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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Eight: Kaminari

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YSS Kaiyō II
21日 6月 YE 39
0730 Hours

Taiyou Hoshi stood at the front of the wardroom with Teien Eden standing off to the side. The XO’s black hime cut hair was raised high, but there was a look of bitterness on the edges of her face as her crew filed in and took their seats. Taiyou, on the other hand, stood much less rigidly and greeted everyone with a half-smile and salute. She bowed deeply to the Princess and her entourage, as was expected of her. She eyed the swords the young Nepleslian carried at his belt with a hint of concern, though it passed like a sole cloud on a sunny day.

“As many of you know,” Hoshi began when nearly everyone was assembled. “We’ve transferred the crew of the Kaiyō to a new, second of its class, ship. It will be deemed the Kaiyō II. This is a Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship and should be treated with equal, if not greater, respect than your previous ship was treated.

"The Kaiyō suffered indescribable damage when subjected to its past mission that this crew came out of only sixteen days ago. You were found only because your then-Captain,” Hoshi nodded towards Eden tersely, “was re-spawned on Yamatai. With her knowledge of your last known whereabouts, we garnered enough information to find the Kaiyō easily and successfully. Sadly, the Plumeria-class Gunship did not survive the battle you all faced. Some of you that fought honorably were given swords made from the Zesuaium of the Kaiyō’s hull and rings to commemorate your time on the ship. Nobody received promotions as the mission was shadowed by your lack of communication with Yamatai for over a month.

"Because of this fact coupled with the experimental aspects of this new class of ship, Shosa Teien Eden will now serve as XO of the Kaiyō II while your previous XO will serve as something else experimental. We are going to try having a Second Officer aboard the ship in the form of Chui Teien Misaki. I, Chusa Taiyou Hoshi, will be your new captain.”

Hoshi’s pink cheeks caved in slightly as she took a breath and she went on, “Any questions?”
YSS Kaiyo II

The tiny little smol starship-killing Elysian smiled back at the blue-haired woman as she saluted, before resting when instructed and holding her love's hand. She inhaled deeply, taking in that whole 'new ship smell', letting her pink-colored wings stretch slightly idly behind her. She passed her eyes through the room, smiling at Saki-from one mother to another a sort of generally happy feeling was sent; even after the discovery of her pregnancy Arbles insisted on staying with the Kaiyo crew, now the Kaiyo II crew. She continued to glance through the room until she froze her gaze upon somebody who was twice as tall as she was.

Santo Hei Arinori was staring forward proudly, having cooly saluted to her new commanding, executive, and second officers, easily a head taller than everyone in the room. Her blued uniform was neatly maintained and crisp, holding together comfortably on her tall body yet contrasting oddly with her deep, purple wings. Her mixed eyes seemed to suck in the light around them as they took in the variety of people here. So many elysians here... A thought had drifted through her head.
Meissa closed her eyes and remembered the incident. One month of hell, released in one great catharsis when her mother shot the IYS Kaiyo until it turned into space dust.

Did it help her feel any better?


Meissa looked around at the new crew members. A bunch of Nekos and other assorted races...and a Patrician. Meissa looked at her sideways. That was an interesting one.

Kyoi's eyes darted across the room. Nekos? Humans? More medics? Another Separa'Shan? Whoa that's a tall Elysian. What's she doing here? She's a Patrician, right?

"Can we get an introduction for the new crew?" Meissa and Kyoi asked together, all of a sudden. They looked at each other. Then looked back at their new CO.

Hoshi didn't know Meissa's 'secrets' yet. That somewhat comforted her.

Kyoi looked at what seemed to be the new bridge crew members. Well, the Fuji should make a fun party ship...
YSS Kaiyō II

Once she had returned the salute, Hanna sat back down in her seat. Listening intently, as her new captain summed up the events of the past few days. As she glanced at the front of the room, Hanna's gaze lingered over Eden, a bitter expression contorting her regal features. Seeing her expression and remembering the events of the past few months, Hanna found that she sympathized with Eden's plight. Her former captain had died twice in protection of their old ship, and had been denied her rewards because of "a lack of communication". In return for her service, she had been demoted in practice.

Already, Hanna was suspicious of her new captain.

Once Hoshi had finished speaking, Hanna refocused her attention onto her crew members sitting within the wardroom. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of teal, no...cyan hair that was done up in two pigtails. Her eyes widened as she saw who that hair belonged to.

- - -

Janna Madsen sat on the opposite side of the room across from Hanna. She gave her batch sister a smile and a discreet wave as their eyes met.


