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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Three: Briefing

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YSS Kaiyō
7日 2月 YE 39
0800 Hours

Eden stood alone at the front of the room and when nearly everyone had entered, said to the group that was there, "We have an interesting next mission in front of us. We have new reports from Star Army Intelligence that have given this enemy a face, finally. Their name is the L'Kor and we will be fighting them with the help of--"

It was at this point that Eden was cut off by Santô Hei Deio Asuka, the ship's sensors operator, running into the room with her best show of brashness since the Kaiyo's departure.

"Captain," she began dramatically, "We are picking up a strange transmission from an unidentified outpost!"

Eden dug her fingertips into the wardroom table as she bent over it, saying emphatically, "We have ourselves a mission, Kaiyō!" She turned to the view screen and opened up a channel to the squadron leader.

"Santô Hei Deio Asuka has reported an unidentified outpost!" Teien Eden told Catherine Ross.

"Approach, Kaiyō. We are entrusting you with the life of the prin--"

Eden had cut off communications abruptly and turned to the crowded wardroom. "Away team! Ready yourselves, I want the three of you that stayed on the ship and attacked the would-be boarders to hang back while the rest of you go out to explore what it is we have in front of us! Nito Hei Navian, please act as squad leader with assistance from Jôtô Heisho Murakami Mitsuko. Your training that has happened between this time and the last mission will prove indispensable to you during our operation this time." Thinking for a moment, Eden almost told Navian more. About the precious cargo on board. Then, halted herself from doing so. The Nito Hei was better left in the dark, for now.

Navian nodded. "Yes, Taii." She was fully recovered from last mission, and had been for most of that time, thanks to the Kaiyo's medical supplies. "Everyone, to the bay."

"Saki, Iemochi, Sakamoto, Asuka, and Arbitrated, please follow me," the captain said. Teien Eden floated swiftly past those in the wardroom and was at the door and out of it, headed for the bridge, in an instant.
The moment Eden called the mission, Meissa was out the door.
Finally. Her chance to get back at the L'Kor, the stupid armors she fought.
She had replaced her Type 33 Star Army Rifle and SiZi revolver for, predictably, more explosions. More precisely, another shoulder-fired missile pod and two more bricks of glorious plastic explosive. With a Wing Pack to boot.
"Well, here goes! Let's show them we're them we're the superior birds!"
Of course, she's only guessing it's L'Kor.
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Power Armour Bay

Navian didn't guess, she just followed orders. The only change to her load-out since previous missions was the addition of a missile pod to her right shoulder, and the omission of her damaged aspis shield in favour of a sturdier Ke-M2-D3000 Forearm Ellipsoid Shield.

"Alright... I'm the one hauling the sensor suite, so I'll ask you all to stay on my wing. We don't know what sort of trouble we're getting into." With that, she launched out into the void and started flying toward the source of the transmission, giving the others a chance to catch up.
Power Armor Bay

Yoshida went through the usual ritual of getting in and testing the armor, taking a few short, quick breathes as she did, her tail lashing around like a whip. In armor like it was, it certainly wouldn't feel good to be smacked by such a thing. Her loadout had went entirely unchanged, despite her repeted display of emptiying all her missiles as soon as a fight began, a clear lack of self control. "Don't worry navian, I wouldn't let you out of my sight!"

Yoshida laughed as she rocketed off into space along with her, once again she found the time to take in the sight of the endless depths of space, and all the stars it held, especially the Kaiyo as it blotted out the stars behind it. Already to her it looked so small, after only moments of travel. "So how are we getting to the station? Turning off our reactors and drifting in without power, or rushing in before they know what's happening?"
Carter left the briefing as soon as the order was given, running at a rapid clip to the Power Armor bay, quickly activating the automated pre-mission checks to the Mindies, and suiting up himself. He was right behind Navian when she deployed, forming up near her while he ran his own full systems check on his armor. "Locked and loaded. Let's do this!" He proclaimed. The Infantry must be rubbing off on him. Internally, however, he was practically shaking, adrenaline flooding through his system at the prospect of horrible, painful death that lay before him. And here he thought he'd eventually get used to pre-mission jitters.

Navian pondered. "I hadn't considered attempting stealth... but, without knowing their sensor range, it would take either a lucky guess, or a very long wait, to pay off. We picked up a transmission this time, the 'contact' is far out of range of our sensors. If someone volunteered for a fly-by, they could save us hours of time, and give us some valuable information. Obtaining that information could prove fatal, though."

Yoshida stifled a giggle at 'somone'. To her it couldn't possibly be anyone else, given she as the one that suggested the idea. "I'm up for it!" Yoshida did some stretching and mental preperation, already just about set on this. "Are we FTLing in? It would be a long trip either way to just fly there, I heard we won't slow down if we shut off at top speed right?" The cheery voice never wavered as it spoke across the comms.
Following Eden to the bridge as per orders, Arble wonders what this could possibly be, probably a trap or something. Even if the broadcaster was just being a beacon for a small fleet to warp to, the Kaiyo would be close enough most likely to be... Detected.

