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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Ten: Robot Daughter


Convention Veteran
Planet Yamatai

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate clanked about the center of Ralt slowly, her white plastic blending into the color of the snow. If it weren't for her yellow eyes, her face, and her metal parts, it would be hard to tell if anyone were standing in the snow at all. Without the skin overlay on most of her body the cold chilled her metal to an icy temperature, cold enough that it might even be painful to touch. The android looked down and picked up some snow, analyzing it. She seemed to be almost unaware of how cold it was, and all she had was her robotic body, not even a coat or a shirt to insulate her from the freezing weather.[/FONT]

Meanwhile, at the town's pitiful little starport, Gravity stepped out of a shuttle, dressed in some bulky Star Army cold weather gear and shielding her face from the ice and dirt that the shuttle's powerful engines were kicking up. She hefted her duffle bag over her shoulder, and waved goodbye to the two Nekos at the controls. While she hated being in a ship and not piloting it, it was at least nice to see some old friends from flight school again.

Several workers in bright yellow uniforms rushed past her to grab the supplies from the shuttle as she made her way towards the center of the small hamlet. The sun glistening off the snow was nearly blinding, so she put on her Kaiyo ball cap and aviators, her thick boots crunching softly in the slush. With her polarized shades on, she was able to see a small shape making its way through the icy streets. She didn't pay it any mind, more focussed on getting to the small inn where she would meet up with the rest of her crew and get out of this ungodly cold. That is, until she realized that shape was a young girl with metal and plastic plates instead of skin. An android. Gravity's young, naive little heart melted. The girl looked like a lost puppy, and had to be absolutely freezing without a jacket!

The azure-skinned neko set down her duffle and began to rummage through it, producing a leather bomber jacket, which had a Star Army hinomarou patch on the right shoulder, and her callsign, Gravity, stitched across the left breast. She shrugged off her other, heavier coat and braved the cold for a few seconds as she put on her other jacket, which wasn't as warm, but she didn't mind. Then, she made a beeline for the girl.

"Here, take this, hon. You have to be absolutely frigid!" cooed the pilot as she came up alongside Chlorate, holding out the garment for her to take, and not quite realizing that androids couldn't really feel the cold like organics. In her defense, she was only seven months old.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate looked up at Gravity, and tilted her head, confused. "I am afraid I am not a refridgerator," she informed Gravity, misinterpretting her sentence. She looked at the coat Gravity was holding, or to Chlorate, just some object. "What is the purpose of this object?" she asked. She didn't even seem to be shivering, it was almost like she didn't know it was cold. Not that she didn't, but since she was a robot she didn't really need to care that it was cold out, as long as it wasn't cold enough to damage her internal systems.[/FONT]

If it weren't for the fact that the wind was beginning to bite through her leather jacket, Gravity would have emmited a series of high-pitched squeals. So! Freaking! Cute!

Yeah, Gravity wasn't really right in the head, all things considered. But Chlorate's questions resembled what a small child might ask an adult. And Gravity loved children! Gravity drapped the coat over Chlorate's shoulders and tugged the lapels together, without fastening them. At the same time, she tried to come up with an answer that the android would understand, since she didn't seem to have a lot of knowledge of the nuances of organic speech.

"It's... um..." she began, twirling her braid in thought. Then, she gave it her best attempt, giving Chlorate an endearing smile. "It is a jacket, which is, uh, a removeable coating which provides added thermal protection against extremely low external temperatures. In other words, it keeps you warm!"

[FONT=Lucida Console]"I see," said Chlorate, "but my sensors do not indicate the external temperatures here are low enough to cause damage to my systems." She looked at the jacket. "If it is a coating, is it a form of paint?" she asked.

On touch, the metal parts of Chlorate were extremely cold. They were taking the temperature of their surroundings, and their surroundings were freezing. Chlorate couldn't do much about it, but it felt almost like her body was a lifeless shell without any body heat like a minkan or a neko has.[/FONT]

Gravity hissed a little when her fingertips came into contact with Chlorate's body, and she was rather embarassed at learning that robots couldn't feel cold like she could. Thankfully, the adorable android-girl didn't seem to be offended, so she tried to continue on casually with a small giggle.

"Uh, no, it's not a form of paint. It's a piece of clothing... which is... uh... a piece of cosmetic hardware that organics use to... cover and protect their internal systems. Like your metalic plating!" explained the pilot, poking the plate covering Chlorate's collar region for emphasis. She looked around and saw no one else in the square on this dull, frigid day. The android must have been sitting out here, alone. Gravity was starting to get cold, but she didn't want to leave the poor thing here!

