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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Sixteen: New Ships and New Acquaintances


Convention Veteran
RP Date
Early YE 41
RP Location
YSS kaiyo
YSS Kaiyo II

Sacre sat at the small desk in the Kaiyo's medbay sunning herself under the medbay's heatlamp. She wasn't as content as she would like to be, as she was doing paperwork. As the seinor of the Kaiyo's three medics she was nominally in charge of the Medbay. The good part of the job was that it meant she almost always got her way. Although sometimes it felt like her orders were suggestions. That said, she liked Ragnar and Saya, the three of them made an excellent team. The not so good part was that she had to account for everything, order supplies, work out the schedule, and do a hundred other tiny things.

Corsalyn had not been aboard the Kaiyo II for even 24 hours before she recieved her orders to report for a physical. Naturally as was protocol she had recieved one before shipping out to determine her state of health and whether or not she was fit for travel, and now this one was no doubt to asertain if she had travelled well. She had assumed that her health had been unaffected by the voyage, but that wasn't for her to determine which was why she had been ordered. Needless to say she felt it redundant, but still complied with her orders and proceeded to the medbay.

She knocked on the door as she slipped inside the facility, taking care to pull her entire tail inside before the door closed. In the last few years she had learned the hard way that the doors closed with surprising force, and hurt considerably when they closed on the sensitive appendage. ["Excuse me. I have orders to report in. Auroris, Corsalyn. Santo Hei. New transfer."] She recited rather coldly, standing straight at attention. She hadn't noticed at this point that the attending medical officer was a fellow Separa'Shan.

Sacre looked up, hearing the accent of a fellow Separa'Shan before her eyes flicked up to see Corsalyn. It was the first new Separa'Shan she had met in a long time. Her feelings were mixed because she still wasn't sure how to feel about everything and the inevitable questions. On the other hand, she needed a proper sparring partner to practice Hesskara. She didn't want to leave the heat of the sunlamp, but duty called. She slid out from behind the desk. "Welcome aboard, I'm Sacre Ven Sanssinia, I'm in charge of the medbay around here. Follow me and we'll get started." She said moving to one of the beds.

It took Corsalyn a few seconds to realize that she was in the pressence of another serpent. She blinked a few times and flicked her tongue. In a flash she was provided a whole new world of information from the tastes in the air. It smelled like a medbay, many smells didn't last long when a medbay were cleaned regularly, but there were the hints of a neko and a man who shared the space with Sacre. Sacre herself had the scent of a second neko all over her. It wasn't often she was surprised bythings, but this was unique and quite unexpected. She had even meant to say something, acknowledge their shared species, but soon found herself out of time as she was told to follow along.

She did so without missing a beat slithering along and coming to a stop next to the bed. She took a moment to look over the small structure. Perhaps it was large enough for a Neko, but for herself it would not come close to accomodating her entire length. Still She managed to settle herself in a seated position on the bed, curling her tail on the floor in front of her.

Sacre nodded in sympathy, "Yhea, when I had to stay here for a while, we put two beds end to end and I still draped off the end a bit unless I zigzagged. This shouldn't take long, they've never sent me someone who had something physically wrong with them. Mentally, that's anouther story, I can't help your insanity of deciding to join the millitary." Sacre said, sounding serious. She took a medical scanner, and started to take some readings.

Corsalyn couldnt help but smile at the comment. It was good to feel like she wasn't the only person on the ship who was too big for the normal world. "I don't think there is anything wrong. I had a physical before departing." She tried to relax her tone a bit, despite still being a bit unsure as to what kind of person the medical officer might be. "I don't think I'm too insane..." She said offering a small. "I mean no more than the average insane person." She chuckled gently as her tongue flicked out again, pulling in more tastes.

She held herself as still as she could while Sacre took some readings with the medical scaner. She imagined it was all standard protocol type of things. Checking for potential issues related to the travel. She even went so far as to hold her breath, hoping that might help. After a few moments she spoke again. "Anything interesting?" Her voice was softer now, much more so than it had been when she arrived at the Medbay.

"Not really, but I didn't really expect to find anything. Just establishing a baseline for when I need to put you back together." Sacre said, moving to the next part of the exam. There was silence for a moment, Sacre wasn't bothered by silence, but it felt strange. For the first time, she wanted to know about the other Separa'Shan. She considered the other Separa'Shan who had been on the ship friends, but she didn't want to know about them. On the other hand, she didn't want to be the kind who asked innane quesitons. "What brought you out of the warmpth?" Sacre asked.

The idea that she might need to be put back together had never actually dawned on Corsalyn. She had been very accomplished in her training, and in its own way that had gone to her head a bit. But rather than dwell on the idea of needing medical attention, she chose instead to move onto the next topic. "Oh. Um. My mother felt the experience would be good for me." She smiled remembering her home, her mother and her siblings. "Honestly, I didnt think I would fit in so well here."

