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(Promo) Shadows of Himiko


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Sad but patriotic Yamataian music plays as images show the good times of Hanako's World and Himiko before their capture by the Kuvexians. The last image, however, shows images of the YSS Dawn Hammer descending towards the planet and fades just as it crashes on the surface. A voice-over of a man begins.

"We will never forget. That is a phrase I constantly heard from members of the Star Army of Yamatai I interviewed. A burning desire to reclaim what was lost and avenge the fallen. But there was another word that was uttered, hope.

The music begins transiting into a more upbeat theme as members of a Rikugun century hold the line to allow civilians to escape on awaiting transports. The video then fades into the imagery of thousands of Origin and FSC marked transports and civilian vessels leaving the planet before ending with a military reward ceremony for various members and civilians.

"A hope for a better future created from the combined efforts of our brave soldiers and civilian volunteers to help with the evacuation of those that wished to leave. Join me tomorrow at 20:00 Yamatai Standard Time as I retell their stories."

The music of the promo slowly fades as children rescued from Himiko salute passing Daisy clad soldiers marching towards something unseen to the viewer.


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@demibear I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this Outro for my unfinished work. It’s writers like you that make stories like these get the closure that they deserve despite the failure of their author. Thank you.