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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fifteen: Saintly Pairings


Game Master
RP Date
ye 40
RP Location
Planet Yamatai, Uesureyan Fields
There were not many things that could get Wyatt's nerves riled up and that was a good thing, in the words of Teien Eden it was something that made him a "good soldier," though no amount of well-placed shots could prepare the marksman for what he was about to undertake - he'd politely told the captain she would have to find somebody else to accompany her about the city this time, of course, it wasn't expected he would follow Hoshi around the city given this was the Minkan's last day or freedom before SAINT training began but he was allowed to do his own thing.

Which just so happened to be taking Miss Saya out on the town for once, the Ginger finished fussing about with his civilian clothes and smoothed out his mustache- Much like him it had come a long way in such a short time, now he only awaited the pink-haired Neko's approval on the matter now that it had truly began taking shape. He was still nervous though, Wyatt had never really let anybody get close before and hadn't felt for someone the way he did that particular Medic but it was the good kind of nervous, the kind that kept you attentive to every little detail.

He was ready, as ready as one could be when stepping outside their comfort zone but if it could help express his feelings for the pink-haired sweetheart who seemed to care as much for others as she did herself then so be it - she was worth it.

The copper-haired and amber-eyed NCO opened a new window in his vision and began compiling yet another message to send to his favorite crew member.

Wyatt Alder Just Now
>We seem to have landed
>Though women are as much a mystery to me as they ever have been I am certain you look lovely as always, would you be ready for me to make my way over to your cabin yet?

Saya for her part was amidst a small panic attack as she sorted through what little off-duty date clothes she had. She had three friends on view screens all in the middle of giggle fits as she fussed with her clothing over and over again.

"Wh-what about this one?" Saya asked as she held up a cute skirt and blouse top that had a bit of frill toward then wrists, to which a black haired Neko crossed her arms.

"The frills look like a grandma shirt. Wear the turtleneck and some tights."

"Ti-tights?! I don't ha-"

"Yea ya do I packed you some."

"You what?"

"Tights. Packed them. In your side pouched, couple pair. Black skirt, wear the lighter gray tights, and the dark blue turtleneck."

"You sure? I want to impre-"

A chorus of Yes and more giggles burst out from the three view screens as they all approved of the outfit.

"What about my hair? Sho-"

"You're overthinking it Saya sweetie. Just smile, play with your braid a bit as you listen to him and nod every so often ok?" The advice came from a blue-haired Mikan on the screen her turned her gaze and huffed.

"Saya, I gotta go, but when you get back from your date we want the full run down. Now go! Have fun! And make sure he treats you right!"

"Yea or tell him he'll have all of us bearing down on him." Another voice from another Neko, with mismatched pink and blue eyes and matching hair.

Eventually, all three screens disappeared just as Wyatt's message popped up, shocking the medic as she took a second to catch her breath before her reply.

Fujiwara Saya just now.
>"Ready when you are!"

She prayed she could be as confident as she sounded in her message...

Meanwhile Wyatt had been pacing around the room, contemplating to try and take his mind away from waiting for the sound of a new message~

Then he got one, breathing a sigh of relief as the answer to his rather un-needed dilemma became apparent - the Marksman opened up one of the packed bags and stuffed the commemorative ring Eden gave him inside a pocket, there was no need to wear it today anyway.

He then read the message from Saya, smiling softly at the Medic's apparent eagerness as a response was compiled and sent back:

Wyatt Alder Just Now
>Good to hear, see you soon Saya

Sure enough Wyatt began making his way toward her room, half-tempted to lift his feet from the ground and soar across but no - instead he savoured the walk there until a polite knock fell upon her door. Standing outside Saya's room was Wyatt in what he felt was appropriate after reading up on what one wore on such an occasion, tan chino's that complemented the olive hue of his skin along with a white dress shirt that contrasted against it and finally a pair of black, formal shoes.

"Are you ready Saya, or should I give you a moment longer?" he asked, purely to be polite incase he had arrived too soon.

Saya took one last look in the mirror as she smoothed over her skirt and let out a little eep as she heard the knock. He had arrived too soon, she wasn't done trying to calm herself! But he was here, and it was time... A few deep breaths before the door slid open to reveal Saya standing there in the room with a small scared smile. Dressed in a navy blue turtleneck with little holes in the ends of the sleeves for her thumbs, a black skirt which seemed more a charcoal then black, and a gray colored pair of tights that was just a little lighter then her skirt, she finished it off with a matching pair of darker flats.

