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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fourteen: You're Always Nervous Your First Time...


Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II
The doors that lead to one of the Kaiyo-ii's showers hissed open quietly before amber eyes and a head of coppery hair carefully rounded the corner, looking down each end of the hallway cautiously as he made sure the coast was clear - Wyatt slowly edged his olive skinned, lean and muscled, towel clad form out the door as his cheeks held a pink tone of slight embarassment as the half-naked man began silently creeping towards cabin 8 - where he knew some clothes were.

Honestly he had no idea where his sweat-drenched exercise uniform had managed to run off to and despite the fact half the crew had seen him butt-naked as they zoomed away from Ayenee - he wasn't about to parade around with his nether regions exposed for all to see if he had any say on the matter, that seemed very much like a thing Alastair would do though...

A little ways down the hallway Wyatt would hear a squeak and a high pitched squeal followed by a thud. The culprit? The bubblegumed hair Medic that was Saya. Her face was beat red as she saw Wyatt in his near level of nudeness and did her best to keep herself turned away from the display. If he deemed to stick around or even listen, he could hear her stuttering and muttering over and over again "hentaihentaihentai..."

Saya herself was in a pair of casual clothes as she had been off duty at the time and returning from the VR Deck after she had played some games.

Wyatt's pointed ears twitched slightly as he slowly began looking back over one shoulder, the usually rather stoic marksman's face had fear - pure fear - plastered across it as his complexion dropped a few shades. "I.." he began trying to explain but nothing would come out, he'd gored people and not batted an eye to it but this...

"I'm sorry, ma'am!" Wyatt finally managed to half-yell out before he broke out into a full-blown sprint towards his cabin, one hand holding up the towel that kept his last shred of pride intact as the door slid shut behind him.

Saya for her part remained where she was, hands clutched to her chest as she tried to calm both her heart down and to get the blush to fade. Outside of medical exams, which she felt totally comfortable with cause those were medical after all, that was probably one of the few times she had seen a man almost fully unclothed. As she took a few deep breaths she stood and began to head back to her own room in hopes of relaxing further.

It took a minute or two before cabin 8's door hissed open again a defeated sigh could be heard out in the hall, followed by booted yet still light footsteps that stopped outside Saya's room. A short bout of silence was broken as Wyatt brought up the courage to deliver a few polite knocks on the door, "I uhm... ma'am? It's me..." the Minkan admitted with a hint of awkwardness in his voice, apologising for something like this wasn't exactly a regular occurence for him.

"I have clothes on now..."

The door slid open to probably one of the most immaculately clean rooms, at least her side of the room was. Everything seemed to be organized and in place, down to the pens on her desk and miniatures on the side of her bed, little mocked up toys of high fantasy races.

Saya for her part had changed into her own pajamas, cute pictures of cartoon chickens chasing cartoon worms as she hugged a pillow to her chest. Even as she looked at Wyatt she couldn't help but blush.

"I-it was my fault. I should have announced I was coming through the hallways." She offered in apology.

"No please - that's the furthest thing from the truth, I-I don't imagine anybody would have been expecting a half-naked crew member to be running around the halls but I do know I am deeply sorry - ma'am," Wyatt apologised, he noted that if you put aside the exact nature of the well-maintained collection and just looked at how it was arranged alongside the neatness of the room then his was rather similar in that aspect.

He took a few steps into the room and offered a deep bow to Saya.

Saya herself stood and returned the bow. Her bubblegum colored hair fell free of its braid over her shoulder before she straightened up. "I do not believe we have been introduced yet... I am Itto Hei Fujiwara Saya, medic aboard the ship."

Wyatt rose up froom his apologetic bow and righted himself, giving a small nod as she introduced herself. "It's a pleasure to meet you Saya, despite the... odd circumstances - Joto Hei Wyatt Alder, Marksman, at your service," after giving his name and rank the Minkan couldn't help but let his amber eyes drift across to give the various figures a quick sideways glance.

Saya, while she was sweet and naive, was observant. She ducked her head a little as she spotted him looking at the figures. "Likewise. They're kinda nerdy I know... But I would feel lonely without them." She admitted as she walked over to the figures and picked one up. It looked a little like Saya, if her skin was green and she had tusk teeth like an orc.

