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Notably Possible News Recent study suggest Yamatain "Boys" want to be more like Nepleslian "Men".

This is supposed to resemble a "The Onion" article. Not outright shade-throwing. Please take it for the joke it is about all the male characters in yamatai lately being super tall and shredded , and dont take the contents too seriously...

A recent study published by a Kennewes University first-year freshman has found a startling and unhealthy trend around a growing population of Yamatain males ranging in age between 18-25 have shown an increase in height and muscle mass compared to years past on an average of 1-2 feet!

The student, one Lauren Nicebod, of Kennewes University found that after examining over 44 men in what she describes as "exacting detail" are averaging from a base height of 5-foot-five-inches to some ranging in the mid-six-foot range; Matching most baseline Nepleslian men! What's more, she has discovered through rigorous examining and studying that most of these men appear to not only have "Washboard abs capable of teaching brail on", but also "Eight-packs for days".

When prompted what brought on this investigation Lauren gave the following statement:

Well, I dunno. There was this one guy in the boys dorm (where i spend alot of time) who looked, like, super tall and shredded. But lucile (thats my roomate) said hes really a minkin. I didnt belive her cause everyone knows catboys (boys from, like, yamatai. Not actual cat-boys, ya know.) are usually super-short like most of their catgirl (actual cat-girls; The neko ones.) hussies. So i just had to see what that was all about and if it was an isolated thing, and you all know that you cant rely on just one test subject for your research, right?

Ms. Nicebod's study, posted on the InterNep last month outlines a grotesque degree of information on the matter and was quickly taken down from the university newsletter pending an investigation including an archive of over 44 videos and hundreds of photos linked to her research deemed too inappropriate for consumption.

This follows a more official study that garnered considerably less attention earlier last year when a NepMed issued report deemed as an attack on Yamatain masculinity when it accused most men in the Star Empire of seeking masculine freedoms in a predominately female-dominated society that encouraged men to be more like their more numerous female counterparts in height, weight, and body standards. The NepMed study also cited that in a culture of aesthetic freedom such as the Yamatai Star Empire it was not uncommon for men to seek more Nepleslian standards of attractiveness such as being taller, having more muscle mass, more body hair, or having more masculine traits in its males, despite most of these men not being Nepleslian themselves. It is speculated that the subconscious of a male in a female-dominated society might latch onto the norms and standards of a more male-dominated society in some way such as the Democratic Imperium Of Nepleslia as a means of self-identification and freedom from matriarchal norms and standards; Especially when these changes can come at the proverbial press of a button when creating your ideal form to transfer into using Soul Transfer technologies.

When asked if she believes in the NepMed study about a divergence in the population of males within the YSE from cultural and aesthetic norms compared to her own findings Ms. Nicebod commented the following:

Can't say for sure. I'll have to do some more "research" I think. I know a couple of girls and even a couple of guys who might want in on the project for some second opinions if ya know what I mean?

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