A hand sought out her braid as she fidgeted with the end of it, petting it like a small animal as she nervously looked him over.

"Yo-You look nice! And your mustache is coming in nicely." She offered up to him as she tried to calm down a little more.

"Calm down! He wants to go out with you! It's nothing to worry about he likes you, just show him that you feel the same and give him an actual smile!" She told herself mentally as she took another deep breath and let her smile come a little more naturally.

"So? What's the plan for the night?" She asked.

Both of the Minkan's coppery eyebrows raised at the sight of the Medic, he was used to seeing her either in uniform or in something comfy but seeing her like this genuinely made him speechless of a second - in the best kind of way too, he loved it. Wyatt melted, momentarily as he forgot about existing until Saya's final words kicked him back into gear, causing the Marksman to gulp rather audibly.

Say something about how she looks, go on - it is the gentlemanly thing to do! he screamed internally, it didn't take much effort to force a warmer gaze onto his features before Wyatt began to speak.

"Thank you but... it is nothing compared to how beautiful you look tonight, it is very~" Wyatt took a moment to think up the right words, as if a gift from the empress herself he found them.

"~very much like yourself, so lovely as always," he finished, happy with the compliment as the olive-skinned Minkan leant forward to offer the shorter soldier a hand. "The Captain told me about this bar and grill... though... I don't believe I've ever asked if you have a specific dietary plan or anything?" he asked, frowning slightly with a nervous smile as those knife-tipped ears dipped slightly.

Saya couldn't help but blush over the compliment, her cheeks threatening to crack from her smile. She looked down at the floor as she tried to get her face under control and as she began to, she spoke about the choice of location for their date.

"Nope! A bar and grill sounds great." Saya said as her smile seemed to grow a bit more as she moved to step out of her room. She smoothed out her dress one last time and seemed to fidget with the small holes her thumbs were through but seemed a little more relaxed at how at ease Wyatt Seemed.

It was as if a great weight had been lifted from Wyatt's chest, if not for the faint din the ship constantly had going as background white-noise then the pink-haired medic might've been able to hear the thumping in his chest reside a little - his amber eyes doing that thing they always seemed to do around Saya, adopt a warmer and more honey like glow.

"Wonderful, wonderful... " he mused, spirits and ears alike rising at the answer she gave, he moved to stand beside the medic and try to casually slink one hand over her shoulder - though a lack of experience combined with there only being a thin layer of material covering his muscled arm opposed to the usual layers of uniform made it feel a little off to him despite the good intentions of calming Saya down and trying to help her relax a little.

"Our transportation should arrive post-haste, shall we?"

Saya seemed to lean into him a bit as she felt the arm around her shoulder yet the blush returned. It was her first date where she realized it was a date, not oblivious the entire time mucht to the enjoyment of her friends. No she was out on a real date, and this was part of it right? An arm around her shoulder to hold her close and enjoy each other's company?

Saya just smiled silently and nodded to his question about leaving, letting him lead the way.

Well she hadn't said no, nor had she shown any signs of wanting to back out so that was a good thing as far as Wyatt was concerned - though the blush did make him a little cautious of just where his hands was going as they began to walk towards the ship's nearest exit. "I'm glad neither of us know what we are doing... if I'm being frank here," the Minkan began admitting, making sure his strides weren't too long for the shorter medic tucked under one arm - how Alastair made all this seems so easy was some kind of forbidden knowledge for the marksman.

"...otherwise I'd feel more helpless than I already do... though going through it with you, I'm sure we can make the best of it," Wyatt finished, nerves melting away a tad as he looked down to offer her a kind smile - genuinely just enjoying her company despite his special kind of social awkwardness, resulting in his arm un-tensing noticeably as it wrapped around Saya's petite form.

"That's half the fun though right? Figuring it out?" Saya asked as they neared the exit. She leaned up to peck him on the cheek and in turn blushed again, but it wasn't so embarrassed, just happy.

"I'm glad we had a chance to do something before you left. I heard SAINT is tough. Hopefully if all goes well you'll have something to look forward to on your return."

Doors hissed open to reveal the ride Wyatt called slowly trundling the rest of the way toward the ship, though his mind was more on the tantalizing flutter of Saya's lips against his cheek - he returned the gesture and leant down slightly to plant a little peck of his own on the medic's cotton-candy-top before speaking. "I'll be back before you know it but yes, it seems that is half the fun," the Marksman admitted before he took a slightly more serious tone and stopped walking, turning to face Saya front-on to continue this little string of admittance.