"They hold signicifance to you, that should trump any stigma others put on it," Wyatt mused as he inspected the smaller, green-skinned version of the medic, one lightly caloused hand moving to scratch his stubble-covered jaw. "I have a small collection of bits and pieces I've collected from missions but you've piqued my interest, miss Saya, what are these particular figures from if you don't mind me asking?" The knife-eared Minkan queried - it was true what Eden had been saying, his social skills were slowly improving.

Saya smiled and held it out for him to inspect closer if he desired. "They are characters I play. When I was on Yamatai, my friend got me into a game called Aether and Nekos, which you can play either on a tabletop, or in VR which we did when others moved away. It's a lot of fun! But what about you, what do you do when you aren't running naked through the hallways?" Saya said and giggled a little behind her hand.

A small chuckle left Wyatt's lips as he gave the ground a defeated smirk and brought his gaze back up, "Well I can tell I won't be living that down any time soon, but I..." He paused thoughtfully for a second, eyes widening a little as the man realised he didn't really have any hobbies - just copious amounts of training and the occasional errand for another crew member.

"Not much I'm afraid, you'll probably come to realise I'm rather bland but this Aether and Nekos thing... I'm familiar with some aspects of VR but I can't say I've ever heard of that," Wyatt finished, something behind his eyes sparkled with the smallest hint of child-like curiosity.

Saya clapped her hands together excitedly for a moment before she sat in the edge of the bed and motioned for hin to sit at her desk. "Aether and Nekos is a game where almost anything can happen! You make a character from different races and classes, then you go on adventures. You can either go on a premade adventure, make up your own, or just wander around taking quests from random people for fun!"

"It all sounds rather ambitious," Wyatt began responding as he moved to sit. "Itto hei Walter Hyde tried getting me into a game of something once but I never could get past the divide between myself and the person I was told to pretend to be - but if you enjoy it then that's great for you," He finished answering, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Do you remember what game it was? You really don't have to pretend or anything, you can just think of yourself in these situations, but it is more fun if you can pretend." Saya admitted, her finger touching her lower lip as she pondered on Wyatt. He seemed stiff and kinda tough on the outside.

"It was... something to do with a gun-toting, nuclear-powered freespacer called duke, a little over the top for my tastes but I can see why other people might like it," Wyatt recalled to the best of his ability before offering a small, faint smile. "Honestly I wouldn't mind being convinced otherwise though, it might be a pleasant surprise."

Saya thought on it for a moment before her eyes went wide and she giggled. "I know that game! It's terrible. No wonder you couldn't get into it. Its nothing but catchphrases and big guns. Boring after the first twenty minutes." She offered before she shrugged a little. "I just left the VR deck, as long as it's still free we could go down, you could at least get a character made and try it out a little?"

Wyatt looked away thoughtfully for a moment before he returned her gaze and gave his answer, "I'm willing to try just about anything once, ma'am, and you seem to know what you are doing so lead on - miss Saya."

"Just Saya is fine!" She offered before she looked down at her clothes. "Ano... Could you step out so I can change really quick? I don't wanna go around the ship in my pajamas just yet..." She said as a cute blush yet again rose to her cheeks.

"Oh I... of course, I'll leave you to it," the Minkan responded with a curt nod as he went to go wait outside her room, resting against a wall in the hallway.

Saya would emerge a few moments later wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with some game logo on it and a pretty flourished design as well. The shirt looked someone broken in and worn though, as if she had it for a while. "Come on. It'll be fun I promise!" She offered to the Minkan before she began to walk ahead of him. Her hair was still out of the braid and bounced a little with each step till they got to the passageways where it just floated.

As they touched down into the VR Deck Saya was already in the process of pulling up the game to start, a big logo of "Aether and Nekos" splashed in front of them as a few scenes seemed to skip past as she began to load up the game. After it settled on a somewhat decent sized interior room of a inn bedroom, Saya began to switch through her own characters as she looked back to Wyatt.

"You'll see a prompt come up to make an account. It's just to keep all your info and characters together. Make the account, then it will prompt you to make a character. There you can pick and choose whatever you want for your race, class, background and starting equipment." Saya eventually settled on a somewhat elven looking character adorned in heavy armor with a large sword across her back and a shield on her arm.