Janna conveyed surprise and a sisterly love with her telepathic communication, but Hanna abruptly broke eye contact and stared at the front of the room. However, Janna's enthusiasm was undeterred. Her sister had always been a little abrasive. She had hoped that would have changed, but Janna was glad to see that Hanna was still the same cyan Neko that she had known since they were both in socialization training.
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YSS Kaiyo II

Anastasia Barlow sat towards one end of the crowd of crew members, new and old, beside Orion Jones. She was wearing her Type 35 uniform with a standard skirt, which was quite a rare occurrence for her. Through all this, she still despised the uselessness of skirts. It was somewhat of an occasion, though.

The technician listened to the new officer, frowning momentarily throughout her speech. She wasn't too sure about transferring to a new ship, especially one this... experimental. She still felt torn at the immeasurable damage to the original Kaiyō. Most of the internal damage was her fault, survival or not. She was thankful she still had her job, Eden had kept her word and defended the crew's rights. She was saddened to see her captain demoted and her ship decommissioned, but in silver linings, the crew was still In one piece.

So, Anastasia sat quietly, rubbing the little silver ring on her right hand with her pinky finger. She glanced around the room, stopping at the violet-winged Elysian on the other end of the room. It came as a slight shock for a moment, for the longest time Anastasia had never had to look up at someone, let alone another Elysian. And there were even more crew members than before, on a much larger ship.

Deep down, there was a deep curiosity about the Fuji class. Frighteningly new, she didn't know the class existed before she went into another universe. It was going to take weeks to get used to the feel and design of the ship, let alone it's conduits and tunnels beyond those walls.
YSS Kaiyo II

Teien Misaki was at the front of the group, her hands around Kikyo's shoulders silently listening and judging the new Captain. The Ex-XO's eyes showing the slightest hint of contempt about Hoshi's statement on 'lack of communication with Yamatai' while in another universe. The now-Second Officer was more inclined to submit reports to command on requests of transfer or even resignation due to their apparent thoughts on how they had crawled back out of the mirror universe, defying all odds to do so. To her, ships were cheap compared to their crews.

Misaki then turned her gaze to the XO of the Kaiyo II, and her wife. Misaki knew that deep inside, Eden possibly felt the same feelings that Misaki had, and the expression she gave Eden was much softer compared to the look given to the new Captain. She knew that Eden and herself had a better work environment, but with silent sigh and a slight look down to fix her daughter's hair Misaki acknowledged the winds of change.

Even if Eden thought Misaki was a good XO, never mind the ship's veteran crew, her track record before the Kaiyo still had her black marks. Nevermind that she was a mere Chui compared to a Shosa and Chusa. In the end she kept herself contained, forcing a slight idle smile to Eden before letting it drop back down to her neutral face.

She didn't like it, but she had no choice but to accept and move on. She was just glad she still was with her wife and daughter back in their home dimension.

As Hoshi's sakura-colored eyelids closed over her deep blue eyes, she brought her hands together in front of her white panels and asked a rhetorical question.

"Do you think we have time to get to know one another during mission briefings or should we save that for when we are underway? You know better than some of us how long it takes to get to where we are going." She pursed her cherry-red lips and went on, eyes now open. "We will leave Gemini Star Fortress at 1200 hours today and will head for Komorebi, a planet half of you have been to before. Since you have been there, a cabin has been placed on the planet as a foothold for future expansion. Shortly after 0900 hours two days ago we received this transmission."

Hoshi did nothing as an audio recording played through the room:

This is Santô Hei Tayla, we are under attack on the planet of Komorebi. Repeat, we are under atta—ack!

The blue and white haired Neko added in a solemn tone, "That is all we were able to gather before transmissions cut out."
Meissa nodded and saluted. "Apologies for not understanding the urgency of the current situation, Chusa. Transit time should suffice."

"I will defer to your wisdom, Chusa." Kyoi added. "I did not realize that we were so hard on time. Apologies for not understanding the current situation."

That little fox sure knew how to slip in flattery, Meissa thought. However, that was a risk to take as there simply were people that did not appreciate flattery. Although the attempts to get on the good side of the new CO were very good. Better than Meissa could. But currently she had two people to know more about: the CO and the Patrician.

While, Kyoi knew, Meissa was already piecing together people, and how they would fit with each other. That didn't mean the little fox wasn't, either. Simply in a different way. Trying to be likeable to as many crew members as she could. And the first one to start with should always be the most powerful person. And then, the strangest.