As she spoke she looked over Sacre. The green of her hair and scales was rather pleasing to the eye. "Why did you choose to leave? Not much room for us out here in the universe yet ya know?" She asked pulling her gaze up to mee the other Separa'Shans.

Sacre considered the question as her gaze met Corsalyn's. "Were you rasied in the Jungle? My father was a tradtionalist, so I spent a lot of time learning to survive. There was this one clearing, in the middle was this rock that had a little hole under it. Just the right size for me. I spent a lot of time on and around the rock. At night, I looked up at the sky. I couldn't see many stars, but I just got the sense that I wanted to be in the Stars. I didn't get along with my father. So I ran away not long after my ascension looking for adventure in the newly acessable stars. I found out the hard way that it can be rough out here. I was poor, completely unskilled, and didn't have many options for what to do with myself. So I joined the army." Sacre explained.

"I was raised in a more arid environment. My village was in the dessert. It wasn't entirely harsh though. We were built around an oasis that acted as a trade stop." Her tongue continued to flick with interest now. She hadn't expected to meet many like her, after all there had been very few Separa'Shan in her Cadet class. At the very least it was comforting to have someone who she shared a heritage with when they were so far from home.

Corsalyn sat still and quiet for a moment, before removing her uniform jacket. She felt that doing so would better assist in the scans going on. "I visited the jungles a few times. They were beautiful from what I remember." She smiled as her tail slowly stretched out, reaching out past Sacre and touching one of the nearby beds. "My father wasn't entirely present in my life. It was mostly me, my mother and my siblings."

Sacre nodded as she finished up the second part. "There were a lot of kids around, but I was something of a loner. Still am in a lot of ways. Do you want a backup?" She asked.

"Back up?" Corsalyn knew the term. It was a way to save ones memories and experiences. If anything happened to the person, the presaved information could be downloaded into a newly cloned body, thus allowing the soldier to start again. She had heard horror stories from people who had claimed that they knew people who had gotten messed up from the experience. Most of those were nothing more than the kind of urban legend style story telling that soldiers share when they sit around and drink.

"I mean.. Yeah no. I suppose it couldn't hurt. Wait.. It doesn't hurt right?" She suddenly looked serious as she pondered the idea. She wasn't even sure how the technology even worked let alone how safe it was. But considering how strandard practice it had become she could only assume it was safe.

"A soul transfer backup. It's a copy of your brain that allows us to resleave you into a new body if you manage to get yourself killed. It doesn't hurt much, but it does hurt a bit. It doesn't take long, if someone wants a backup, then I try to get one right when they arrive on ship, then every few months afterward, and right before we have a mission. Most of the Nekos never even think twice about it." Sacre advised.

"Oh... Ok well then Lets do it. The Back up. Better to be safe than sorry." If the Neko's did it then there was no reason why she shouldn't. "So how do we do this? Like a little blood, a little scan? Do you need my measurements or anything?" She had no idea what was actually involved in the procedure for the upload. The download to a new body would not even affect her until she woke up in the medlab.

Sacre moved over to a bed with a odd helmet looking device. "We use this, if you want, it can supply a sedative to help with the pain. You'll just lay back, I'll put the helmet on you and it will do the rest. If you get killed, the next thing you'll remember is waking up with an unhappy medic standing above you."

Corsalyn laughed a little harder than she meant to. The idea of her death and resurection being an inconvenience to someone was more than a little funny. "Sorry..." She whispered sheepishly for laughing.

"Alright lets do it." She said sounding enthusiastic as she altered her position on the bed and reclined back. In the process she was forced to slide her tail around to the foot of the bed causing the metal to creak loudly as her weight shifted. "And uh, sorry for that too." She said refrencing the nouse she had just made.

"I've gotten used to things protesting my weight. Most things aren't built for Kodians or Separa'Shan. It's better then it used to be though. I heard some rumors that they may be finally making some halfway decent tailpacks." Sacre commented as she lowered the helmet.

Corsalyn hadn't met many Kodians yet. The few she had encountered had not been so keen to converse with her. But it was nice to know that someone understood what it was like to be so large in a place like this. "Are there many Kodians aboard?" She asked out of genuine curiosity. She made a mental note to meet at least one of them and become friends.

"The new tail packs?" Corsalyn suddenly perked up at the mention of the new gear. As it turned out she hd been allowed to test ome of the new models in a controlled environment not long before being deplyed to the ship. "I mean yeah there are some amazing new variants. They are going to absolutely change our roles in the Empire" She was trying to keep still while she spoke, but her excitement was winning out as she began to fidget a bit. She wanted to say more but she was not allowed to at this point.