Wyatt looked about as the room changed, taking in the artificial details of the cosy inn as various blanks demanded the Minkan entered his information, "Right, seems easy enough," he mused as the fields were filled with text and he was brought to the start of the character creation screen - it looked like he was putting way too much thought into the decisions as the races scrolled past him, tusks and scales flashed past before he hovered over the elven option for a second. Wyatt gave his head a small shake before he scrolled through to one of the other races - his skin began darkening to a purple before a pair of infernal horn sprouted from his forehead, it was certainly different, whatever a tiefling was supposed to be.

"It's... surreal," The copper-bearded demonspawn spoke, looking down at his hands before bringing his attention back to the selection screen - a man-sized bow appeared over the shoulder of his studded leather armour as a longsword sat on his hip, being a ranger sounded right to him.

Eyes that were now solid amber orbs looked across to Saya expectantly as Wyatt spoke, "How is this?"

Saya clapped her hands excitedly and nodded. "That race is cool! You get a bunch of neat little tricks and you can kinda see in the dark too! And a ranger? Thats an interesting combo, but it'll be fun I bet." Saya admitted as she turned, changed a few more settings, and eventually opened the door to let the sounds of the floor below them, voices and laughter and cups hitting together, all flood in. "I loaded up just a generic game so you can try it out. No big quests, but if we go downstairs we can get some generic ones that will let you get a handle on the game."

With little else, the heavily armorer Elf Saya strode from the room and down the steps to the tavern floor, making her way past the patrons and to a large board with numerous fliers attached to it. "Go ahead and pick one, I made sure that they were all missions we could take on"

"Well I'm just glad I didn't mess anything up, now about those quests," Wyatt replied, his first few steps were somewhat unsteady as he felt the new center of balance - then he found out why it was so different, spying the tail that poked out from his tight leather breeches. "Ah, I can deal with that," the teifling convinced himself aloud - coiling the new limb around one leg for now as he moved down the stairs.

One arm crossed across the ranger's chest as the other one balled up thoughtfully under his bearded jaw and he gave the quest board a good look - honestly he didn't have the faintest clue whether to go for something he felt confident about or to leap further out of his comfort zone.

He came up with a solution, closing those Amber orbs and pointing a finger at one of the paper flyers randomly - opening them with a look of determination that he shot across to Saya, "This one, why not - right?"

"Ohhh an extermination quest! It looks good." Saya said as she grabbed the flier and walked over to the counter. As she spoke to the inn keeper and accepted the job Wyatt could tell she seemed fairly confident in the way she walked and talked, sure of herself which was a marked difference from her shy nature before. As she waved him on, she led him out of the inn and towards the other side of town. They would cross through the town which was getting towards dusk and nighttime, yet the place still seemed alive and bustling like any real town.

"So just a few heads up. Combat is a bit strange in the game, but it's easy enough to get to. Before anything hits you will see a dice roll, and the dice will determine if you hit or not based on the stats you have. Then the damage will do the same based on the stats of your weapons, so you will always see what happens or what you rolled. Combat tends to slow down everything a bit to so you can make decisions, but as you get to higher levels and bigger fights, you get less time to decide. At your level you can attack once per turn and you get one extra action to do stuff like take potions or move or whatever." She explained as they began to get towards the edge of town and headed toward farmlands.

In the distance, Wyatt could hear howling.

He gave a few nods as the 'rules' were explained to him, making sure to etch each one into his brain for later use - no doubt when they came across whatever had made that blood-curdling sound. "Logical and fair - I like this system," Wyatt mused as they began leaving, when he thought back to earlier - before he had been wearing clothes.

"Forgive me if I misheard but earlier in the hallway it sounded like you muttered... 'hentai' a few times in shock..." the Teifling said with a small gulp, it was an awkward thing to bring up and he knew it but that didn't stop him from being curious about it.

"Ah! I did yes, gomen." Saya said as she scratched her cheek and blushed a little. "I have been on ships though where people just float through the halls in the nude. They were usually very...forward... people." She admitted as the crossed a stone wall and made it into the field itself. "As a ranger, you should have a decently high perception. Why don't you look to see if you can find some tracks that seem out of the oridinary?" Saya asked of him.