"My name is Kara, but you can just call me 'Gravity'." she said sheepishly, having realized she hadn't even introduced herself yet. "I'm the new pilot of the YSS Kaiyo II."

[FONT=Lucida Console]The large white plastic plates that covered most of Chlorate were also very cold to the touch, but not as freezing as the black metal beneath them. "I see," Chlorate said, tapping an opening between the plastic plates to touch the metal, making a small clink clink sound with her metallic finger. She looked at the cold hard metal and compared it to the soft, more flexible skin on the neko, which widely contrasted from her electrical and mechanical body. She didn't seem to be bothered by this though.

"Hello Gravity," she said, "I am Chlorate, I am the..." She thought for a moment. "I suppose I am the new robot of the YSS Kaiyo II."[/FONT]

Gravity smiled, but on the inside she was berrating herself for what was now her crewmate's first impression of her. Stupid! Now it was going to be so awkward with them being on the same ship and all. But she sighed in relief, as it seemed the robot didn't really care all that much.

"It's good to meet you, Chlorate!" said the neko, turning up her jacket's collor and feeling herself begin to shivver. She gave a small laugh. "I'm heading to the inn where everyone's staying. Would you like to come with me? You seem lonely out here and my, uh, thermal protection is not sufficient for the current temperature."

[FONT=Lucida Console]"Affirmative," said Chlorate, "Perhaps... it is not favorable to keep my body in these temperatures for extended periods of times. I... would not want my joints to get frozen over." Before they started walking, Chlorate picked up a handful of snow. "This is an interesting substance," Chlorate commented, "It seems to be dihydrogen monoxide in a state of matter that is somehow between its solid and liquid phases. It is not fluid as it is in its liquid phase, but not hard and solid as it is in its solid phase, it seems to be a collection of seperate dihydrogen monoxide crystals in their solid phase."[/FONT]

"Aw!" Gravity whispered to herself and laughed, resisting the urge to hug the robot and picking up a handful of snow as well. "It's called 'snow', hon. It's formed when droplets of liquid dihydrogen monoxide fall from the sky and freeze before they hit the ground."

As she spoke, Gravity began slowly ambling towards the inn.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate picked up her metal feet and clanked towards the inn. They produced a clanking sound with each step and crunched the snow below them. She looked at the snow in her hand, then she sniffed it and... licked it.[/FONT]

Mark stepped outside from the warm interior of the inn, as he had been given a task. Captain Hoshi had told him to find Chlorate as she had still not arrived. Mark wore the pants, boots, and fur lined hooded jacket of the star army standard cold gear. The jacket was open and flapped behind him some in the frigid wind. The cold didn't bother him any as the revenant undersuit he wore the cold gear over, was temperature controlled and covered from under the chin to cover the whole of his body below that. Two figures could be seen heading for the inn, and his irises began to glow red as he did an optical scan, which IDed Chlorate and someone new.

Sacre slid outside with Mark. She was bundled up in several layers and heaters to make going into the frozen outside tolerable. However, the cold blast outside air made her flinch unhappily at the sensation. She scanned the white landscape for their missing robot and almost missed her. However, she spotted the robot with someone new.

Mark ran a hand through his black hair removing collected snow, and the scar running down his right eye creased with the double helix tattoo curved around his left eye as he squinted against the wind. "Hey Chlorate! The captain was getting worried! Who's your friend?!" he shouted as he slogged towards them through the snow.

[FONT=Lucida Console]"She was?" asked Chlorate, "What is a friend?" she looked around herself, confused. "Is there a friend on me?" She looked at herself as snowflakes fell on her.[/FONT]

Sacre slid along beside Mark, the odd robot was well, being odd again. She hadn't had much contact with Chlorate as her main concern was flesh and blood people, not machines. "Are you friends with snowflakes?" Sacre asked sarcasticly.

[FONT=Lucida Console]"Are snowflakes the same as friends?" Chlorate asked, looking at some snowflakes that layed on her shoulder.[/FONT]

Sarcasm was apparently lost on Chlorate."No, no their not. Their small, cold, get everywhere, and get you cold and wet when you finally warm up." Sacre said, with more then a little bitterness in her voice.