She shakes the thoughts of tearing metal, and exposure to the void via unpleasant holes in the bridge, as she moves to her position preparing to link herself with the nearly perfectly familiar systems. She's even fallen asleep up here a couple times when she spent way too long "checking for possible threats" or however she'd call her obsession.
"We could chuck ourselves in with reactors off...but we'd get pointed by radar and blasted to space dust. Not the way I want to go."
Meissa looked around. She looked at Navian. She looked at her techie friend.
Was it even a choice? Of course they should jump in. Preferably with all guns running hot. Preferably with a prisoner they could capture, to boot.
Mat followed the rest of the away team down to the power armor bay and suited up. He took his favored weapon, an aether/scalar SMG mounted with a bayonet that he had spent time customizing so that he could detach it and use it like a sword. He also had mounted a Ke-M2-W3500 Forearm Weapon on one arm as a backup weapon.

Aside from that, his only equipment was his nodal NSB launcher and a set of wing thrusters for better speed and protection.

He launched out into the black after Navian, pulling alongside her.
YSS Kaiyō
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia was a bit late to the rally party, suiting up as fast as she possibly could. Due to her performance last mission, she was moved up the list on preferred members for away team. "Wait for meeee." After running a systems check, she hopped off the rack, running towards the open end of the bay with loud metal footsteps. She leaps out of the bay, metal wings folding in a V behind her as the thrusters on her armor kicked in.

She caught up with the grouping squadron quickly, falling into position. "Barlow-Hei, present."

"Flying in at top speed with our systems off... has its own dangers," Navian explained, though she couldn't handle the math to account for them. "I would reserve attempts to be covert for when we know what we're dealing with, it's risky. It's risky to just drop in, too.

"Let's all start moving, but wait for Yoshida-hei to fly by the place first. If she makes it back in one piece, we're clear to proceed, in formation. If not, the formation we'll be sending in will likely be all four Plumerias... Either way, we should find out more."

"Allright, I'll scout! Before I go though, how close should I fly by? Untill they clearly see me?" She shook out what little aprehension she had about the situation, and assured herself that even if she didn't make it back, this wouldn't be the last her friends saw of her anyway. Even as she said that she started taking off towards the station, pulling away from the squad.

"It's more important that you can see them. We don't need to provoke them to gather information," came Navian's response. She led the group into FTL, taking them out again behind Yoshida, for a more careful approach.

Yoshida let out a short "Acknowledged!" shortly before she entered FTL. Now, was her time to truely prove herself, sucess or failure would mean everyghing right her to her. She took the moment to examine her suroundings as she slowly advanced, having her suit AI assist in looking for signs of enemy activity. "Wonder what I'll see when I get there, or who'll see who first..." She of course, given navian's instructions, advanced slower than normal, searching carefully, particularly to see if they could see farther than her. That would for sure, be a thing the star army would need to know, if they didn't already.
Meissa anxiously extends and retracts her new Wing Pack drones. Her fingers thrump on the trigger of her Aether Beam. If she could anxiously tap her foot in space she would.
YSS Kaiyō
Hallway to the Bridge

Mochi followed directly behind Taii Eden and a little to her left side, seemingly ecstatic. He'd submitted his reports to Intelligence only a few days prior and they'd already named and distributed an advisory to the high-ranking officers in their squadron. Without a doubt, they'd soon respond to his recordings and issue a full technical report of their findings to him, the as the Science Officer - now that would really pique his interest.

Back to the situation at hand. Strange transmission and an unidentified outpost, huh? Seems there's no end of intellectual challenges onboard the Kaiyo. Transmissions always have a meaning, otherwise there's no use broadcasting them. If even Asuka couldn't immediately identify it, he'd love to give it a shot.
The Result of Forward Scouting:

Forward information on the outpost indicated that the outpost was quite large... But not large enough to be a full fledged military installation. The whole mass of it was irregular, unusual. More likely embedded into an asteroid, or some sort of debris. Around it, at regular distances, there was however two surprisingly large gravity-based disturbances pinging to any sensor still active. As if the thing was in orbit of two larger celestial bodies, which telemetry showed were not actually there.

No mass, just the gravity wells.

The radio transmissions were a bit more distinctive, two voices speaking in strange languages. One sounding like mechanical shrieks, and the other one jabbering away in a lilting voice that sounded almost like normal words in the trade tongue common to the Kikyo sector, but spoken by someone with a broken jaw and a mouth full of food.

There was no real indication that the outpost had begun to mobilise just yet.
Space: near the outpost

Yoshida had, to her credit, neglected the use of active sensors that just spit out signals of their own, relying only on passive snesors, quiet ones if you will. After all it would have made it so much easier to be caught that way, like a big neon sign reading 'I am here, and I see you.' So, as she detected them, she stopped, and listened for a time, recording for just over a minute, mulling over what it all meant. She of course, decided she wasn't nearly qualified enough to figure out much of it on her own, and started heading back. "They'll want to see this."

She of course, was curious. So curious, she almost went to take a closer, more dangerous look. she wanted to badly to see for herself, that interesting gravity signature of the outpost itself, and the unusual gravity wells it orbited, and why it did so. She also thought of the voices, the strange screeching was unusual, and as far as she was concerned, not something to be bothered with trying to decrypt for a while yet. The other voice, though it sounded familiar, almost disgusted her from the ound alone and the imigery that came with it, some hospitalized neppy chewing a burger, spitting it out all over the place. "Ew."
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