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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fourteen: Burgoning Baindaid Brigade


Convention Veteran
RP Date
Pre-Mission Fourteen
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II

Sacre was sunning herself in the medbay. It was possibly her favorite thing to do while she was on duty, but with nothing in particular to do. The sunning lamp was technically supposed to be used for their patiants, but with no cold blooded patiants at the moment, Sacre had appropriated it. At the moment she was warm and content, although there was a part of her who wanted to be cuddling with a certain Neko pilot. It was a lot less of a panicky thought now, but she was still trying to get used to the idea mentally before trying it with Gravity.

Saya was giddy with excitement, big blue eyes wide as she continued her exploration of the ship, her things stashed in her room. Of course she wanted to peek into her place of work first and decided to take the chance before she had to start working. Her bubblegum colored hair readjusting itself to its prooer position as she touched down into the bay using her gravity manipulation, she seemed to jerk in surprise as she spotted the Separa'shan seemingly sunning herself.

"Ano..." she said softly to herself as she fought the urge to just walk up and investigate. Sure she had seen and studied the race while she was at the hospital, even treated some, but that was different. They were hurt and Saya's bedside manner was impecable. She would never study or bother the hurt. Buf this one was ok and even relaxing! But then again she was relaxing... A finger on her lower lip showed the hesitation and indecision in the girl.

Sacre looked at her visitor, her tounge tasted the air, identifying the Neko's scent. She had a sinking feeling about this. "Tell me your here to deliver my medical supplies and your assignment is staying right here and not flying away with us on our next hairbrained mission." Sacre said resignedly, already suspecting the answer.

Saya jumped a little as she was spoken to, eyes wide before she looked left and right to see if someone had walked in behind her. It took her a second to realize that yes, she was being spoken to.

"Uh... I think I am being asked to go out as a field medic... But I did bring supplies!" Saya offered, holding up a bag of supplies she had trudged along with her. These were mostly things she usually brought along with herself, her own equipment and things, but nothing that was really terribly important.

Sacre's eyes narrowed, "Figures. We need to put them away and get you oriented. Sacre said, her hand moving to switch off the lamp and move deeper into the sickbay. "Personell must have really had it in for me today. They take away a promising young medic and then give me two newbies who don't have a single grain of medical experiance in their whole bodies. I understand you don't have many medics of his quality. Two medics put together might be enough if they had enough skill. But they decided to give me a pair of talentless hacks instead." Sacre brooded as she took the bag and looked into it.

Saya, the poor girl, tilted her head to the side as she listened to Sacre. "There are two more medics coming?" She asked, wondering if the ship really needed six medics.. If they did, the ship must see a lot of action.

"No, there are four medics on the Kaiyo at the moment. Me, who gets to wrangle the herd of cats. Care, who's been with me for just about as long as I've been here and is at least halfway competant. Then Ragnar who's new and overeager about everything. He might have half the medical competance of a horseshoe crab on a good day. And you." Sacre said, somehow making the 'you' sound vaugely insulting.

Saya smiled, listening to the description of the other two medics. The tone seemed to fly so far over her head she may have well been planetside as she just held the bag out. Her supplies seemed to be her own personal effects from her time at the hospital, a stethoscope, a coat and some other odd ends.

"So you've been here a while then?" She asked, watching Sacre with a smile still.

Sacre paused, rummaging through the bag. "Wait. This isn't what I ordered." She said, sounding annoyed. "Those pea brained logicstics people packed me the wrong bag again! If I had a KS for every time they got something wrong, I'd be wealthier then the empress by now!" Sacre said, feeling annoyed. She rose to her freakishly tall height of well over six feet tall and a knife seemed to appear as if by magic in her hand and the next second disappeared in a throwing motion and reappearing in the middle of a target all the way across the sickbay.

"A-ah! Thats uh my ba-eeek!" Saya hadn't put up much of a fight as the bag was tugged in her hand, watching the woman rummage through it. Her mouth hung open as she lifted to her full height and she ducked as the dagger was produced, hands getting tossed up and the contents of the bag thrown in the air and clattering to the floor. Her hands were protecting her head now as a name badge clattered to the floor close to Sacre, with the name "Fujiwara Saya" on the top and the title of resident doctor below it.

Sacre muttered something about the genetic heritage of the logistics nekos as she stormed over to the desk, presumably to send something to logistics about the apparent mix up.