"I could honestly care less if I returned and still wore infantry blue, Saya, I'd much rather just return to you - regardless of how tonight pans out..." he gave a small chuckle, more of an inward joke but decided to share it anyway - why not.

"I'm not SAINT yet, so that is the truth."

"That's true. As long as you come back, I'll be happy." Saya said with a warm smile as she stepped into his chest to give the Mikan a hug.

"I like you Wyatt, and I'd like to keep trying this out. So hopefully tonight will be fun, and just the start of something nice for the both of us." She told the man as she broke the hug and tugged him along.

"Now come on! I'm hungry and want to have as much fun as we can tonight. No more talk about any of that."

"Alright alright I'm coming," Wyatt returned as he was happily pulled along by Saya, piping up once more as they hopped into the car's open doors - the hug had been rather nice and she could count on him returning it when appropriate but for now they would travel, the Minkan mentally giving the driver an address.

"For the record I like you too Saya, though I suspect you already knew this information prior," was that a joke? did the stoic and stern Wyatt Alder just tell a joke? it was an admission sure but a somewhat light hearted one as the car began to pull away.

Saya giggled a little behind her hand as she heard him and smiled still as she climbed into the car. As they sat in the seat she seemed to nervously fidget with the hem of her skirt but let out a content smile.

"Thank you, for taking me out. I've never really been on a date before, so it's already the best date I've ever had."

"You are welcome, though I can't take all the credit - you are doing at least half the work too," he replied simply, noticing the fidgeting and deciding to do something about it - resting a hand on Saya's knee as a long exhale was given.

"Though I think we could both relax a little bit, I don't imagine being tense the whole time will help things along."

"No, I can't think it will but I can't help it." She did seem to relax a little as the hand was placed on her knee and she gave him a small smile.

"So! What do you like to do when we aren't on duty? Find any hobbies yet?" Saya asked of her date as she looked up at him, her hand overtop of his now.

The feeling of her smaller digits atop his hand was a rather pleasant one, though Wyatt's eyes were a little apologetic as he spoke, "Ah things have been busy for me lately so same-old same-old I'm afraid, sorry, but once I get back you can rest assure I'll find something to busy myself with - Ranger's Honor."

The Minkan shook his head a bit, unintentionally causing the light to catch on his coppery hair as he decided to ask a question of the Medic, "Anything new with you?"

"I did finish half of my game module that I was building. I finished the Order side of it. Now I need to work on the Chaos side of it." Saya explained with a bit of cheer to her voice.

"And I've been spending time with Sacre-Hei to get better at being a combat medic, and combat in general." She explained as she tapped her lower lip with a finger as she tried to think of anything. "Other then that, not really. Haven't had a chance to stream lately, but I may during our shoreleave time."

"Good to hear you've been making progress on that front, I know how passionate you are about your favourite past times and well - the expression they put on your face never ceases to get me," Wyatt responded in kind, watching the way his date's face lit up like that made him feel a little fuzzier by extension.

"Has our Medical Officer been swinging knives at you too? she does seem rather fond of it - in fact that was one of the first things that happened to me on this ship..." the Minkan's words trailed off as the car passed by yet another tower of light that dotted Kyoto's skyline, he didn't want to ruin the mood but the Marksman had a small realization.

" much as I can wish I met you sooner Saya, truth be told I should count myself lucky that wasn't the case - if you can believe it my... faults, used to be much much worse," he admitted, hoping the pink-haired Medic that had been nothing but perfect to him so far would understand.

"Everyone has their faults and issues Wyatt, no one is perfect. It's the imperfections that make us unique." Saya said with a smile as she leaned her head gently against his shoulder.

"And Sacre-Hei has been tough, but fair. She is making me better so I can do better when out on assignment. I have not made it easy for her after all."

He let out a small sigh, Saya was right but he couldn't help but want to try to be better for her and everyone else on the ship... huh, the way he thought of her as something above any of the other crew members made Wyatt smile slightly, all he had done was admit he enjoyed her company and then ask if she wanted to eat with him.

In this moment, he both understood sapiency and was utterly baffled by it.

"Well if perfection does exist then, I'd say you are pretty close to it," the Minkan admitted as they neared the downtown part of Kyoto.

