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SACN Query to Stay Army: O.E.M. Interdiction Device


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To: Whatever Department of the Star Army Applicable
Topic: Legality of O.E.M Interdiction Devices

I am a civilian by the name of Yuki Toshiro, a citizen of Yamatai, and am the captain of a Vampire-class vessel built by Geshrinari Shipyards. I salvage for a living, and routinely go over the restricted technology list when cataloging what I have found. It was at one of these times I noticed something...

Interdiction Devices are listed as restricted technology, but my Vampire shipped WITH the device as part of the stock package. Is my Interdiction Device still illegal even though it was Original Equipment? I have never used that feature of my vessel, and would not miss it if it were removed.

Captain Yuki Toshiro
SRSS Yggdrasill


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Yuki Toshiro,

The interdiction device is indeed illegal - the Vampire, as a design, was probably intended for piracy. We will talk to Geshrinari shipyards about it. As for the one on your vessel, we ask that you have the offending device or function removed. We'll give you a week of amnesty in order to do so. After that, if it's still there, it could result in criminal charges if found during one of our random inspections or customs searches.

Faithfully Yours,

Chujo Anzai Saya
YSS Yamato (NF-S1-0002)


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(OoC: Perhaps the Star Army can offer Toshiro a bounty in return for the actual device? (I'm assuming that it's a removable component and not an integral part of the ship.) This would take the device out of circulation, and reward Toshiro for his efforts and good citizenship.)


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To Chujo Anzai Saya of the First Fleet
YSS Yamato (NF-S1-0002)

The Interdiction Device of the SRSS Yggdrasill has been turned over, as ordered, to the LDSF Traveller; representing the Lorath Government. They should send a communication to inquire what you want done with the device shortly.

Captain Yuki Toshiro
SRSS Yggdrasill (SRSS-000)