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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Sixteen: Alastair and a Late Elenor


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RP Date
35日 9月 YE 40
RP Location
35日 9月 YE 40

Really Early

Alastair had been busy working on all the reports from the last mission. There was a crap ton of paper work since they covered two mission locations and had to process an entire ship. He got word very early in the morning from Hoshi about a change of plans and of a new mission. Perfect, just what he wanted to do during his time off.

Prior to making sure the crew was up for this impromptu mission he decided to swing by and have a chat with Elenor. Her performance during the mission was spot on so felt this would be a good time to get to know her better.

Elenor herself had been, when they were informed of being on Yamatai for some shore leave, prepared to do a bit of wilderness exploration while here, than came the cancellation of shore leave and the rapid shuffle to this locale overnight. So she was just laying on the cot she got, music player going through her headphones, foot tapping in time to the music, humming as well.

Alastair picked her out pretty quickly and walked over to her cot. He reached over and gave her a tap on the shoulder. "Got a moment to join me?" He asked as he worked to get her attention.

Watching Alastair approach, Elenor pulled one ear piece off, and listened. "Yes sir." She said, wondering what was up, pulling the other earpiece off and setting it aside atop her music player, all while sitting then standing up.

"Come come, I got a fire going and some hot chocolate. Hoping you would come talk." He had his hand extended with a smile.

Giving a shrug, she wasn't about to argue with a Chui, especially since technically they were on duty now. "Alright sir." She replied, following him, not taking the hand. Wouldn't be exactly appropriate considering. She wondered what it was he wanted to talk about though.

He retracted the hand as he just wanted to help her out of the cot. Though it might of looked otherwise but no biggie. "Please, call me Alastair. This is an informal chat. Wanted to share how well you did last mission." As they moved to the room next door there was a fire going and two mugs of hot chocolate.

Elenor couldn't help the small wince she had as he mentioned the last mission. Waiting until they'd entered the room, she was already preparing her response. "I understand that my unpreparedness could have very well been a liability Sir, and my having only just boarded the ship at the time is not a valid excuse. I'm a Ranger, I should have been ready." She says as soon as the door was closed. Informal or not, she was sure she was going to be getting an ear full about this.

"Guess they don't teach listening skills for a ranger. I said to call me Alastair. Now pick up that hot chocolate and I order you to relax." His voice was serious but his eyes and smile showed he was not angry. He took a seat and grabbed one of the mugs. "Did fine on the mission, try not to be too hard on yourself."

Taking a breath, Elenor nodded, and did as instructed. "S-, Alastair. I just expected to get some kind of chewing out when you asked me to talk privately. I mean, it took me too long to get suited up, I didn't have the right kit for the mission... I made too many little mistakes that could have cost us a lot more than it did. And I know I screwed up in the small details." She said, finding a seat and settling into it.

Alastair reached over and put a hand on her shoulder. "Yet we managed, try not to worry over the details. I am sure next time you will do even better." He said with a soft voice and a kind smile. "I am more curious to learn how you are fitting in. That going well for you?"

"Well enough I suppose. I've at least met those I'm sharing a cabin with at this point, after finally learning which one I was assigned to." Elenor says, shrugging again.

"Glad to hear things are moving forward. I was worried it might be tough for you to make friends. I started to read your file but decided I would just ask what you thought about what is in said file." Alastair had taken his hand off her shoulder and grabbed the mug.

And here's when Elenor tensed up more. "I. I see." She said. She honestly should have expected it. He was technically one of her superior officers, and it just made sense to get an idea of what those under your command was like. She just remained quiet while she stared into the mug in her hands.

Doing what felt best at the moment reached over and placed a finger under her chin. He slowly lifted her head so he could look into her eyes. "Just wanted to say the information is safe with me. Though if you ever want to talk, just know I am around." His eyes almost had a look of sadness to them.

Giving a slow nod, Elenor took a sip of the drink. "I just get... nervous when people find out. Or will find out. It's one of those silly things." She says, knowing just how stupid it sounded even to her ears. After all, she had someone who'd accepted her for who and what she was now, issues and all. "I worry that people will think less of me if they do."

"I do not see why they would think any less of you. Are a fine soldier and not half bad to look at either." He gave her a quick wink to stress the point. "I wanted to say something in case this was a touchy subject. I do not want you to feel like you have to walk tip toe around me. To me, your Elenor and I am happy to have you as part of the crew."