"Fear not though, I'm sure you are doing great and she is just giving you a tough time like she does everyone else - only way I could get Sacre-Hei to smile was when she saw a new knife."

Saya blushed and smiled as she heard the compliment paid to her as she began to pet her braid again. The observation of Sacre's knife collection did draw a nod from the smaller neko though.

"She does seem to enjoy her knives doesn't she? Has she always been like that?" Saya asked the more senior member of the ship in her company. She looked up at him as if gauging his reaction as she listened.

"Since before I joined, that is for sure - she has her reasons though and it is not my place to bring them to light, sorry," Wyatt answered as his head shifted a little to look deep into Saya's blue eyes and the little specs of brown in them, smiling softly.

Saya could only nod as she thought on her superior, wondering what her reasons were as the vehicle slowed to a stop eventually. She bounced a little in her seat with a rather sweet smile on her face, and if she had a tail, Wyatt could almost guess it would be wiggling with excitement.

"Are we here?" she asked as she looked to Wyatt excitedly.

Though it simply seemed Wyatt was looking out the window he was in fact cross-referencing their current position with a digital map and...

"The Chrome Catgirl, it seems we are here," he answered the cute, excited Saya next to him, wiring the driver their money before he exited the vehicle and moved around to open his date's door for her.

She had been close to opening her own door before she saw him moving around to open her door. She would let him, knowing it would make the date seem more real to the two of them, or not more real yet more... Authentic. As the door opened Saya would exit the car with a smile and tuck a strand of hair that had escaped her braid behind her ear. She stepped aside to let him close the door and waited to be escorted inside.

"Thank you Wyatt."

"You are more than welcome, but I'm just trying to do right by you..." the Minkan's words trailed off a little as he saw the man behind the wheel of their taxi eyeing up Saya's posterior, causing the ambers of Wyatt's eyes to ignite and smoulder like molten steel as he shot them a rather hate-filled stare which seemed to dissuade the man as he quickly drove off.

Saya might've seen the lingering hints of it as they warmed to honey upon seeing her again, a hand carefully moving to rest on one of her hips as Wyatt guided her toward their place of interest.

"You really do look beautiful, I cannot express that enough."

Saya never spotted the look from the driver nor from Wyatt, to focused on the ground with a bit of a goofy smile spread across her face as she followed him into the resturaunt. Her blush was still spread across her face as she heard both the compliment and felt the hand on her hip. It was such a new and exciting feeling for her that she still tried to soak it in while Wyatt was still around. She would sorely miss something so short lived while he was away.

"You look handsome as well. I wasn't sure about the mustache, but it's growing on me."

Wyatt on the other hand was trying to not think about his upcoming hiatus and instead decided to focus on tonight as if it was his last night - the blush on Saya's face, the feeling of her warmth nested in the crook of his arm, her smell, her everything, it made the Minkan feel a slew of intense emotions that caused him to sigh happily as the little Medic complimented his appearance.

"Thank you, I was considering just giiving up on it but Alastair convinced me to keep it," the Minkan mused as they continued to walk the short distance, just a corner to go and they'd be at the Chrome Catgirl.

Saya nodded and mentally made a note to thank Alastair next she saw him for the advice as she silently walked. She just wanted to enjoy the moment and truth be told, she didn't have much to talk about anyways just then. It was nice to just stay silent though, two people on a date headed to their dinner. Saya smiled and closed her eyes as she walked as a content sigh escaped from her throat. She trusted Wyatt to keep her from running into anything after all and seemed to snuggle in closer to the Minkan.

Deciding he liked this moment and wanting to cherish it a little longer Wyatt remained silent too as they walked the rest of the short distance to the Chrome Catgirl, scents of grilled meat wafted toward the embracing duo before the destination came into view - a modest yet hearty establishment that happily rumbled as the patrons within enjoyed themselves.

"It's... bigger than I thought," the Minkan mused with a low tone, finally breaking the silence between the soldiers as they stood outside.

Saya's nose twitched a bit and her mouth began to water slightly as she smelled the grilled meats. She nodded as she agreed with Wyatt about the size, but it was still a nice break from the ship.

"I figured it would be a little deli or something, but this seems like it could be fun!" She said with a smile and looked up to Wyatt for him to lead the way inside. She wasn't sure if there were reservations or not, and her friends had explicitly told her to let the man take the lead on the date. It would supposedly give her an idea of what he was about? That had confused her, but she wanted Wyatt to feel in charge regardless.

