabbed it from the table and returned and set the battery in its appropriate place and the work continued on once more. She looked up at the construction in progress a few times and adjusted what needed to be adjusted, and then, she pressed a few buttons for the blade to have a Monomolecular Edge, and then another for Molecular Knitting System to enhance the weapon further. With the Aether battery, it will give it a nice look.

Now allowing the machine to do its work, she got to working on the scabbard for her weapon, using a leather from a fearsome creature, she had the machine create that and she sat down and waited soon falling asleep waiting for her new weapon, until final it beeped alerting her to both items were made. She got up and collected both and lifted her new Aether Katana and saw its glow. “hmm.. You glow with a silver light... Silver light, ah! I’ll call you Silverlight!” she said and grinned.

She thought of going to her friends and family and letting them see her weapon, but considering the time she knew they were likely asleep, so she went to the VR chamber and tested out her weapon before returning to her quarters.