Wyatt nodded at the answer and tried to relax a bit - the confirmation made the situation awkard enogh as it is and he didn't want to sour the mood by drawing that out, besides, he knew exactly the kind of people she was talking about...

"Right, I'll give it my best... or this character's best? I-it makes enough sense to me at least," the horned-ranger spoke half to himself and half to Saya as he went down into a crouch and began looking around for anything that might stand out - gritting his teeth slightly as that odd sensation of what his character was capable of vs what he was capable of was decided by fate, fate just so happened to be a 20 sided dice.

A dice would pop up in his view as he looked to the ground, and after a moment it began to spin in place. After a few seconds it would slow to a stop, landing on a 18. Suddenly in his view tracks would light up, several sets of footprints that seemed to lead toward the wood line a ways off. They looked like a dog's prints, only larger.

"Get anything?"

Wyatt blinked a few times and shuddered slightly, trying to shake that chill from his spine before he rose to face Saya once more, "Something big, with paws - reasonably heavy too from the depressions in the ground but I'm not quite sure what, it leads off to the tree-line," he relayed back to his Elven-compatriot as one hand rested on the pommel of his longsword.

"That was...," Wyatt was about to say odd but he found a more accurate way of wording it. "Quite something."

"You'll get used to it if you keep playing. Wait till you get into spell casting." She said with a grin as she drew her sword, a faint glow to the blade. "I guess we should get going then huh? Try this out with combat. Your tracking should let you follow the trail and help us find them." She told him, though took the lead until they got to the tree line.

It was only a short walk to where trees threatened to blot out the sun but it was long enough for the Teifling's mind to wander astray as something that had potentially happened snaked into his digital greymatter. "I'm sorry for bringing it up again and I promise this is the last time but nothing... slipped out earlier - did it?" Wyatt asked, retreating back into the hood of his cloak slightly as if it could hide his worry.

The elven looking girl blinked for a moment as she peered at Wyatt. "What do you mean?" She asked confused as she turned to look back into the woods for the source of yet another howl.

That look of worry was replaced with one of relief before Wyatt glared off towards direction of the howl, "Nothing of importance it seems... let's go find out what kind of beast has caused such a ruckus." He was getting rather comfortable in the Teilfling's skin - enough for the purple tail to finally uncoil from around his leg as Wyatt tried to lead Saya after their target, trying to step lightly and avoid breaking too many twigs when those dice began rolling again.

A dice did indeed roll, one for Wyatt and two for Saya. Wyatt's came to a nice 16, where as Saya's came to a 20 at first, then the second hit a 8. Wyatt would hear Saya yelp before the equivalent of a drawer full of pots and pans falling out sounded throughout the woods. The poor elven looking girl was face down in the dirt, her foot caught in root. They would hear a low growl from close by.

"Gomen..." Was as she said as she struggled to her feet now. Wyatt would be a litte more on guard as a howl and a rush of white came from just to his right, followed by teeth snapping at his person. The teeth would miss though as a large white wolf skidded into the clearing. Wyatt would see another dice pop up in front of him and start to roll. It would land on a 12, but have a +3 next to it to total 15. He would suddenly feel compelled to attack the wolf immediatly.

The urge hit him hard but much like Saya had said earlier, he seemed to have more time to think before he acted - taking a second to look over his gear. The bow was nice but they were a bit too close for that, which left the longsword as seemingly the better choice against their albino canine adversary.

Wyatt felt time progress as he drew the sword before it seemingly slowed again, speeding up only once he fully committed to the forward lunge - gritting bared teeth as the Teifling dug a heel in to the crunchy forest floor and sprung forwards at the fate of the dice, seeking to wound and hopefully draw the beast's attention toward himself rather than the recently-stumbled Saya.

The wolf jumped wide of the blade as Wyatt would see the dice roll a seven, add in another two, to come to nine. The tip of the blade would whistle past the head of the wolf as he lunged back with his own attack, sinking fangs deep into Wyatt's arm. He would see a red five pop up in front of himself and suddenly feel a bit weaker.

