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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Ten: Back from the Freezer

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Uesureyan Fields, Planet Yamatai

Mikael tugged at his new black paneled type-35 uniform as he got off the shuttle from the ship that brought him from his debriefing and medical stay in SAINT HQ. It had only been two weeks since his "rediscovery" within a type-30 escape pod floating in the outer edges of the Arzank system.

It was a minor miracle that the empire had decided to annex the system to its borders and a major miracle that no one else had detected the pod, resulting in an overload of the power system, killing him.

Why he was out there is anyone's guess. He isn't telling anyone and he couldn't even if he wanted to with SAINT encrypting the related memories and "neglecting" to give him the key.

He looks around the area first before he hefts his duffle bag over one shoulder and proceeds to walk around looking for a directory terminal, then proceeding to the landing pad the YSS Kaiyo is currently located at.

YSS Kaiyo II

Upon boarding the ship, Mikael he connects to MEGAMI with his Type 34 MFB 1B to make a note in the ship logs to note his arrival on board, request for his equipment that he cannot hand carry for secrecy reasons to be transferred to the ship cargo hold, a requistion request for an EM-H5-1a-FARS SAOY, download whatever orders might have been sent to him to be open upon his arrival, and to get a general layout of the ship.

"Much to re-learn and adjust to in such little time." He mutters to himself under his breath.
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