Giving a slow nod, Elenor took a breath. "It, it is something I've been dealing with for a long while. And how people back home treated me, didn't help me ease into things. I've been trying to, well, break out of my old habits and such, but I usually feel like I'm too obvious about my past in how I, well, do things."

"One does not simply shake off the past. I would know, I been trying to do the same thing for years. Forge my own path yet the name Belmont is forever burned into my life. Yet I have been able to find much joy along this path. I have an amazing crew around me and a flock of girls who mob me everytime I walk through the door." As he spoke the last part he visually shuttered.

Elenor couldn't help but snerk. "Isn't that supposed to be the dream of most guys? A little harem all your own?" She replied, teasing a bit. Still, she was half figuring he was joking. After all, it sounded a touch too unreal to be, well real.

"Some like to think that but living it is completely not a dream. Love them to death but my gosh its hard to have a moment to yourself." He let out a small laugh. "I am just happy to see that you can smile. Tend to always be so serious. Refreshing to see a different side of you."

"Wait, you mean you weren't joking?" Elenor asked, suddenly as he explained. Still, she does smile a bit. "Yeah well... Being on duty is one thing. I am still a person. Though I have had a few chuckles with people asking my age from time to time."

"Kind of joking, its not really a harem though the girls are forever greatful towards me for saving them. It is more a joke that got out of hand and I just decided to roll with it." He rolled his eyes for a moment knowing it was not wise to roll with it but too late now. "Now I am curious, how old are you then?" He was puzzled cause she looked to be a fully grown Neko afterall.

"You ask and you've read my records. I dunno if I should act surprised, insulted, or dumbfounded." Elenor replied, shaking her head. "I'm 24." She'd let him guess the length, and see how close he got. After all, it was clear she was no 99 day neko.

"Glad to see you have a sense of humor." He said with a chuckle. "Don't look a day past one for a neko." He reached over and gave her a pat on the head.

"Hardy har har. Just to clarify, that 24 years." She pointed out, on one hand enjoying the head pats, on the other, not sure what to make of it. It wasn't like she'd known many, if any nekos, prior to her enlistment, and so wasn't really sure if getting headpats was a normal thing.

"Pretty cool to be a more or less natural aged Neko. Hope you don't mind the head pats. Just wanted to touch to see it was real." He grinned ear yo ear as he rubbed her head.

Elenor chuckled. "Sure, if growing up as an NH-1 counts." She pointed out. Was a small detail, but most tended to be a touched shocked by the statement, at least in Elenor's experience.

"Thinking we would have been buddies all the same. Played the damsel in detress real good in the mindy bay." He leaned closer to her and gave a light bump in the side. Clearly having good fun about her new look.

There was a moment of disappointment at the mention of how much like a fish out of water she was in her first day on the Kaiyo. "Not by intent S-, Alastair. I had only boarded the ship just prior to the Chusa's breifing. I didn't even know where to stash my seabag yet."

"I tease I tease. My first time I couldn't figure out how to get into the suit. Well no shit when your on the wrong side of it." Laughter filled the room from him. "Got you set right and had my back on mission. Thank you Elenor."

"I wouldn't be a good Ranger if I didn't. Simple as that." She replied, a small beam of pride at not being a complete scew up showing through. Nonetheless, she took another sip of her drink. "All Father, I'm really not sure what happens next, then again, considering where I sit, I'm not surprised in the least."

"Think that is up to you to decide. Feel free to hit me up if you need a second." He again reached over and gave her more head pats. Alastair was very much enjoying her company.

"I more meant since shore leave got canned." Elenor pointed out, this time reaching out and catching his hand before it gave her any more head pats. "I mean, I'm enlisted, you're an officer. You breath much more rarified air than myself, and are more aware of what goes on at a command level."

He paused for a moment then retracted his hand without saying a thing. "Would like to think that but this time around I am left in the dark. Guess this was such a hurry up mission that details are still coming in." He looked down at his arm to check the time. "Oh crap, I was tasked with getting the crew up and its already this late. Hoshi gunna be angry and doubt giving head pats will count at a good excuse." He stood to his feet and paused for a moment.

Elenor chuckled as she stood up as well, putting the half-full cup down. "And chances are, all of us are gonna suffer for it anyways, so let's get a move on then." She says, straightening her utility uniform before walking to the door.