Then it was Saya's turn as she stood. Letting out a huff, She would raise her hand toward the wolf and mutter a few words before a bright light exploded into view, slamming into the wolf's side. A red six would appear above the wolf for a moment and oddly Wyatt would see the side of the wolf glowing a nice bright white. He would quickly feel suddenly better as Saya cast a spell on him, this time a green four popping up above his head.

Wyatt had never been flash-fried in Hemosynth before but he imagined this is what it must've felt like if such a thing was possible, the Teifling grunted and bared his sharp canine teeth as his sword-arm remained trapped in the wolf's maw - it almost looked like a smile. His grip on the long-sword was released as his free hand went to grab the blade, rolling a decent enough 15 that allowed him to perform the semi-dexterous task before he went for an upwards jab towards the wolf's neck.

Another chance of an attack finds two dice popping up in front of him. One rolled an 8, while the other, a 16 as the blade cut deep into his neck. The wolf let out a yelp of pain and collapsed, dead on the ground. A little fanfare in the back of Wyatt's mind played and a counter with a few numbers ticking up to a nice round 100 before it dissapeared. "Good job! That was a good strike and smart to use advantage."

A booted foot was placed against the wolf as Wyatt withdrew the blade with a satisfying 'schlick' sound, he turned to Saya with a genuine smile on his face - maybe the first one since he had been on the ship. "Thank you, I get it now - why you're into this, it is indeed fun," the Teifling spoke as he cleaned the blade, testing his magically healed wrist that had been bloodied but now felt like nothing more than a bruise. "That fall looked rather abrupt, are you okay Saya?"

Saya clapped her hands excitedly as Wyatt started to get into the game. She couldn't help but nod as she smiled. "Now just imagine its got a story, and a big quest, and a bunch of people with us!"

Wyatt gave a small chuckle in response and took a guess that she was okay after the fall, "Quite a time to be had, I am sure - question is though, should we try something a bit more... exhilerating?" the low-level ranger asked his well armoured counterpart.

"You wanna go into somethin a bit heavier?" There was a glint in Saya's eyes as she grinned and nodded. After she led him o,n, she took him to a decently open area. "The nice thing about this module is I can make whatever I want pop up. It my own little module I can use and change however I want, to include fighting bigger and badder monsters... like this!" Saya said as she thumbed through a few prompts and selected a monster.

In front of Wyatt would apparate a large humanoid figure covered in black iron armor with vicious spikes all over it. Flame wreathed hair licked from atop his skull to match the thick enflamed beard. In his hands a largr heavy black iron maul rested ready to rain down punishment upon his enemies. He was a good two times larger then Wyatt.

"Wanna try this out?"

If there was any doubt in his mind then it didn't show on the Teifling's face, he took a moment to size up the flaming feind before looking across to Saya with a certain determination burning in his infernal eyes. "I'm willing to fight it if you are, unless you think you can't handle it," he smirked at her, playfully coaxing the elf.

Saya grinned, giving her Tiefling counterpart a few levels boost to at least make it even before she turned. The dice rolled again, and this time it was Saya that acted first. Drawing up her sword again, she charged at the fire giant and jumped forward, arcing her blade down with fury as she let out a war cry. For such a shy girl earlier, Saya was rather intense now.

Unfortunately the attack would miss, but her follow up, another blazing bolt of energy that would slam into the giant, would hit and yet again alight the creature with an outline. Wyatt would feel instinctively that he would probably be able to hit him easier when it was his turn.

Saya though, being so close and doing some damage with her second attack, would be the object of the Giant's anger. A swing with the vicious maul would land him nothing though as Saya was able to bring her shield up to block in time, leaving it to be Wyatt's turn now.

A new power surged through the ranger, he felt like some valve inside him had been released and now energy flowed through him like a faucet. The Teifling tapped into this inner reserve and sprang toward the flaming giant with a rather magnificent leap, swinging his weapon toward the foe's neck as Wyatt soared past.