Mark chuckled ssending out a few plumes of condensated breath as he neared the pair with Sacre beside him. "Friends are individuals you share a personal bond with. Close associates and however else they might be described. I would like to think I'm making a few amongst the crew, and you seem to be as well." Mark said gesturing to Gravity.

"I don't believe we've met, miss?" He asked.

Gravity looked over to Chlorate and brushed some snow from the shoulder of the heavy coat she'd draped over the robot's frame.

"Santo Hei Kara Sifsdottir. But you can call me Gravity." replied the azure neko with a small salute, not quite sure what positions the two newcomers held aboard the ship, and not wanting to screw it up before even setting foot aboard.

"Nitô Hei Sacre Sanssinia. I'm a medic, so you know who to come crying to when you stub your toe."

"Mmm... Probably won't stub my toe. If anything, it'll be a high-speed shuttle crash! I'm the new pilot!" Gravity joked.

Sacre didn't laugh at the joke. "Great, our new pilot is a crasher. I better make sure everyone's up to date on the soulsavior." She said dryly.

"Nice to meet you Gravity. Mark Oaklen, I'm a civilian amongst the crew." Mark said giving a smile as he offered a hand, which Gravity immediately shook.

"Thanks! And don't worry, I don't crash. But sometimes an asteroid field looks so fun to fly through, you know?" she once again joked in her most serious voice, her grin giving it away.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate looked at Gravity and tilted her head, confused. "What is fun?" she asked.[/FONT]

Gravity looked at Chlorate for a long moment, honestly baffled by the question. Gravity lived for fun, and had never really stopped to think about what it meant. So far, she'd only been asked to define tangible things, like "jacket", "clothing", and "snow". Now this adorable thing was asking her to describe the concept of emotions. She scratched her head in thought.

"Uh... fun is... a word used to describe a... function you prefer to do over all others. Excluding functions immediately necessary for the survival of a unit, of course. Like... er... My functions needed for immediate survival are breathing, eating, and sleeping, but I have other functions I perform that are not necessary for survival. For example, cleaning the ship and piloting the ship. If given the choice between these two non-critical functions, I would choose piloting, because I am good at it, and it's... fun?"

Dear Yui she hoped someone was going to help her out on this. And also, she hoped that the conversation would make its way inside soon. She was starting to freeze.

Sacre wasn't sure she had a very good definition of fun, but she made a stab at it. There was a white knife like object in her hand. Which she then threw into a tree. "For me, that was fun. Hitting the center of the tree was a challange. Everyone finds diffrent things fun. For me, careening headlong and nearly crashing in an astroid belt is not fun. Fun is the things you do for the positive feedback it gives you."

Mark watched the knife as it was thrown at the tree, his HUD tracking it as it flew. A brief optical scan marked the material as bone. "Well for me, that would be the range, CQC practices, piloting as well actually, and tinkering with my gear. Well I should say sims as well. Miss Nerai has been kind enough to accompany me so I could run sims in the VR room. So yeah fun is something different for everyone. It's an activity, or task that gives you positive feelings, or in your case....data I guess?" He said scratching his goatee.

After a moment he thought of something, "With your permission Chlorate, I can better convey this to you. Can I?" He said at first slowly reaching a suit covered hand towards Chlorate's forehead.

[FONT=Lucida Console]"Affirmative," Chlorate said, looking at his hand, confused.[/FONT]

The segmented, and carapace like hand of his suit made contact with Chlorate's forehead establishing a synchronous connection between the two. Mark's eyes began to shift slightly, but rapidly, his glowing irises darting around as Mark transferred data on his understandings. After a moment he pulled his hand away slowly.

["Do you understand now?"] He transmitted to her mind via Geist, his eyes now refocused on Chlorate.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate beeped with surprised, her glowing irises stared directly in front of her. She beeped again once he finished and looked at Mark. "I understand," she said, "But I do not understand how you are capable of speech without moving your mouth or exhaling."[/FONT]

"By the same means as how I just gave you the data to understand the concept of fun. A neural implant that is fully integrated into my central nervous system. It's called a Geist, and allows me to be more connected to technology." Mark explained after a slight chuckle followed by a smile.

From the direction of the Ralt inn came another figure out into the frigid environs, bundled up hastily in what appeared to be a black and silver buttoned Type 32 Star Army Coat, the inner liner pulled up to meet a tightly wound scarf around the pointed ears and face of one Azai Kaede.