One thing both of them knew: That Patrician was interesting.
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Hoshi’s pink cheeks caved in slightly as she took a breath and she went on, “Any questions?”
Ketsurui Aiko had plenty of questions, namely — much like the rest of the crew — why Teien-shosa wasn't in command of their glorious new ship. While her stony-faced visage remained unmoving as Hoshi spoke, Aiko had a fire inside that demanded satisfaction. Should she call up her mother to correct this indignation inflicted on Eden, nay the entire crew? Did the mantra "All Things Cost Blood" not matter to the veteran Neko who counseled Yui at Star Army Command?

The YSS Kaiyō's crew had surely paid their dues, and no more than their captain Teien Eden had. Her last body remained scattered into the countless molecules that made up all of creation in another universe. Talent in the Star Army of Yamatai had a brand name, after all, and it was "Ketsurui." Thus, the princess was absolutely incensed that Eden hadn't been named a cousin of hers rather than forced to serve as second-in-command of the crew she'd led through events that few soldiers in the Star Army would ever experience.

Still, Aiko recognized that she was young and that even her current emotions served to inform her as to how she could be a better officer of the Star Army of Yamatai. So the princess didn't question it, especially as Hoshi-chusa briefed them all regarding the situation on Komorebi. Plus, the naïve royal daughter felt that any chusa were most certainly officers to be trusted, if the gossip she'd overheard at the palace during her youth held any modicum of truth.

"What is our mission, then, Taiyou-chusa?" Aiko asked with an unmistakably surly tone in her voice. The communique from Komorebi had conveyed that Yamataian assets were in clear distress. "How will you lead us against the enemies of my... eeto... Himiko-heika's empire?"
Yoshida watched as the briefing went on. No promotions? Eden being... demoted? She wasn't sure why- Maybe it was like one of those anime where someone in the higher ranks had it out for Eden and denied her promotions. Or even more frightening, everything that had happened was top secret, hush hush, for the spooky saints of yamatai and the highest ranking captains to know only if needed!

She let out a slight harumph as she muled this over sitting on the other side of Anastasia, her tail thumping against the seat in a rythmic manner. One could almost be forgiven thinking she was not infact a neko, but a dog at times. "Ma'am." Yoshida suddenly spoke up. "Would anything that happened during our last mission be considered top secret? Do we have permission to bring Incindairy grenades to the, very flammable forest?" Yoshida could hardly bother herself to inquire as to the state of those neko on the planet's surface- That is the sort of thing most would include right away if they were sure they were still alive even.

Though, she couldn't help but wonder to herself- if their mindy could have sustained them long enough to FTL to the nearest Yamataian planet. After all the IYS must have been dragging the kaiyo deeper into their own territory, no? In addition, she wondered what it meant by experimental. Was it like those anime where it wold get some new devistating super weapon? The capability to fully cloak itself? Or was it quite simply, a new vessal. That would be quite disapointing if it were so.

"... Lastly, what is so experimental about the Kaiyo II?"
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William stood silently next to Princess Aiko and Rei, his stance mimicking that of his mother's. He was tired... after the long month in the other world the Nepleslian boy was drained. But he hid it well as he stood with everyone.

He was very untrusting of the new Captain to say the least. Despite his interactions with Eden being minimal, she had treated the boy well and he liked her for that. So he did not take kindly to her demotion. William's face did not change, but his eyes held a hint of concern for the now XO of the ship, as his eyes jumped to Eden's briefly, then back.

He did not speak when the CO asked if there were any questions. He did not feel it was his place to speak and rathered the others asked their questions. He did have a question though, but he kept his mouth shut for the time being.
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The far back of the many rows of seats, two emerald green eyes looked on at the chusa, in slight disbelief at the new positionings in staff. This sure was uncalled for, though Abart'huse knew what the chusa was getting at. From command's perspective the Kaiyo simply dissappeared off the map for a whole month without a single word, only to return in shambles, without it's captain. Of course these new arrangements were far from pleasant, but making a big fuss about it would only make it worse now.

At that moment he had something more pressing on his mind, namely the intent stare from a certain other person in the room burning into the back of his skull.....

("What is SHE doing here!?!?.....")


At the other side of the back row, a pair of icy white slitted eyes looked on at the chusa's speech, occasionally nodding in agreement. Another Separa'shan, with a cool and relaxed aura around her, sat there in her gray-paneled uniform that firmly hugged all the right curves, letting her scaly serpentine tail swerve aruond the back of the row of seats. Two red chevrons adorned the side of her sleeve, notifying any SA personnel of her itto-heisho status.

She idly ran a finger through her huge bang, having been to so many of these meetings she pretty much knew the drill by now. This time there seemed to be a lot of details missing, regarding the previous Kaiyo's latest mission....... it seemingly was enough of a mess to have the shosa demoted from command..... yikes.

