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OOC Project Hestia OOC and Rules


Oh god it's in my head
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
Right, hello all those who are here.

This is the OOC thread for Project Hestia, the newest plot for the Elysian Celestial Empire.

Plot Page

If anyone else wishes to join this plot, just create a character on the wiki ans submit it on the fourms, making sure to tag me in it.

There won't be a lot of rules for this, just be decent human beings, coarse language is permitted but no sexual language of any kind and no use of slurs or racist/bigoted language.

Also tagging @club24 @SirSkully and @FrostJaeger, and sorry if i missed anyone who expressed interest. My hope is to get the plot up to its full 10 person capacity in the next two or three weeks, so we can get started ASAP.

I'll alsp be starting the plot thread in the next few weeks as well.


Oh god it's in my head
I will be creating the Game Thread as soon as i have about 4 characters made and ready to go >v<


Oh god it's in my head
thats fine, if we don't get started till after christmas it doesn't affect anything much