"Mark-san! Sacre-hei!" the brown haired-haired logistics soldier called into the snowy air, looking for where the fellow crewman had gone as the white particles hit her glasses. She thought she could make out his vague figure together with some others a fair distance away, a familiar metal glint giving away that they had likely found where Chlorate was. Although there was another new face near the wayward Emma unit, and apparently one without a coat on. That wouldn't do at all.

It wasn't long before Kaede reappeared at the door holding a spare cold weather jacket, and trudged over methodically towards Chlorate and her new friend. Gravity didn't notice the orange panel sneaking up on them until she felt the heavy, warm clothing suddenly being draped over her shoulders quietly from behind the Neko pilot. There was a similarly warm smile attached to the black coated arms that had placed it there.

The sudden contact caused Gravity to flinch just a bit, but the sudden warmth that began to melt away the cold almost made her purr. She quickly stuffed her arms through the sleeves and buttoned up, snuggling into the fluffy garment and turning to face her savior. She returned that smile, and was somehow reminded of the kind, older woman who'd first greeted her when she'd stepped out of the hemosynth tank on the day of her birth. The closest thing she'd ever had to a mother, no matter how brief their relationship.

"Thank you." she chattered out, still thawing. Gravity gave a sheepish laugh and admitted: "I'd given my jacket to Chlorate. She looked cold."

[FONT=Lucida Console]"My temperature sensors do not seem to be indicating that my body is at dangerously low temperatures capable of causing damage to my electronic systems. I am not sure what function this jacket is currently performing on me," she said, confused. Though the jacket did insulate her, her body didn't produce much body heat to begin with to stay warm. Even with the jacket on her body was still chilly underneath.[/FONT]

"I see -- that was a very kind gesture, though as you can tell Chlorate has a bit of a different take on temperatures than we do," replied Kaede to the pilot with a slight giggle, whose azure coloration also reminded of a similar young, boisterous neko from her days on the YSS Sakishima. "To be honest, I saw the blue skin from a distance and worried you might be getting frostbitten, so I came right over."

The Minkan started rubbing her gloved hands together and exhaled a puff of condensed breath into them, before looking towards Mark and Sacre in turn. "If you'd all like to come inside and warm up, I've got some hot cocoa ready to share." The bespectacled Azai-hei also patted Chlorate's shoulder, adding, "Your taste sensors might find it quite delicious, too."

Sacre perked up at the idea of getting something warm now that they had found their lost robot. The cold was making her lethargic even though the warmers in the suit were doing their best to keep her tosty.

"That sounds like a good idea Miss Kaede. Miss Sacre you still seem cold, do you require an extra jacket? With my suit I do not need it." Mark answered kaede before looking to Sacre with a worried expression.

Sacre shook her head, "No, my suit's heated already. I won't die, but I would like to get inside."

[FONT=Lucida Console]"Delicious...?" Chlorate inquired. "Please define 'delicious' and 'hot cocoa'," the robot requested.[/FONT]

"You'll find out in a second, hon. As soon as we get out of the cold." assured Gravity, eager to get her hands on a hot drink.

Kaede hmm'd in agreement with Gravity, as she guided the group of Kaiyo crew through the falling snowflakes back towards the Ralt inn, holding the door politely for the others before moving to take off her military issue coat and scarf when it shut behind all of them. The inside was indeed a welcome change, as a toasty traditional fire was crackling away in the main lobby's hearth.

"Oh, sweet, merciful Yui..." Gravity sighed in ecstasy as she shed her coat, dumped her duffel by the door and proceeded to huddle at the hearth. She took a moment to squeeze the water from the now-melted ice out of her braid before curling into herself and purring like a housecat.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate entered the inn and walked over to the fire. She didn't have much of a reaction upon seeing the fire. She simply walked over to the hearth and just... stood there... warming her circuits that were cold enough to be used as ice in a beverage. The fire quickly began to warm up her inorganic metal and plastic parts so they would soon no longer be uncomfortable to touch.[/FONT]

Mark entered and hung his coat on a rack, revealing the upper half of his suited body, the lights of the segmented spine now visible as well as the edge of the suit which went up to his chin. "So Chlorate, it doesn't seem like you have anyone to teach you these sensations and experiences. Is there no one looking after you?" He said as he sat down with the others before the fire, one leg extended forward and the other pulled back knee up, an arm resting on the knee.

[FONT=Lucida Console]"I do not believe anyone watches me, not since... Walter left..." she said sadly, then the android frowned and sat down by the fire.[/FONT]

Sacre was much relieved to come in out of the cold. She curled up by the fire and let it warm her and ordered a hot beverage to warm her insides too. "Yhea, that's what the cabal of despicable, quasi-human monkies at Personell will do to you. It's something you have to deal with. The easiest way to avoid your heart getting broken is to never make friends."