Anyways, at the moment her interest was focused more on the young mad at the opposite end of the row, sitting there in a seemingly attentive and slightly nervous manner. Ah..... seems like he noticed her.....he's trying to ignore her and focus on the meeting..... how cute~.....

Needless to say she couldn't wait for this meeting to be over and give that fellow a big old glomp, as she hasn't seen her cute little nephew Barry in years. Her tailtip wagged in exitement as her eyes flicked back and forth between the chusa and the infantry snake.

This new separa itto-heisho went by the name of Nerai'tha Uithersh Theisilis.
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Hatoyama Ume sat in the back of the room and watched as things proceeded, this would be the second time she 'joined' this crew, but not only was it awkward to be rejoining but it seemed that the plum Neko had been assigned at one of the most difficult times. They were to be assigned a new ship after the last one was destroyed, but the captain was being moved to 1st officer. Even Ume was not so obtuse as to not realize how that could feel. Her eyes turned towards the former captain, but she did not say anything and soon focused back on Hoshi.

She listened to the distress signal and frowned, it was probably too late already to save that individual, but it was still important that they went. She did have some questions though, after all she had not been to this planet before, but she did not want to make too much of a scene, so she asked only what mattered most to her as combat personnel. "What kind of opposition should we expect, and should we be on alert from the start?"
Royce kept himself towards the back of the group, looking each individual over carefully as they filled into the room. The man sat on the ground, cross legged with his back against the wall and his arms at his side, fingers drumming against the floor as he half listened to what Hoshi was saying, his inner voice already wandering about the things he wanted to check before the ship launched. The man looked out of place in a ship like this. Everyone else had clean uniforms with stripes of rank, a sort of seriousness in their methods, Royce, however didn't even look as if he belonged to the crew. Garbed in a simple brown tee-shirt with a tattered blue vest over that and was dotted with various colored and sized patches, a pair of worn black pants and even more worn boots on his feet, his hair an unkempt mess of black atop his head and skin littered with various burns, scars and a feeble attempt to cover them with black inked tattoos all the way up his arms.

With a subtle yawn he braced his back against the wall and slid into a standing position, his forested eyes sliding about the room once more, taking in the crew. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came and he rather just shook his head and puffed his cheeks slightly to the many thoughts. He had plenty of time to get to know these people, but he also had a job to do and as always that took the top of priority list. Royce had met Hoshi before the rest of the crew, and it wasn't until recently he got the full scope of what had happened, and he knew some of the older crew would not be happy with the choices that were made in promotions and demotions, truth be told if he had been on the crew before; he likely wouldn't be all too happy either.

Arching his back lazily and pushing his arms out in front of him, twisting them about as he stretched and rolled his neck. All and all, the ship was his concern firstly for now, and he'd rather start working on checking things over before they launched than regret it later when they were already departed. Looking to Hoshi for a moment he gave the woman a nod, and started towards the exit. Royce wasn't much for conversations or questions when it came to work, there was a time and a place for each, and he was more than eager to get to work right now. They'd be leaving soon, and it seemed he was in this for the long haul. His expression remained stoic and unchanged but his mind raced along with the beating of his heart. His first crew, and his first ship, and he'd be damned if he was letting either of them down.

The owl looked towards Royce as he brushed past, who was tracked outwards by Kyoi as well.

Odd one, that...techie? He seemed like a techie. A disheveled mess of one, Kyoi thought.

One with potential, maybe. Meissa remembered her first appearance. A mess of uncombed hair, unkempt wings, and wrinkles all over her uniform. A Santo Hei.

And now she was essentially on-field commander, and one of the best damn soldiers on this ship, surpassing the elite Nekovalkyria, even.

Meissa smiled as Royce passed by her. Where others may see a mess, she saw potential.

Somewhere in the sea of alien life that composed the crew, a single Neko wearing an uncomfortably new gray-paneled Type 35 uniform with the blue sleeve stripes of a Nitô Juni listened intently to Hoshi. It would not be the first time they had met, but no one would be able to tell from the expression on Kikoru Faye's face. Her short, azure hair with a white streak was combed over neatly, and the slender Neko let her violet eyes wander across the assortment of species within the Kaiyo II's crew.

Mentally sorting the new crew from the old via face recognition, the undercover SAINT operative felt a small smile form on her small lips. Her glance held over Teien Eden, her primary target. The dark-haired Shosa had died in the "alternate universe", and any potentially traitorous thoughts or plans may have died with her there. However, Faye was going to find out if history will repeat itself... one way or another.