Saya seemingly was ok, at least for now as she scrambled to gather her equipment. After she gathered everything up, giving it a cursory dusting off even though the ship was usually spotless, Saya stoodand held her bag in front of herself in both hands.

"Ano... Where should I put my things?" Saya asked, looking around a little and taking a few more steps into the sickbay.

Sacre turned, "Your things? You said you brought my supplies!" Sacre stormed at Saya.

Saya fell back toward the floor, hands up in surrender as she squatted down in an attempt to make herself into a ball as best she could.

"Theyaremythingsthatibroughtbutyoucanusethemtooaslongastheyarecleanedafterwards!" The fact that she had gotten that out in one breath in the raised pitch that she did was decently impressive...

"That's not really how things work around here squeakie, besides, I don't think I'd fit in your uniform." Sacre said seriously, picking up one of unforms and putting it back into the bag.

Under the uniform were several medical tools including a handheld scanner, a few stethoscopes, a cuff or two and some other odd ends. The scanner looked somewhat old.

"I don't think you would either, no offense but you are much taller then me." She offered seemingly bluntly.

Sacre was amused by that last, at least slightly. She helped get everything back into the bag. "I figure I still have to get you oriented before you can go put your mess away. We've got four times the number of beds then you'd find on a Plumaria and three times the number of reconstruction tubes despite having fewer crew. This makes mass casulty situations a lot easier. We also have a desk and a chair so you can actually sit your lazy rear down when your on watch. We have three containment cells for infectious or POW patiants. Next to them is the backup room. We try to get a backup for everyone that wants one uploaded before every mission and at least once a month. Some of the crew don't have backups, don't worry about it. Lastly, here is the operation center. It's pretty awesome." Sacre said, pointing at each part of the sickbay in turn.

Saya nodded as she listened idly, figuring the number of beds and tubes against the old Asamoya thay she had been aboard, along with the Sakishima. It was impressive in regards against both.

"That should at least make things somewhat less stressful on determining who gets priority." She offered more as a verbal observation to herself rather then anything else.

"Whats awesome about the operation center?" This was sometjing new to her...

"Why don't you find out?" Sacre said with a smirk and lead her way into it. Sacre activated a hologram on the operating table. A holographic male Nepleslian lay there, he was still in his armor, but the chest and belly were exposed. Holographic blood covered him and there were seveal holes that had been stuffed to stop him from bleeding out completley, but they were already leaking. The hologram above showed an absolutely vicous wound paths that touched vital organs and clipped several important blood vessels. The spine was partially destoryed. "Chop Chop, hurry up." Sacre said to Saya.

Saya's eyes went wide with joy at the sight of the table lighting up with the holographic image of the Nepleslian man. "Its a sim table!" Saya squealed excitedly as she started. Immediately calling up the vitals of the man she went about quickly checking over exactly what things she had on hand and began a quick check of the man's breathing through watching his chest movement.

Each of the consumable supplies had a holographic version in front of it so that they didnt have to waste any consumables. The volumetrics made it so that it seemed almost real. The tools were all where they would normally be. His breathing was shallow and struggled, a small amount of blood came from his mouth indicating internal bleeding. Sacre stood back and watched as Saya worked.

Saya was quick, quicker then some fresh recruit should have been. Hands instantly grabbed for the helmet, slowly removing the part to expose the face and throat where she checked over his breathing, making sure his airway was clear before inseeting the intubation tube with the cuff for the Nepleslian man. After attaching the air cannister to help him breath, Saya picked up her forceps and clamps. What smaller blood vessels she could get to, she simply used the quick clot agent after cleaning everything best she could with the irigation syringes.

The larger blood vessels she found she would try to seal together. Forceps to bring them together, clamps to hold them, and a small syringe kit that was used with a steady hand and topped off with another quick clot to hopefully stem any further internal bleeding, Saya knew with this table there was little she could do for the spine as most times that would need the hemosynthetic tubes, Saya instead focused now on the stuffed holes. She would pull the stuffing out, flush out with syringes, and look inside to assess the damage.

As she pulled the stuffing out, out came blood. It was holographic blood, but there was lots of it obscuring the wound paths as they came out. There were several damaged organs in there, requiring her to repair them as well. The intestines had been torn, risking bacterial infection and one of his lungs was still filling with blood. His stomough was also punctured, spilling acid into the wounds as well. However, despite the serious injuries, the holographic nepleasian was still fighting to hold on.

