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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fourteen: Cat Chat


The Breakfast Baron
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II - YSS Eucharis
YSS Eucharis

Yoshida kokoro paced around, impatient. Soon, she would beable to video chat with her favorite uh- friend, Anastashia. What fun! Unfortunately the minutes of anticipation were the worst. Like the universe chose moments such as these to slow to a crawl just to taunt her. She knew that she should probably just learn some patientce, but pacing around helped work off some of that energy anyway- untill the time to chat finally came up. They could only talk at certain times per day when they were both free anyway afterall.

Uesureyan Fields
YSS Kaiyo II
Cabin 6

Work, leave work, shower, change, eat, sleep- wait, no sleeping. As of late, Anastasias days had been jam packed from dawn till dusk, split between working and catching up with all that had happened in her absence from the Star Army.

Today though, she made time to hold an arrangement with an old friend. She had missed the last monthly meeting (or was it two?) after her phone broke in the Havok shop. Her replacement wasn't accepted through the Star Army private communications network. Anastasia slung herself into the flexible office chair in her cabin, spinning it around just enough to face the portable projector sitting on her desk.

She reached out, and typed in the newly aquired number for Yoshida Kokoros cabin.

As the video appeared on screen, Yoshida having already set a macro to autoconfirm the video request when it appeared, there was a very breif glimpse of a tail exiting the screen- signs of yoshida's endless pacing, before she quickly sat down with a grin. "O-oh uh, hi!" She was sitting in a notabely less comftorable steel chair, and judging by the way the veiw shifted on Anastasia's screen as Yoshida reached over, jiggling the device, she was probably using her tablet for this.

"Its uh, been a while! You doing okay?" Her excitment in being able to chat with her favorite birb was evident by the swishing kitty tail behind her.

Anastasia smiled, adjusting her sitting position to better face the camera. "Hey, Yoshida!" She was wearing a rather familiar looking T-shirt, one that came with the standard exercise uniform. The elysians wings were the same dark-blue hue as always, but her two-toned hair was cut back much shorter than usual.

She scratched her neck. "Yeaah... I'm sorry for dropping out of contact there for a while. My old phone was crushed under a car lift and I wasn't able to find access to your number." She leaned back. The limited view of her surroundings seemed like she was in a starship, juding from the metal walls. "I'm doing pretty great! How are you??"

"Oh, you know... just ah, doing my thing. I've been transfered to the Eucharis! That's pretty cool right?" Yoshida suddenly grinned wider, quite happy to beable to show off her new, somewhat presteigious potision. She chose to ignore the fact that Ana was seemingly working in an environment dangerous enough to result in a phone being suprise crushed. "And how about you? Doing anything spectacular lately?"

Anastasia grinned, crossing her arms. She had heard a little about where Yoshida had ended up from ship command. "That is cool! I bet it's a pretty tall order to take." The technician looked around for a minute. "Well, work at Havok Customs has been going really steady. We held a festival out on 188604 a couple of weeks ago. Sales have been going up, so everyone's happy..."

She stretched her ams out, moving a few inches away from the camera to give it a clearer view of her surroundings: a crew cabin. "But, a few days ago I was called back on a contract."

Yoshida noded a few times as Ana spoke, quite happy to hear tales of her success. Those same nods also served as affirmation that serving aboard the Eucharis was indeed a tall order, so many expectations were piled atop one another. "Ah... a contract to where? Nowhere too dangerous I hope." Her suspicions were confirmed, she wondered why she'd be wearing an exercise uniform with a backdrop of a ship.

"...On the Kaiyo," she started, "I'm serving as a temporary technician and engineering head to get the ship ready for next mission..."

The elysian visibly shivered, letting their thoughts pass by as she rubbed her sore bicep. "But, I'm not going on away team this time. Bridge and bay work only!" Ana smiled, trying to move past the rather sore memeories of her armor. It seemed those cuts hadn't quite healed, if they ever were to.

"Ah, Kaiyo again huh?" Yoshida forced a smile and nodded. While she had initialy enjoyed her time there, that was the place where Anastasia and Orion... She shook her head, dismissing the thought. "Well, at least you'll be safe in the ship, Even if it tends to find its way into trouble alot I'm sure you'll be fine. How're the people aboard doing huh?"

Anastasia's verdant eyes slid to the left, looking presumably where the cabin door would be. "Well... Theres quite a lot of new people here, actually." She shrugged, bringing to mind the old guard. "Orion is still here, doing well," she moved past the subject quickly, knowing Yoshida wasn't really a fan, "Eden is... Eden. Seinosuke is here, and Arbitrated looks like shes about to have kids. All of the old command are still here, but the technician and infantry crew have grown."

