Interest Check Rebooting the Bounty Hunter Series


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Mar 25, 2015
Hi all,

I have restarted the past Bounty Hunter series and seem to have had some success with mission zero. I already have some really great players but I would like to expand the roster.

If you have any interest in playing an Independent mercenary or Bounty Hunter, this may just be the plot for you. To sum up, the plot is based on a loosely organized group of Independents that, while effective individually, join together to take on bigger contracts.

It is based on action and realism, actions have consequences and people get hurt so don't be surprised by it. I am a believer of progression so new characters will be held to the general 3000 ks finances (as a note, no players will be using power armor in this plot. Powered armor is fine but no Power Armor.) I strongly support personalized gear and weapons.

This plot is ranked as a 1 in Sexuality, 2 in Language and a 3 in Violence. Mass murders, torturers and psychopaths need not apply however.

Contact me here on the site or on Discord if you are interested.