Saya took in the next bit as quickly as she could and began to work again. Gathering up a few injections of self healing blood, Saya kept them close at hand as she began to suture the intestines, cleaning them to keep them as clear of any bacterial infections she could using the syringes. Again the quick clot came into play as she used it to seal anything her steady hand wasnt able to close competely. After the intestines were sealed, she moved to the holes that were bleeding. One at a time with a suction tube she made her way through them best she coukd, draining tje blood, reaching in to close the wounds whether it was using the forceps to drag out damaged blood vessels and sew / clot them, or using the healing blood injectors to get to the internal organs that were damaged underneath, she turned her attention in quick succession to the stomach.

Using much the same technique as she had with the intestines, she found where the damage was and began to suture it shut. Quick clot and an injection of healing blood to force the healing along quickee, Saya then turned to the lungs. Using her medical scanner, she tried to peer inside in an attempt at figuring out just what she had to do there.

The lungs had a long furrow running down one of them, it wasn't deep, but it was long, reaching all the way down rather then a clean through and through.

Seeing the furrows, Saya began looking for anything that resembled the offending material that had created the holes and paths. Should she locate them, she would dig out everything as best she could after draining the holes of blood using a suction tube before she went about double checking for anything inside. Satisfied that they were free of debris, Saya would suture and quick clot the holes after making sure to fill them with the hemosynthetic blood.

Sacre didn't show emotions, her eyes boring into Saya. After patching him up and stabilizing him, the simulation didn't end.

The simulation kept going for a while with nothing happening. Sacre watched her without saying anything. Finally it ended and Sacre's stern expression didn't change. "At least you didn't kill him."

"That means I win!" Saya giggled and clapped her hands happily before she turned to look at Sacre, big blue eyes watching her with wonder.

"Or at the least not lose." Sacre responded soberly as she started to clean up the operation area.

"Well if I don't lose, that means I win right?" Saya asked cutely, watching Sacre for a moment before she moved to start helping with the cleaning. Every so often she would glance over to Sacre's tail for a few moments before focusing again on her task.

Sacre's tail was heavily scarred, with a particularly thick scar that ringed her tail about halfway down and a quarter from the tip there was a 'kink' that made Sacre move with what could be described as a limp.

Saya didn't seem to mind in the least, she was just fascinated by the tail. Slowly she would move closer and closer until shebwws standing next to Sacre, her gaze stealing glances stillm her braid would bounce a bit every time she turned to look.

"Your looking at my tail." Sacre observed.

Saya blushed but nodded. "I've never seen a Separa'Shan in person before and your tail is so pretty I'm sorry for looking without asking." She seemed to run the last bit of her state together as one word.

Sacre paused momentarily, she wasn't used to getting compliments. Especially about her tail, Sacre felt it was ugly, like the rest of her. "There are two more on the Kaiyo. They have better looking tails then mine."

"I think it's beautiful in its own way. There is history showing, there is personality." She offered in her own way, smiling and watching the tail openly now.

"Sometimes I feel like we Nekos, who can simply heal over with no real lasting damage or sign of it, well sometimes that isn't always a good thing."

Sacre seemed marginally less stern and a bit sad. "I guess that depends on your perspective. I carry my history with me because I don't want to forget. But that's a curse too."

"But we nekos... we make a mistake and its healed in seconds and forgotten about even quicker. I knew a Neko like that. She would get hurt every fight the same way, get fixed uo, and seemingly forget all about it." Saya squat down, giving soace, but studying the tail a bit.

"Sometimes, reminders of history can be a good thing."

Sacre twisted around as Saya examined her scars so she could see what Saya was looking at. "I can tell you where each of those scars came from. That one is from an attempt at branding gone wrong," Sacre said pointing at the one Saya was looking at. She pointed at another one, "That one is from when someone got too enthusiastic with knife play."

"Kn-knife play?" Saya asked as she looked to Sacre wide eyed.

"What is Knife play?"

Sacre smirked sadly and a knife seemed to appear from nowhere in her hand. It looked sharp, she lightly slid it across her arm and Sacre seemed to be getting a thrill from it. "Some people... get excited when knives are involved."

Saya's eyes seemed to go wider as she saw the blade draw across Sacre's arm. She shivered a little as she recalled Fuyu and Kyuuka.

"Did I miss the message that says medical experts are supposed to be aroused by pain? There was a pair of sprites on a ship I was on before that used needles... they ruined all my needles..."

