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Problems Recruiting


So, I'm trying to recruit more and more players for the site, and I've run into a hard brick wall: People see how big the forums are, how big the wiki is, see how the number of registered users... and immediately beg off because its too big. I'm trying to help the site, but apparently I'm making things worse.


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That's a hurdle with things of this scope but thing's I'd suggest is try to sell them on a few cool points. I mean I saw the mindy and heard cat girls in 80's space japan so that sold me. Try talking about things your doing or neat things about a plot going on your part of this might help get over that hurdle.

I know when i'm trying to get people in for events for stuff I dm for local events I try to sell what it is we are doing and that gets them in the door. Once you get them there then it's just showing them some stuff you highlighted.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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let them know they dont have to take it all in...

have them make a new player introduction.
Show them the active plots.
Find a plot that sounds interesting.
Join the discord and everyone will help you make a character.
Anything they miss can be addressed in character creation. They are new and we arent cruel and are willing to help.

it is not a requirement they know 20 years worth of lore. They can learn at their own pace or ask if they need help. Even the amount of players shouldnt dissuade them unless they are trying to join a plot as large as the kaiyo without knowing its size (Theres nothing wrong with the kaiyo. I just think it might be intimidating trying to join a plot that big right off the bat with that many people and that quick pacing for them to try to absorb.)