"Definitely, definitely..." the ginger Minkan spoke before he turned back to offer Saya a small smile, quite enjoying the fact one seemed to grace his maw whenever she was in sight. Wyatt nodded, letting an inhaled breath sit in his chest for a moment before it rolled out from his lips and into the urban air.

"Shall we then?"

Saya could only give an excited nod as she was asked and smiled, looking up at him for a second before back to the door.

He returned the nod and began walking forwards, as the double doors swung open they were hit with a wave of pleasantly warmed air, flavoured with the scents of herbs and lightly charred meat as a few people cast eyes over to the door before going back to whatever they were doing - it would have become quite clear to the Medic that this was more of a 'grab a drink and a table' place than some fancy resturaunt but not in a bad way, it simply wasn't quite as refined but the inviting atmosphere made up for it as Wyatt guided them over to the bar where an Elysian with brown hair and dimnuitive pink wings was serving drinks.

Saya's nostrils flared wide for a moment as she took in a deep breath of the herb infused air, her smile still on her face as she continued to seem excited. Her eyes darted around as she took in what sights she could from the various patrons and the general atmosphere of the place. The quaint atmosphere couldn't help but bring about flashes of the different bars and taverns of her game she played, the very relaxed and familiar feel seemed to help some of the nervousness she had unconciously felt grow in the pit of her stomach over her first date, but here she was and frankly it was nice!

As they made their way up to the bar, when asked, Saya would order just a small glass of wine and wait to be led to the table, eyes roaming the room to try and find a table where the two could sit close together at.

Wyatt felt relieved as he saw Saya's tenseness fade away a bit, he felt like this would be a good place to take her - after all he had never gotten any hints or indications the pink-haired medic was overly flashy nor fussy, which wasn't a bad thing because frankly he felt the same way, though depending on how well tonight went he might have a chance to explore the fascinating person she was a little further.

The sound of a bottle's lid being removed at the edge of the counter brought the Minkan back to his senses, pushing through the tunnel vision that had formed in his mind to accept his own drink before gesturing over to one of the empty booths - tonight wasn't super busy but there were enough people to give off a pleasant background hum of activity.

"Looks like a... cozy... enough place to sit, no?" he queried, trying to inject some more emotive words into his otherwise decidedly dull vocabulary.

"Very cozy." Saya said in agreement as she nodded and took a seat in the booth, not suree which side he would sit though either way would be happy. So far tonight had been great all around and little did the pink haired medic have to complain about as she sipped lightly at the glass of wine. She wasn't a big drinker but did enjoy the occasional glass here and there since her time aboard the Asamoya.

Happy with her response Wyatt moved to sit across from his date, deciding maybe face-to-face eye contact would be more appropriate for the current situation rather than sitting side-to-side - though sitting across from one another did mean he'd miss out on her warmth by her side as the Minkan took a sip from his own drink, he'd only recently gotten a taste for the stuff and even then his drinking habits were few and far between.

"I'm glad you approve of it, say Saya..." the ginger began to speak, a gentle glimmer in his eyes as they regarded the pink-haired neko. "would you have anything against me asking something? it isn't anything mean spirited, I promise."

"I suppose not, no. I mean a date is a good time to get to know one another better, at least that's what I've heard." Saya shook her head, her braid wiggling behind her like a small tail as she waited for the question.

"It's a question I have for myself quite often in the past it was just a resounding yes but now my mind is split, so I ask - for the sake of getting to know the wonderful person you are better, do you plan on being in the army forever?" he asked, giving her a kind look and hoping he hadn't misspoken.

"Until they no longer need my services, yes. I want to help as many people as I can, it's why I came back out to the fronts from the hospitals from Yamatai. I figure if I'm out here, I can stop those that go to the hospitals for recovery because I can heal them before they get worse. I know that sounds silly, but I hate seeing people hurt. I hate hurting the people, even enemies." Saya rubbed one hand with the thumb of another and sighed as she looked to the table.

There was a slight pause as Wyatt sighed, not a sad sound but a rather pleased one - she was so different to him yet the Minkan couldn't help but feel drawn to her words and almost compelled to do more good by them. His mind was set, one of his larger hands slowly slid across the table to hold hers in his warm grasp.

