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SYNC Request for business registration.

Alex Hart

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RP Date
gogatsu 34 (July 21)
From: Leo Gerrick

To: Yamatai Department of Commerce and Trade

Greetings, I am Leo Gerrick, the CEO of Osman Heavy Industries. In recent months, my company has been forced to leave the USO because of economic instability, as well as corruption on the planet itself. We now seek a new place to call home, and Yamatai seems to be the best place to do so. However, before I enter into Yamataian space I wish to register Osman Heavy Industries as a business in Yamatai. Thank you for your time.

Leo Gerrick

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FM of Yamatai
STO Fleet Member
To: Leo Gerrick
From: Yamatai Department of Commerce and Trade

Your request has been approved and your company, Osman Heavy Industries, has been granted a Yamataian business license.