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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fifteen: The ASLs Try Bonsai (And Fail Miserably)


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RP Date
Late YE 40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II
YSS Kaiyo II
Observation Deck

In the observation deck, Sacre stood before the shelf with small trees on top of it. The deck had an area for the crew to plant and tend bonsai trees.There were always a couple of trees that were new, ready to be shaped in case a crew member lost theirs or wanted to take up the hobby. Looking first at one of the trees, then at Gravity skeptically. "I know a lot me is green, but not my thumb." She remarked in her typical deadpan humor.

Beside her, the azure neko just quirked an eyebrow and shrugged.

"Hon, I'm a pilot, not a gardener. I'm just as lost as you. I think we use these...? Maybe...?" Gravity asked skeptically as she picked up a set of clippers with her thumb and forefinger, as if it were something utterly alien and disturbing. She really didn't know what to do with them. They could make a neat little stabbing weapon, but that really didn't apply to the context of bonsai trees.

If you had told Gravity this morning that she'd be in her PJs in the observation deck attempting to make shapes with a plant, she wouldn't have believed you. She was barely over a year old and she was just now learning that people actually devoted time to something like this.

Sacre took up a set of clippers herself and examined them for a moment. She used scissors occasionally, but still seemed uncertain. "Well, I guess we pick our trees first." Sacre said uncertainly as she looked over the potted trees. It took her a long moment to choose. Frankly, they all seemed to look the same, or at least very similar to her. She scanned the wider array of bonsai and found one that reminded her of a tree from Essia. Her mind had been on her home-world since learning that it had been taken by the Kuvexians. Then she looked back and selected one of the same species.

Gravity was nowhere near as selective, not having been attached to that much shrubbery in her short life. She set it down on the floor and sat criss-crossed before it, tilting her head to the side and eyeing it like a curious kitten.

"Uh... now what?"

Sacre went to one of the tables and put her bonsai and tools down. "We work on them, take care of them, shape them into looking like trees, just really small." Sacre paused, honestly not sure what to do. She reluctantly opened her tablet and looked it up. "Ok, so there are three things that we need to look for right now. Trim down the branches, trim down the remaining leaves, and then wire the branches to a pleasing aesthetic." Sacre said, trying to summarize what she had read.

Gravity quirked an eyebrow at her girlfriend. That had literally explained no thing to her.

"...Bitch, what?" She asked quizzically.

"I don't know." Sacre looked at the plant for a moment and trying to connect what she had just read to the small tree in front of her. She reached out and touched it gently, trying to get a feel for the tree. She let her fingers play through the leaves gently, trying to see what the book was telling her. That was when she noticed that the leaves were not even, that they grew out to different lengths. It created a strange uneven effect. "Ok, so you see how these leaves have grown too far? It's like they are uneven, so we cut them back to make them even again." Sacre said uncertainly.

Gravity just shrugged and began snipping away. She knew Sacre had to be thinking of her home-world, but she figured if the snake lady wanted to speak about it, she would. In the meantime, the neko would simply try to take her girlfriend's mind off of war stuff.

"Sooo... the other day I learned what a llama is." She informed Sacre absent mindedly as she worked.

Sacre nodded, she hadn't heard of what a llama was. "So what's a llama? Some sort of bhuddist thing?" She asked as she worked on the tree for a moment longer. Sacre stopped for a moment, "I never got Buddhism, escaping from the cycle by denying yourself the pleasures of life."

"I don't think a Bhuddist has ever sat behind the controls of a Fuji-class gunship. But no, so a llama is an animal, right? And, like, it's basically a goat, but fluffy and with a hella long neck. They hop around in herds and spit on things they don't like, and I respect that." Gravity explained, wincing as she snipped a little too many leaves off of one side of the tree.

Sacre nodded, knowing how much Gravity enjoyed flying the Kaiyo. "Figures you'd like a ill tempered animal who can't get along with others." She said with her typically subtle humor as she resumed working on the bonsai. Gravity all but gave up on hers and tossed away her trimmers, draping herself lazily over Sacre's tail, starring up at her girlfriend from the floor. She batted at her playfully and beamed.

"But that's because you're MY ill-tempered little animal." she cooed. Sacre lifted Gravity to sit next to her and wrapping her tail around her Nekovalkyrja girlfriend in a cuddle. She put her own trimmers down, deciding that if there was anything else to do, she could do it later.

"And you are my magic pixie dream girlfriend that I never thought I deserved." Sacre responded, nuzzling Gravity gently. The neko cuddled even further into her.

"You deserve a lot, Sacre. Never tell yourself otherwise." she muttered, leaning up and planting the barest ghost of a kiss on the Separa'shan's cheek.

Sacre blushed and looked down, she couldn't remember ever being kissed by anyone she even remotely liked. The gentle touch of Gravity's lips sent a thrill down Sacre's spine. "I.. uh..." Sacre was going to say something, but words escaped her. She decided the best response would be returning the favor. She kissed Gravity on the forehead.

That, in turn, shocked the pilot, who was not used to Sacre initiating contact. She shivered a little, grinning from ear to ear. This was a perfect opportunity to push at Sacre's boundaries, she realized. Bracing herself for a violent throw, she craned her neck up and gently sucked on Sacre's bottom lip. Their first real kiss as a couple. The Neko knew she needed to savor it while she could, because Sacre was probably about to hurl her into a bookshelf. She tasted... like Sacre. Yeah, Gravity didn't really know how to explain it either. Better to just enjoy the moment.

The kiss was gentle as their lips made contact. Sacre could feel the same thrill go down her spine and indescribable butterflies fill her. Sacre didn't know what to do, she froze for a moment before pulling back. "Oh... Uhh... "There was a small conflict inside of her, as she tried to process the kiss. Gravity's soft kiss was like nothing Sacre had ever felt. Her mind put up a feeble attempt at trying to make her anxious, but Sacre pushed past it with ease. She smiled and leaned back in, giving Gravity a solid sure kiss.

Partly surprised that she hadn't been flung into a wall or stabbed, Gravity turned to putty in Sacre's arms, purring and snaking her arms around the medic's neck. With a small noise of contentment, she realized that her treasured novels were nothing compared to the real thing.

Sacre enjoyed the feel of Gravity's lips on hers for a long moment before she came up for air. She grinned at her girlfriend, a rare sight for the often dower medic. "Uh. wow. umm. I didn't really expect that." She said slightly goofily.

"Yeah, not gonna lie, I thought I was going to get yeeted into the bonsai shelf." Gravity muttered in agreement, just as goofily. Then, she grinned slyly at her tol snek gf and asked:

"Wanna do it again?"