"It is hardly silly, it is inspiring and more people should strive for it - I'll admit killing is easy, too easy some times... but it takes a certain strength to do what you do, Saya... I think that may be why I took a liking to you in the first place."

"But what if someone gets hurt because I can't do what I need? What if you get hurt because I'm scared to hurt someone?" Saya asked as she took the hand weakly in her own.

"Sometimes it's a good thing, at other times it can be a problem, and it's something I worry about a lot. Sacre-Hei is helping me, but I feel like when push comes to shove, I'll lock up and hesitate."

He gave her hand a reassuring little squeeze and moved to speak, running her words through his head one more time before answering the pink-haired, kind-hearted girl. "You don't like hurting people, but you dislike seeing a friend hurt even more, yes?" Wyatt began asking, it felt like he was building up to something.

Saya nodded a bit as she looked at his hands. "Yea, I don't like seeing my friends hurt at all."

"That's sound logic then, Saya, and while you may not think yourself capable of doing what needs to be done then I'll repeat that phrase Officer Belmont is so fond of..." he leant in a little closer, abandoning his drink on the table as the Minkan's other hand wrapped around hers.

"Believe in the me that believes in you, I've only had the pleasure of knowing you for a short time but... I know you have a hidden strength in you, I just want you to believe that too."

Saya smiled with a small blush across her cheeks, staring at their entwined hands as she nodded. "I do need more confidence in myself I know this, but it's always been hard for me, to be confident and everything. I've always just kinda been a background character to everyone else's adventures."

"I... understand how you feel, more than you may imagine, but..." Wyatt trailed off a little as he tried to think up the most appropriate words for the current situation, his digital mind running a million light years per second behind his amber gaze.

"...when you feel like it, I would be happy~ nay, more than happy to help write new adventures with you," the Minkan finished his admittance of internal feelings, eyes drifting down to look at their hands - his olive complexion against her fairer one.

Saya smiled, her expression brightening as she looked up at Wyatt. She squeezed his hand as a small blush began to creep over her cheeks.

"I-I did kinda have an idea for a plot. It's about a god and a goddess, torn apart by a great war between the gods, that fight to come together. The players would have to fight to help them. Just not sure how or why the players would be interested."

Wyatt's gaze remained warm, distant though warm in a way only he seemed capable of giving as the Minkan settled into the back of his seat a bit - bringing up a menu at the side of his digital mind as the ginger marksman went to offer his thoughts and suggestions, "A battle to reunite gods you say? most would jump at the chance for immortality~ though that may be a bit cliche and why would the gods be separated if they could offer that to any passer by? some kind of... material possession perhaps? gold or whatever currency you plan to use is the easy path~"

Being one of her favourite interests, the Minkan had tried to bolster his knowledge on the matter during spare time and while he may not be some expert on the subject he did get the grips of the basics at least and even viewed them with the same mindset he viewed a mission briefing, "I'm sure whatever hook you think of will be... epic, and more than enthralling, Saya," Wyatt finished, ordering a medium rare steak with pepper gravy and a side of salad - why not indulge a bit?

...Alastair had worn off on him a tad it seemed, though Wyatt was still very much Wyatt.

Saya ordered some pasta when it came her turn, a seafood medley. Her friends had told her to order it to make him know she was worth it. She had no idea what that meant... But whatever, she liked pasta and seafood. So why not mix them up?

She ordered a salad as well, a house salad that the Neko was sure would be just fine. She also asked for a wateron the side with her drink as she smiled to Wyatt.

"I hope it will be. I've been trying to get my adventures published. There is a big group that does pre-made adventures and puts them out for sale. You could make a lot of money on them. I've got two I'm ready to publish and the third I'm building now. So hopefully they like one of them enough to buy them."

Wyatt gave a small nod as he listened to the Medic speak, she was so passionate about it and that alone made him smile - hell, just her being her made him smile and for that the Marksman was grateful. Of course he was indeed listening and had something to say on the matter, by no means was the Minkan an example of self confidence but if he could help bolster Saya's then of course he'd try.

"It certainly would be something to make money off of a past time you pour so much love into - to not listen to somebody as creative, intelligent, and...dare I say as wonderful as yourself would be foolish on their part," the ginger responded, though he felt a little conflicted - Wyatt was more than happy to continue voicing how awesome he knew the pink haired medic was but at the same time the last thing he wanted was for his constant compliments to seem empty and then for Saya to think this was all a ploy to get into her pants, during his service he had seen first hand how a lot of people got when packed into such an isolated space for long periods of time but truly his intentions for tonight were nothing more than wanting to be a gentleman to this wonderful young woman.