Three dice rolled, all 20 sided. One, which was on its own, came up as a 12 but had a 5 added to it which allowed the jump to sail as smoothly as he wanted. The other two rolled as a 12 and a 20. As Wyatt saw the 20 roll, he heard a little 'DING' in his head as suddenly everything on him surged and he moved his blade just right to catch the giant in just the perfect place on his neck. Blood became a fountain as the giant reached up to grasp his neck and cover it as a large 28 appeared over his head.

Saya for her part shouted another roar cry as she stood to her feet after her block and charged in again. Her sword began to glow a soft white as she arched the blade down and for a second it looked as if it was going to miss, but just as the blade was about to pass by, Saya called out in a clear resounding voice. "Wargod that watches over all warriors! Make my blade true!" And with that bit of coaxing, Saya glowed again for a second before her blade bit into the giant, cutting through metal for more damage. A large 12 appeared over his head.

The giant for his part was looking a little rough as he stepped back. He took a moment, eyeing his two target, before he swung a vicious blow at Wyatt with both hands on the hammer. Wyatt would hear the hammer whistling as it connected with his side wih a heavy thud, moving him a few feet. The damage though wasn't that bad, only about 9 points, but Wyatt would see parts of his clothing start to smolder.

Wyatt winced as he looked down to his side, batting at the charred clothing before his attention was brought back to the battle - it was just a flesh wound. "You have one hell of a voice mi- Saya," He called out over the din of the battle, almost reverting to his overly formal ways but managing to pull it back before he rushed the giant's ankles and swung his blade.

The giant would step over the swung blade as Wyatt would watch a dice pop up and roll to a six, missing completely. As the giant began to rear back for an attack, Saya rushed in beside Wyatt and shoulder charged the giant. Wyatt would see two dice pop up, one blue above Saya and another red above the Giant as the Giant's dice rolled to a 12, while Saya's to a 14. The giant would stumble back a few feet and begin to tip backwards as another dice popped up above him. This time it rolled a 4, and would promptly fall over as he had been caught unawares, though Saya herself was winded from the sudden heavy hit with her shield. Wyatt would be safe for the moment and the giant would be unable to do anything prone as he was on the ground.

With Saya winded for the moment and the giant having been knocked down to the earth, Wyatt saw this as an opportunity to get a good hit or two in and possibly end this depending on how well they hit or even if they hit at all. He wasn't dismayed by the miss - everyone missed once in a while, no the Teifling representation of him dashed forwards through the muddy, torn up ground with his blade ready to strike.

He lashed out twice with the longsword, one upwards slash towards the neck followed by a two-handed downwards thrust towards the giant's left eye.

Two pair of dice rolled, one for each hit as they spun in front of him. One pair cane up with a 15 and a 18 before the modifier, while the second pair rolled a 1 and a 14, both before modifiers. Wyatt would feel a satisfying pressure from the slash before the stab of the eye. He would feel the bladesink in, the eye popping under pressure as the giant thrashed. He would feel the blade force its way through the bone and into the matter beyond it as the giant's thrashing came to an abrupt halt. He lay on the ground lifeless and unmoving.

"Phew. Thise giants are always such an annoying fight at timee too."

"We made quick work of it but I must say," Wyatt began speaking, grunting as he began trying to pull the blade free from the bone it had become trapped in. "You fight half as good as this outside of virtual reality and you'll outrank me in no time," he finished, managing to grit his teeth and finally pull the blade out with a few morbid crunches and squelches before he began cleaning the blade of post-mortem gunk.

Wyatt's amber orbs softened when they looked across to her, she'd surpassed his expectations more times than he could count in such a short period of time and that was enough to make him ignore the smouldering clothes as he offered her a kind smile.

Saya smiled a little bashfully at the comment before she muttered a few words. Her hands began to glow a soft white color before Wyatt would feel a rush of revilizating magic rush through him and would see a big green thirty pop up above his head.

"I've never actually been in armor combat before..." Saya admitted sheepishly.

Wyatt shuddered slightly as he felt a rush of energy tingle down his spine, he recovered and gave a little nod before he looked at Saya's elven form thoughtfully. "Truely?, he asked before shaking his hooded, horned head dismissively.