The new mission for this new ship was also on the new Mission Operations' mind. This 'forested' world was possibly under attack, if the distress call was anything to go by. From her experience, things were never as they seemed. Faye pondered a great many things as the briefing continued, including who she would subtly approach first from the old crew. Teien Eden would come in time, but for now... it was time for this older Neko to play nice with the children.
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"I will serve the Empress to the best of my ability," Hoshi said, looking in Aiko's general direction, but was not looking at her. Again, her eyes rested on William. "I have not failed in doing so at this time and I do not plan to fail in the future. All of you are responsible for upholding the needs of the Empire in every way you can. I expect that out of each and every one of you." Her eyes had slid to look at Aiko while she spoke, but they soon flickered to Eden. "Shosa Teien will lead the away team on this mission and I will direct your former question to her."

Eden spoke as if she had been expecting to do so at any moment, saying distinct, clear, and precise words while her golden eyes strained to avoid contact with anyone else's.

"We will be taking an away team to the planet and will be expecting hostilities immediately. I hope that answers your question, Hatoyama-hei. We will employ power armor for the infantry members, one of our tankettes will be manned by our new engineer Royce Jintel-hei and the other, by Anastasia Barlow-hei. Starship operators will stay on the ship, but everyone else save for Ketsurui-kohosei, Royama-heisho and Murakami-juni will be going down to the ground."

Taiyou Hoshi then turned on her shiny black dress pumps that made the extraordinarily short Neko just a bit taller than where Eden's chin began. She looked at Yoshida, the enthusiastic Neko with little blue upside down triangles on her cheeks.

"Kokoro-hei." Hoshi said, "We have a lot going on in the Kaiyō II that the Star Army has never employed before. We want to be sure it is suited for warfare as well as being crew compatible. You will notice interior spaces such as the observation deck, dojo, VR room, onsen, and more that will benefit you all during the time we spend in transit. It has a monitoring room that serves as an auxiliary bridge should the primary one be compromised. That and the double aether generators, an expanded wardroom that we currently inhabit, and plenty of room for crew accommodations. What we need to know is how all of this works in cohesion with one another.

"Shosa Teien worked," Hoshi spoke as she looked to Eden, "hard to imagine up some of these aspects of the ship. I would appreciate taking your concerns and or praise on the ship design to her directly."

Hoshi then answered Yoshida's first question, "Yes. As far as any of you know, this crew that stands in the wardroom today are the only souls that know about your excursion. Some of you," Hoshi said, following what seemed like everyone's gaze to look at Eden. "Gave your memories and your lives to get back to where you are now. Understand that silence is no small price to pay to be sure the threat you experienced does not become one anyone has to relive."

Deep blue eyes back on the crew, now, Hoshi said, "Shosa Teien knows about your time on this planet better than I do. She will lead the away team to the surface while the ship and myself provide orbital support. You may direct away team specific questions to her either now or in the time between now and greeting the hostile threat on the planet."

With that, Hoshi sat down at the head of the wardroom's table and folded one pink hand over the other.
That was a relief. Eden leading the mission for the away team. Meissa knew she probably couldn't handle a somewhat disgruntled Infantry squadron. Actually she probably could, but she wasn't feeling up for it.

Kyoi let out a low whistle. Those facilities sounded great. And with a larger bridge team, maybe she could afford a little more time off to actually talk with someone other than banter with Eden, Saki, and Kikyo.

As Meissa contemplated though, she noticed the fourth person with a glare that felt similar to the same one Kyoi had, scanning over every person in the room. The new Missions Operator, Kikoru Faye, seemed to also be eyeing up everyone in the room.

Meissa accidentally met Faye's eyes as she looked over the room again. She forgot to conceal the analytical intent in her eyes.

Kyoi cringed a little as she noted the M&O and Meissa having a short staredown.


William listened intently to the others questions until the Chusa looked at him once more. The first time he just shrugged it off as the shock of a Nepleslian in the Princess's entourage. However, once her eyes landed on him again, the boy felt nervous. Why was she looking at him again...? His fingers drumed nervously on the hilt of his sword, his face again remaining blank.

When her eyes drifted away he sighed inwardly and returned to listening to the briefing. He nodded as Eden finished.

He had not had much time to explore the new ship, but it felt alien to him. Despite not being a true member of the crew he still felt like the Kaiyo was his home, and now it was gone... His gaze dropped again slightly at the thought, but mentally chastised himself and forced his gaze upward once more.
Mat simply watched the debacle unfold, finally deciding to open his mouth and speak a question that had bothering him.

"Excuse me, but what I don't understand is why the second officer was demoted from captain. She did her best, and even sacrificed her life to complete the mission. But she was punished instead of rewarded. What's up with that?"
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