The sighed, thinking about everyone shes seen and those she had not. "Seino also has a new lab assistant who is kinda creepy. She's really good at just appearing out of nowhere."

"Nice to know that, mostly everyone seems to be doing good... Also that lab assistant sounds like a SAINT if i've ever heard one." Yoshida grinned, knowing it was in truth, probably just a meme.

"Eauugh I wanna give you a hug you look like you need one. I need one too." Yoshida chuckled at herself, rubbing the back of her head. "I haven't beenable to really talk to... well, any of my old friends for a bit you know?"

Anastasia nodded silently, frowning for just a moment. "Yeah... a couple of months after my discharge, it got really hard to get in touch with anyone. I don't know why, or what went on, but it seems... need to know." She paused. "As much as I wanted to, I kept to myself on it." She smiled, looking back up at the camera. "Thanks, I'm glad you're holding up yourself."

"Hey, you know me! I'm as held together as... two things slapped together with molecular tape! you know that stuff isn't coming apart. We should really meet up somewhere next time I'm on leave you know? I'll cry if you don't show up." but Yoshida was still grinning, leaning towards the camera a bit.

"Good to hear." Anastasia mused. She shook her head up and down slowly as Yoshida talked about meeting in person. "Well, I think I should be back in a week or two, I can't know for sure." Last time was indeed, delayed considerably. "I work day shift in the Havok Hangar under the Uesureyan Fields..."

The Elysian fell quiet for a minute thinking things through. How could she make up for several months of blowing off her friend, the person who helped her open up to others and train for combat? She had an idea. After a few seconds, she opened her mouth. "Do you... know how to ride a bike?"

A breif moment later, she chipped in again to finish the vague question. "Like, one with a rocket instead of wheels."

"Hey, I'll be there if I can!" Yoshida smiled the biggest smile she had all month just at that prospect alone. Then her friend spoke again, and Yoshida could... potentially see where this was going.

"Hmm... Nnoo I don't think i've ever had the pleasure of riding even a regular bike before. Why, you going to drive me around maybe?" She could see it now, her on the back of a rocket bike, feeling like a badass... and clinging to Anastasia who is doing all the actual work. Or the other way around could be nice.

Anastasia leaned back in her seat. "Well, I was thinking I could teach you how to ride one of the airbikes here. If you work on your gravity control, it shouldn't be hard at all."

"Ah yeah that, makes a little more sense. Hey either way I get to ride around on a rocket bike with you yeah? How hard can it be I pilot a space suit for a living!"

Anastasia smiled. "It takes a bit to get used to, but its a really fun way to get around." She folded her legs, thinking. "Just let me know next time the Eucharis comes home to land, and I'll carve out enough time for us."

"You bet, I wouldn't miss that for the world!" Another one of Yoshida's signiture smiles. So happy! "Ah... Well, anything else to chat about maybe?"

Anastasia exhaled, thinking about it. "I... don't really know. Most of my time has been spent working in and out of Havok, and then this contract..."

She decided it was time to test the waters, just a little bit. "We've been talking, and I think I'm about ready to buy Orions contract out."

"U-uh hu. Well, I mean if uh... that's what you want to do! Ah..haha." Yoshida, though obviously massively not cool with the idea, was at least attempting to put up a supportive front. Ana buying out Orion's contract before hers was... its fine. yes.

Of course Yoshida sat back and started messing with her hair, suddenly feeling very self concious about how disheveled she might look, she was in the gym fairly recently afterall, and in a sim before that. "Y-you uh... going into bussiness with eachother or something maybe...?"

Ansatasia nodded, watching how Yoshida reacted. She could tell her friend was still uncomfortable with the subject, but it made her unhappy to know. At least she was attempting to be supportive of it. "Well, no. He's not sure yet but we're going to find a more pleasant way to spend life out there for him."

"Right- right it makes sense. Well, kind of makes me be unable to wait till I get discharged y'know? But at the same time uh, kinda wonder what civilian life is actually like... I only get shows as a reference haha."

Anastasia shrugged. "It's not all that bad... It takes a little adjustment to get off the military schedule but once you find a good job you like and the days just roll by." Her voice trailed off in thought. She shuddered. "It can get a little lonely living by yourself though..."

"Ahh... Think I might end up doing that huh? I dunno what I'd even do when I get out." Yoshida plopped her chin on the edge of the desk, clearly deep in thought. Or very tired. It was hard to tell with her.