Sacre made a motion with her hands and the knife seemed to disappear into thin air. "I don't think so. I'm fucked up, so that's my reason."

"It's not...messed...up." Saya seemed to shy away from using the vulgar word before she shrugged. "Everyone likes what they like I'm sure for their own reasons. Who knows, I may enjoy something really strange if I ever try it some day." Saya offered, a blush creeping over her face.

"I don't recommend having a sex drive. It kinda sucks to be honest. If I had the option, I'd still be a virgin." Sacre shared.

"I want to experience it once... just to see. But it's just so... messy." Sacre would see a visible shudder wrack the medic's body.

Sacre nodded in agreement. "The fluids get everywhere and their ... icky. We're medics, we've been in arm deep in pretty much every bodily fluid and such and you get used to dealing with it, you know? We treat as blase things that would send a lot of others running. And their still icky and sticky and messy and I hate dealing with it."

"I don't like any fluids. I don't like messes very much, they bother me..." Saya offered up as an explination as she reached out slowly to touch the tail. Her hand hovered a few inches from the tail as she looked up to Sacre.

"May I?"

Sacre shoshook her head, it was one of the rare times someone had asked first. "I wouldn't advise it, no" she said withdrawing her tail away from her hand a bit she said feeling her anxiety rising.

"Ah I'm sorry if I offended you, I didn't mean to." Again the blush returned as she stood and looked bashful. She studied the floor a little before she clapped her hands against her hips and forced herself to look back at Sacre. "Are there any questions you have for me?"

Sacre shook her head, "Your a neko, what's to know?"

"Well we aren't all the same you know." Saya tilted her head.

"So what makes you diffrent?" Sacre asked.

"Lots of things! I collect figurines of my A&N characters for one. I enjoy playing videogames, I actually used to stream a bit back on Yamatai. Uhm... i kinda like trashy romance novels? Like real paperback ones. I enjoy learning by hand over downloading stuff."

Sacre didn't seem to be impressed, then again her face was a mask most of the time. "So what have you learned?" She asked.

"Wh-What do you mean?" Saya asked, a bit confused as she looked to the Sepra'shan.

"You said you enjoy learning things by hand, I would assume that means that you actually learned something more then how to handle pressure with all the spine of a wet sponge." Sacre replied.

Saya blinked a bit, a frown on her face. "I feel I do well under pressure. I learned a lot back at the hospital and my time on the front lines. I've done quiet a bit." Saya was slow on the uptake at times, but she was starting to catch on.

"Do... Do you think I'm fresh from Fort Ready?" She asked her contemperary.

"You act like it." Sacre said pointedly. "Show me that your not. That you're actually going to make this medical team better, and we'll see."

Saya let her brow furrow a bit as she crossed her arms. "I'm a veteran of the second Mishhu war with time on the front lines with two ships. I'm not some rookie fresh out of the tubes." Saya shot back with an uncharacteristic bit of anger to her voice.

"Then what have you learned?" Sacre asked, returning to the question she had asked earlier.

"I've learned that just as important as medical knowledge is a good bedside manner." She shot back at the woman before her.

Sacre didn't appear to be impressed, "That's it?"

"Do you want me to list every medical procedure I've learned? Do you want me to list out the situations I've been in? The lives I've saved or help to recover? What do you want me to tell you?" The usually calm and sweet neko was starting to get frustrated.

Sacre shook her head, "What have you learned by hand? How has the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to do it changed you?"

Saya looked confused again as she listened to Sacre's question and thought on it. It took her a moment as she searched for the words before she spoke.

"I learned that the most important thing, is making sure my crewmates are safe and happy. I learned that it's my job to make sure they are."

Sacre nodded, seeming to accept this answer. She tossed Saya's bag at her. "Go unpack your junk and be back here at 1800 for your shift. We typically do twelve on, twenty four off unless we need all hands on deck. If you run into something you can't handle, all of us are always on call. Questions?"

Saya jumped a bit as she caught her bag, the confused look persistent as she looked up at Sacre she blinked once, twice, a third time before she shook her head.

"N-no. No questions." She responded as she gave her superior officer a bit of a bow and shuffled out, confused at the acceptance but understanding somewhat at the same time. She was still a bit confused as to why she had the bag still as they were her medical supplies and tools that she brought with her, but opted instead to begin wandering the ship again until her shift. It was certainly already shaping up to be a rather interesting assignment.