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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Nine: Band-aids and Sass

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YSS Kaiyō II
11日 8月 YE 39
0730 Hours

Miko wondered into the medbay looking for Miles to ask him a question about the cut on his hand. While he is good with a knife, first rule of cooking is that you will cut yourself.

Sacre sat in the medbay, until this moment, there were not patents for her to take care of. Then she saw someone wander in. She sighed in irritation that someone had managed to hurt themselves without anyone shooting at them. She slithered over to Miko with her clipboard, "So, how have you decided to ruin my injury free day baka?" She asked.

Miko looked over Sacre, he had seen her a few times while visiting Miles but this was the first real chance to get to know her. He reached his hand out which was poorly bandaged. In a soft voice he replied, "If your busy, I can tend to this myself. Do not wish to cause you any trouble." He has a soft smile on his face.

Sacre looked at the hand, the injury was not life threatening. "I just said I wasn't and your brand of stupidity today is my buisness baka." She turned and lead him towards a bed and motioned for him to sit. She took his hand and suprisingly gently for her gruff demonor removed the bandage to look at the wound.

Miko relax while she was taking a look at his hand. "Thanks for taking notice of my dumb to cut myself with my own knife. Makes me feel a little better knowing this wasn't a waste." He continued to have a smile on his face. "I am Mikodimus, I do not believe have had the chance to meet."

Sacre looked at it, considering what was the best way to deal with the cut. "You must have been tremendously skilled to inflict an injury like this. I'm Sacre. Now, unfortunantly, we have met. This will sting for a moment." She grabbed the aesthetic and sprayed it over his hand. It stung slightly for a moment, and then it faded as the aesthetic took it's effect.

Miko didn't move at all as his hand was numbed. "You know, keep up those sarcastic phrases and might just make a habit of cutting myself. I do enjoy myself some harsh words to start my day."

Sacre paused a moment as she cleaned the wound, and looked at him skeptically. She didn't show it, but his words gave her a ball of worry in her belly. She had left several postings before because people had gotten through her armor. She didn't want to get to know this Miko person. She didn't need to make a friend who was going to run off and get killed, again. She returned to cleaning the wound. "Aesthetics are only for first time visitors baka. I don't think you'd like to get sewn up without them baka."

Miko tipped his head to one side while looking at Sacre. "I will be sure to bring a block of wood to bite down on next time then. Sure are kind to let me know ahead of time. I am still getting use to this ship so don't know all the rules yet. Miko was wondering what might be eating her but figured best not to ask. "Thank again for fixing up my hand. I will have to repay you with a favorite dish you like."

Sacre looked at him, he was being unbarably nice. She briefly considered sewing up the cut so it would leave a scar and a unpleasent reminder of their brief time together. However, she decided against it. She decided to go with something he probably couldn't aquire and if he could it would probably be too expenseive. "Live mice, asstarian whites." She said seriously as she stiched up his hand correctly.

Miko perked up as she got more serious. "I do admit, you take your job very serious. Glad to know others on this ship are like myself, enjoy the work but take it serious. This is only a cut but its good to know if it was something serious, I am in good hands with you around Sacre."

Sacre nodded, almost involentarily. "I'm marginally more hopefull you won't manage to accidently posion the whole crew with your inept cooking skills. The stiches will speed the healing. You will be good in a few hours unless you fancy a repreat visit and rip them out. If that's all, then get out of my sickbay baka." She said sternly.

Miko rubbed his hand to inspect the work. "Job well done I do say. And don't worry, I will be sure only your food gets posioned. Hopeless romantic all that jazz." Miko gives her a wink as he jumps down from the bed. He gave a quick wave and walked back out of the medbay. Was an interesting encounter but stands by what he said, she is good to have on the team.
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