Anastasia... didn't respond. Instead, her verdant gaze stayed locked in place as she thought, looking to the side rather unusually. It didn't seem like she had even registered the statement.

With this awkward silence at play, yoshida looked up at the screen once more "Hmm... Ana you allright there?"

Still no response, but a light eye jitter.

"Ana you're worrying me just a bit there... Is the screen frozen?" Yoshida jiggled her tablet a bit.

After a moment, Ana broke out of the trance, her head looking back and forth around the room quickly as she came to. She exhaled deeply and looked back down at the monitor, still visibly shaking something off. "Hey... sorry what was that?"

"Ah I was... talking about what I might do when I'm out of the army, and then you got all quiet. You allright?" Yoshida sounded worried, and when Yoshida is worried, she was the type that wanted to drop it all and go running for the source of worry.

Anastasia scratched the back of her neck, holding her head low. "Sorry, sometimes I get a little... trapped in a thought nowadays."

The Elysian leaned fowards, trying to shift the conversation back. "I'm sure you'll be able to find hobbies outside of combat, Yoshi."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Yoshida said a little too cheerily. "I mean, I'm the one that spends all their free time in combat sims and the gym remember?" That said, she secretly watches 'the animes' in her spare spare time.

Anastasia smiled, giggling just a little bit. "Yeah... I'd recommend trying to find some things to do outside of work though. You never know what you'll find out about yourself."

"humm... Well, any non work related hobbies YOU have yet? I'd kind of like to make one of those be 'regular communication with Yoshida!' if nothing else." Selfish kitty swished her tail and watched the screen some more. A little worried for the mental health of her bestie but, she wasn't much better off herself, being as hyperactive as she is with no one to socialize with.

Anastasia rolled her shoulders a little bit, shrugging. "Well, I've been getting cooking lessons from one of my coworkers. So, that's pretty fun!"

Yoshida considers making a joke about training to be a perfect girlfirned briefly, but that is in poor taste for multiple reasons. "Hmmm... Sounds fun. I might learn summa that... or maybe I'll just play some virtual games... I spend enough time in sims that i'm probably the best around anyway."

Anastasia nodded, stretching her cramped wings out of the seat that was obviously not designed for them. "Yeah..." The Elysian rolled her head around a few times, letting her neck pop a bit. "Well, it's getting pretty late here..."

"A-ah, yeah you should sleep! Like, for real. Not the pretend sleep where you turn off the screen and go do more work- I know you'll do it!" Yoshida pointed at the screen sternly, doing her best authority-face.

Anastasia set her left elbow on the lip of the desk and rubbed her eyes, giving a toothy grin as she did so. "Nah, the best part about the crew rotation is that I'm not the only technician this time around."

"That must be nice. I guess its just like being infantry though, you just don't have to work as hard and somone else has the chance to mess up instead? I dunno." Yoshida remains with her chin on the desk, quite putout that she wasn't going to get to talk to Ana longer. But, the time spent was very nice.

Anastasia nodded, pulling her hands away from her eyes. She deciced to match Yoshidas authorative expression as she leaned in to the camera. Admittedly, she needed practice in keeping her composure. "Call me when the Eucharis is headed for Yamatai, we're gonna make that bike thing happen."

"Sounds fantabulous! Hopefully this boat makes it here in one piece, its had good luck so far, but another big series of battles coming up is testing it again. But, with me around, what could go wrong?" Yoshida grinned seeing Anastasia's expression. At least she was trying there.

Ana chuckled. "Jax- my boss, has told me a lot of stories about hit time there. I wouldn't say that."

She perked up a little bit as a thought entered her brain. "By the way..."

"Hm? What's shakin?" Yoshida stared into the screen.

Anastasia smiled, slyly. "If you ever get a chance, can you say hi to Hanako for me?"

"Ohh! Well, That should be easy? Who knows I might even get you a fabled Hanako plushie!"

Anastasia gave Yoshida a toothy grin and, completely breaking whatever chance she had of finishing the conversation seriously. She spoke but up with a bit of laughter. "Sounds great! Aaand in return, I'll make it a mission to keep up with calling now that I've got access again. Goodnight, Yosh!"

"Night! Make sure to have good dreams about hanako plush toys!" Yoshida shot back her own toothy grin. Yay! Talking with her best friend- ah... and now it was over. Well that was a real shame.

Anastasia's grin subsided into a warm smile, before slipping into the slightest of a frown as she turned off the display. Then, she sat back- and thought.

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