"You're a natural, you seem to be one of the few people I've seen that use the fact they are heavily armoured to their advantage rather than just waiting for it to hopefully protect them when they're shot," he continued before pausing, eyes widening. "...and I'm not just saying that to get into your pants, I'm not like that - I swear," the Tiefling added in, his cool and calm demeanour breaking somewhat.

The confident elven paladin turned a scarlett red as her gauntleted hand slapped her cheek with a dull thud. "Oww..." Was all the girl managed before she looked down. "Yea, but out there and in here it's different. Out there I can really die... In here I just reset the game if I screw up."

Wyatt gave a small nod to that before he spoke, "If an oaf like me can make it this far in the body he got upon enlistment, then a smart lass like yourself should be fine so long as you think before you leap - shit is going to get painful, apologies for the foul mouth, but I think you've got what it takes to do something great."

Saya smiled but shook her head a little. "I play the warrior in these games, but I'm a medic out there, and I like that. I like to be depended on when people are at their lowest. It makes me feel good to bring them back and make them happy again." Saya explained.

"Sorry for the barrage of compliments but you seem pretty good at that too," Wyatt spoke, re-sheathing the longsword on his hip as he did so. "Somehow you managed to replace the embarassment of being found half naked with something rather joyful..." his purple features frowned for a moment before he continued.

"...I didn't mean for that to sound suggestive, but regardless I won't soon forget this kindness, you're a good person Saya, I hope you realise that."

"That's what everyone tells me! I just tell them I can only be me though." Saya said with a warm smile and a nod as she let out a yawn. "I think we should shut down for the time being though. Maybe when we get another chance we can get a few more of the others to play. Maybe we can run a dungeon crawl! Oh those are sooo much fun!" She let out a laugh and clapped as she pulled up another command prompt and shut the progran down to leave Saya and Wyatt standing in the room.

"Well you being 'just you' is good enough for me," Wyatt spoke as the world began slippings away to reveal the VR deck, the sensations of the breeze blowing against his tail fading to nothing but a fond memory of an enjoyable experience that had an odd beginning. "I had more fun than I could have imagined so I look forward to the next occasion, although I'll try to be fully clothed next time," the Minkan spoke, giving a small smirk at his own misfortune.

"Spending time with you is... rather enjoyable," he continued with a gulp, not too sure where he was going with this. "I'd like to do it again some time, but for now I need to finish putting on my uniform and get ready for my security shift - would it be okay if I... walked back with you?"

"Of course! I would enjoy that." Saya told him as she laughed a little at his comment about more clothing. She smiled to him like an older sister would a younger sibling that had just found something they enjoyed doing. Saya would move to exit the VR deck and begin to head to her room, allowing Wyatt to catch up and walk beside her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's important to get away from your daily stresses from time to time to relax and unwind." She explained as she slipped back into her medic mindset for a moment. "Even we nekovalkyrja can become overworked and overstressed. I've noticed a lot of my kind enjoy more...carnal pursuits of relaxation, but while i was planetside I began to do some studies and research into alternate styles of mental relaxation and rehabilitation."

"Ah I know what you mean, those... ways of blowing off stress aren't something I've ever dipped into, it's honestly rather refreshing to find someone who can sympathize with that," Wyatt replied as they walked back, giving a warm - even if it was slightly awkward for some reason - smile. "Bumping in to you today and getting to know you was rather a pleasant surprise, Saya - even if it was decidingly awkward at the start, thank you for this."

"It was a rocky start, but it was enjoyable at the end. I would not mind doing it again if you wouldn't? Maybe after the mission?" She asked as they got to her door eventually. She stopped in front before she opened it, turning back towards Wyatt as she idly focused on fiddling with her fingers.

Wyatt's features warmed ever so slightly at the words, "I would like that very much, it sounds like a wonderful plan," the Minkan said before giving a small and slightly less formal bow. He rose from it and spoke, "I'll see you around, ma'am."

Saya smiled and returned the bow. "Please keep us safe!" She said with a smile and a wave before she turned to her room to turn in.

Wyatt moved to return to his room and get dressed, his plans were to do the security rounds and hopefully find that rogue execise uniform along the way - he usually stood rather upright and rigid when he walked but there was something a little bit different, now he stood tall with the muscles around his amber eyes tighter than usual.

It was almost like he was smiling without forcing it.