Gravity wrapped an arm around Chlorates shoulder, feeling just a bit irritated at Sacre's dark outlook, but at the same time wondering who had hurt the medic. Did she not have any friends? Did she want some?

"Oh, that's not true, Chlo. You should always try to make friends with everyone you meet! That way, if one leaves, you'll have plenty more around that are willing to pick you up when you're feeling down!" Gravity assured.

Kaede overheard the conversations going on in the foyer with a slight frown, with Sacre and Chlorate sounding particularly dejected. The loss of the android's confidante Walter was indeed especially unfortunate, and she felt at least partially responsible to keep an eye on the little creation and uplift their metallic spirits.

The logistics soldier wordlessly disappeared deeper into the quaint inn, before reappearing a few moments later carrying a large tray of mugs filled with the promised hot cocoa and marshmellows. "Please help yourself," commented the brown-haired Minkan, smiling nearly as warm as the rising smoke off the beverages as she offered them to the assembled crew. "As they say in Ralt, 'warm impressions stay in the heart for years'... even a stranger is treated like a neighbor and friend here. Something to think about, ne?"

"Anyone who gives me hot chocolate is a neighbor and a friend." the youthful Neko replied with a shiver, eagerly taking the drink and taking a gulp.

Mark could understand feeling alone, he himself didn't really have many to talk to. Most of the crew didn't talk to him much, and Chlorate experiencing the same made his heart ache for the Android. "I'm sorry he left, but cheer up, there is an entire crew to call family. To be honest Chlorate, you and me are in the same boat. I came into this crew with no connections, memory, or even a name at first, and that made me feel utterly alone. But for the weeks I've been aboard I've met kind people that made me feel part of something. The kaiyo crew is like one big family. If you want, I can watch after you, and it would allow me to continue passing on my understanding of these concepts that you are now learning about." He said taking a mug, then at the end taking a sip from said mug.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate looked at Mark and made a curious beep, tilting her head. "What do you mean?" she asked, confused. "I've heard this term before, but no one has told me what it means. What is a fam-ily? Is it an object? Is it a consumable? It seems important, but I don't even know if it's physical. I don't know what it does, I don't know why it's important." The metal girl drifted off, thinking about Walter. "I always felt something... odd... around Walter Hyde... Optimal? Positive? Safe? It does not make sense... But when he left, it gave me another irrational feeling that I should not have, a bad one. I don't understand why... help me... understand..." She seemed even more perplexed than before, visibly sad when she was talking about Walter. In fact, she was percievably unusually sad, especially for her. No, this was definitely different, she was clearly not missing a friend, she was missing something more. An illogically significant sadness, as if she had illogically significant feelings for someone who left.[/FONT]

Sacre looked down into her cup of hot choclate, there was a great sadness in her eyes. "That irrational bad feeling that you can't help but feel no matter how distance or time seperates you is loss." She said quietly, still looking into her choclate. Then she steeled herself again against it. "This hot choclate isn't even hot, are you so forgetful that you don't even remember what hot means?" She asked Kaede testily. However, everyone there could see she was covering letting her mask slip for a moment.

Gravity bit her lip awkwardly, not really how to respond to something so depressing. So, silently, she reached over to Sacre, ready to dodge a punch at any moment, and gently patted her head. Like a dog.

Yeah, Gravity wasn't so good at expressing affection yet.

Fortunately for Gravity, Sacre also wasn't good at recieving affection. She leaned away from Gavity and then when it was clear that wasn't going to work, tried to gently knock her arm away.

"Heckin' angery snek..." Gravity whispered with just a hint of fear in her voice.

"Your the one trying to touch me." Her tail moved around and the point drifted just above Gravity's skin. "But see, I'm not touching you."

Because Gravity was a certified smart-ass, the neko grinned and slowly reached her hand forward aas if to boop Sacre again. "You're right! See? Not touching you!"

Sacre leaned away from the finger, even though it followed her. She was uncomfortable with physical contact, but she felt the irrational need to beat Gravity. So she reached out one of her long arms to add it to her arsnel of not touching. "I'm not touching you either." She said, more bravely then she felt. Ever the competitive spirit, Gravity placed her other hand directly over Sacre's with barely an inch separating them. She shot a smug grin at the snake girl, even sticking out her tongue.

