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Closed Record Meetings on Discord for Members In Other Timezones, etc

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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This idea is to use a bot like Craig or MEE6, etc. to record audio from the voice channel during community meetings, and then post the audio in MP3 or similar format to the site's media gallery so that anyone who missed the meeting due to time zones, work, or other reasons can listen to it at a later time. It would also be nice to just have a record what we talked out and it opens the possibility of using it to make new Discord-interview-based podcasts like the old SARPtalk/SARPchat ones.
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
As of this post I see 4 upvotes, so this is kind of a low priority but I do plan to do this.

We'll probably need a how-to guide on how to use these recorder bots for meetings.
This is a neat idea, just make sure to be very clear that sound is being recorded (such as in the meeting announcement thread, in the discord meeting text channel, and vocally at the beginning of the meeting itself). U.S. federal jurisdiction states that only one party needs to consent to be recorded, but many state-level laws bolster that to mutual consent — not to mention non-American rules governing the recording of conversations. This kind of thing is why the boilerplate statement "this call may be recorded for training purposes" is always told whenever you call in to a customer service line.