Saya smiled as she heard the words of praise and nodded. "I know, everyone that played my one story enjoyed it, but they get a ton of these stories every day. But I'm still gonna try, so I need to finish the last story." She said aloud as she bit her lip and began to think over something quickly before she shook her head a little. She was on a date, not here to think more on her story. It would give her something to think on when Wyatt was gone, but for now it would be good to pay attention to him.

"So! Any idea on what your training is going to entail?"

He gave yet another small nod as she so quickly changed topics, the Marksman hoped it wasn't anything he'd said or done or anything Saya thought she'd done because quite frankly this was the most comfortable he'd ever felt speaking his mind and expressing himself in a public setting - though Wyatt did let out a small sigh before he spoke.

"Immense pain, and stress though it is for the best," Wyatt admitted with a reassuring look towards his date as he tried to better explain what had sounded not so harsh in his head. "...They just wish to be sure I can handle what might be thrown my way, as a medical officer you should know too well that the process of working out involves breaking muscle fibres and rebuilding them stronger," he further tried to explain before offering one final thing to hopefully cushion the rather blunt explanation.

"Stealth, social, espionage, recon and combat training too but~ I'll still be me when I get back, maybe the small measure of pride I have will be hurt if I don't make the cut but I'll wait to see what they say"," Wyatt tried to end with a small self-depricating joke at the end to hopefully set the Neko's mind at ease.

Saya smiled a little as she heard his joke and nodded her head. "Well hey, if you wash out you get to come back to me sooner, so here's hoping." It was odd hearing the medic make such a joke, but just as he felt comfortable around her, she felt the same. She hadn't been upset or anything, the furthest thought from her mind in fact. She was just interested in his SAINT training.

"I always kinda wanted to go into SAINT, I just don't have the stomach for it, not to mention my training doesn't lend much to field work like what they do, nor the more mental aspect. I was never good with algorithms or code breaking in basic. I enjoy what I do to much to even try to get in."

Wyatt's smile broadened a bit at her quip, he didn't want to spend any more time away from the pink-haired medic than was needed but at the same time there had been so many referrals when he'd put forward the idea of being retrained that it would almost feel like an insult to not give it a crack - like she said if he washed out then it'd just be a quicker return to her.

"I feel like the black panels would look rather fetching against your fair skin and rosy hair - though I do understand where you are coming from, maybe if a SAINT medical position were to ever open up in the future then that might be something to consider?" he offered to her as the mental image of sweet Saya clad in the blackest of black uniforms came to mind, now that he thought about it the purple lights of that other uniform might suit her too...

"Though on the topic of basic, it was heavily recommended to me that I should have become a pilot, reflexes and judgement I suppose but I am rather glad I stuck to my initial goals... had I taken that other path then mayhaps I would have been thrown from ship to ship too much to meet the wonderful person sat across from me."

"Pilots do tend to get tossed around a bit huh? Though if they are good, captains tend to keep them. But yea, I'm kinda glad you didn't become a pilot. It was pretty much set in stone from basic I was going to be a medic. I had terrible marksman scores, but all my science scores were great." Saya said with a shrug as she pondered on just how she would look in the all black paneled uniform, and suddenly a blush rose to her cheeks as she saw a much more confident Saya that lorded over people.

She had to shake her head clear of the next image, one that couldn't even be thought on again in current company, an unfortunate image she had stumbled upon late night on the net.

Wyatt had been about to ask if that look meant something was troubling her when a waiter arrived with their previously ordered food, to which the copper-haired Minkan exchanged a brief nod and some pleasantries before taking in the spectacle - even in the short time she had known him there was a slight change to the man, he seemed a fraction less machine-like with every passing day.

"Enough about work though I say... dinner looks... quite~ wonderful, no?" he asked with a warm, reserved smile towards Saya - hoping if whatever had troubled her truely did trouble her then she would feel comfortable with telling him.

The blush faded easily enough as the food was brought out. Saya smiled and nodded at everything. "It looked delicious! I'm so hungry too, I can't wait to try it out..." After thanking the waiter for the food and asking for another glass of her drink, Saya smiled to Wyatt and began to eat her food. She speared a large muscle on the plate and took a bit before a small purr of appreciation snuck out.

"This is good!" She exclaimed as she finished the food in her mouth.