Sacre was uncomfortable, but she set herself and placed her remaining hand just above Gravity's.

"Tails are cheating!" Gravity whined, not liking the idea of being one-upped, and tried to gently nudge away Sacre's appendage with her foot.

"No their not, if you wanted a tail, you should have got one!" Sacre retorted, her tail retreating, but coming back a little bit little bit higher so it couldn't be shooed away as easily. This caused Gravity's eyes to narrow in challenge. She was a rather fit, flexible girl, so she used her martial arts trainaining to swing her leg up towards the tail. It probably wasn't the most well thought-out strategy, as Sacre could have easily mistaeasily mistaken it for an actual kick.

Sacre moved out of the way of the half formed kick and scooted around the table a seat. She crossed her arms and stuck her tounge out at Gravity. She wasn't sure why, it just felt right. Gravity responded with a feral grin, and a look in her eyes reminiscent of a tiger stalking a rodent. Then, the chase was on!

"Here I'll do another transfer, but what you felt....was I dare say love. Family is a bonding of people by usually by blood, but not not always. Sometimes people are adopted in, making them part of the family. It is a bonding of people out of love for one another. Again, a transfer would be easier, here." Mark said before slowly placing his hand on Chlorate's head again, initiating another transfer of understanding before removing his hand a few minutes later.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate's eyes widened as she recieved the transfer and finally understood. She frowned more, and tilted her head downwards. "Family... I do not have a family, even though I... now wish to have one... I had creators who programmed me but... they were destroyed..." She made a sad beep, with her eyes examining the floor.[/FONT]

"As far as I know we are in the same situation. I don't have anyone either Chlo." Mark said kneeling slightly in the snow to even his height to her's.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate picked up her head and turned it to the side to face Mark. "Will I ever feel this 'love' again, fathe-" she beeped, alarmed, realizing what she accidentally just said. She covered her mouth with her metal hands and interjected "My apologies, I-I must've glitched!"[/FONT]

"Chlorate, would.you like me to adopt you? Do you want to be my daughter?" Mark said with a warm smile, and a warm feeling that was emotional and not physical.

[FONT=Lucida Console]"I... I..." Chlorate said, surprised, her robotic eyes widening. "...Affirmative!" she said, beeping electronically at Mark.[/FONT]

Mark hugged his daughter, "welcome to the family Chlo, as your father I will always love you and be there for you."

[FONT=Lucida Console]"Father... Thank you father..." She said, metallically hugging back and smiling. She glanced to Gravity and Sacre, observing their strange fight. "Father... there appears to be conflict..." she informed Mark, ready to jump in quickly in case itt escalated.[/FONT]

Mark looked over at the pair, "It's like watching a couple of kids bicker. It won't turn violent, don't worry."

"Come here and let me boop ya dammit!" Gravity nearly yelled as she ran after Sacre with a single pointer finger extended.

Sacre let out a involentary yell and started to slither away quickly from Gravity. Then she realized that she was headed for the door out into the cold. So instead, she made a hard right over a table to get away. It wasn't effective, because the blue neko simply floated over it with her inborn abilities. Realizing that flying was better than running, Gravity stayed in the air.

So basically, it was utter chaos as the Separa'Shan slithered frantically away from a flying catgirl.

If she couldn't get away by going up, perhaps she could escape by going down. Sacre dived down under the tables, using them to mask where she was going. However, this was less then sucessful as she knocked chairs out of her way.

Gravity stopped in mid air above the tables, tracking Sacre's movements by following the chairs, like a cat watching a mouse. When she saw Sacre about to come out, she aimed for the spot and dove.

"Gotcha!" she yipped, hands extended.

Sacre was scared, so as she turned, a bone knife appeared in her hand to ward Gravity off. This caused the Neko to immediately stop and begin backing away almost instantly.

"OH F- Chill! Chill!" Gravity shrieked and began running away from the separa shan. The tables had turned.

However, Sacre didn't chase her. She had done her job and found the lost robot. She was done with interacting with others for the day. She turned and slid slightly angrily towards her room.

[FONT=Lucida Console]Chlorate saw Gravity run and caught her, picking her up then setting her back down to her side with practically no effort. "You could cause more collateral damage at these speeds," she warned Gravity, eyeing the chairs and various objects on tables that had been knocked over.[/FONT]

Gravity's eyes widened in shock as she was lifted like a stuffed animal by this lost child.

"...Sorry." she muttered meekly.