Sacre preformed the transfer, it took a little bit longer, due to it being Corsalyn's first time. However, in less then half an hour, Sacre removed the helmet. "No, we don't have any kodians right now. But that could change at any time. I only got a good look at the Medicial variant. I don't know much about the others. I don't know if you were in while they were testing the Mindy armor, but I was serving on a ship as a medic, so they sent me one of the prototypes so I could go with the platoon. It was a gamechanger for how I did my work." Sacre reminisced.

The procedure to upload a copy of her mind was not exceptionally painful. It did however leave her feeling light headed, a little dizzy, and somehow hungry. Maybe the hunger was because she hadnt eaten a large meal in a couple days. Either way she was happy when it was completed and the helmet removed. "No way, you used one of the variants too? I got to test out the wall variant. Armor plating thick enough too repel high velocity rounds, and able to deploy on the battlefield to provide cover to ground units. The weight was exceptional, but with the Mindy's augmented strength it was a breeze." She blushed a bit a realizing that she had gone off on a slight tangent. Her excitement was palpable now as she thought back to the feeling of power and security she felt when she first rolled out the plates. The sounds of high impact rounds exploding off the plates while she braced against them holding them in place. It was such a rush.

"I wanted to get my hands on the missile launcher variant. But they were pretty strict about one variant per test. I think they wanted to make sure no one person could spill all the secrets." Corsalyn grinned a little as she sat back up causing the bed to groan again. "You know... This kinda makes us practically family. I mean we are both out here away from home. Have both been on the cutting edge of new gear. That's kind of a big thing. Oh... and you did kinda probe my brain." She was feeling much more relaxed now that she felt they had some common ground.

Sacre tried to smile at the other Separa'Shan but couldn't. She still only smiled at Gravity. "Yhea, although now I have to share the heatlamps." She complained.

"Share them? I'm certain there are enough for all of us." Corsalyn said with a small smile. She hadn't wanted to cause an inconveinence to anyone, though now it seemed like maybe her pressence alone had been enough to do just that. "But i'f you are that concerned about them, I can assure you I am here to handle my duties and will have little time to bask." She had always enjoyed basking, it was a favourite pass time from back home. However, since her enlistment she had found little time for such relaxing activities

In truth Corsalyn had really hoped to find some time for a soak. It had been a while since her last shed, and even as she sat here she was aware that her scales were tight and uncomfortable. Perhaps after her first assignment she would find the time.

"There are enough, but having more then one heats everything up faster. Right now their all in my room, well except for the medbay's. Typically there is one each, plus the medbay so you can postion it wherever. I used the extras so that I don't have to repostion them to get warm." Sacre explained.

As she went back to her desk to file the information, she glanced over it. "You look like you might need to shed soon. We have an onsen that is useful, but you may want to do it when no one's there to avoid awkwardness. I've noticed that people can get weirded out when you pull off your skin casually. Their very attached to their skins." Sacre commented.

"An onsen?" Corsalyn tilted her head to the side a bit. She had heard the word a few times but was not entirely clear on its meaning. From what she knew it was a spring of sorts, something of a pulic bath. Still she wasnt entirely clear, nor was she sure how one might be on the ship. "I mean Yes it has been some time since last, and I believe an... Onsen, might be of help." She looked to the floor for a moment hoping she was using the term properly.

"Id also hope to find where the soldiers can train. Im rather keen on keeping my body and skills sharp." Corsalyn had meant to practice her fighting anf hopefully find a sparring partner who was not intimidted by her size. Even now as she thought about it, Sacre might make a good partner for such things. They were both of similar size and would most likely be versed in similar fighting styles. If anything it would make to keep things interesting, and certainly last longer than if she were fighting a Neko. "Are you familiar with Hesskara?"

"An onsen is a hot public bath, I never soaked in hot water until I joined up. It's amazing if you've never done it. Shower before you go in, and occasionally you'll be bothered by other crew members, but it's worth it. I know Hesskara, but I haven't got much practice with some of the moves due to dealing with a bunch of tailless monkeys." Sacre commented.

Corsalyn couldn't help but giggle at the tailess monkey comment. It was something she had always compared many of the bipeds of the galaxy to. Especially the humans and various human-like species that made up the empire. She had even heard somewhere that humans had evolved from monkeys, though she wasn't sure if that was fact or simply someone being crude. "Well If you are every feeling up to a real challenge, you are more than welcome to train with me. It would be far more satisfying to get myself wrapped around someone like you, than with one of those... mokeys." She giggled again.

Sacre nodded, liking the idea of finally getting some practice in. "Sounds like a plan, sometime when I'm off shift?" She asked.