"I am glad you enjoy it so," the Minkan spoke before cutting a corner off his steak, dipping the medium-rare meat into the gravy before downing it with a few chews then finally a swallow. "This is good too, I rather enjoy the peppery after taste," he said somewhat awkwardly, finding it rather... what was the word... pleasing, no, cute? sure.

It was pretty cute when her feline side shone through in that brief moment, causing the smile to widen a little as he spoke, "So, do you keep in touch with anybody from basic? as a fresh Neko I imagine you could become rather attached to a few people during that time period?"

"My entire squad from basic actually. Most of us went into the medical field, some of us went combat or bridge crew, but yea we all keep in touch. A lot of us even play games together whenever we can." Saya said with a nod after she swallowed another mouthful of food. She was glad she always had been able to keep in touch.

"How about you?"

"I'm glad you managed to stay in contact with them but not so much for me I'm afraid, you could call me... rather difficult to tolerate I suppose but I'll just have to do better going forwards," Wyatt explained with a voice of indifference, rather obviously avoiding the topic of his family as the Minkan chose to work away at his food once more.

"That's all you can do. Work to be better, maybe see if you can contact some of them if you want." Saya offered up as she started to work on her pasta now.

"That's a grand idea, just need to convince myself they might hear me out after all this time," he offered back before taking a small measure of the salad that came with his food and deciding to down that.

"I'm sure they will. I doubt anyone would hold a terrible grudge over being rude." Saya said with a shrug before more noodles dissappeared into her mouth.

Wyatt let out a small sound of agreement as he downed another mouthful of steak, swallowing it before speaking to the pink-haired medic once more, "I love that, how you remain optimistic no matter what the situation is... it is rather refreshing having you do that when most others would crumple or complain."

"There's to much good in people to let anything get you down. Things can be tough at times sure, down right terrible, but there is always tomorrow." Saya said thoughtfully for a second before she took another bite of her delicious dish.

Wyatt finished off his mouthful and set aside the cutlery before wiping his mouth with a napkin, hands resting on the table as the coppery Minkan took a slow and deliberate breath to steel his nerves before speaking. "I hope this isn't too forward but I feel like it is something I must get off my chest if not abundantly clear already," he began, waiting for the wonderful Neko to finish her mouthful before continuing.

"I love you, Saya, or I'm in love with you... not sure which term is correct but I want to see how that plays out with you if you reciprocate those feelings but likewise I'll understand if you do not, I can be somewhat of an... acquired taste."

"L-love?" Saya asked, eyes going wide as she looked to Wyatt. It was easy to see the girl's confusion, not in a bad way yet suddenly she found the food set before her very interesting. Her cheeks turned a deep red color as she smiled. A man had told her he loved her, this was a first! She couldn't help but giggle and smile.

"I.... I think I love you too Wyatt. It's confusing, I haven't felt like this before, but... I think I do."

It was Wyatt's turn to blush as it seemed the feelings were mutual, an unsteady breath rolled out his mouth as Wyatt's gaze dipped to the table infront of him for a thoughtful moment before his eyes pivoted back up to Saya with a warm, uncharacteristically emotive, smile from the copper-haired Minkan, "That... I... so what do we do now?" the blushing marksman reciprocated slowly.

"I... I don't know. Do we have to tell someone? You are my superior officer..." Saya suddenly looked worried that they may get in trouble for what they were doing, yet internally she realized she didn't care a lot about the idea of trouble. They were in love... Someone told her that they loved her! Her own blush remained as she fiddled with her food a little more, a giddy smile spread across her face.

The Minkan cleared his throat, still somewhat in shock she had returned his feelings when Wyatt was so sure he'd either die alone and fade off into obscurity but this... he liked this, he liked her! With another awkward little sound he sat up straighter in his seat and moved to speak, the blush still as heavy as ever across his olive complexion. "I do not believe there is much protocol for this sort of thing... maybe we should tell the Chusa~" he rubbed the back of his neck briefly and offered another hopeful look towards the candy-haired medic.

"~or maybe we could just see where it goes? do~ do what feels natural?"

"What feels natural..." Saya seemed to think on the idea for a moment before she nodded and started to shift out of her seat. She pushed her plate across the table toward Wyatt before she sat next to him and rested her head on his shoulder with a smile. Her food seemed forgotten as she did what she felt was natural.

"I think I'll enjoy finding out what feels natural."