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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Sixteen: A Family Yuletide


Convention Veteran
RP Date
Late YE-40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo
YSS Kaiyo II
Sacre and Gravity's quarters

The volumetric tree in their quarters was small, and only had a few presents under it. Sacre had generally limited her participation in the year end tradtions as she didn't have many friends. However, the last year had brought a lot of changes to her life. The most unexpected of all was the Girlfriend she was cuddling with and gently kissing. Gravity made a low noise of contentment, burying her face into the curve of Sacre's neck and breathing deep, all bundled up in her Kaiyo sweater from last year.

"I love you, my sweet noodle." She sighed. This was a pleasant change from a year past, when the two would regularly come to blows or argue endlessly over some nonsensical topic.

"I love you too, my precious kitten." Sacre whispered between kisses. "So, do you want to open them now?" Sacre asked, a part of her still wanting to cuddle. Gravity yawned and draped a leg over Sacre's tail.

"In a minute." She mumbled. "I just want to enjoy the moment a little longer."

Sacre nodded, her hand moving to Gravity's back to massage her gently as they held each other. "Ok, but not too long." Sacre said. it had been a long journy to be able to cuddle like this for any length of time. Now, she wasn't sure if she enjoyed it like she should, but she enjoyed the kissing and giving Gravity a massage wasn't a problem like this kind of closeness could be.

Gravity gave a low purr and turned to liquid in Sacre's hands. After a few minutes, she woefully pulled herself out of her stupor and sat up.

"Whaddja get me?" She asked a mewl, stretching and peering at the packages under their rather pitiful tree. Someday, they'd have a massive tree, and a better place to cuddle than a cramped starship cabin.

Sacre pucked up the box that she had put under their tree. It was wrapped in green wrapping paper that had a pattern similar to dragon scales on it tied with a yellow bow. "I may have not been perfectly truthful when I brought this onboard, but when I saw it I knew you had to have it." She said with her typically deadpan humor and a smirk.

Gravity cocked an eyebrow in sususpicion at her girlfriend, tentatively taking the box in her hands. Had Sacre violated a regulation of some kind? Was it serious? She pressed her ear to the box, then shook it lightly. She hefted the weight a few times, trying to guesstimate what could possibly be inside. There wasn't any sound that came from it, but it was pretty heavy and most of the weight was at the bottom. She felt something shift inside when she shook it.

Then, growing impatient, she threw caution to the wind and tore through the paper in two seconds flat. Inside the box was a small green dragon with golden eyes looking up at her curiously. The resemblence to a small Apollo was striking.

It took Gravity several seconds to comprehend what she was looking at, but when she put two and two together, she went very, very still. For several long moments shshe sat frozen like that, making naught a sound. Then, a single tear rolled downdown her cheek. Then, another. With shaky hands and even shakier breathing, she reached intointo the box and gripped the drake beneath its two front legs like a toddler, lifting it out of the box and into the air.

"..." Gravity opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was a low whine. Suddenly, she crushed the dragon to her chest, her shoulders heaving from her choked-up sobs as her old wound simultaneously burst open, then healed itself as the dragon nuzzled her.

"S-Sacre! I... I..." she tried in vain to say before she went right back to sobbing and clutching her new dragon tight, as if daring the forces that be to try and steal it from her again.

"I know." Sacre said simply smiling at the joy that her present was bringing her girlfriend. It felt strangly good to give a present like that.

A second drake head poked out from under the bed where it had been hiding and looked up at the two of them quizzically. It had similar golden eyes to Gravity's drake, but instead of green it was an electric blue with golden flakes. Sacre motioned for Ophion to join them and it climbed onto the bed and sat across from Gravity beside Sacre. "Jax is a good salesman." She said in explanation for her Drake.

Gravity scooped up the other drake, clutching one in each arm. She smiled, still sniffling with sheer joy.

"I love our children!" She cooed, giving Ophion a peck on their head before allowing them to scamper back to Sacre. The pilot then looked to her own drake, looking deep into his golden eyes and trying to decide what to call him.

She remembered Ayenee, and a time when she'd sat on a cliff watching the stars with Apollo. His golden eyes, which matched this drake's, glowed in the night, bathing her in what felt like...

"Starlight." She whispered, holding the creature up by its underarms. The drake seemed to like that name, as it squawked and headbutted Gravity softly. Starlight and Ophion. Gravity and Sacre. One big happy family. The Neko closed the gap between Sacre and Ophion, and cuddled all four of them together in celebration of that thought.

"You're definitely the dad." Gravity giggled very suddenly, the noise muffled as her face was buried in Sacre's shoulder.

"Why do you say that?" Sacre asked, although she suspected she knew the reasons.

"Because you're the grumpy disciplinarian." Replied the neko, stroking Starlight's belly with a free hand.

Gravity wasn't wrong on that count, she had a medbay to run and the entire crew to look after. "But I carried them." Sacre joked.

"Hush." Gravity sighed and snuggled closer. "But... thank you."

"You're welcome," Sacre said and kissed Gravity on the head. "I guess that would make you the mom." She observed.

"Yissss!" Gravity hissed silently.